Geographical information
PlaneMaterial Plane
RegionCaramarin Reach
Notable locations
Points of interestLake Umamu

Ria'Doin is an abandoned village in the Caramarin Reach in Issylra.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ria'Doin is situated on Lake Umamu, enclaved by a pine forest. It has a number of homes, a lumber mill, general store, and an all-purpose civic building. There are no temples.[1] The lake has a dock.[2] As of 843 PD, it had long since been abandoned.[3]}

History[edit | edit source]

Some time before 838 PD[4] people in Ria'Doin began to go missing. One resident reported seeing one of the missing people walk into the lake; other citizens left due to these disappearances, which were recorded by the town's leader.[5] Bells Hells arrived in Ria'Doin after traveling through a subterranean river on Ruidus, and found it abandoned.[3] Laudna was able to find the notes on the disappearances,[5] and FCG cast Speak with Animals and questioned a nearby bird, who confirmed that occasionally looters stopped in, but that those looters invariably walked into the lake as well.[6] As they attempted to rest, Orym, Ashton, FCG, and Chetney all found themselves drawn to the lake and walked in.[7] Imogen, Laudna, and Fearne followed and found a shadowy creature at the bottom. They were able to free all the members of the party, and as a group they decided to go back through the portal and rest on Ruidus instead.[8]

While in Ria'Doin, Orym and Imogen discovered that sending stones and Sending began working again, though whether the location was relevant was not clear.[9]

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