Residuum is the residue of arcane energy, manifesting as a green dust obtained from whitestone that is useful in several magical applications.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Although not inherently magical, residuum is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that retain more powerful enchantments, perhaps for longer periods of time.[2] It can also be used to replace and act as other expensive materials and components for spells and other uses.[3] Finally, it can be refined into the drug suude, which can enhance spellcasting.[4]

Raw residuum can be purified by heating into a dark green glass-like state;[5] in this form it is referred to as refined residuum and displays stronger magical properties. A table topped with an enchanting slate made of residuum can greatly speed the production of all magic items; these slates are sold for at least 20,000 gp.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Residuum was known to exist during the Age of Arcanum, as the creation of suude dates back to that time.[7]

During the Calamity, a tremendously violent battle between Pelor and Tharizdun created the valley in which the Parchwood Timberlands stand, raised the Alabaster Sierras, and infused the area with a huge amount of residuum.[1]

As a result, Whitestone is the primary source of residuum, and exports it in small quantities.[8] Residuum has also accumulated on the bed of Mooren Lake, downstream from the Alabaster Sierras and Parchwood Timberland, in such quantities that it has begun to gain sentience.[9]

Campaign 1: Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

After the Briarwoods seized Whitestone and the whitestone ore deposits, they appointed Dr. Ripley as the Chief Scientific Designer and tasked her to create an acidic compound and a distillery to purify whitestone ore into refined residuum.[10] The refined residuum was used to repair the Ziggurat under Whitestone to fuel an elaborate ritual for Vecna's ascension.[11]

Percy used residuum to repair Ripley's gun, Retort, after he took it from her.[12] He asked for and received four more residuum shards from Cassandra,[13] and offered three of them as his part in Vex's resurrection ritual in the Sunken Tomb.[14] Keyleth later requested some for use as a spell component,[15] and others who spent time in Whitestone, such as Gilmore, also began to use it in spellcraft.[16]

Percy gave his final residuum shard, of the ones given to him from Cassandra, as a gift to Sprigg.[17]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

While Trent Ikithon administered the Volstrucker program for the Cerberus Assembly, he implanted shards of crystals in the arms of Astrid Becke, Eadwulf Grieve, and Caleb Widogast, in an experiment to enhance their magical abilities.[18] Veth much later stole some of these crystals from the Vergesson Sanatorium, and Beau identified them as being a synthetic combination of residuum and other minerals.[19]

The Mighty Nein otherwise first encountered residuum when they broke into the back room of the Overcrow Apothecary. Beau and Nott stole a pouch containing about 1000 gold worth of powdered residuum.[20] Caduceus, as an experiment, sprinkled some into the lava in the Cinderrest Sanctum when he first visited, but a Commune withm the Wildmother indicated to him that while he was on the right track, he needed to find larger crystals of refined residuum.[21] He later acquired some in Uthodurn from Ava Endlewood, who offered it to him in exchange for the party recovering an item for her from the Tumblecarve family's home.[22] Upon returning to the Cinderrest Sanctum, Caduceus placed the shards of refined residuum in the forge. The crystals developed root-like tendrils and their color shifted to purple.[23] They further transformed when he dropped them into The Menagerie's pool, developing long, thin, crooked, pseudopod-like extensions like a partially germinated seed.[24] Caduceus then gave them to his sister Calliope to return to the Blooming Grove,[25] per his vision from the Wildmother at the Arbor Exemplar,[26] and she later reported she had planted them and they were taking root.[27]

In addition to Caduceus's quest, the party several times used residuum to replace spell components or enhance spellcasting. Notably, Caduceus used it to cast Greater Restoration on Fjord to remove the Cloven Crystal,[28] and he and Jester used it to restore lost memories on Rumblecusp.[29] They also requested, and received, 500 gold residuum more from Allura in order to help them in Aeor.[30] Jester used some of this to set a Symbol trap for the Tombtakers in Aeor.[31] Some of the crystals Veth had stolen from the Sanatorium were then used by Caleb to surround his Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location just prior to the ritual he performed with Essek to provide the party with an instantaneous long rest.[32]

Yussa Errenis had a room in Tidepeak Tower that was reinforced with residuum objects, and which was used to enhance spells such as Scrying.[33]

Exandria Unlimited Prime[edit | edit source]

In late 842 PD, the Nameless Ones had a warehouse with large quantities of residuum in crates and barrels, half of which were marked as being from Zephrah. Orym recalled that Keyleth had deals with her friends in Whitestone.[34]

Myr'atta Niselor had residiuum spikes she used to paralyze and kidnap Opal indending to extract Ted from Opal's body.[35]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

When Bells Hells stole several crates from the Paragon's Call, one of the items inside was a box of residuum powder, which Orym recognized.[36] They later returned most of the residuum to Percy when they visited Whitestone and informed him of where they had found it.[37] Later, while investigating the Malleus Key at the Tishtan site in Marquet, Bells Hells encountered Caleb, who told them the key was reinforced with and powered by residuum.[38] The residuum tethers seemed to carry the magical energy when Ludinus powered the machine himself.[39]

When Team Issylra traveled to the shrine in Irriam Canyon, they found a glowing green obelisk in a cave with crystals that were known to refract arcane energy. Ashton identified the obelisk as being of either residuum or something similar.[40] Hevestro, the keeper, was unfamiliar with residuum, but confirmed the green stone was indeed an arcane amplifier.[41]

References[edit | edit source]

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