Red Rural Revelations

"Red Rural Revelations"
Campaign 3 episode
"Red Rural Revelations" (3x84) thumbnail featuring Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, and Taliesin Jaffe.
Episode no.Episode 84
AirdateFebruary 8, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time3:52:19
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"Red Rural Revelations" (3x84) is the 84th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells are introduced to a village on Ruidus and learn about the way of life on the moon…

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells attempt to make conversation with the smaller Ruidian person in the shed, with both him and the party trying to talk around whether they are allies of the Imperium. The person is initially overwhelmed and frightened, which Imogen is able to confirm telepathically. He introduces himself as Dono, and upon being asked says the name of his race is Bormodo, people of the land who herd the wuukor (the bison-like creatures they had seen earlier). He also introduces a small reptilian imp-like creature which he calls a cytaa, named Kaniey, and mentions that his previous cytaa had died; their two peoples have a symbiotic bond. Dono also, in response to Bells Hells' (particularly Fearne's) many questions, refers to people from Exandria like them as "Dreamers" because he and other Bormodos experience their dreams. Laudna attempts to assuage him with her identification card from the Dreamscape Theater in Jrusar, as well as prove they are indeed Exandrian. In trying to avoid any clear positions about the Imperium, Dono tells the party that the capital city of the Imperium is called Kreviris. Eventually, he offers to bring the group to Elder Barthie, one of the village's leaders. The party agrees, with FCG gently letting Dono know that they have two other companions who will also join, as Chetney and Orym had remained in their Wind Walk wind forms. Dono accepts this, though he asks them not to reveal that he had helped them. They agree. Imogen asks about Reilora in the village, and Dono tells them there are a few dozen, some of whom are also farmers who help with the wuukor and with the avadons (the headless panther creatures) and about a dozen of whom are officially part of the Imperium. Ashton asks for more information, and Dono reveals that it has been somewhat tense lately: some of the Imperium Reilora had left a few days prior, and in general the village has been pressured to provide more supplies and avadons. He reiterates that Elder Barthie will probably be better able to help them.

Fearne asks Dono how he knows that he and other Bormodos experience Exandrians' dreams, and he tells her the Weave Mind, masters of the Imperium, tell them this, and also connect them to The One Who Sleeps. He seems to not know much more, so the party transforms into mist form and follows Dono to Elder Barthie's home. They pass some Reilora, one in work clothes and one in armor; Dono is friendlier with the one in work clothes. They also pass through the town square. Orym notices most people appear to be at home, and the population is about three-quarters Bormodo and the rest Reiloran. Eventually they reach Barthie's home and, after he and Barthie have a brief exchange, the door of the hut opens and the party flies in. The interior of the home smells like unfamiliar spices, and the furniture appears to be mostly made of stone. Barthie, a much older Bormodo who carries a staff, initially appears stern but then smiles, and Bells Hells begin to transform back into their regular forms. Barthie greets them, and asks them about their alliances. In response, Chetney pulls out the head of the juggernaut they had killed earlier from the party's bag of holding, and Barthie immediately asks Dono to close the windows, which Laudna helps with. He then begins a more serious conversation with them, asking them what their business is. Orym admits they are trying to find information and know nothing about the Bormodos. Barthie, when asked by Fearne about the dreams they experience, tells them they have some idea of Exandria from dreams, but a lot of it is fable and conjecture. He also is careful not to confirm that he is against the Imperium, but is happy to talk, and offers Bells Hells tea.

In the ensuing discussion, Barthie tells them the Imperium has been around for about 500 years; he himself is over 350 years old. He does not know how old Ruidus is, and many writings that existed were destroyed by the Imperium. Until recently, some people on Ruidus believed that Exandria was an afterlife, and the recent influx of the Ruby Vanguard has been very disconcerting. He clarifies that the Weave Mind is the Imperium's ruling council of Reiloran mystics who control access to Predathos, and that referring to Predathos by its name is forbidden under threat of torture. Imogen asks what their beliefs on Predathos awakening are, and Barthie tells her that the belief is that the dreams they see are promises that they will one day go to Exandria; when Imogen says that is possible via the Bloody Bridge, both Barthie and Orym note that it would be a huge shock to both their cultures. Barthie then explains life in the village, Razora, and tells them that the Dominion of Cruth is the military wing of the Imperium. In addition to the bormodo, who farm on the surface, there are other peoples who farm the fungal network underground, access of which is largely through controlled gates in the capital.

When FCG goes to ask more questions, Barthie asks if he can ask some of his own, and his first is about the taste of pastry. When FCG throws a pastry to him, Barthie's cytaa, Chu, intercepts it. Chu, who is older than the infant Kaniey, immediately questions Bells Hells in an accusatory fashion and asks them what they plan on doing in the capital. The party points out that a lot of the difficulties people on Ruidus experience are the same as those people on Exandria do, and that the Ruby Vanguard and Imperium are causing problems there as well. Chu and FCG get into a discussion over whether Ruidus was created from Exandria or vice versa, though they do both agree that Exandria is flat. Chu also tells the party that most people require an escort to be in the capital. When FCG asks about travel to the capital, Barthie provides more information despite Chu's protests. He tells them to avoid Willmaster Edmuda, the leader of the Will (the Dominion of Cruth's police force), in Razora. She is trying to find members of the Volition (the organized opposition to the Imperium), which has recently launched several attacks in Kreviris. Barthie also tells them that he has a friend in the Volition: Zhesh, a Reiloran shrike defector who is now a glass-smith and who might be able to help them if they can successfully make contact.

When Imogen considers whether she can use Sending on Ruidus, as it is unaffected by the leyline issues of Exandria, Chetney wonders about the lattice but realizes he hasn't looked for it. He and Laudna then show Barthie images of Ludinus and Otohan, and he confirms that they have passed through, though not in the past few weeks; it has mostly been Ruby Vanguard. He does not recognize Ira Wendagoth when shown his image. Barthie and Bells Hells talk more about the possibility of making contact with Zhesh and traveling with a caravan. The party also asks about Ruidus flares, which Barthie tells them the Imperium claims responsibility for, although it's unclear if they genuinely cause them or just predict them. He notes that while flares (known as "beats" to the bormodos, believed to be the heartbeats of Predathos) are beautiful to see and provide a feeling of connection, there is no similar phenomenon as Exandria's Ruidusborn among their people. Imogen wonders about the risk of being on Ruidus during a flare, and tells the others it may be difficult for her if they are on the moon when one occurs.

The party offers to help Barthie in exchange for all the information, and he asks them about Taste of Tal'Dorei, which has appeared in a number of dreams. Imogen and Orym each give him one of their souvenirs from the Bassuras location. They then continue to discuss how they might reach the capital - whether they should Wind Walk with what time they have left, or try to make contact with Zhesh. When asked, Barthie tells them the Volition does not use code names, given the Imperium's psychic powers, though there are ways to guard one's self against Reiloran telepathy. Dono then returns, and tells the party a caravan has just arrived. Imogen casts Sending to Zhesh, but Zhesh is very guarded as she has never met Imogen and does not provide any information. Bells Hells decides to go to the caravan to see why they're arriving so late, as does Barthie. Imogen begins to shift back into her wind form. However, as Barthie goes to open the door, someone knocks on it, and the Reilora on the other side begins to push in. He greets the Reilora as the Willmaster, and tells her she was unexpected.

Part II[edit | edit source]

All of Bells Hells except for Imogen - who is in the process of transforming into wind form - attempt to hide as the Willmaster, followed by a number of Ruby Vanguard and other Imperium allies, enters. FCG steps forward to greet the Willmaster and cast Fast Friends on her. When the spell fails, a fight breaks out.

Orym waits to see whether the party will try to talk through the situation or fight, but Laudna hits the Willmaster with Fireball and badly injures many of those with her. One teenaged Ruby Vanguard Ruidusborn becomes Exalted in the process and uses his newfound Telekinesis to lift her closer the Imperium forces. The rest of the party, still excepting Imogen, joins the fight, with Chetney casting Shatter with Turmoil and Ashton using their rage to toss several of the enemies into a pen of wuukor. Fearne is able to cast Friends on Edmuda, but FCG learns that Edmuda has an ability that allows her to use bystanders as "meat shields", which changes Bells Hells' strategy as they try to spare the lives of the nearby civilians. Orym unveils a new ability and Hexes Edmuda, and deals non-lethal damage with the flat of Seedling. Ashton learns that the Reiloran shrikes are able to use an ability that makes them invisible to him. Laudna lands a Ray of Frost on Edmuda as well, and - once all of the bormodos in the vicinity have either been knocked unconscious or fled - Chetney lands several hits in wolf form and knocks Edmuda unconscious. FCG tries and fails to calm the emotions of the new Exaltant, and Orym knocks him unconscious.

The fight ends, but the commotion and the people thrown into the pen spook the wuukor herd, which breaks loose and stampedes. FCG heals some of the townspeople who had been injured in the fight, and various members of Bells Hells use their powers and items to lift others townspeople out of the way of the stampeding herd. They apologize to Elder Barthie, who tells them that they will probably be able to gather the escaped wuukor. The party puts the Vanguard and Imperium members in the portable hole temporarily, and they and Barthie point out that perhaps they can pretend the stampede was the only reason for any damage in the town. With that, the party considers what they might do next.

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Transferred 1 Taste of Tal'Dorei souvenir pencil Imogen Barthie
Transferred 1 Taste of Tal'Dorei souvenir toy sword Orym Barthie
Acquired Members of the Imperium and Ruby Vanguard Bag of Holding

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