Red Hand

Red Hand
Organizational information
TypeScavengers and art dealers
GoalsObtain Oldfairen relics for the purposes of enrichment or power
RivalsCandela Obscura

The Red Hand is an organization within Newfaire that seeks to obtain Oldfairen art and relics.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Red Hand is a faction that, like Candela Obscura, is interested in art and artifacts from the Oldfairen civilization. However, unlike Candela Obscura, which seeks to learn more about Oldfaire and protect the population from magickal threats, The Red Hand wants these artifacts for their power and for the purposes of trade and collection.[1]

Both the Alizarin Gallery and "Corsen's Curios from around the World and Beyond" shop of Newfaire are owned and managed by the Red Hand, serving as the facade for the black markets of magick artifacts sold by the organization.[2]

Members[edit | edit source]

  • The Proprietor: Head of the Red Hand[2]
  • Aroha-Tama Kai: Veteran member[2][3]
  • Captain Scott Huntly: A materialistic ship captain who sails the Cormorant and runs the smuggling operations[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Arlo Black's disappeared fiance, Eddie, was interested in Oldfairen items and prior to being taken had dealt with The Red Hand. Charlotte Eaves recognized the name of the group when Arlo asked her; she had not personally encountered them, but was aware of them through her own work with Candela Obscura.[5]

The Circle of the Crimson Mirror was assigned to obtain a relic from the Red Hand: the bleed-heavy bones of Atia Griffia, alchemist to Emperor Calinus.[6] They made the exchange, though the ship they took to the site was then caught in a storm.[7] About a week later, they discovered that Aroha Tama-Kai had in fact split the remains between two caskets and was selling the second half at an auction at Hayden House.[8] The circle gained tickets to the public event, which was heavily guarded by Red Hand security and full of various artifacts. Griffia's bones were stolen from the event by agents of Pyre and ultimately recovered by the members of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror.[9]

References[edit | edit source]