Rau'shan and Ka'Mort

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Rau'shan and Ka'Mort
Non-player character
Basic information
Biographical information
  • Emperor of Fire (Rau'shan)
  • Empress of Earth (Ka'Mort)
PlacesMount Ygora, Domunas
Cause of deathScattered across the planes by Laerryn Coramar-Seelie with the Astral Leywright
Mechanical information
Creature typeElemental
First seen"A Test of Trust" (3x80) (only Rau'shan)
StreamCampaign 3 (1 episode)

Emperor Rau'shan of Fire and Empress Ka'Mort of Earth are Primordials defeated by Melora and Pelor and sealed beneath Mount Ygora during The Schism.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pre-Divergence[edit | edit source]

Rau'shan and Ka'Mort were two of the greatest Primordials of Domunas. Toward the end of The Schism, a war fought by the Primordials and Betrayer Gods against the Prime Deities, they were defeated by Melora and Pelor at Mount Ygora and sealed beneath the mountain, where they remained there throughout the Age of Arcanum that followed. The mountain became a druidic holy site called Toramunda, and the seals were maintained by the druids of the Gau Drashari. The elemental power at Mount Ygora eventually attracted wizards to the location, leading to the creation of Avalir.[1][2][3]

Centuries later, Asmodeus planned to use the Replenishment, in which Avalir returned to Mount Ygora to release etheric magical energy into the continent, to release Rau'shan and Ka'Mort so that they may fight beside the Betrayer Gods against the Prime Deities in another war.[4] Rau'shan is known to have grown furious and vengeful at having been sealed.[5] One of the oracles within Avalir's Hall of Prophecy foresaw that this would result in victory for the Betrayer Gods and eternal suffering for all Exandria. The Ring of Brass sought to overturn this.[6] Using Rau'shan's and Ka'Mort's hundreds of secrets names, as learned by Patia Por'co from the Tree of Names, Laerryn Coramar-Seelie bound the Primordials to a leyline and scattered them with her Astral Leywright through as many Planes of Existence as possible.[7][8]

The energy released by this magical working destroyed Avalir and Domunas, creating the Shattered Teeth and covering Exandria in ash for a hundred years.[8] A shard of Ka'Mort was left somewhere in the Shattered Teeth, and a shard of Rau'shan was thrown a distance into what became known as the Chynes Maw in Athos Peak on Igthuldus.[9][5]

The destruction of Rau'shan and Ka'Mort allowed the following war between the gods, known as The Calamity, to eventually end in a victory for the Prime Deities.[8]

Post-Divergence[edit | edit source]

Kamordah, a settlement in Wildemount with a large amount of geothermal activity founded after the Divergence, is named for Ka'Mort.[10]

Evontra'vir, the Great Tree of Atrophy, revealed the location of the shard of Ka'Mort to Efterin, who would go on to found, and eventually destroy, the Hishari.[11] The ritual that destroyed the Hishari in approximately 823 PD[12] imbued his son, Ashton Greymoore, with that shard.[13] Evontra'vir related this story to Ashton when Bells Hells visited in 843 PD, and revealed to them that there was also a remaining spark of Rau'shan in the Chynes Maw, a volcano on the Shattered Teeth island of Igthuldus, and that it was Ashton's destiny to bestow this spark.[9] Evontra'vir then transported Bells Hells to Igthuldus to seek it out.[14] They found the spark within a pool of lava in the Chynes Maw of Athos Peak, after speaking to the magma mephits it spawned.[15] Ashton and Fearne working in tandem were able to remove it; it appeared as a spiky clear and orange crystal with an ever-burning inferno inside, and holding it dealt the carrier fire damage.[16] Chetney's Grim Psychometry showed him visions of Rau'shan and Ka'Mort, and Laudna realized that the way to transfer its power was via Ludinus Da'leth's harness.[17] The following day, Ashton attempted, and appeared to have initially succeeded in the transfer, though they nearly died in the process. The spark lost its color and began to crumble upon absorption.[18] However, a few moments later, Ashton vomited up a transformed version of the spark, though it appeared to have awakened an element of the shard of Ka'Mort within them.[19] The following day, Fearne absorbed the shard of Rau'shan successfully,[20] and after she and Ashton touched, it awakened his shard of Ka'Mort.[21]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rau'shan is a name derived from the Persian روشن (rōšan) meaning "light, bright".[22]

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