Organizational information
TypeReligious order
GoalsBattle phenomena with reluctant use of magick
AllegiancesThe Ascendancy
RivalsCandela Obscura

Pyre is a secret sect of Ascendancy fanatics, split into two subgroups: the Flint (the assassins) and the Flame (the ritualists). The entire society is led by the High Inquisitor. The order is well-connected with the Ascendancy, and therefore the entire Triumvirate of Fairelands.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

They condemn the use of magick, but reluctantly choose to use it to drive away phenomena from the world. Despite sometimes overlapping in their goals to prevent harm from Bleed, Pyre also is frequently at odds with Candela Obscura, as their zealotry and brutal methods come into conflict with Candela's philosophy.[1]

Pyre members possess the knowledge of forging swords that can harm phenomena that come into the world from thinnings.[1] These are referred to as "Swords of the Flare."[1]

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • The Sepulcher: Underground crypt used for Pyre meetings.[1]
  • Fountains of Lustration: Hidden ritual sites that can cleanse bleed from the bodies of agents.[1]

Known members[edit | edit source]

Every member is burned with the brand of the Pyre. The orphans raised by the order are given the last name "Brand".[1]

  • Diego Parris (he/they): Knight of Pyre, known for "swift and incredible violence". They have killed multiple Candela Obscura members.
  • Acolyte Tanaka Haruki: Pyre initiate eagerly devoted to moving up the ranks. He believes Candela Obscura methods are admirable.
  • Novice Idris Brand: Orphan raised in Pyre, fervently invested in the order since her youth.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Members of Pyre stole the second half of the remains of Atia Griffia from Hayden House during the Red Hand auction. The Circle of the Crimson Mirror gave chase, and followed the Pyre members to the ruins of a church in a corner of the Sacred Ascension Cemetery.[2] The Pyre members began a ritual and opened the chest containing Griffia's remains with the intent of performing a cleansing ceremony, but were interrupted not just by the circle, but by unknown agents with magickal gauntlets.[3] All but one of the Pyre members were vaporized by beam weapons, though one did stab through one of the other agents, and the final one was killed by Grimoria, channeling Griffia, after he shot Edgar Lycoris through the shoulder.[4]

References[edit | edit source]