Official art of the creation of Predathos' prison, by Wesley Griffith.[art 1]
Deity information
Other names
  • The Red End
  • The One Who Sleeps
WorshipersThe Kreviris Imperium
First seen"Ruidus" (3x83)
StreamCampaign 3 (1 episode)

The Red End stirs in its slumber. Do not let it wake.

— the Changebringer to FCG[1] and the Dawnfather to Deanna[2]

Predathos, the God Eater[3][4] (sometimes spelled as God-Eater), also sometimes called The Red End,[1] is an entity who arrived in Exandria during the Founding and consumed two of the gods. The remaining gods and the primordials imprisoned it in a chunk of Exandria and attempted to send it away, but the prison did not leave and instead became the moon Ruidus.

Description[edit | edit source]

There is a theory among Ruidians that the Ruidian glass native to the red moon is the remnant of Predathos' last form. As of 843 PD, Predathos was imprisoned inside the Ruidian glass within the core of Ruidus.[5] Predathos' confines are called the "Hallowed Cage".[6] Only Exlatant Ruidusborn can pass through the cage.

Ruidusborn are the people connected to the essence of Predathos. Those Ruidusborn who reached the Exaltant state get power from Predathos.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Founding, Predathos arrived at Exandria from "beyond the stars"; The adventure Call of the Netherdeep, which does not name Predathos but describes trapping an entity inside Ruidus, describes Predathos as bleeding through reality into the Material Plane.[7] The gods recognized Predathos and were afraid of it. It was resistant to the miracles and abilities of the deities, created its own lifeforms, and ate both Ethedok and Vordo.[8]

The other gods then partnered with the primordials to seal away Predathos in a prison made from a piece of Exandria - possibly an ancient continent.[9] This was the origin of Ruidus, which they also encased in a lattice, similar to that which would later be used to create the Divine Gate.[10] However, while the gods and primordial titans had wished to send Ruidus out into space, it instead "clung" to Exandria and became a satellite.[11] The gods spread rumors of Ruidus's ill-omen in the hopes of decreasing interest in its origins and preventing it from becoming a danger again.[12][7]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

By 843 PD, knowledge of Predathos had been lost to most people. The Grim Verity only learned of their existence from texts that one of their number stole from Vasselheim.[13] The Grim Verity believes that the religious leaders of Vasselheim have guarded this information as a secret in order to prevent it from threatening the faith of the followers of the current Prime Deities.[14]

Members of the Verity also believe that some Ruidusborn, known as "Exalted", have particularly strong connections to Predathos from which they obtain their powers.[15] The number of these individuals had, in the decade leading up to 843 PD, been increasing exponentially, and some believed that Predathos intended to use them as anchors.[16][17]

The Ruby Vanguard is a group hoping to release Predathos so that it can devour the gods, which they believe will free the mortals of Exandria.[18]

About a week after a ritual performed by Ludinus Da'leth, Liliana Temult, Otohan Thull, and other members of the Ruby Vanguard on the apogee solstice,[19] the Changebringer and the Dawnfather appeared to FCG and Deanna Leimert, respectively, and confirmed that "the Red End" had begun to stir, and tasked them with preventing it from awakening.[20]

Shortly after arriving on Ruidus, Imogen tried to connect to Predathos in the same manner that she connected with it in her dreams. A deep voice welcomed her, and she was somewhat involuntarily pulled into a network of other Ruidusborn. They urged her to wake them, but she resisted and escaped the vision. Her lightning scars flashed brightly as she did.[21]

After Bells Hells met Dono and Elder Barthie, two bormodos, on Ruidus, they learned about the role of Predathos in the state religion. It is referred to only as "The One Who Sleeps" and using the name "Predathos" is forbidden.[22] Ruidus flares are known as beats and believed to be its heartbeats,[23] and according to creation myths, it was Predathos who carved both the bormodos and reilora and created their respective races.[24]

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