Persona 5 Tactica One-Shot

"Persona 5 Tactica One-Shot"
One-shot episode
"Persona 5 Tactica One-Shot" (OSx55) thumbnail featuring Matthew Mercer, Xanthe Huynh, Jared Goldstein, Liam O'Brien, Krystina Arielle, and Robbie Daymond.
Episode no.Episode 55
AirdateNovember 17, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time4:13:59
Game systemModified Dungeons & Dragons
Krystina Arielle as Penelope "Penny" Matthews
Robbie Daymond as Jackson Sloan
Jared Goldstein as Patty
Xanthe Huynh as Van Nguyen
Matthew Mercer as Ezekiel "Zeke" Peters
Liam O'Brien as the Dungeon Master
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"Persona 5 Tactica One-Shot" (OSx55) is a one-shot run by Liam O'Brien, sponsored by Atlus and based on their game Persona 5 Tactica. Join gamemaster Liam O'Brien as he leads the rebellious players Robbie Daymond, Xanthe Huynh, Krystina Arielle, Jared Goldstein, and Matthew Mercer in a one-shot inspired by Persona 5 Tactica!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pre-show[edit | edit source]

Any characters in this one-shot are inventions of the players; do not look for them in the video game.

Part I[edit | edit source]

The Party Crashers are a group of college students that meets at Sugar and Dice and All Things Nice, a small, independent board game and TTRPG cafe in the city. They both play a D&D game in the real world, and fight as their personas in the corrupted dreamscapes of another place. Ezekiel "Zeke" Peters and Van Nguyen both work in the shop; Zeke is a computer science major who runs the game, and Van is an astronomy major and an excellent barista. Patty, a young cosmetology student, newer to gaming, arrives, as does Penelope "Penny" Matthews, an extremely organized TTRPG veteran. As everyone sits down, the final member of their group, Jackson Sloan, a Japanese Studies major and student athlete, comes in from the rain a few minutes late, and they begin the session, with Zeke DM-ing.

As they roll initiative in the D&D session, the table and then the whole shop begins to vibrate as if in an earthquake, and when it stops, everything on the table is hovering mid-air. The sound of rain has stopped, and the door of the shop glows amber, and a symbol of a gear with a flower in the center appears in front of it. Even for this group, which crosses to the Other Side regularly, this is strange. Zeke throws a d20 at the gear but it passes through it, and Jackson can pass his hand through the image of the gear and touch the door. He opens the door, and the party suddenly all find themselves in a world with a purple sky, with white townhouses with red roofs surrounding them. The buildings are carved with reliefs of roses, and there are flowerboxes in all the windows and lining the red street. The street is empty of all people, though there are some crates in it. Everyone finds themselves in the gear they wear on the Other Side, though usually they consciously cross over.

Zeke, known as Nexus on the Other Side, hears crashing and breaking sounds from a distance, but growing closer. A strange voice yells that "she" is getting away, and the party sees a woman with a wavy lavender bob wearing a red skirt and a black coat running from a troupe of soldiers clad all in white. She runs into one of the townhouses, and the soldiers notice the Party Crashers. A fight breaks out. Penny (Codename: Goddess), summons her Persona, Aphrodite for her attack and deals psychic damage. Jackson (Codename: Kensei) throws a shuriken, and Nexus pulls out a pistol and shoots a soldier. The soldiers shoot back, hitting Kensei. Van (Codename: Strike) summons her Persona, Galileo, as her attack, and blinds one of the soldiers with a storm. Patty (Codename: Hudson) summons Little Miss, his persona, and attacks two soldiers with bubbles of shadow. The fight continues, with Goddess shooting arrows; Kensei attacking with his katana; Nexus summoning his persona, Umbra; Kensei taking more bullets; Strike again summoning Galileo, and Hudson summoning Little Miss again. They take down all but three soldiers in this round, though Kensei is badly injured, and realize they can hide behind the crates in the road. Kensei misses with his next attack, as he is wearing two eyepatches, but Nexus is able to finish off one of the remaining soldiers. The effect Aphrodite created after being summoned by Goddess finishes off another, but Strike misses with a Glock and hits a crate. Hudson also misses with a pistol shot and hits the same crate. Goddess uses an ability to dazzle the final soldier, and Kensei kills him with the katana.

The lavender-haired woman emerges from the townhouse when all the soldiers are gone, and asks the group who they are. They tell her they're the Party Crashers. She introduces herself as Erina, and explains that this town was happy until Lady Marie, and her Legionnaires, of which these soldiers were an example, invaded a few weeks ago and began imprisoning people. Erina is trying to head up the resistance, and she believes Marie's forces have taken over the city center, trapping citizens in their homes. She cannot get through the blockade on her own, and asks for help from the Party Crashers. Kensei quickly swears a blood oath, though the rest of the group is more hesitant. Erina runs off to try to find others of the resistance and Little Miss heals Kensei. The party enters one of the townhouses to regroup and rest up before confronting more Legionnaires. There is a meal left in the house which Goddess judges to be a week or two old, no more. Everyone eventually goes to the roof where they can see a mass of green towards the town center. Hudson thinks this is a massive rosebush, which fits with what they know of Lady Marie's aesthetic. The group discusses next steps, whether Erina is trustworthy, and whether they should traverse the sewers. Ultimately they try to take the rooftops as far as they can, and are able to see the Legionnaires marching down the streets towards the center.

Past the crates that they destroyed, they come upon a wall of green vines. After some discussion they decide to set it on fire, and Kensei summons his persona, Ōtakemaru, to do so. Goddess summons Aphrodite to make a distraction and sings a song. Bells begin to ring, and in the gap in the burning wall of vines, they see a statue of a woman, covered in vines and flowers.

Part II[edit | edit source]

With the wall of vines on fire, the party notices the sound of a large number of Legionnaires on the other side. They try the doors of the nearby townhouses, and with Kensei leading, are able to get into one and see two Legionnaires, one similar to the others they have fought and one much larger. Hudson stealths past and notices at least 30 Legionnaires, and the rest of the Party Crashers begin to follow soon after. They are quickly noticed, and one of the Legionnaires fires and misses. Strike begins to run towards the Legionnaires so she can use her abilities in close range. Hudson summons Little Miss and attacks from behind with globes of shadow. Nexus is struck by a bullet, but uses an ability to heal up and summons Umbra, attacking the Legionnaire who shot him. Goddess, who had also been stealthy, summons Aphrodite and attacks with Giant Slice, dealing necrotic damage. Kensei summons his persona and burns the massive Legionnaire. Galileo, summoned by Strike, misses with a bolt of electricity. The fight continues, and eventually, Little Miss destroys the monstrous Legionnaire with her shadow powers.

With those two dispatched, the Party Crashers survey the city center, which still has about 30-40 Legionnaires fighting the fire. They can also see the plant-covered statue. They realize they cannot get to the center directly from the rooftops, and instead drop into an abandoned art gallery and exit out into the street. Even more Legionnaires have arrived to fight the fire, and they can see the greenery writhing on the statue. They are able to hear both a person cackling, and the voice of Erina telling the unseen cackler to get the vines off her. The party runs towards the noise and they are able to see Erina, being swarmed by and thrown about by writhing vines, enclosing her into one of the many crates. The cackling person is revealed to be a green-faced man with a large pompadour, wearing a white suit with a single rose on his lapel, the bottom half of his body lost in the swarm of vines and plants. He threatens the Party Crashers, telling them they will never spoiler Lady Marie's perfect day and introducing himself as Zee Florist. With a flurry of flower puns, he attacks the party, who enter the boss battle.

Little Miss makes a successful attack but Galileo misses. Zee Florist successfully slashes at and grapples Nexus with a vine, and is then attacked by Ōtakemaru's thunder powers, which push him away and make the vine around Nexus go slack. In response, Zee Florist uses his powers to frighten the group; everyone but Strike becomes terrified of him. Umbra still lands an attack. Zee Florist is unaffected by the spell cast by Aphrodite, and Little Miss heals Nexus. Strike misses with her gun. Zee misses Hudson with a vine strike, but is able to stab him with gardening shears. Kensei summons Ōtakemaru, who blasts a large line of fire, hitting Zee Florist and a number of vines as well. Zee heals somewhat from the burn, but is still damaged. Nexus summons Umbra and deals necrotic damage, and Goddess scores a critical hit with one of her heart-shaped arrows before inspiring Hudson. Hudson summons Little Miss again and two of the globes of shadow hit, one critically. Strike summons Galileo yet again, hitting with the bolts of electricity, and Zee is defeated. He melts into the vines as he dies, and the greenery on the statue begins to melt away. Erina breaks out of the crate in which she had been trapped, and thanks the Party Crashers for saving her. She then asks them if they are up for taking on the real threat, Lady Marie. They tell her they are, and she welcomes them into the rebellion.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Player characters[edit | edit source]

  • Ezekiel "Zeke" Peters, Codename: Nexus, Persona: Umbra
  • Jackson Sloan, Codename: Kensei, Persona: Ōtakemaru
  • Patty, Codename: Hudson, Persona: Little Miss
  • Penelope "Penny" Matthews, Codename: Goddess, Persona: Aphrodite
  • Van Nguyen, Codename: Strike, Persona: Galileo

Non-player characters[edit | edit source]

  • Erina
  • Zee Florist

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Marie

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The game that Zeke DMs is a parody of Curse of Strahd.

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