Percival de Rolo

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Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III
Player character
Basic information
ClassFighter (Gunslinger)
Biographical information
Full namePercival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III[1][2]
TitlesArchitect of Enlightened Progress of the Chamber of Whitestone[3]
Also known as
  • Percy
  • No Mercy Percy (by fans)
  • Freddy (by Vax)
  • Whitey (by Vax)[4]
  • Four-Eyes (by Taryon)[5]
  • Terrible Tinkerer of Tal'Dorei[6]
LanguagesCommon, Elvish,[8] Celestial[9]
PlacesWhitestone, Tal'Dorei
FamilyDe Rolo family
PartnerVex'ahlia de Rolo (wife)[10]
StatusAlive (twice resurrected)[15][16]
Causes of death
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
AlignmentNeutral Good[18]
walk 30 ft.
Stats reference[19][20][21][22][23][24]
First seen
Last seen
TelevisionThe Legend of Vox Machina (24 episodes)
Other worksPre-stream

I do not want to die who I am. I would like to live long enough to be someone else.

— Percy, in a conversation with Vax'ildan[25]

Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, often known simply as Percival de Rolo or Percy, is a human gunslinger member of Vox Machina and the father of firearms in the world of Exandria. He is played by Taliesin Jaffe.

Percy's family were the rulers of the independent city state of Whitestone, but when he was a teenager, they were overthrown and murdered by the Briarwoods, Anna Ripley and their allies. Percy fled, his hair turning white from the trauma, and he wandered aimlessly for several years. He was eventually visited in dreams by the shadow demon Orthax who gave him the knowledge to build the very first firearm in existence, The List.

During his travels with Vox Machina, Percy reunited with his sister Cassandra and took back Whitestone. He acquired the magical cape Cabal's Ruin to aid in the fight against the Chroma Conclave and helped carve the Prime Trammels with knowledge from Ioun to take down Vecna. He married Vex'ahlia, and the two of them settled in Whitestone where they had five children. His invention of firearms revolutionized warfare throughout Tal'Dorei and eventually all of Exandria.

Intro[edit | edit source]

"Percy was the third child of seven children, born to a noble family who lived far to the north in the ancient castle of Whitestone. With so many siblings to share the burdens of lordship, Percy turned his attention to the sciences, engineering, and naturalism.

One day, a mysterious couple, named Lord and Lady Briarwood, came to court. During a feast held in their honour, the Briarwoods violently took control of the castle, killing or imprisoning everyone who would stand in their way.

Percy awoke chained in the dungeon, only to be freed by his younger sister. Together they fled, chased by the Briarwoods' men. As they ran, Percy's sister took several arrows to the chest and fell. Percy kept running, eventually jumping into a freezing river and floating unconscious to freedom. He did not remember waking up on a fishing boat. He barely remembered the next two years as he slowly made his way as far south as possible.

Then one night, Percy had a dream. A roaring cloud of smoke offered him vengeance against those who destroyed his family. When he awoke, Percy began to design his first gun."[26]

Description[edit | edit source]

Percy is a young human in his early twenties.[27] He originally had brown hair, but it turned white as a result of the trauma he suffered after the Briarwoods killed his family.[28] Percy wears glasses and is either nearsighted[29] or far-sighted.[30]

After joining the Slayer's Take, Percy has the brand of the guild on his right arm.

In Campaign 3, set in 843 PD while he in his mid fifties, Percy had the unkempt hair and beard of a person who's been busy with work, overlooking their exterior. He wore a set of oculars, a dark robe of blue and gray, covered by a coat that descended past the back of his knees.[31]

Art gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Compared to his fellow party members, Percy is rather quiet, usually only speaking when necessary. However, he has shown he can be quite persuasive in social situations and is somewhat of a tactician within the group, as seen in "The Temple Showdown" (1x11).[32] Despite his prim and conscientious exterior, however, Percy has shown himself on multiple occasions to hold the signature eccentricity of a tinkerer, as displayed in escapades such as the cannonball contest.

Having experienced both the pinnacle of entitlement and the depths of poverty, Percy displays a wisdom and self-awareness beyond his years, especially in regard to social status. He indicates a particular fondness for unceremoniously dethroning other, snobbier nobility with a combination of his own title and a biting wit. Percy thinks of himself as being the only one capable of making adult decisions, despite his young age. He is also very pragmatic, with a consistent belief that the ends justify the means. This has led to moments of conflict between him and the party.[33]

Percy's desire for revenge was consciously monstrous. He was fully aware of the consequences of building the first firearm: he knew that the technology would escape his grasp and kill thousands of people in his lifetime, but he was willing to accept that to help him get revenge on several specific people.[34] Thankfully, he grew beyond this mindset, even to the point of forgiving the individual who hurt him the most deeply.

Percy's attitude was molded by the severe physical and emotional trauma he endured at the hands of the Briarwoods and Dr. Ripley, displaying a cynical, detached, and self-deprecating behavior. He responds poorly to compliments on his character, and his lack of self-respect is shown most clearly in the preferences he mentions for how his corpse should be handled in the letter that he composed for Vox Machina in the event of his demise.[35] The experience of being possessed by Orthax made Percy averse to doing magic and suspicious of anything else that functioned in a way he didn't understand.[36]

In some ways, Cassandra emerged "a little" stronger and mentaly healthier than Percy, acknowledging and accepting her trauma then taking steps to work past it, when Percy, years afterward, continued to define himself against his trauma, "which is just more trauma".[37]

Percy is also a tinkerer, creating and modifying items to give both himself and his teammates an edge in battle. He creates explosive and utility arrows for Vex'ahlia, as well as crafting his own ammunition and even weapons, such as his Diplomacy electroshock glove.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Art of Percy in a prison cell before being freed by Vox Machina, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[38]

Percy was born in Whitestone, where his branch of the de Rolo family ruled, and was raised alongside his six siblings. Five years before the campaign began, his family hosted guests: the Briarwoods. The couple initiated a coup and seized control of Whitestone, murdering the entire de Rolo Family and those loyal to them. Percy was taken prisoner and tortured by Dr. Anna Ripley, one of the Briarwoods' allies. Percy's youngest sister and only surviving family, Cassandra, managed to free him, and they attempted to flee Whitestone together. However, she was hit by several arrows in their escape, and Percy fled on his own, believing her to be dead. Afterwards, he wandered aimlessly for two years, working on a fishing boat for a time. One night, he had a dream in which a smoke-like entity offered him the means to get revenge for his family. Percy then constructed his first gun, the List. Percy then tracked Dr. Ripley for a year until he finally found her, but he was captured by her guards and imprisoned in a jail cell.[39][40]

In his period of figuring out what he wanted from his life, Percy was briefly a saddlemaker, in addition to other jobs.[41]

Vox Machina Origins[edit | edit source]

Series II
In the comic book adaptation of pre-stream events, Percy first appeared as he was being held in a prison cell in the Umbra Hills, falsely accused of being a cult leader and of the attempted murder of Dr. Ripley with the use of a demonic weapon.[42] Percy was freed by Scanlan, Pike, and Keyleth who were in the area to look for help to save their friend, Grog. Percy helped them acquire the skull of a Nightmare, then chose to follow them back to Westruun, where he helped them complete an arcane ritual.

Series III
Percy stuck with the group, now going by Vox Machina (formerly the SHITS). With them, he participated in an underground fighting ring in Westruun, and faced the white dragon Skysunder.

The Story of Vox Machina and other pre-stream events[edit | edit source]

Percy stated several times that upon meeting Vex'ahlia, he gave her all his money.[43][44] At some point, Percy spent several months designing and making a bomb for Scanlan to use.[45] He also once had to be a lawyer for Keyleth when she was thrown into prison.[46] He did so well that he (along with Scanlan in his Burt Reynolds, Esq. persona) is considered to be the unofficial lawyer for the group.[47][48][49] Another one of his early accomplishments was to castrate a troll with a well-aimed shot.[50]

Percy constructed Bad News over the course of five months, most likely in the period during which Greyskull Keep was under construction.[51]

"CelebriD&D with Joe Manganiello" (OSx09)[edit | edit source]

Percy was hired along with Keyleth and some other mercenaries by Arkhan, a paladin of Tiamat. The group investigated the Vault of Shumas in the Aggrad Mountains of Marquet, where they discovered the Wreath of the Prism.

Campaign 1: Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Arc 1: Kraghammer and Vasselheim[edit | edit source]

"Shopping and Shipping" (1x14)
After Vox Machina participated in a meeting with the Tal'Dorei Council, Percy had a private conversation with Sovereign Uriel asking him about the Briarwoods. Percy learned that the couple had recently come to Emon to establish a relationship with the Republic of Tal'Dorei, and were due to visit soon to discuss business. Percy requested to be told when they would arrive.

"Skyward" (1x15)
Before the group left for Vasselheim, Percy began working on Diplomacy, a pair of tazing gloves. He also made a grappling arrow and three explosive arrows for Vex'ahlia. He was extremely pleased at the idea of travelling by skyship.

"Trial of the Take: Part 1" (1x18)

While camping out around Vasselheim for their trial of the Slayer's Take, Percy's group was awoken by a pair of trolls. Percy had to fight them in his pajamas, which exposed his buttocks.

"The Rematch" (1x23)
Before leaving Vasselheim, Percy set out to find a place that would sell him black powder and found an eccentric old man, Victor, who sold him a hog head full of powder.

After Vox Machina returned to Greyskull keep, seeker Assum arrived to invite them to a dinner with Lord and Lady Briarwood of Whitestone, and asked Percy to keep an eye on them, as he had noticed Percy's familiarity with the name. Assum told them that he had sent many operatives to inquire about the Briarwoods and the mysterious deaths of the De Rolo Family, but each resigned the mission.[52] Percy reluctantly agreed to help with this task.

Arc 2: The Briarwoods[edit | edit source]

"The Feast" (1x24)
After Assum's departure, the party asked Percy what his relationship to the Briarwoods was, and he finally told them his story.[53] Percy told the party that he was not sure if anyone other than himself had survived, and confessed that he wanted revenge. He showed them his gun with a list of names: on five of the six barrels were Lord Briarwood, Lady Briarwood, Anna Ripley, Sir Stonefell, and Professor Anders, all conspirators and perpetrators of violence against his family. The final barrel was blank.[54] Vox Machina agreed to help Percy fight the Briarwoods if he asked them to. In the week before the dinner, Percy locked himself in his workshop and worked tirelessly, finally finishing Diplomacy.

Once the day came, to avoid showing his face to the Briarwoods, Percy magically disguised himself as Vax'ildan, while the real Vax'ildan remained invisible. During the dinner, The Briarwoods shared their version of their acquaintance with the de Rolos and inheritance of Whitestone: the de Rolo family took shelter at the Briarwoods home when they hit a storm while traveling, and the two families became close. Months later, the Briarwoods received news that the entire family and many surrounding the castle had all contracted a plague and died. The Briarwoods claimed that Frederick and Johanna de Rolo had willed Whitestone to them, and they felt as though they had no choice but to take up care of it.

"Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25)
Vax'ildan was caught by the Briarwoods in their chambers, and called the party for help while barely escaping with his life. The party rushed to the scene, where Percy roared Sylas Briarwood's name before shooting him twice. Sylas, revealed to be a vampire, remarked to his wife "the pup yet lives." Enraged, Percy continued to shout his name while shooting him. The fight turning to Vox Machina's advantage, the Briarwoods climbed into their carriage to make their escape. From her seat, Delilah Briarwood extended Percy a sarcastic invitation to visit his family in Whitestone. Vex'ahlia managed to blow up the carriage, but the Briarwoods teleported away.

Percy then aggressively interrogated the burned carriage driver, blowing off the young man's fingers before threatening to do the same to his other hand. When asked about the location of each member of Percy's family, the frightened driver claimed they were all gone, pleading that the Briarwoods would kill him if he said more. Percy threatened to kill him first if he didn't talk, but the arrival of palace guards interrupted his interrogation, and he knocked out the driver, who was later locked in Greyskull Keep.

On their way home, the party is ambushed by the Broker, a mercenary hired to kill Lillith Daturai, who has just teamed up with Vox Machina. Still upset from the previous battle, Percy shoots the Broker six times in the chest, yelling "You fool, your soul is forfeit! Die! Die!".

"Consequences and Cows" (1x26)
The next morning, Vox Machina woke up to find that Percy had tossed his room in a frenzy overnight and locked himself up in his workshop, refusing to come out. Later in the day, Percy caught his teammates interrogating the Briarwoods' driver, Desmond Otham. He told them of the horrors that the Briarwoods had done in Whitestone and of their intent on excavating below the dungeon of the castle.

"The Path to Whitestone" (1x27)
Percy dreamed of his family, watching them all die. In his dream, a smoke entity encouraged him to seek vengeance and justice. The group argued about going to face the Briarwoods, and Percy was asked to make the final decision. He heard whispers telling him to chose vengeance, and decided to go. Percy heard the voice again, whispering its satisfaction.

One evening, on their way to Whitestone, Percy was approached by Keyleth. She was worried about his recent violent outbursts and wondered if he was hiding something from them, recalling his fight against the Broker. Percy didn't quite remember it because he was so angry, and stated that inventing his first gun was a mistake, saying that he had thought about building it for a long time, but had never seriously considered it until he decided to take revenge. Percy admitted to regretting what he did to the Broker, and he hoped to never lose his temper like that again. He and Keyleth both said they loved each other, then went to bed.

What appears dead may not necessarily be death. And that with the shadow of death over the city, perhaps there is life deep underground. Perhaps things that appeared ended and gone are perhaps continuing to this day. And may rise again.

— Percy's message of hope to Keeper Yennen[55]

"Whispers" (1x29)
Vox Machina faced Kerrion Stonefell, one of the Briarwoods' allies and one of the names on Percival's gun. When Percy fired his first bullet against him, dark smoke began to pour out of Percy's body and envelop his gun arm, eventually covering his entire gun arm in a black column. As smoke covered his form, Percy heard a voice in his mind repeating the word "Vengeance". By the time Sir Kerrion fell, Percy reassembled a humanoid entity made of swirling black smoke, with the pointed tip of his mask poking through. His target eliminated, he began scratching off Sir Kerrion's name off of the barrel of his gun, only to find that his name was magically fading away. The group then interrogated Vouk Strono, who worked for Sir Kerrion. Percy used the heated barrel of his gun to cauterize Vouk's tongue, then used the hot gun to burn the de Rolo crest into his forehead. Vax'ildan, uncomfortable with the cruelty, warned Percy that he was headed down a dark path.

"Stoke the Flames" (1x30)
The party questioned Percy about the smoke that emanated from his body in the previous battle, as well as the strange cough he developed since entering Whitestone. Percy explained the dream he had about a year after the Briarwoods took the castle, where an entity asked him if he wanted revenge and the means to achieve it. In return, he would have to offer up the souls of those he killed. He said he woke up the next morning and created his first gun. Percy defended himself, saying it was just a dream and it wasn't real. Vex'ahlia asked who the last barrel on his gun is for, saying they didn't want to lose him. Percy then told them that the last barrel existed because there were not just five names: he would have to keep hurting people, because it would never end. He had killed a lot of people on his journey with Vox Machina, more than five. The last barrel was to remind him that this was the path he had chosen. Percy then admitted that he no longer felt in control and he didn't trust himself anymore, and didn't expect anyone else to trust him, but that he did trust Vox Machina. He was, however, afraid that he would disappoint them,[56] having come to Whitestone for revenge, not justice.

Upon waking up the next day, Percy felt more corrupted than before, having difficulty controlling his sadistic tendencies, and now aiming to torture his enemies before their deaths.

After finding a few trustworthy people, Percy finally revealed his identity to Archibald Desnay, his late father's chancellor. Overjoyed, Archibald exclaimed that they now had two de Rolos on their side, revealing that Percy's sister, Cassandra, was still alive and working with them from the inside of the castle, where she served the Briarwoods.

"Gunpowder Plot" (1x31)
During Vox Machina's fight against Count Tylieri, Percy's eyes turned black and smoke poured out of them after he raised his gun. After the fight, Vex'ahlia cornered Percy and pushed him against a wall, looking into his eyes, to ask if he was okay. Percy reassured her that he was fine and that she would know if he wasn't.

Vex'ahlia: Are you alright?
Percy: ...I think so. I'm—
Vex'ahlia: Look me in the eye, Percy.
Percy: I feel...cruel, but in control. This is...controllable at the moment.
Vex'ahlia: ...Alright.

— Vex'ahlia confronts Percy[57]

"Against the Tide of Bone" (1x32)
The evening before the planned assault on the castle, Pike checked on Percy, trying to determine the origin of his cough. She felt an unsettling presence that she had never sensed before. Pike cast Greater Restoration on Percy, which made him feel more like himself, and less corrupted. Pike then asked Percy if part of him wanted to hold onto this corruption. Percy wasn't sure, but thought he might, since he had yet to complete his revenge. As the group got ready to sleep, Vax'ildan came to warn Percy not to hurt anyone in their group. Percy agreed, and nervously expressed his excitement at seeing his sister again. That night, Percy heard a voice in his dreams, warning him not to forget their deal.

"Reunions" (1x33)
In the castle dungeon, the group found Dr. Anna Ripley locked in a cell. She had been put there by the Briarwoods for not agreeing to help them with some of their recent goals. Percy offered her a deal: if she lead them to where they needed to go, she would be allowed to leave Whitestone unarmed, with a promise that Percy would find her again someday. Ripley agreed, and upon leading them to her room, Percy discovered that she had been tinkering with a gun inspired by his own.

You are, at the moment, the luckiest person in Whitestone. Do you know why? [...] Because you're at the bottom of my List.

— Percival to Anna Ripley[58]

Vox Machina found Cassandra held at knifepoint by Professor Anders, Percy's former tutor who betrayed his family to work with the Briarwoods. Percy put his gun in Anders' mouth and blew out his brains.

You're the face I saw when murder entered my heart. This is your doing.

— Percival to Professor Anders[59]

Percy saw Anders' name fading off of his gun, and the smoke around Percy began to dissipate. Vex'ahlia kneeled next to a shocked Percy and took his hand, telling him to take his mask off. Meanwhile, Anna Ripley had escaped. Percy then walked over to Cassandra and apologized to her, noticing that she was no longer the happy little girl she once was. The reality that he now had his sister by his side fully hit him.

"Race to the Ziggurat" (1x34)
While giving chase to the Briarwoods, Percy noticed that a new name had appeared on his gun: Cassandra de Rolo. Unsure what to make of it, he decided to deal with it later. Vox Machina battled the Briarwoods, first killing Sylas. Percy intentionally spared Delilah, blowing one of her arms of and taking her unconscious body.

"Denouement" (1x35)

As the group walked away from the Ziggurat, Percy felt a warm pulse in his hand and a voice from deep within him urged him to kill Lady Briarwood immediately. Percy began talking out loud, battling the entity within him. It urged Percy to finish what he started, and then to kill Cassandra as well. Percy aimed his gun back and forth between the two women, losing control of his hand, also putting it to his own head. The entity told him they had a deal, to which Percy replied that to him, it was nothing more than a dream. The voice repeated their command to kill Delilah; this time, everyone else heard it as well, and the shadow demon Orthax finally revealed himself. The group began fighting the demonic entity, but Delilah attempted to escape in the commotion.Cassandra stabbed Delilah in the chest and pushed her body in the pit of acid. Satisfied, Orthax retreated back into Percy's shadow.

Percy then managed to get rid of Cassandra's name on his gun by rubbing it with acid from the vats around them. However, he was suddenly targeted by a Friends spell from Scanlan, who made Percy give him the gun, then threw it in the acid, destroying it. As the gun burned, a little puff of dark smoke rose, and the cold core in Percy's gut was extinguished for good.[60]

"Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36)
With Whitestone now free, Percy proposed to establish a council to rule the city. He didn't want to join, as he had too much to do and didn't consider himself fit to rule. Later, Percy and Keyleth had a private talk. She gave him the polished skull of a raven as a reminder of what Percy, or any of them, could become if they gave in to darkness.

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[edit | edit source]

"Desperate Measures" (1x40)
The group had taken a mysterious skull with emeral eyes from the house of General Krieg. Percy tried talking to the skull, who offered to grant him a wish if they set it free. Grog and Percy fought over the skull, with Grog insisting that they do what it wanted in order to save Emon from the Chroma Conclave, and Percy wanting to know what they would be releasing first. Grog attempted to take the skull by force to break it, but it was successfully taken away from him and revealed by Allura to be very dangerous.

"Dangerous Dealings" (1x42)
Percy traveled to Whitestone with refugees from Emon, asking his sister to make preparations in case the dragons come there as well.

"Return to Vasselheim" (1x43)
While buying black powder from Victor in Vasselheim, Percy learned that he had another customer, a woman fitting the description of Anna Ripley.

"The Sunken Tomb" (1x44)
Vox Machina investigated the tomb of the Champion of the Raven Queen, seeking a suit of armor to help them take down the Chroma Conclave. When the party reached his sarcophagus, Percy immediately grabbed the armor, which set off a necrotic trap. Percy managed to avoid it, but Vex'ahlia was killed instantly. Kashaw Vesh was able to resurrect her, although Percy's attempt at helping with an offering of residuum failed. During the resurrection ritual, Vax'ildan angrily told the Raven Queen to take his life instead of hers. After Vex'ahlia woke up, Percival admitted that he was responsible for setting the trap that killed her.

"Those Who Walk Away..." (1x45)
Percy took Vax aside and to admit he set off the trap that killed Vex because he had a careless moment. He was very glad she was alive, and couldn't have lived with himself if she weren't. Vax responded by saying that everyone makes mistakes and punched him in the mouth. Percy took it, assuming it was deserved. He spent his evening tinkering and creating an explosive siege arrow for Vex'ahlia, which he gifted to her the following morning.

"Best Laid Plans..." (1x50)
After Craven Edge stole Grog's soul, Percy took the sword and tried to intimidate it into bringing his friend back to life, using his own shadowy form to threaten it. When the party decided to Plane Shift the sword into an empty dimension, Percy was against the idea, insisting that they send the sword somewhere it could get its fill, like the Nine Hells. However, the others refused, claiming the new owner of the sword could do terrible things.

Vax'ildan: Percy, you are clever. It doesn't mean you're always right.
Percy: I know.
Keyleth: And you have this terrible habit of liking to push problems onto other people.

— Vax'ildan, Percy, and Keyleth[61]

Later, Percy spent some time with Vex'ahlia in Scanlan's Magnificent Mansion. The two of them worked on modifications to her newly-acquired flying broom. Percy was surprised at how much of a quick learner she was. With her assistance, Percy managed to install a tether to the broom to ensure that Vex would not lose it should she fall. Percy remarked how constructive the whole thing had been, telling Vex that they should "do this again sometime".

"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54)
With the help of Westrunn villagers, Percy constructed a giant trap to keep Umbrasyl on the ground. The trap worked, and the dragon was stuck for a short time before he managed to break it and set himself free.

"Hope" (1x56)
During the few days spent in Westruun after the battle with Umbrasyl, Percy carved the names of every person who remained in Westruun into a wall, and on another, begins the story of where the city came from and what has happened to it. While Keyleth saw this as self-promotion, Percy reminded her that humans live as long as what they build endures, and the loss of a city would be felt by everyone.

"Duskmeadow" (1x57)
After finding out during another shopping trip in Vasselheim that Victor had now lost all the fingers on one hands, Percy created a prosthesis for him.

Percy then headed to Raven's Crest, and found the temple empty. He called out, asking for help to fix something. He turned to leave, when a light illuminated the next chamber. After making his way to the pool of blood that Vax'ildan has visited earlier, he heard a voice asking if he was trying to fix himself or something else. Percy answered that he wanted to fix something in the world, and the voice responded to step in and have faith. He removed his clothes and swam to the bottom, filling his lungs with blood.

Percy then found himself in a void and saw the white porcelain face of the Raven Queen. Percy asked if he was chosen by Orthax because he was broken, or if it broke him. The godess told him that he was always broken and was preyed upon, and that his deeds would determine whether he can be fixed. He asked for her help in getting rid of it, but the Raven Queen told him she had already helped. She warned him to watch himself or he may stray from their side, and told him that life is broken from the start, that there is no perfection, and that finding ways to better yourself before the end is what gives life purpose. She assured him that mortals can achieve great things, just like she did.

Percy awoke in the temple, then proceeded to clean himself up completely. He took a vial of blood from the pool, and walked home. Upon his return, Vex noticed a bit of blood behind his ear and the look on his face. The next day, back in Whitestone, she indicated to him that the blood was still there, prompting Percy to invite her out on a walk. They walked around town, then found Zahra, who Percy instructed to convert the Anders crypt into a shrine for the Raven Queen, giving her the vial of blood. When Vex asked, Percy told her he was doing it for her brother, so he can stay with them. She kissed him on the cheek and promised not to tell Vax or the others about his visit to the Raven's Crest. He in turn promised to do what he could to procure the Dragon arrows she requested. Once he returned home, Percy also took the raven skull given to him by Keyleth, filling it with myrrh, opium, and a dragon's blood sap.

"A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58)
The next day, Percy gave Vax'ildan the raven head, which he fashioned into a cloak clasp to make his stinky armor smell fabulous. He then finished the modifications to Vex's broom, christening it Death from Above.

Percy sat with Pike for a moment to say goodbye, as she would stay in Whitestone while the rest of the party continued to search for Vestiges. He handed her a letter listing every terrible thing going on in Whitestone, the names of people that could help her, ten places to visit in the city, and his ten favorite books in the Whitestone Castle library, in case she got bored. In return, she gave him the necklace she retrieved in her great-great-grandfather's home, hanging it around his neck and asking him not to remove it.

"The Feywild" (1x59)
In the Feywild, the group ran into a satyr named Garmelie. Garmelie charmed Percy, who made a deal that was very much in Garmelie's favor. The spell wore off later that night, and an angry Percy went to tell whoever was awake. He found Vex, who was getting ready to visit Syngorn the next day. Vex was also annoyed, but resigned to carry on with the deal. Changing the subject, she anxiously asked him if she looked like she came from money. Percy assured her that she looked too happy for that, and asked what she was concerned about. She shared that her childhood in Syngorn was difficult, and that everyone who judged the twins were there. Percy reassured her, saying they are definitely not worth her. He promised to stay at her side while in the city.

"Heredity and Hats" (1x60)
The next day, the group visited the twin's father, Syldor Vessar, and his family. Percy tried to play the royalty card, but Syldor was rather dismissive of Whitestone, saying Percy's title and court were unfamiliar to him, before getting in an argument with his children. After Syldor finally provided them with the diplomatic papers they needed, Percy thanked him but request that he amend Vex'ahlia's name to her full title: "Lady Vex'ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt". Once outside, Vex immediately hugged Percy, and he confirmed the title was real, and hers.

"The Frigid Doom" (1x64)
Upon return to the Material Plane, Percy and Grog lost all their memories of their time there. Scanlan used Modify Memory to give him the memories back, although he altered them a bit to his own liking. He also still had all of the sketches he did during his time there, and looked at them in wonder. Shortly afterwards, Pike cast Greater Restoration on both Percy and Grog, and the true memories are restored.

Percy then took Vax'ildan to the new Raven Queen shrine that had been built for him. Vax told Percy he was still angry with him, which Percy understood and thought he deserved. However, they both agreed that they liked each other since they met, and Vax offered to be friends again, although he made it clear how thin his forgiveness was. Percy promised that he would not hurt Vex'ahlia or any of their friends intentionally, and asked Vax to keep an eye on him and never trust him; that is the best friend he could be to him.

"The Chase to Glintshore" (1x67)
As they searched for Cabal's Ruin in Ank'Harel, the party found its previous owner murdered, with bullet wounds in her body, indicating that the killer was none other than Anna Ripley. After investigating the gun Percy stole from her, they realize that she has been spying on them all along. Percy was distraught at the idea of Ripley spreading the knowledge of firearms, worried it would cause unimaginable damage to the world. He made Vax promise to destroy all of his work when he dies, and told the others it was selfish of him not to kill her when he had the chance.

"Cloak and Dagger" (1x68)
Vox machina faced off against Ripley on the isle of Glintshore. During the battle, it was revealed that Ripley had made a deal with Orthax as well. The battle was extremely difficult. Percy was killed by Ripley, but the necklace given by Pike restored him to life. Percy then told Ripley her that he forgave her, but could not let her leave. However, Orthax rendered him unconscious, and Ripley shot him again, killing him a second time. The rest of the party managed to kill Ripley as Percy's body lay at their feet.

"Passed Through Fire" (1x69)
Percy's body was rushed to the half-built temple of Sarenrae in Whitestone, and Pike set up a resurrection ritual. She cast Greater Restoration on his gun, severing his cursed bond to Orthax. During the ritual, Vex'ahlia pleaded with Percy to return, because Whitestone needed him and because she needed him. She kissed him on the lips, saying that she should have told him her heart was hers. Pike reaches out to Sarenrae for her aid, and Keyleth held the raven's skull she gave to Percy, telling him that his journey wasn't over. She conjured a swarm of crows around herself, with Vax unfurling the wings from the Deathwalker's Ward to aid in the effect. The ritual succeeded and Percy returned to life. Exhausted, Percy asked what happened while he was dead, then collapsed into bed.

Unbeknownst to Percy, the party found a goodbye letter in his coat that was addressed to all of them in case he died, and read it. Vex'ahlia put it back in his coat.

My friends, I have just taken an audience with the Raven Queen, who has snuffed any hope of my redemption, for which I am truly grateful. With new clarity, I can finally see my life as a series of compounding poor choices. There was nothing I could have done to save my family, yet I still sold my soul in search of vengeance. Later, I allowed Ripley to leave, knowing full well she was a greater threat to the world than the Briarwoods would ever be. I traded the world's safety for the belief that I could murder my way to peace, that if I could be a greater horror, it would bring my family back. Once this lie was shattered, I scrambled to find a solution, to make a deal, to undo my mistakes and balance the scales. I now understand that there are no scales. There is no redemption, and no ledger that judges me good or evil. I am free to simply be myself and live with the terrible mistakes I've made.

Tomorrow, I start upon a new path beyond the gods and demons who have tormented me, and it's your friendship that makes this possible. Though a shadow lingers, the need for vengeance is gone. I will try and do my best for you all. I will strive to buy the future more time free of my legacy. I will stand against the children of my madness in hope, rather than in anger. And if you are reading this, then my travels on this path have come to an end.

Scanlan, thank you for destroying my gun. Do not let the weight of life's consequences crush your bravado. It is your greatest weapon.
Grog, remember that your compassion has brought you this far, not just strength. For the record, I would have wiped the floor with you that time.
Vax, you often remind me of myself, and yes, I know that that is a bit of an insult. Stop indulging your desire to sacrifice and try being the man that these two women seem to think you are. They may actually need you one day.
Vex, you often remind me of myself, and that is the highest of compliments. I hope you free yourself of whatever voices haunt you. Also, since I'm gone, you're the clever one now.
Keyleth, don't let the world break you. Learn to forgive it for not living up to your standards. We promise to try harder."

— Percy's goodbye letter to Vox Machina

"Trust" (1x70)
Percy gave Grog a title in exchange for Ripley's guns that he picked up after the fight. He repaired them and attuned to her pistol, Animus.

"The Elephant in the Room" (1x72)

After taking down Vorugal, Vax'ahlia invited Percy to go on a walk in the nearby forest. Vex inquired about his state after being resurrected only a few days ago, then asked if he knew what the name of her bow, Fenthras, meant. She recalled how the bow's previous owner, Saundor, had taunted her during their fight with him and asked her to join him. She shared that although she refused, she could feel the self-doubt and loathing echoing in her mind after their encounter. Percy responded that he was trying not to dwell on things anymore, and Vex explained that that was precisely what she wanted to talk to him about. She was surprised when he told Ripley that he forgave her during their battle, after spending so much time focused on vengeance. Vex'ahlia showed Percy the elvish word she carved on Fenthras, and he recognized its meaning, 'Forgive'. Vex explained that she carved it to remind herself that her attacks are not of vengeance. They both agreed that forgiveness was important, and that they did it not for the sake of whoever they forgave, but for themselves. Vex'ahlia then told Percy that he had to forgive that boy who did all of those things to get revenge, because it made him who he was today, adding that the fact he could forgive meant he would never be overtaken by the darkness that sometimes clouded his vision.

Before Percy walked away, he kissed Vex'ahlia, promising they would talk later.

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)
In Whitestone, Percy headed to Vex's room. Through the door, she asked if he was here for the "later" talk he promised her after they killed Vorugal. He said that he actually came to show her something, and Vex'ahlia opened the door, completely naked. Percy stammered a bit, then entered, closing the door behind him.

"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)
Vax'ildan walked in on Percy taking a bath in Whitestone castle, and sat at the other edge of the bathtub to have a short talk with him. Vax told Percy that he was like a brother to him, and that he was glad to still have him around. As soon as Vax left, Vex came up from below the water gasping for breath: "I thought he'd never leave!"

"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)
During the final battle against Raishan, she savagely killed Percy, right before Kerrek delivered the final blow on the dragon. Vex called Pike over, who successfully cast Revivify on him. However, Scanlan was also killed in the battle, and Pike failed to revive him. Percy insisted that they bring him to a temple and get his daughter as quickly as possible.

Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[edit | edit source]

"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)
After Scanlan woke up from his resurrection, he was very angry at the party for having brought his daughter to see his dying body, and accused them of not caring about them. Percy stayed mostly silent during the argument, but eventually blew up at Scanlan. He argued that Scanlan was wallowing in his self-pithy, and shouldn't pretend to be anyone he wasn't in front of his daughter, who was just as shitty as he was. Percy angrily told Scanlan to be a man and be a good father to Kaylie, because he knew he could do it. He then stormed out of the room, running into Kaylie who was waiting outside the door. He tried to give her a hug, but she pushed him away. Scanlan and Kaylie left Whitestone together soon after, and Percy briefly considered sending guards to stop him or tail him.

The next day, the party traveled to Ank'ahrel to deliver Ripley's hand to Treev Bonebreaker and ran into Taryon Darrington outside his tavern. Percy was immediately impressed by his inventions, although he didn't believe that he made them himself.

"Daring Days" (1x86)
Percy inquired about how Doty was made, and although he was impressed, he concluded that Taryon was not, in fact, smarter than him. After Taryon broke down in tears and admitted to the group that he wasn't a real adventurer, Percy offered to show him his library and discussed the mechanism of Bad News with him.

"Onward to Vesrah" (1x87)
Percy sat down with Vex to talk about his death at the hands of Ripley, and the resurrection ritual that came after. He told her that at the time, he was not in a good place, and felt like his pain would only end when it eventually consumed him. He admitted that he heard Vex'ahlia talking to him during the ritual, and that it was the only thing he heard. He mentioned that he wasn't as afraid to die anymore, but was afraid of where all the people he had killed ended up, wondering if it depended on him. He also shared that he worried what all these battles were doing to the group, but that he had a lot of faith in Keyleth and Vex, and occasionally Grog and Vax.

I'm starting to wonder if this is what all those heroes I read about when I was young, if this is what they felt, is just a lot of getting very comfortable with not knowing and being nervous and wondering if you're really just the villain of someone else's story.

— Percy sharing his doubts with Vex'ahlia[62]

Vex'ahlia offered comfort, saying she was sure the others also worried that they were doing the right thing. Percy thanked her and apologized for not telling her before that he had heard her call out to him, but Vex'ahlia was simply happy to know now. Percy told her that he treasured every minute with her, as she reminded him not to be too serious. The two then spent the night together.

"Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91)
After extensive research into the Nine Hells, Percy shared the information he found with the party, who was planning to go there to kill Hotis. He warned everyone to never sign a contract, make a deal, or shake hands with anyone while there.

"Deals in the Dark" (1x92)
While in the Nine Hell's City of Dis, the party encountered a cambion named Ipkesh who offered them a contract. It came in three parts, the first of which would grant them safe passage to their destination if they killed the devil Utugash. The second part would require that they introduce two fiends to the material plane, and the last, that they surrender their soul to Ipkesh. After carefully reading the contract and negotiating some terms, Percy decided to sign it, but to only call in the first pact. He made sure that he would be the only one affected by the contract.

"Bats Out of Hell" (1x93)
Vox Machina managed to fell Utugash, accomplishing Percy's part of the contract, and he retained property of his soul. However, he retained the ability to call in the first and second parts of the contract.

"Jugs and Rods" (1x94)
Percy convinced Keyleth to let him borrow her Scrying Eyes to spy on Taryon, but he instead used it to check on Scanlan, who he saw playing music with Kaylie in the Turst Fields. He later admitted to Vex that he was angry at Scanlan for leaving. He sent a letter with 400 gold to Jarrett, asking him to keep tabs on Scanlan.

The next day, with Cassandra's help, he sent Vex'ahlia off on the Grey Hunt to make her title official. He identified the grey render she hunted, proving that she completed her task.

"One Year Later..." (1x95)
Over the next year or so, Vox Machina took some time off. Percival spent his time helping to establish the new Chamber of Whitestone to rule in lieu of a royal family, finally taking up the mantle of responsibility that he had avoided for so long.

Percy spent a lot of time in his workshop with Taryon, who he hired to help run it. He tried to build himself new glasses, but failed miserably and finally had Tary do it for him. He automated the creation of shot and powder for the castle and upgraded several inventions, with Tary's help, including Diplomacy. He also began modernizing Whitestone, starting with a system of steam pipes to keep the streets clear of snow during winter, and trained a group of elite soldiers, the Riflemen of Whitestone, to guard the De Rolo Family and house.

At some point, Percy made a trip back to the Elemental Plane of Fire to visit Senokir, where he commissioned a set of heroes' medallions made with scales from the five dragons of the Conclave. He also helped Keyleth set up a Crisis Orb system to enable better communication between the four cities of the Ashari. It was revealed in "Elysium" (1x104) that at some point during that year, Vex'ahlia and Percival married in secret.

As the end of the year approached, Vox machina reunited in Dalen's Closet for a vacation, where Percy presented the medallions to the rest of the group. Due to a prank war between Vax and Taryon, Vex and Percy found their hotel room completely trashed by two giant mastiffs.

"Masquerade" (1x99)
The party met with a man named Aes Adan who offered knowledge about a pyramid structre discovered in Marquet in exchange for the design of Percy's firearms. Percy refused, and after Aes left, Vex'ahlia tailed him and revealed him to be Scanlan in disguise. Percy reacted coldly to his return, and refused to go drink with him afterwards.

Arc 5: Vecna[edit | edit source]

"Unfinished Business" (1x100)
Vox Machina traveled to Marquet to investigate the Ziggurat found by Scanlan. They battled a group of cultists, including Delilah Briarwood, who they had killed a year ago.

Cassandra: She's escaped death once already. Who knows how many times she has before. You have to end it.
Percy: We will discover what she did.
Cassandra: Don't destroy her body. Destroy everything she is.
Percy: If we can't kill her, we will entrap her forever.
Cassandra: Shatter the soul. Whatever it takes. End her, brother.
Percy: I know. I shall.

— Cassandra's plea to kill Delilah Briarwood[63]

"Race to the Tower" (1x102)
During Vox Machina's first battle against Vecna at the top of Entropis, Percy managed to kill Delilah again by shooting her through the head. However, he couldn't do much damage to the lich and his death knight, and the group fled to the Feywild.

"Elysium" (1x104)
When the party asked Pelor for help in Elysium, Percy spoke in favor of Vex'ahlia so that she may become his champion. He said she was his heart, his judgment, and the future he had chosen, then let slip that they were betrothed.

"The Fear of Isolation" (1x105)
Vox machina visited Ioun to gain knowledge on how to banish Vecna. She granted Percy, who she said had "the ingenuity of a madman", the knowledge to design the Prime Trammels.

"The Core Anvil" (1x108)
After Grog successfully forged the trammels, Percy inscribed intricate runes onto their surfaces, one by one. He had some trouble on the second trammel, nearly cracking it, but finished all three. The trammels complete, Percy then fainted from the pressure.

"The Ominous March" (1x109)
While the group was resting in the mansion, Vax and Grog put a Philter of Love in Scanlan's drink, and the first person he looked at after drinking it was Percy. Scanlan became instantly infatuated with him, and crawled into bed between Percy and Vex as they were sleeping that night. Percy pulled Manners from under his pillow and bound Scanlan in metal. They then sent him to his room to be guarded by Trinket.

"The Final Ascent" (1x113)
Vox Machina faced the Briarwoods, who had both been resurrected once again. Delilah was killed once more, this time by Vex'ahlia, and Sylas fled before they could end him.

While making their way towards Vecna, the party attacked three cultists wearing hoods. However, it was revealed that they were some of their friends who had been placed there as bait, including Cassandra. Pike revived the ones they killed, and Percy didn't have time to say goodbye with his sister before she was teleported back to Emon.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)
Once Vecna was finally defeated, the Raven Queen appeared to claim her champion, Vax'ildan. Percy attempted to walk between them to intervene, but the goddess pushed him back. Vax'ildan's final words to Percy were to ask him to take care of Vex'ahlia and Keyleth, and to love them. He also thanked him for trying to step in.

Percy later contemplated using his contract with Ipkesh to bring Vax back, but the fiend did not answer his plea. Defeated, Percy admitted to Vex that he missed his family, and wondered if he could become a clockmaker like he once dreamed. He then delivered an apology to Scanlan for binding him in iron earlier, and Scanlan finally apologized for leaving Vox Machina. Percy also apologized to Grog for fighting with him over the skull during the Chroma Conclave's attack. He then entrusted Pike with his contract to Ipkesh, asking her to keep it far away from him.

Epilogues[edit | edit source]

"The Search For Grog" (OSx28)
While in Pandemonium to free Grog's soul, Percy was suddenly attacked by a group of bugbears who tore off his arm. Keyleth cast Regenerate on him, and his arm grew back just as Bertrand Bell came back running with Percy's original arm.

"Dalen's Closet" (OSx33)
In the months after coming back from Pandemonium, Vex'ahlia gave birth to a daughter, Vesper Elaina de Rolo.

About a year after the defeat of Vecna, Percy and Vex'ahlia had an official wedding in Dalen's Closet. Percy and Vex both wanted Taryon as their best man, and Percy decided to ask Keyleth (who already assumed she was his best man) instead. During the reception, everyone began to doze off and fell unconscious, and Vex and Percy were taken away by humanoids dressed in black.

Vex and Percy came to consciousness with hands bound together behind them and shackled to their ankles, on the edge of a cliff dropping a few hundred feet into the ocean below. Sylas Briarwood revealed himself as the one behind this, claiming that he was there to exact revenge on them for killing his beloved Delilah, then threw them both from the cliff and into the ocean, where the heavy manacles dragged them down deeper and deeper. Percival managed to free himself, but could not carry Vex'ahlia with him, and swam to the surface to call for help. Vex'ahlia continued to sink, and eventually, drowned. The rest of the group eventually caught up to them, and Vex'ahlia was brought to shore, were Pike successfully cast Revivify. They all headed back on the cliff to confront Sylas, and he was destroyed permanently.

Since everyone was there, the group agreed to have the ceremony immediately, on the cliffside. Before they could exchange their vows, Scanlan interrupted them to Wish for Vax'ildan to be present. After his brief visit, Percival and Vex'ahlia renewed their vows.

Official art of the De Rolo Family of Whitestone in 832 PD, by Jessica Scates.[art 7]

As revealed in "The Chapter Closes" (1x115), Percival and Vex'ahlia traveled often, but returned to Whitestone long enough for the birth of their four other children: Wolfe, Leona, Vax'ildan and Gwendolyn, the last of which was born a tiefling due to Percy's dealings with Ipkesh. Percy retired from public life shortly after the fall of Vecna and dedicated himself to his duties. He turned his engineering mind from weapons to contraptions, such as an intricate clock tower telling the story of Vox Machina, known as the Heart of Whitestone, and streetlamps powered by the acid pools beneath Whitestone. He also lent a hand in the creation of Whitestone's skyport and Zephrah's windmills.[64]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Keyleth brought Bells Hells to Percy's office in Whitestone, and asked him to help them with Laudna. Percy initially did not understand the request and thought that Bells Hells were bringing Laudna to be interred in her hometown. Upon learning more, he was somewhat reluctant to help and told the party that death was part of the natural order of things, but ultimately called Pike to assess the situation.[65] When Pike agreed to try to resurrect Laudna and attempted the ritual, she found that Laudna's soul was entangled with Delilah Briarwood's.[66] Percy told the party that he would not permit this resurrection so long as Delilah could come back as a part of it, and that he would not be assisting them further.[67] As Vex and Pike went with Bells Hells to consider further options, Ashton went after Percy and berated him for not giving Laudna a second chance.[68] Percy told him that many people do not get second chances, and that he would defend Whitestone against Delilah at any cost, though he was not forbidding resurrecting Laudna without Delilah. He also advised Ashton to use their anger and frustration as an impetus for creation.[69]

It was revealed, after Laudna's resurrection, that Percy had been in a sniper position and would have attacked, should she have been resurrected with Delilah's soul.[70] Percy met Laudna at the Sun Tree, and apologized for the trauma Laudna had received in Whitestone under the rule of the Briarwoods.[71]

At dinner with Bells Hells, Percy provided, after some encouragement, a small gun for Little Mister.[72] He also expressed interested in Fresh Cut Grass, citing his prior experience with automata,[73] and verified that the lattice Imogen and Orym had seen around Ruidus was similar to that of the Divine Gate. He and Vex offered to help look into several of the findings Bells Hells had regarding Ruidus and the upcoming apogee solstice.[74] He also took most of the residuum they had found in Bassuras and expressed dismay that it was connected to the Cerberus Assembly,[75] sharing that the Chamber of Whitestone was missing whitestone ore shipments that continued "for some time". The efforts to obscure the trace of these operations was extensive, but it was confirmed to lead to Wildemount, the Dwendalian Empire or Cerberus Assembly specifically.[76]

When Bells Hells returned to Whitestone following their time in the Shattered Teeth, they met Percy, along with Imahara Joe, Verna, and Dancer in his workshop. Percy had also brought in Allura to share her expertise.[77] He had assisted in the repair of the Quintessence Array, and participated in the war room later, offering Bells Hells a few resources on their request.[78] In private, he expressed concern to Allura that Whitestone would be at risk; she promised him the fight would be elsewhere.[79]

Percival was present at the war council discussing and preparing for the Bells Hells' infiltration of the Tishtan site.[80] Percy has created two devices that are aimed to destroy mundane mechanical devices, and scramble the arcane ones (e.g., automatons). Percy gave the devices to FCG and explained how they work: pushing the silver lever, sets off it immediately, but when the blue lever is pushed, it sets a timer to be activated after a minute. Percy also supported Allura in believing that a complex illusions would be a good distraction, which Allura offered to provide.[81] Percy handed over FCG a baking tin required as material component to cast Heroes' Feast.[82] He and Cassandra then led the party to the ziggurat beneath the castle[83] for them to absorb the shard of Rau'shan.[84]

After Ashton's failed attempt to absorb the shard, they went up to the castle gardens, where Percy was observing the damage that Fearne, Chetney, and Gwendolyn had done to his windows. The two had a conversation on the nature of stupid and self-destructive choices.[85] Bells Hells next saw Percy a few days later at the Tishtan site shortly before their scouting mission on Ruidus, in which he was providing a mechanical, real component of exploding wagons of meat to trick the Ruby Vanguard into believing Allura's illusions were real.[86]

The Legend of Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Percival looming over Desmond Otham from "The Feast of Realms" (LVM1x03).[art 8]

In the animated adaptation, Percy didn't hear about the Briarwoods' visit to Emon until their arrival was announced in the middle of a banquet. His reaction prompted the rest of the group to ask who they were, and Percy responded that they took everything from him. During the dinner, Vox Machina was seated across the table from the Briarwoods, and he had a hard time holding in his anger. When Delilah explained that she and her husband took over Whitestone from the de Rolo family after they had fled and pillaged the city's treasury, Percy stood up and called them liars loudly. Vex'ahlia pulled him and the rest of the group away, and Percy revealed that the Briarwoods actually murdered his entire family. Shortly after, Vox Machina confronted the Briarwoods in the courtyard, but they escaped in their carriage. Percy, furious, blamed the group for letting them get away, then targeted the Briarwoods' driver Desmond Otham, who they had left behind. He put on his mask for the first time, and dark smoke began to rise from his collar as he questioned Desmond and shot some of his fingers off. He nearly killed him, but was interrupted by Uriel's arrival.

Back in their keep, Percy explained his story in more detail to the group, who agreed to help him. While under house arrest, Percy was locked in his study with Keyleth, who revealed to him that she was also separated from her family. After defending the keep from undead creatures sent by Delilah, Vox Machina left for Whitestone, with Percy insisting on driving their vehicle without stopping. Upon arriving in Whitestone, Percy insisted on locating Yennen. She recognized him, and told him that his childhood friend Archibald Desnay, the current leader of the Whitestone resistance, was being held in the local prison. Showing off his new rifle, Bad News, Percy located the cell in which Archie was held. After freeing him, Vox Machina and the fugitives were confronted by Kerrion Stonefell and his guards. Although they were almost out, Percy turned back to face Stonefell. He put on his mask and attacked him as dark smoke began to shroud him again. When he pulled off his mask to reveal his identity, his eyes were completely black, with glowing yellow pupils. On their way out of the prison, Archie revealed to Percy that his sister Cassandra was still alive.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Briarwoods[edit | edit source]

In 805 PD, approximately five years before the events of Campaign 1, the Briarwoods entered Castle Whitestone as welcome guests and proceeded to slaughter the De Rolo Family and seize control of the castle and the city. Percy swore vengeance upon the Briarwoods, but the trauma left him too afraid to pursue them until the Briarwoods appeared in Emon, after which he and the rest of Vox Machina pursued them to Whitestone. Eventually, Percy succeeded in killing the Briarwoods and several of their closest allies.

By the end of the campaign, especially after killing Delilah, Percy wasn't really concerned about Sylas. "They had ruined him already" and his vengeance wasn't really focused on Sylas, Delilah seemed like the brain of the operation and Percival's trauma. Percy also transferred a lot of his angst over to other people and felt that they could deal with Sylas at any moment in the future. [87]

Cassandra de Rolo[edit | edit source]

Cassandra is Percy's youngest sister. She freed him from captivity five years before the events of Critical Role and helped him escape the castle. As they fled, Cassandra was felled by arrows and Percy continued to run, convinced that she had died right there. However, she survived but eventually became a collaborator with the Briarwoods, pretending to aid Whitestone's citizen rebellions only to sabotage their plans. When Percy returned to Whitestone with Vox Machina, after killing Professor Anders, brother and sister were reunited. In the middle of their pursuit, Cassandra turned traitor on the party, declaring herself to be a Briarwood since, to her, she ceased to be a de Rolo when Percy left her for dead. But with the defeat of the Briarwoods, and the exorcism of Orthax, she came to her senses and Percy forgave her, ultimately leaving her to watch over Whitestone in his absence.

As of "The Siege of Emon" (1x78), Percy was terrified of Cassandra because she represented everything he'd been ignoring while he was out finding himself; he felt pangs of guilt every time he looked at her.[88]

Doctor Anna Ripley[edit | edit source]

Dr. Ripley was perhaps the only person that Percy was truly afraid of. She was the one who tortured him endlessly when the Briarwoods attacked and took over the castle. Moreover, upon learning of Percy's inventions, she became obsessed with his work and desired to replicate it. She eventually succeeded, albeit at the cost of her right hand. Their next (and last) meeting occurred on the Isle of Glintshore, where she was revealed to have made a pact with the shadow demon that Percy once made a pact with, and that deadly partnership eventually led to Percy's death at their hands. She was later slain by Vox Machina and Percy was later resurrected.

Keyleth[edit | edit source]

Percy and Keyleth have a strong friendship, despite being the polar opposite of each other. They do come to blows when it comes to methods of leadership, but they still care deeply about each other.

I am Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. My ancestry dates back thousands of years and will continue for thousands more, unless Whitestone falls. This place is the human soul. This is what we have built with our tiny moments. To lose a place like this, we don't feel it immediately, but it would ruin everyone in small ways.

— Percy, explaining to Keyleth why it matters to save the city—not just the people—of Westruun[89]

Percy also tends to help Keyleth with some social cues, and helps manage/comfort her when drunk. Keyleth seems to value their friendship highly, becoming distraught when she thought she was being replaced by Tary as his best friend.

Orthax[edit | edit source]

Orthax is the shadow demon that Percy originally made a deal with so that the human would have the means to carry out his revenge. This eventually led to the creation of the List. Over time, when the Briarwoods returned to Percy's life, and as the Whitestone Rebellion progressed, Orthax slowly began to manipulate Percy and corrupt his will. When Cassandra betrayed the party, Orthax decided to include her name among those still on Percy's "list". But when Percy refused to kill his sister, Orthax manifested into a corporeal form and attacked the party. He was then defeated, but that wasn't the end of the demon as he found himself making a pact with Dr. Ripley. Together, the two eventually slew him on Glintshore and Orthax soon began feasting on his soul, only for Keyleth to sever the connection between Orthax and Animus, Ripley's pepperbox. The demon, now having no tether to the Material Plane, was forced to return to the Abyss.

Pike Trickfoot[edit | edit source]

Pike and Percy are good friends and have the utmost respect for each other despite the latter's views on the gods. During the Whitestone Rebellion, it was Pike who managed to stem the spread of corruption within him, buying him the time that was needed to see his goal through.[90]

Before he departed for the Feywild, Percy was handed a special pendant from Pike that she had taken from her house in Westruun "for his protection".[91] This pendant later revived him when he was shot to death during his final encounter with Anna Ripley.[92] However, after it shattered, it was unable to save him twice, and Ripley eventually killed him again.[93] His body was later returned to Whitestone, where Pike performed a resurrection ritual that ultimately succeeded.[94]

Taryon Darrington[edit | edit source]

Percy first met Taryon in Ank'Harel the day after Scanlan left Vox Machina for the time being.[95] Despite his initial jealousy towards the artificer for his construction of Doty, the two tinkerers soon started to bond over their mutual love for inventing, with Percy being the first person that Tary ever bothered learning the name of out of everyone in Vox Machina.[96]

Vax'ildan[edit | edit source]

Percy and Vax'ildan are very trusting of each other, but the two passed through some time not been able to see eye-to-eye ever since Vex's death due to Percy's own negligence, as well as other events. They had a discussion and Percy told Vax that he wanted to be in the rogue's good graces again, but for the time being requested that he "never trust him". Eventually they came to terms with each other, Vax even telling Percy that he considers him to be his brother.

Vex'ahlia[edit | edit source]

Percy and Vex once had a rather interesting rapport with each other, mostly consisting of teasing and flirtation (and most of that coming from Vex). After his resurrection, when she confessed her love for him, (by saying "I should have told you. It's yours." calling back to her encounter with Saundor, where she said that her heart was someone else's), Percy's feelings for the ranger started to grow, culminating in him boldly kissing her in the woods outside Draconia after their battle with Vorugal. They have been together ever since, becoming lovers and later having eloped in the year that passed after the fall of the Chroma Conclave.[97]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Percy's main goal was to avenge his family's murder at the hands of the Briarwoods, something that is now accomplished. Percy has also reunited with his sister, Cassandra.

He wanted to track down Anna Ripley, who was aiding the Briarwoods but escaped Whitestone while Vox Machina was distracted. Not only did he want revenge on her, but he also felt guilty for sparking her imagination to create firearms.[98] Before he died, Percy forgave her,[99] even after learning that she had produced multiple firearms and distributed the plans to other tinkerers.[100] Vox Machina was able to kill her afterward.[101]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Official art of Percival with his raven mask, by Kit Buss.[art 9]

Current items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Percy's tinkered items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Being a fighter, Percy benefits from proficiency in all manners of weapons and armor. However, as he is also a gunslinger, he is more skilled in the usage of firearms, but he is more than capable of using one-handed melee weapons such as rapiers and longswords. Percy tends to use damage-enhancing abilities to increase the power of his shots, in addition to targeted shots meant to hinder the enemy. Upon gaining the Magic Initiate feat, due to his connection to the shadow demon Orthax, he is able to cast a few spells but in a limited capacity, most notably his Hex spell, which manifests as a trail of black smoke circling his enemy.

Firearm enchantments[edit | edit source]

  • Fire shot (one barrel of The List)[127]
  • Ice shot (one barrel of The List)[128]

Feats[edit | edit source]

Fighter abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Action Surge (twice per rest)
  • Extra Attack (4 attacks per action)
  • Fighting Style: Archery (+2 to ranged attack rolls)
  • Indomitable (three times per rest, called "Resolve" by Taliesin)
  • Martial Archetype: Gunslinger
    • Grit (5 points)
    • Deadeye Shot[133]
    • Firearm Proficiency
    • Gunsmith
    • Hemorrhaging Critical[134]
    • Lightning Reload
    • Piercing Shot
    • Quickdraw
    • Trick Shot
    • Vicious Intent[140]
    • Violent Shot[141]
  • Second Wind

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

In the 5th of Dungeons & Dragons, all humans have access to one additional skill proficiency. However, Percy doesn't have that extra proficiency, likely because he started out abiding the rules of Pathfinder for humans.

Proficiency Source Ref.
Acrobatics Fighter [142]
History Background (Noble) [142]
Perception Fighter [142]
Persuasion Background (Noble) [142]
Firearm Fighter (Gunslinger)
Tinker's tools Fighter (Gunslinger) [143]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The names of the entire De Rolo Family are based on real people, as Taliesin borrowed the names from friends; only a couple of them have any idea he did it. The rest of Percy's full name comes from friends, characters Taliesin played as a child actor, and an anime character (Reinhard von Musel from Legend of the Galactic Heroes).[144]
  • Percy is based on the old script Taliesin wrote about the person who was decisive enough to invent the first gun and see the harmful consequences of this. During his writing, Taliesin was processing death trauma and listening to The Black Rider, which is based on the German folktale Der Freischütz. It's about a person who made a deal with the devil to gain magic bullets which never miss, except for one which will hit the target the devil decides.[145]
  • For the resurrection ritual, if Vox Machina would have tried to appeal to Percy with religion or calling a divine intervention, he would've ignored it and not convinced to come back from the dead. Taliesin was happy to let the resurrection be a 50/50 flip, and thought that death could have been a great end to Percy's story. Ultimately, Vex was the one who convinced Percy to return.[146]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "You fool, your soul is forfeit! Die! Die!"[151]
  • Percy: (to Sir Kerrion just before executing him) This is for the de Rolos. And let me say, you are the one I was least looking forward to.[152]
  • "You are, at the moment, the luckiest person in Whitestone. Do you know why? Because you're at the bottom of my list."[58]
  • "Your secret is safe with my indifference."[153]
  • "I've known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you. And besides, if they have something nice that makes you feel inferior, we can just take it." (Percy cheering up Vex before they enter Syngorn; also the moment when Percy realized he loves Vex.)[154]
  • "Life needs things to live."[155]
  • "A tree is just a door that hasn't been made yet, remember."[156]
  • "No matter what [happens] today, I forgive you... but I cannot let you leave." (Percy forgiving Ripley, and finally letting go of his quest for revenge.)[157]
  • "We're going to start with the Courage and not talk about dragons." (Percy, just before running into Vex's room and shutting the door behind him, after Vex had answered the door completely naked.)[158]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Percival's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire from [2].[art 10]
  • Percy has the highest dexterity score of any player character thus far.
  • Percy shares with Caleb, Lyra, and Lillith the highest intelligence score of any player character thus far.
  • Percy holds the record for highest damage in a single turn targeting only one creature at a time with 197 points in "The Search For Grog" (OSx28), 249 points counting his Hemorrhaging Critical. With the Hemorrhaging Critical, he also holds the record for most damage in a single attack to a single target with 156 points. Without it, that attack, 104 points, ranks third.[159]
  • Percy is featured on the artwork for Matthew Mercer's "Gunslinger Martial Archetype for Fighters" on the Dungeon Masters Guild.[160]
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, he represents XV - The Devil.
  • In the original title sequence, Percy, unlike the rest of Vox Machina, is identified by his subclass rather than his class. This is most-likely the result of having started off using the standalone Gunslinger class in the campaign's Pathfinder days.
  • Percy has had the most romantic ties during the run of the first campaign. While Vex'ahlia ended up marrying him, Pike is confirmed to have had interest, Tary wanted to marry a Percy type of guy, and Taliesin suggested that Percy and Lillith may have had a relationship,[161] and as of 812 PD, they still corresponded with each other, talking about reality.[162] In addition, Scanlan drank a love potion given to him by Grog and Vax'ildan in "The Ominous March" (1x109) and he temporarily fell in love with him.
  • Several parallels can be made between Percy and Fjord. Each of them forged pacts with unseen higher forces (again, Orthax and Uk'otoa respectively), each with a dark and nefarious agenda, and they both have a particularly antagonistic relationship with a female NPC who made a pact with the same force they did (in this case, Anna Ripley and Avantika respectively). Additionally, each wields an enchanted weapon (either provided or influenced) by those higher forces: The List and the Sword of Fathoms. Furthermore, each character severs their pacts by dropping their pact weapon into a pool of highly destructive liquid (Acid for Percy, and Lava for Fjord).
  • Percy is included in the Critical Role Pack DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • Despite one of Percy's name being "Klossowski" (clo-SOFF-skee), throughout Campaign 1 everybody (Taliesin included) pronounces it "Kowalski" (co-WALL-skee).

Concept art for The Legend of Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

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  15. Concept art of Percy embraced demon Orthax, shown at the fourth watch party, by Phil Bourassa (source). This file is a copyrighted work. Its use in this article is asserted to qualify as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.