People of Hale

Hale is the country and continent that serve as the setting of Candela Obscura and the roleplaying game of the same name.

Characters on this page appear in the Candela Obscura series and live outside of Newfaire. Characters who only appear in the Candela Obscura game materials are not included, and characters in Newfaire can be found on the People of Newfaire page. Unless otherwise specified, characters are played by the gamemaster for the series in which they appeared.

Military[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Alice Hayes is the lieutenant who was in charge of the Northern Maritime Allied Defense (NoMAD)'s Bravo Company's third platoon, Ghost. She worked with Dr. Oliver Nero.[1]
  • Douglas Vanderfeld is the officer who authorized Tony Finnerty's transfer and beat the charges levied by Jimmy Finnerty that it was a setup. Later killed by Sean Finnerty.[2]
  • Oliver Nero is the head of NoMAD, and told the soldiers in that division that the enemy had made a weapon that could disguise dangers as children, thus forcing the soldiers to kill children. Later killed by Sean Finnerty.[3]
  • General William Clyburn is a general whose son was in love with Tony Finnerty's fiancée, and had Tony transferred and denied artillery support. Later killed by Sean Finnerty.[2]

Crew of the SS Dandridge[edit | edit source]

  • Burke is one of the crew members who fell overboard, and is romantically involved with Joan.[4]
  • Captain Devir is the captain.[5]
  • Doug works with the ship's radio.[6]
  • Gabi works in the kitchen and helped bring in Sunny to Edgar's quarters after he was injured.[7]
  • Heath was a seaman whose face was partially melted by bleed from Atia Griffia's remains. Edgar later took a sample.[8]
  • Joan is a crew member who thanked Malcolm for saving her lover, who was one of the crew members who went overboard.[9]
  • SungJin "Sunny" is a crew member whose leg was crushed by a barrel during the storm. Malcolm pulled him free, and Edgar was able to operate and remove the wood from his leg and cauterize the wound.[10]

Isle of Serenity[edit | edit source]

See also Isle of Serenity§Notable People

  • Beatrice is a drunken older woman found at the pub with her young grandson.[11]
  • Decklan Murphy is a Candela Obscura agent originally from the island.[12]
  • Dermot Gallagher is the barman at the island's only pub.[13]
  • Gráinne Murphy is Decklan's eldest sister, known for being an unpleasant person.[14] Killed by Malcolm Trills in self-defense.[15]
  • Margaret Murphy is Decklan's mother.[16] Killed by Pegeen while the Circle of the Crimson Mirror was investigating.[17]
  • Ned is a friendly older blind man on the island.[18]
  • Nora Murphy is Decklan's middle sister.[19] Killed in the fight with the Circle of the Crimson Mirror.[20]
  • Pegeen Murphy is Decklan's youngest sister. Killed in the fight with the Circle of the Crimson Mirror.[21]
  • Rosheen is a surly elderly woman.[22]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Vincent Belmon is one of the owners of the Belmon and Schpell Orchard, located at the edge of the Scarlet Wood. He is Kara Belmon's uncle.[23]
  • Jane Windermere is an upper-class woman who was engaged to Anthony Finnerty at one point during the Last Great War.[24]

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