Path of Fundamental Chaos

Path of Fundamental Chaos
Official art of Ashton Greymoore, a Fundamental Chaos barbarian, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]
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  • Fundamental Force
  • Chaos Burst
Historical information
Notable individualsAshton Greymoore

The Path of the Fundamental Chaos is the barbarian subclass of Ashton Greymoore. It is implied to be connected to dunamancy, as Ashton's head injury was healed with, among other things, a Potion of Possibility.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Chaos Burst[edit | edit source]

Upon choosing this path at level 3, a Fundamental Chaos barbarian can choose to deal extra damage on an attack with a chaos burst.[2] This allows them to add additional damage dice to an attack with a melee weapon a number of times per day equal to their proficiency bonus.[3][4][5] Damage type depends on a rolled die and includes acid,[6] lightning, force,[7] cold,[8] fire, psychic,[9] and thunder.[10]The barbarian regains chaos Burst on a short or long rest.

At 3rd level the damage die is 2d4.[3][11] The damage die increases at higher levels, becoming 2d6 at 14th level.[12][disputed]

Fundamental Force[edit | edit source]

Also at level 3, when the barbarian enters their rage, they invoke a Fundamental Force.[13] The type of rage is determined randomly by rolling 1d4 whenever the barbarian begins their rage:[14]

  • Temporal Morass (Time): Hostile creatures that start their turn within 15 feet of the barbarian[15] must make a Constitution saving throw to avoid having their speed halved and lose their reaction.[16] The DC is 8 plus proficiency plus Constitution modifier.[17]
  • Violent Gateway (Space):[18] When the barbarian reduces a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack, they can teleport up to 60 feet to a point they can see.[19]
  • Orbital Decay (Gravity):[20] When raging, gravity seems to have more of a pull for everyone in the room (including allies). Creatures who start within 15 feet of the barbarian may be pulled up to 10 feet toward the barbarian.[21][22] and suffer disadvantage on attacks against creatures other than the barbarian.[23]
  • Probability Matrix (Potential):[24][25] Each ally within 10 feet of the barbarian can add a d4 to attack rolls and saving throws.[26]

Fundamental Force enhancement[edit | edit source]

At 6th level, a raging barbarian can choose to spend a use of Chaos Burst, triggering a different effect for each type of rage.[27]

  • Hyper Rage (Time): The barbarian's speed is doubled, they dont provoke attacks of oppurtunity[28] and they can use a bonus action to make an additional attack.[29]
  • Wormhole Strike (Space): The barbarian can open two portals, one next to themselves and another at a point within 60 feet. They may attack a creature through this portal as if the two portals are adjacent to one another. This attack deals an additional 1d6 damage.[30][31]
  • Density Well (Gravity): The barbarian cannot be moved against their will or knocked prone, and when they hit a creature with a melee weapon attack it deals additional damage and must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.[32]
  • Dreadful Misfortune (Potential): When a creature misses the barbarian with an attack, the barbarian can use their reaction to force the creature to re-roll the attack against itself, on a hit the creature takes half damage.[33]

Erratic Defense[edit | edit source]

At 10th level, when hit by an attack the barbarian can use their reaction to become resistant to all damage, and an additional random effect occurs depending on a 1d4 roll of a rage type.[34] Once this ability is used, it can't be used again until the barbarian finishes a short rest.[35]

  • Time: The attacking creature is slowed, possibly the effects of the Slow spell, until the end of its next turn.[36]
  • Space: The attacking creature is teleported 30 feet to a space of the barbarian's choice.[37]
  • Gravity: The attacking creature is pushed 30 feet away from the barbarian.[38]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Taliesin Jaffe asked Matthew Mercer if he could homebrew a barbarian class, as he was dissatisfied the Path of Wild Magic barbarian from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, in which your powers of chaos become more controlled as you level up. He wanted a class that was more chaotic and unpredictable. The process of creating the class was collaborative.[39]

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