Otohan Thull

Otohan Thull
Non-player character
Basic information
ActorMatthew Mercer
ClassFighter (Psi Warrior)[1]
Biographical information
Also known asLegend of the Peaks[3]
PlacesBassuras, Hellcatch Valley, Marquet
StatusDeceased (16 Quen'pillar 843 PD)
Cause of deathExploded by Fresh Cut Grass's self destruction ("True Heroism" (3x91))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level20[4][fn 1]
137 or more[5]
20 or 21[6][7]
19[8][fn 2]
22 or 23 [presumed][10]
First seen"Hidden Truths" (3x26)
Last seen"Intense Interrogations" (3x85)
StreamCampaign 3 (11 episodes)

Otohan Thull, the Legend of the Peaks, is a famous warrior, partaking in the Apex War, and the leader of the Paragon's Call who notably organized the attacks involving the Gray Assassins. She is a Ruidusborn, elevating to an Exaltant status as of 843 PD.[11] As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Official art of Otohan Thull, by Hannah Friederichs from "Exandria: An Intimate Appendix - Ruidus and the Gods" (Mx17).[art 2]

Otohan Thull is a small and compactly built woman with dark tan skin; short gray hair, which she wears to one side of her face; and intense dark eyes. She wears dark leather armor that extends to the base of her fingers along the arms. When Bells Hells first met her, she also wore a dark hooded cloak and scarf covering the lower portion of her face.[12] A hidden device under the cloak gives her a slightly hunched look. She also carries two sheathed weapons on her back.[13]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Otohan is a very commanding presence.[14]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Otohan Thull was born in the late 700s or early 800s during one of Ruidus' flares and is believed to be an Exaltant Ruidusborn.[15] They were a famed warrior and "extremely pious" individual who, during their peak development as a soldier, dedicated their worship to the Duskmaven.[16] Otohan was a general of the Stratos Throne during the Apex War against the Court of the Lambent Path, and made a name for themselves as a brilliant tactician[17] and became known as the "Legend of the Peaks", after the name of the Coven Peaks, housing the capital of Stratos Throne.[18]

After the conclusion of Apex War, Otohan disappeared from the public eye for some time and "it seems she may have lost her faith" in Duskmaven,[16] after which she made her way to Bassuras, becoming the head of the Paragon's Call, and bringing it to prominence.[17] Otohan has also accessed information on the converging leylines above Marquet.[19]

Before 843 PD, Otohan made several incursions in the company of their echoes, sometimes known as Gray Assassins, including assaults on the Grim Verity, a community of scholars researching Ruidus. According to the Grim Verity, Otohan came in to her powers, embracing the dreams of red storm.[20] She was the last subject in the Omen Archive's research into the powers of Ruidusborn before it was voluntarily shut down due to worrying outside interest.[21] Kadija Sumal believed that it was Otohan's frustration with the study shutting down that led them to begin attacking the researchers.[22] At some point after this, Otohan began working with the Cerberus Assembly and Ruby Vanguard. Another Exaltant Ruidusborn, Liliana Temult, who was also frustrated with the Grim Verity's inability to get answers, joined them.[23]

In 837 PD, six years prior to Campaign 3, Otohan, along with her assassins clad in dark gray leather, attacked Zephrah. It was assumed to be an attack on Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest. In this fight, Orym's husband Will and his father-in-law Derrig were killed under the effect of the toxin that prevents resurrection.[24][25] After Keyleth dealt with the assassins, their remains disappeared, as if they had melted.[26] About six years later, shortly before "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01), Jarret Howarth heard from his old friend Oshad Breshio that assassins, matching a similar description, had murdered the Lumas twins, and passed along this intelligence to the Air Ashari via his employers, Percy and Vex'ahlia De Rolo.[27]

Closer to the end of 843 PD, they began amassing an army of Ruidusborn from all over of Exandria at the leyline nexus located in the Hellcatch Valley, in preparation for the upcoming apogee solstice occurring the same year in Fessuran.[28]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells met Otohan when they went to the Seat of Disdain to maintain their cover story of Ashton wanting to take up Ratanish's offer of employment. She told them that to gain employment, they would need to either fight or race.[29] After a somewhat starstruck Ashton told her they would race, she set the timing at dusk that same evening.[30]

As she turned to leave, Fearne, Wild Shaped into a rat, managed to crawl up her cloak and investigate the object beneath it. It was worn as a backpack, with gold and brass pieces. There were two cylindrical cavities within the backpack-like object, containing crystals.[31] Fearne was unable to discern its purpose, but described it to the group.[32]

Otohan's appearance matches that of the figure from Imogen's dream during the Ruidus flare two nights earlier.[33] However, neither Imogen nor Fresh Cut Grass, to whom she had described the figure, were present at the meeting, and Laudna was not able to make the connection having only seen FCG's sketch.[34] Imogen later saw Otohan watching the Deathwish Run, and identified her as the woman from her dream.[35]

After meeting Hondir, who told Bells Hells about the Gray Assassins, Imogen realized that the armor worn by Otohan, and others featured in her dream, matched the descriptions given by Hondir, Orym, and Birdie Calloway. She asked Hondir and Birdie if they knew a woman of Otohan's description, and Hondir confirmed that Otohan was the who was seen with the Gray Assassins. Birdie confirmed that Otohan had been working with the Unseelie Court in a plot surrounding Ruidus in the Feywild.[36]

During the attack on the Seat of Disdain, Laudna planted the tracker ring previously used on Armand Treshi on Otohan.[37] Otohan then apprehended the party as they were fleeing with Treshi, summoned three shadows that Orym recognized as the Gray Assassins, and attacked the party.[38] She telepathically learned the party had been hired by Eshteross and indicated she would pay him a visit,[39] repeatedly urged Imogen to embrace her Ruidus-based powers,[40] and ignored offers from other party members.[41] After she had killed Fearne, Orym, and Laudna,[42] and Imogen was overtaken briefly by her powers, Otohan disappeared.[43]

Upon interrogating Treshi, Bells Hells learned he was terrified of Otohan.[44]

Within seven days after her clash with Bells Hells, Otohan[45] and her Gray Assassins[46] broke into Ariks Eshteross' manor and, avoiding the traps, murdered him,[47] utilizing her special toxin to prevent Eshteross' resurrection.[48]

Bells Hells next saw Otohan when they were in the Feywild, shortly before they destroyed the Malleus Key in the Shiver Keep. They were speaking with Sorrowlord Zathuda, and when he told them that Sammanar was impatient, particularly with Ludinus, they calmly told him to relax and set aside ego in favor of their mission.[49] She then read from a scroll and vanished.[50] While Laudna had not checked the tracker prior to approaching the keep, she did confirm Otohan still had the ring on her and could be tracked that way when she saw her.[51]

Imogen, FCG, Chetney, and Laudna saw Otohan not long after when Imogen searched for Ryn in her dreams. They projected to the Tishtan site, and Otohan noticed FCG. Imogen and Laudna escaped, but Chetney and FCG both sustained psychic damage.[52]

Otohan nearly ran into Bells Hells as they were sabotaging the Key at the Tishtan site on the eve of the apogee solstice, and Imogen hit her with a Psychic Lance, but she was distracted by Beau and Caleb blowing up the anti-magic pulse devices and ran to investigate.[53] She later gathered the assembled members of the Paragon's Call and Ruby Vanguard at the site.[54] When Ludinus stunned Keyleth, Otohan attacked her repeatedly with weapons dipped in her special toxin until the Champion of Ravens appeared to protect her.[55] Orym did significant damage to her backpack device, but was unable to destroy it entirely.[56]

A few days after killing a number of Paragon's Call members at Imahara Joe's shop, Bells Hells questioned the body of a druid member via Speak with Dead, who told them Otohan was still at the Malleus Key at Tishtan.[57]

Drawn by the distraction made by Bell Hells' allies from the west side of the Tishtan site, Otohan left the moon via the Bloody Bridge, bringing along a Thought-Eater Reilora, and started leaping in the direction of the conflict. She still had the tracker ring on her person.[58] As Bells Hells were using Wind Walk to transform and escape the gathered Reilora and Ruby Vanguard forces on the Ruidus side of the Bloody Bridge, Laudna checked the tracker ring and found that Otohan was close by.[59] She checked again after they had traveled some distance away, and found that Otohan had not followed them closely.[60] However, after Bells Hells had spent a few hours in Razora, Fearne and FCG encountered her when walking Petrov Godo and Verdo back to the caravan on the edge of town.[61] Otohan quickly apprehended them and, after realizing Fearne was Ruidusborn and part of Zathuda's plan, began attacking FCG in the hopes of getting Fearne to reveal Imogen's location.[62] FCG telepathically told the rest of the party to flee.[63] They and Fearne were able to escape by banishing themselves, transforming into their Wind Walk forms, and then flying away after taking several more hits from Otohan's echoes.[64] Otohan attempted to pursue, but could not keep up.[65] Laudna again checked the tracker ring after Bells Hells had escaped to a cavern, and found it dark.[66]

While in Kreviris, Laudna checked the tracker and found that Otohan was approaching,[67] and later moving towards the city center.[68] She checked it again and found Otohan had moved underground to Vaterra Kreviris.[69] Laudna continued to check the tracker during the party's time with the Volition and during their missions, and found Otohan was likely with the Weave Mind[70] until the detonations drew her attention.[71] As Bells Hells went to escape the city, they noticed Otohan on the move[72] until she tracked them down and caught up with them in the tunnel ascending to the surface.[73]

A brutal fight ensued, in which Otohan told the party she no longer needed any of them, including Imogen, alive.[74] The party was able to disable her backpack, but she was only defeated when FCG deliberately destroyed their own core, killing both of them.[75]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Photograph of a miniature Otohan Thull, by Ian Phillips.[art 3]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Legendary Resistance (3/Day)[84]
  • Legendary Actions (3/round)[85]
    • Strike: Makes a sword attack.[86]
    • Dash: Otohan moves up to her speed.[87] Opportunity attacks against her are made with disadvantage.[88]
    • Psi-Powered Leap[89]
    • Telekinetic Control (Costs 2 actions): A target must make a Strength save or be thrown 30 feet in a direction of Otohan's choice.[90]
  • Speed 40 ft[91]
  • Exaltant Fury: At the start of her turn when she's below a certain number of hit points, Otohan calls upon her connection to Predathos, gaining the following effects.
    • AC increases to 25[92]
    • Gains resistance to all damage.[93]
    • She regains both uses of Action Surge[94]

Fighter abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting[95]
  • Second Wind
  • Action Surge (2/rest)[96]
  • Martial Archetype: Psi Warrior
    • Psionic Power
      • Psionic Energy die: At least eight d10s[97]
      • Protective Field
      • Psionic Strike[1]
      • Telekinetic Movement
    • Telekinetic Adept
      • Psi-Powered Leap[98]
      • Telekinetic Thrust
    • Guarded Mind
  • Extra Attack: 3 attacks,[96] later 4 attacks[79]
  • Indomitable

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Detect Thoughts 2nd [99]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Mentions[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Was previously 17.[9]