Oscar Grimm

Oscar Grimm
Player character
Official art of Oscar Grimm, by Kent Davis.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorSam Riegel
ClassMuscle (Soldier)
Biographical information
Also known as
  • Oscar Grimmick
  • The Great Grimm
Ageover 120 (Candela Obscura: Chapter 3; Spring 1919)[1]
FamilyQuentin Grimm (brother, deceased)
PartnerCora (deceased)
ProfessionSecurity at the Glass Cat Casino
AffiliationsCircle of Tide & Bone
First seen"The Antiquarian" (CO3x01)
Last seen"Candles in the Dark" (CO3x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Oscar Grimm is a member of the Circle of Tide & Bone. He is played by Sam Riegel.

Description[edit | edit source]

Oscar is 5'6" with broad shoulders and a solid build, and is heavily scarred. He has a well-groomed mustache and sandy blond hair, and dresses in well-made three piece suits.[2] He frequently has a hard candy in his mouth.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Oscar is highly cynical and skeptical, and prone to violence.[4] However, he considers Elsie a friend, and treats his boss, Madam Glask, respectfully.[5] He feels indebted to Cosmo and guilty that Cosmo must often care for him rather than the other way around.[6] While Cosmo believes a fix to Oscar's immortal condition is out there, Oscar has given up.[7] While he is reluctant to admit it, he finds the feeling of Bleed good.[8]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Oscar Grimmick was a circus performer whose act involved chains.[9] At some point, he changed the family name to Grimm so that he could perform on stage, and he performed under the epithet the Great Grimm. He traveled with the circus and with his brother Quentin, wife Cora, and children Cosmo and Iris. In about 1832, 87 years before Candela Obscura: Chapter 3, the circus was traveling by ship. The Serious Man performed a ritual that capsized the ship and granted Oscar immortality and either stopped or significantly slowed Oscar's aging. Oscar was not the intended recipient, but rather fell into the center of it as the ship capsized. His wife, daughter, and brother perished in the accident.[10][11]

Between then and the events of "The Antiquarian" (CO3x01), he died six times, and returned to life with each one but with a cost, such as memories or friendships.[12] As of Spring 1919, he was working for Madam Glask as security detail at the Glass Cat Casino,[13] and had recently been bailed out of prison by Cosmo.[14]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Oscar was inducted into Candela Obscura to join the Circle of Tide & Bone, and immediately suggested a fairly violent means of gathering information, to the disapproval of much of the circle.[4] He and Dr. Rajan Savarimuthu, the only person Oscar did not previously know, immediately clashed.[15] However, after Oscar climbed the wall himself to survey the scene,[16] they went together to scope out the grounds of the Grayslate Sanatorium while the rest of the circle went in to cause a distraction and investigate Director Greenvale's office.[17] They found a deep hole hidden by a small cluster of trees, and when Rajan was hesitant to go further, Oscar asked him to explain why to which Rajan gave a brief history of his sister's death at the hands of The Great Maw.[18] Oscar told him he was sorry before going to meet the rest of the circle by the entrance to bring them back to the hole.[19]

Upon reuniting with the rest of the circle, Oscar told them that Raj was alone at the hole, which distressed Elsie and caused her to transform into her beast form, and in that state, she killed Oscar.[20] Oscar found himself in the same lightless place he had been six times previously, making this his seventh death, and was sent back to life in exchange for childhood memories of Cosmo, the only son he still remembered.[12] He defended Elsie to Madam Glask, and along with Cosmo, vouched for her.[21] In the fight against The Great Maw and The Serious Man, Oscar attempted to hit The Serious Man and missed, and after Rajan's locusts attacked, asked him to keep The Serious Man alive.[22] Rajan agreed, and Oscar took the near-dead man up to the surface.[23]

While the Serious Man was being tended to at The Antiquarian, Oscar and Cosmo told the entire story of how Oscar had become immortal to the rest of the circle.[24] Their discussion was interrupted by a message from Lightkeeper Nokari telling them they could have an hour with the Serious Man prior to him being sent to the Fourth Pharos. They interrogated the man, now known to be called Toren Gevni, but while they learned he was Unabridged, he did not have a way to end Oscar's undying nature, at which Oscar strangled him with a length of chain. Gevni deliberately broke his neck on the chain.[25]

Oscar then volunteered to be bait in the circle's new investigation into mysterious drowning deaths of Periphery officers in Groundswell. Mina, the girl whose seawater protector Arterax was responsible, saw through Oscar's disguise, but Madam Glask was able to convince her Oscar was not a threat, though only after he had taken Bleed.[26] After Madam Glask had deescalated the situation, Oscar asked Cosmo if he could tuck him in, and did so, before driving Madam Glask back to the Glass Cat.[27]

While Oscar was speaking with Madam Glask at the Glass Cat not long after, the casino was attacked by Candela agents who set it on fire. Oscar helped some of Madam Glask's staff escape, then joined her in fighting off the two agents who had entered. He was able to kill Bran, one of the agents, and dodged a bullet from another.[28] He then ran outside and found that the car containing Elsie, Rajan, and Cosmo had flipped over; he pulled out and stabilized Cosmo and woke up the other two.[29] The Circle then continued their escape, with Oscar taking a bullet intended for Mina.[30]

After they had descended into Oldfaire via the well in Calinus Market in Groundswell, Oscar apologized to Cosmo for not being able to give him a normal life, but Cosmo told him he had been a good father.[31] When they reached the Anatithenai, after Cordelia fell unconscious due to the Bleed and Elsie began to falter, Oscar stepped forward and communed with the entity within, and was able to travel forward without Bleed.[32] Cosmo joined him, and Oscar assisted him in altering the sigil so that the circle could travel through safely.[33] When Oscar met with Iomene, she restored his memories and apologized to him for taking them. She told him she could not make it possible for him to die, but that she was like him and if he would join her, she would work towards a solution and be a companion for him. Oscar agreed.[34]

Character information[edit | edit source]

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Muscle abilities[edit | edit source]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Strike (Gilded)
Read 0 [38]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oscar Grimm may be named for Sam himself, as Oscar is one of Sam's middle names.
  • Sam grew a mustache specifically for Candela Obscura.[39] Cast members of Candela are dressed and styled as their characters.
  • Oscar shares his last name with another character played by Sam Riegel, Slaughter Grimm.

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