Player character
Basic information
ActorLiam O'Brien
RaceStout Halfling[1]
ClassFighter (Battle Master)
Biographical information
Full nameOrym[2]
TitlesSavior Blade of the Tempest[3]
Also known asNancy (by Opal)[4]
Age36 or 37 (Campaign 3; 843 PD)[5]
LanguagesCommon, Halfling
PlacesZephrah, Lucidian Coast (hometown)
PartnerWill (late husband)[9]
ProfessionGuard (formerly)[10]
StatusAlive (Resurrected; as of 843 PD)
Cause of deathStabbed by Otohan Thull ("Blood and Dust" (3x33))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
AlignmentNeutral Good[12]
19 / 20[a]
walk 25 / 30 ft.[c]
Stats reference[13] See also his level page.
First seen"The Nameless Ones" (E1x01)
Last seen"Campaign 3 Episode 92" (3x92)

I need all of you to try to be better together than you are alone. Because we are in a spot that nobody else is in, and nobody is seeing all this shit the way we are right now. So we're either better together and solve it, or it all goes off the rails and it all falls apart.

— Orym, rallying Bells Hells.[14]

Orym is an Air Ashari halfling fighter and member of the Crown Keepers and later Bells Hells. He is played by Liam O'Brien.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Orym is 3 feet and 3 inches tall,[15] slender, with ropey muscles and fine features.[16] He has a short shock of brown hair less than an inch long.[17] He has a full-sleeve tattoo of swirling winds and clouds on his right arm stretching up onto his chest, and a tattoo of Ruidus cradled within a crescent Catha on his right shoulder.[18] He wears green armor with a leaf theme[19] over brown leather, with well-worn sashes with ivy and flower patterns around his waist, and his boots are brown leather with green stone rings laced into his shin guards. His shield is adorned with ivy.[20]

While Orym stayed in Zephrah, Fanny Z made him a new outfit. Almost full brown leather bodysuit without a sleeve on his right hand to make the cloud tattoo visible and free up his sword arm. There are also gaps in his left hand and gaps along his ribcage to let air in and keep him light. The suit is 15 or 20% heavier than the former.[21]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, Orym got a tattoo of a flaming bell on the back of his left shoulder blade.[22][23]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Orym is generally serious, dutiful[24] and level-headed. Orym prefers to leave the initiative in complicated, dangerous matters in the hands of more experienced figures whom he trusts.[25][26][27] He often considers himself responsible for "babysitting" his friends' antics, and makes efforts to protect them in combat.[28][29][30] Liam characterized Orym as the straight man of his adventuring groups and as one who seems set to lead but views himself as one who follows, and he felt that Orym is the closest to Lawful Good of any character he has ever played.[31]

Orym is uncomfortable with getting involved in crime or "fucking people over", believing there's more to the world than corruption and temptation.[32] Orym doesn't share his feeling much, instead keeping them to himself and soldiering along.[33] Dariax considered him to be the most moral member of their group.[34] Bells Hells similarly often see him as "the good one".[35]

When around 837 PD Keyleth was attacked in Zephrah by mysterious individuals who appeared out of nowhere and evaporated when killed,[36] Orym wanted to part or come to peace with his unsettled memories that felt unresolvable and would haunt his life. However, when similar attackers assaulted the Lumas twins in Marquet and he was asked to investigate, he became frustrated that all the leads were growing cold and was inspired to pursue them to try to make it right.[37]

Orym regularly practices the balletic sword forms of the Air Ashari, called the Zeph'aeratam, as a somewhat meditative practice.[38]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Orym was born in 806-807 PD[5] to a member of the Air Ashari Alma and her brief partner with Tarrintel as his surname, which Orym does not use.[7] He married Will and developed a close personal relationship with his husband's side of the family, coming to consider the family to be his own and his sisters-in-law to be his own sisters.[39] His mother taught him about wood carving,[40] and he learned some fundamentals of magical healing from Derrig's wife, Nel, and his daughter, Maeve, specifically how to stabilize a wound with Druidcraft.[41] Orym had C-Pop-made wooden toys growing up.[42]

Orym served as a guard when he lived in Zephrah, as part of the Tempest Blades.[43] There, he overheard conversations with Vox Machina.[44][45] He did not excel at learning the Air Ashari's druidic magic, but proved to be fast and athletic.[46]

Circa 837 PD,[47] Orym witnessed an attack of Gray Assassins on Keyleth in Zephrah. It was unsuccessful, though a few Ashari died in the attack,[48] including Orym's husband Will.[49] The guards were able to fell some of the assailants, but the bodies melted away into nothing before their eyes.[50] Orym left Zephrah within a year of Will's death.[51]

Exandria Unlimited[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Exandria Unlimited Orym remembered waking up as a group a day or so ago on the road outside Emon, but didn't remember anything about the week prior. He remembered being at Thordak's Crater and seeing footprints leading out toward where the Scar of the Cinder King is located. The others were also missing memories of the same week.[52]

When the group found the Circlet of Barbed Vision aboard the Blightstar at the behest of Poska, both Orym and Dorian Storm became nauseous near it. Later, when Opal was seriously wounded in a battle, Orym stepped in front of her to protect her. When the fight was over, Orym found multiple crates and barrels holding refined residuum, about half of which were from his hometown of Zephrah. He talked the group into taking some residuum to the Fire Ashari so they could let the Air Ashari know about it.[53] When the group realized that the Circlet was one of the Vestiges of Divergence, Orym suggested showing it to the Fire Ashari as well. When they arrived, he did tell the Ashari about the residuum, but Opal and Dorian stopped him before he could mention the Circlet. Later, he agreed that keeping it was probably a good idea.[54] When the group was kidnapped by Poska on their way out of town and realized they had inadvertently endangered Shaun Gilmore with their overheard conversations, Orym used their gifted magic one-way one-use box to send a warning to Gilmore.[55]

At Byroden, Orym was taken under the wing of the wife of the War Ringer, Ruby Lee Beckfort, who swept him off and fed him pie in an attempt to fatten him up. His participation in the Gem of Byroden Pageant was limited to being the target for an axe-throwing Cinna Brightbow.[56]

Back on the road, Orym confronted Dorian when he offered to carry the Circlet for a while and was able to do so without feeling his former nausea. Orym forced Dorian to give it back to Dariax,[57] and kept a close eye on him thereafter.[58]

Thrascuur, the tetrarch of the city of Niirdal-Poc, gifted Orym with a seed and told him to make it grow.[59] When the party left, a very young feline girl tried to give them a letter to deliver to Umejii, but the group was suspicious. Orym followed her out, spoke to her and learned her name, and promised to deliver the letter.[60]

During the party's final battle, Orym again defended a prone Opal against Myr'atta Niselor. He joined the others in their decision to stay together for at least a while longer as they continued their search for Umejii.[61]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Following the events of Exandria Unlimited, the party returned to Byroden. Subsequently, Keyleth sent Orym on a mission to Marquet, telling him that his friends Fearne and Dorian could be helpful. Keyleth used Transport via Plants to sneak them to the skyship port in Emon, from which they traveled eventually to Jrusar.[62] They soon found themselves responding to a mysterious attack of animated objects in the streets, fighting alongside Ashton Greymoore, Fresh Cut Grass, Imogen Temult, and Laudna, and they attracted the attention of Bertrand Bell, who promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city.[63] Given that their mission was to find a person,[64] Oshad Breshio,[65] Orym hoped that an introduction to someone who knows a lot of people in Jrusar would be helpful. After spending a few days with them and being asked by Imogen, Orym told the party the specific details of why he was looking for Breshio.[66]

Orym provided an update, by way of Imogen's Sending, on his mission to Keyleth while the party was outside Bassuras after he had learned the details of the Gray Assassins from Hondir.[67] He was killed in the fight against Otohan Thull, but resurrected immediately after by Fearne.[68] After the party returned to Jrusar, Orym suggested contacting Keyleth again to see if she could help bring back Laudna, and she agreed to do so, bringing Bells Hells to Whitestone.[69] He participated in Laudna's successful resurrection ritual.[70]

Orym urged the group to tell Orlana Seshadri everything they had found regarding Eshteross's death and to leave town quickly to avoid endangering others.[71] After they did so, a few days after he and the rest of Bells Hells boarded the Silver Sun en route to Yios, he was attacked by Chetney, who had lost control of his lycanthropy during a Ruidus flare, but was able to fight him off.[72]

After Chetney's trial in Zha'Vrollo, Orym sensed the faint scent of Will coming from the statue of Serataani.[73] He approached the statue and placed his sword within the empty sheath, from which vines were growing.[74] The statue glowed briefly, and the vines grew around his hand. When he withdrew his sword he saw the hilt was now decorated with ivy and the blade enchanted.[75] Orym thanked Serataani, although he did not understand why he had been granted this boon.[76]

Orym joined Laudna in investigating the Malleus Key in the Feywild.[77] Upon returning to the Material Plane, he updated Keyleth on Bells Hells' findings. She responded that she was dealing with an issue in Terrah.[78] A few days later, she contacted him via his Message Bloom to tell him that she had quelled the cult activity there, and believed it to be connected to the Ruby Vanguard's plot, and would bring the Ashari to the Tishtan excavation site at his word.[79] When the party arrived, Orym marked one of the haggardoe trees so she could use it for her arrival.[80]

During the ritual, Orym repeatedly attacked Otohan's backpack, nearly destroying it.[81] He was then teleported, along with Laudna and Ashton, to an unknown location.[82] There, they met up with Bor'Dor Dog'Son, Deni$e Bembachula, and Prism Grimpoppy and determined they were in the Demithore Valley in Issylra.[83]

Orym, along with Bor'Dor, attempted to peacefully ask the missionaries of the Dawnfather to leave Hearthdell when Abaddina asked them to free the town in exchange for Scrying on their missing companions.[84] However, it was unsuccessful, and a fight broke out, which ultimately destroyed the Sunrise Sanctuary. Orym expressed his sadness over this to Laudna.[85] He became extremely uncomfortable with Abaddina's sympathies towards Ludinus, and chose to stay outside her home that night rather than rest indoors.[86] While he was out there, Bor'Dor came and spoke with him about what had happened.[87]

After Bor'Dor revealed he was a member of the Ruby Vanguard, during the ensuing fight, when Laudna was considering killing Bor'Dor, Orym nodded towards her.[88] After Bor'Dor's death, Orym threw aside the locket he'd taken from a worker at the Malleus Key, and declared "we're at war" to himself.[89]

Upon their return to Jrusar, Orym expressed a desire to visit Zephrah after Deanna's Scry revealed Keyleth was still badly injured.[90] He then went along with Fearne and Chetney on several errands, the final of which was a stop at the temple of the Raven Queen. All three of them had a vision of the lens made from the Champion of Ravens screaming endlessly.[91] They relayed this to the rest of the party before leaving for Zephrah. There, Orym spoke with Maeve and Leeta before Bells Hells met with Keyleth. She asked the party to go to the Grey Valley to collect blue perennem flowers, which would cure the Gray Assassin's toxin that was preventing her from healing, as well as to if possible rescue the team of Ashari who had left several days prior on the same mission.[92] Orym admitted to Keyleth that he was deeply angry about the actions of the Ruby Vanguard, and she validated his anger.[93] In the Grey Valley, while collecting the flowers, the party was attacked by several undead of the Ashari party whom Orym recognized,[94] but were able to save Baernie and two other Tempest Blades from the fallen Iridon Bastion where they were imprisoned by the demons that had overtaken it.[95] Back in Zephrah, Orym was recognized by Keyleth after she was successfully healed, and briefly addressed the gathered Air Ashari.[96] Keyleth named him "Savior Blade of the Tempest" for his service.[3] He then went to see Nel, and visited Derrig and Will's graves along with Nel, Fearne, and FCG.[97]

Following Bells Hells' time in the Shattered Teeth, they returned to Whitestone. Keyleth pulled him aside after a larger council and told him to keep an eye on Imogen, due to her ties to Liliana.[98] He then went with Chetney and Ashton to the Altar of the Raven and experienced a vision, this time of climbing chains that broke from the Matron of Ravens, freeing her.[99] After Ashton's attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan the following day, Orym joined the rest of Bells Hells in traveling to the Fey Realm. During the honesty trial, he admitted to missing Dorian greatly.[100] After the trials, and Fearne's successful absorption of the shard, Orym secretly made a bargain with Morri, offering his service to her in exchange for all of Bells Hells returning safely from their mission.[101]

While on Ruidus, after Imogen communed with Predathos and expressed hesitancy, Orym encouraged her to continue trying, admitting he was pressuring her because it was important to the mission.[102] He offered to be the one to uses the Quintessence Array on Edmuda in order to depower her before questioning, and gained a use of Dominate Person, which he used to aid the interrogation.[103] That night, after their time in Razora, while in Ria'Doin following their discovery of the portal, the two of them took watch together and Orym, after trying his sending stone to Caleb Widogast, found that it was working again.[104] Once Imogen had contacted Keyleth as well, Orym embraced her and then attempted to contact Dorian, but was interrupted by the thought there was a sound outside.[105] He, Chetney, Ashton, and FCG were all drawn into Lake Umamu by a shadowy entity, and after breaking free, Bells Hells all decided to return to Ruidus and rest there instead.[106]

In Kreviris, Orym continued his protection of the party, killing the slither attacking Imogen when they were in the storeroom of the Jagged Edge,[107] and pushing Imogen forward as the leader after the party reached the headquarters of the Volition.[108] He also, after learning many people on Ruidus were curious about the taste of fruit, Druidcrafted fruits for Zhesh and Amido as thanks for their assistance.[109][110] When he learned that the Volition planned to assassinate Liliana, Orym encouraged Imogen to go on the mission as it was her last chance to save her mother.[111] He then chose to go on the infiltration mission to rescue Evoroa.[112]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Keyleth[edit | edit source]

In Exandria Unlimited, Orym alluded to having worked for Keyleth in Zephrah a long time ago;[113] he also says she had told him about the people of Emon and that she was exactly right about them.[114] He later said he was aware of Keyleth and her possession of a Vestige, and that made him conscious of the danger and unlikelihood of stumbling upon a Vestige himself.[115] Keyleth was the one who sent Orym, Fearne, and Dorian to Marquet.[116]

Chetney Pock O'Pea[edit | edit source]

Fearne Calloway[edit | edit source]

Fearne Calloway and Orym have contrasting personalities: she with a chaotic fey nature and he soberly making a conscious effort to do good and not screw people over. Despite Orym's worrying about the trouble Fearne will get herself and the party into, they are attentive to each other and get along well. Orym entrusted Fearne, along with Dorian, with knowledge of the attack on Zephrah, and both Fearne and Dorian accompanied Orym to Jrusar.[117]

Imogen[edit | edit source]

Dorian Storm[edit | edit source]

Orym expressed alarm about Dorian holding onto the Circlet of Barbed Vision, which inadvertently hurt his feelings; Dorian was more concerned about ensuring that their party collectively kept stewardship of the evil artifact, rather than using the artifact for personal gain.[118] However, by the time of Campaign 3, Dorian considered Orym their small group's leader.[119] Orym supports Dorian in his musical endeavors[120] and entrusted both him and Fearne with knowledge of the attack on Zephrah.[121]

Orym attempted to contact Dorian via Sending stone shortly before his death.[122] He contacted Dorian about a week later to update him on Bells Hells' progress, and told him that he missed him.[123]

Will[edit | edit source]

Will was Orym's half-elf husband. He was another of Keyleth's guards, and died in the attempt on her life. Orym's moon tattoos are in remembrance of Will, as the two moons represent the pair of them: "big moon, little moon". Will was the son of Derrig, Keyleth's guard in "Dalen's Closet" (OSx33).[124]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Halfling abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Brave
  • Halfling Nimbleness
  • Lucky
  • Subrace: Stout[1]
    • Stout Resilliance

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Observant[154]
  • Skill Expert: (+1 Charisma, Proficiency: Persuasion, Expertise: Perception)[155]
  • Tough[156][157]
  • Fey Touched[158]

Fighter abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting Style: Superior Technique[159]
  • Second Wind[161]
  • Action Surge (once per rest)
  • Martial Archetype: Battle Master
    • Combat Superiority
    • Student of War
    • Know Your Enemy[162]
    • Improved Combat Superiority
  • Extra Attack (3 attacks per action)
  • Indomitable (2 uses)

Maneuvers[edit | edit source]

As a 12th-level Battle Master with the Superior Technique fighting style, Orym knows eight combat maneuvers and has six Superiority Dice,[fn 1] which are d10s. He may replace one maneuver he knows with a different one whenever he learns a new maneuver[163] or when he gains an Ability Score Improvement,[164] so he may no longer know all of these maneuvers.

  • Bait and Switch,[165] from Fighting Style
  • Disarming Attack[166]
  • Feinting Attack[167][fn 2]
  • Goading Attack[168]
  • Pushing Attack[169]
  • Riposte[170]
  • Trip Attack[171]
  • Zephran Heart (add Superiority Die roll to Strength checks and saves, Dexterity saves)[172][173]

During Exandria Unlimited, he temporarily learned two additional maneuvers through magical boons:[174][175]

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Acrobatics Fighter or Background [178]
Athletics Fighter or Background [179]
History (Expertise) Fighter or Background. Expertise from unknown custom source.[180] [181]
Intimidation Fighter or Background [182]
Perception (Expertise) Fighter or Background. Expertise from Skill Expert. [183][184]
Persuasion Skill Expert [185]
Carpenter's tools Battle Master (Student of War) [186]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Druidcraft Cantrip [187]
Gust Cantrip [188][189]
Hex 1st Fey Touched [158]
Misty Step 2nd Fey Touched [190]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In 2016, Liam played in a one-shot on Geek & Sundry with Taliesin and Felicia Day, DM'd by Ivan Van Norman, called "#SlothAndSundry Critical Role w/ Sid the SLOTH!", in which he played a halfling warlock named Orym Tarrintel.[191]

The current version of Orym has been in development since 2017, at least since the end of Campaign 1,[192][31]where he was built as a halfling druid/monk multiclass from Zephrah and was the widowed husband of Riegel, another member of the Ashari, sent by Keyleth's father Korrin "to be of aid to her in her grief".[193] Orym became Liam's initial character concept for Campaign 3. He was brought into Exandria Unlimited for further development.[194] He set out to create a character who was close to a normal person, one who did not start off tangled in challenges like fighting gods or fate, and wished to see where the character would go if he was "really centered and in a good place when he started".[31]

Though the cast usually knows little about one another's characters before a campaign begins, Orym is an exception. Because Orym is connected to Marisha Ray's Campaign 1 character Keyleth, she knows "pretty much everything" about Orym because Liam checked in with her while developing the character to avoid encroaching on any ideas she had about Keyleth.[31]

Though he had the option to choose another character for the campaign, Liam chose to continue playing Orym. Liam was offered the opportunity to reroll Orym's stats under the same rules as other characters in Campaign 3 and prior campaigns—using the rolled method in the Player's Handbook with a homebrewed rule that if the sum of the scores was less than 70, they could reroll the scores—but chose to keep his Exandria Unlimited stats.[194]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "I know that you are wrong. I know that there's more in this world. I know that temptation and corruption and imperfection is rampant in this world, but that's not all there is."[195]
  • "I am not becoming a criminal. I am babysitting."[196]
  • (about Will) "You know what, though? The time we had was real good, and I'm not going to lie, I mean, most nights, I miss him, but the time we had was real good."[197]
  • (explaining his tattoo) "[Will] was... half-elven, and big moon, little moon."[198]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Orym is the second main character in any campaign who was widowed prior to their introduction, the first one being Yasha Nydoorin.
  • He is the second member of the Air Ashari played by Liam, following Derrig, who is also a Battle Master Fighter.
    • Orym is also the third of Liam's characters to have a connection to Keyleth, following Vax'ildan and Derrig.
      • He and Vax also share one aspect of their childhood, since both were raised mainly by their mothers in the absence of a neglectful father.
  • Anjali Bhimani felt that Orym would be the best character from Exandria Unlimited to have as a roommate because he is "quiet, respectful, honest, accommodating, and [...] doesn't take up a lot of space" and that "if someone broke in late at night, little murder man would SO be on the case before I even woke up".[199]
  • Orym's official playlist referenced his late husband before the reveal in "Heart-to-Heartmoor" (3x17). "My Lover" by Birtalker was captioned "Not a day goes by...". "Les Coeurs Jumeaux" (The Twin Hearts) by Concrete Blonde features lyrics about missing a loved one and wishing to see them again. The song was simply captioned "Ink", linking the song's sun and moon themes to Orym's tattoo of the two moons of Exandria.
  • The "big moon little moon" relational analogy that represents Orym's late husband and him also occurs with another of Liam's characters, Caleb Widogast, in Refjorged of Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein. Caleb explains that Beauregard "is like the big moon and I am like the small moon behind the big moon" when carrying on a ruse that Beauregard specializes in lunar research for the Cobalt Soul at the Vellum Steeple.[200]
  • The animation on his Campaign 3 stat card features falling cherry blossom petals, nodding to his hometown of Zephrah and its cherry trees.[201]
  • The reason behind Orym's spellcasting is currently unknown. A possible explanation is that he has the Magic Initiate feat, having two cantrips and potentially one druid spell; another explanation is that it is a flavoured adaptation of the abilities granted by the Ashari background, that allows the people of Zephrah to create gentle puffs of wind and, in some cases (one in ten people, roughly), grants them the ability to cast Gust of Wind.[202][203]
  • Currently, Orym has the highest passive perception of any main player character throughout any campaign at 31(10 + 11 perception bonus + 5 from Observant + 5 from Sentinel Shield). At 2nd place is Vex's passive perception of 30 (10 + 15 from perception bonus + 5 from Observant).

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  1. Without and with the Ring of protection.
  2. Battle Mater maneuvers.
  3. Without and with the Boots of Striding and Springing.

Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Seven maneuvers and five Superiority Dice from his subclass, and one maneuver and one Superiority Die from his fighting style.
  2. Orym hasn't used Feinting Attack since "The Tunnels Below" (3x15) at 3:03:53. Having gained Trip Attack at level 6 using Martial Versatility, it presumed he switch this maneuver out.


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