'Candela Obscura' settlement
Geographical information
Historical dates
Established-915 CE[1]
Destroyed0 CE (approximately 1900 years prior to the events of Candela Obscura)[1]
Leader titleEmperor or Empress
Notable locations
Points of interest
  • The Ziggurat
  • The Anatithenai
  • Dig Site #347
  • The Endless Descent
  • The Garden of the Gods
  • The Hollow Bodies
  • The House of Gold
  • The House of Iomene
  • The Nekropolis
  • Ocean's End
  • The Palace of the Watcher
  • Unscathed Alley

Oldfaire was a powerful and ancient city and civilization on the western coast of Hale, which fell due to magickal forces. Newfaire was built on its ruins.

Description[edit | edit source]

Oldfaire was ruled by an emperor or empress, as well as a council of alchemists. The city was primarily made of stone and was built around a vault known as the Ziggurat, which they used to house supernatural phenomena.[2] A Brutalist style of architecture prevails in Oldfaire.[3] Gold was also of great importance in Oldfaire, and was used in the custom of breath-binding the dead,[4] as well as to shield from bleed.[5]

Notable People[edit | edit source]

  • Iomene, immortal empress deposed two years prior to the city's fall.[1]
  • Calinus, the emperor at the time of the fall of Oldfaire[1]
  • Atia Griffia, a powerful alchemist who, when apprehended and attacked by a number of Calinus's soldiers, broke her staff, releasing powerful magick.[6] As of "Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01), her remains emitted "unprecedented" amounts of Bleed.[7]

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Oldfaire attempted to harness magic as a force to help run the city, similar to how electricity is used in modern-day Newfaire. However, the bleed was poorly contained and introduced magickal horrors and mutations which led to societal collapse.[2] Candela Obscura was founded during this time in the hopes of protecting average citizens from the effects of magick.[8] Eventually, a thinning in the Flare was torn open entirely, creating the Vastchasm in the bordering Glass Sea. Oldfaire was flooded and destroyed.[2] Newfaire was eventually built upon its ruins, though ancient threats from Oldfaire still exist beneath.[2]

For much of its time, Oldfaire was ruled by Iomene, an immortal entity who pretended to be a series of mothers and daughters.[9] She was deposed by Emperor Calinus, and the city fell two years later.[1]

Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

The icy entity freed from the charcoal, which was scavenged from the ruins of Oldfaire,[10] was determined to be a Oldfairen spirit.[11] Later, members of the Red Hand, including Dorna Ashefar and Lycus, performed a ritual in Oldfaire to summon a Collector. The Circle of the Vassal and the Veil eventually followed a trail of bleed through The Steam into Oldfaire, where they battled Lycus and a Collector that turned out to be Eddie, transformed from the Flare. Arlo Black sealed the creature, allowing Eddie to die in peace.[12]

The Circle of Tide & Bone entered Oldfaire while investigating a series of disappearances at Grayslate Sanatorium and found a tunnel that had been dug on the grounds. They followed this and encountered The Great Maw, an ancient phenomenon associated with war and famine. Rajan Savarimuthu bound The Great Maw, who was then killed by Elsie Roberts. The circle also captured Toren Gevni before returning to the surface.[13] They later entered Oldfaire via the ancient well in Calinus Market in Groundswell, and traveled through until they reached the Anitithenai, where they communed with Iomene.[14]

References[edit | edit source]