Office of Unexplained Phenomena

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Office of Unexplained Phenomena
Organizational information
GoalsContain magickal phenomenon and suppress information about them
Established1883 or earlier[1]
Notable members
AllegiancesThe Periphery
AlliesCandela Obscura (occasionally)
RivalsCandela Obscura (occasionally)

The Office of Unexplained Phenomena, often abbreviated as OUP, is a subdivision of the Periphery, Newfaire's police force. It is dedicated to the belief that the people are best protected if evidence of supernatural events is kept from the population.

Description[edit | edit source]

The OUP is a department of the Periphery, within the bureaucracy of that force, established to discover, explore, and suppress information about supernatural events. The true purpose of the organization is unknown to most people, even to the highest government officials. The OUP receives little funding.[2][1]

The OUP possesses a device known as the Sathe Device, a type of bleed detector. They also have a relationship with the Grayslate Sanatorium in the Sidle, and send people who have been exposed to too much bleed there.[1]

The OUP sometimes work with Candela Obscura.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1883, The Rediker Room, the OUP's secure location for magickal phenomena, was built.[1]

Chapter One: Vassal & the Veil[edit | edit source]

When Auggie James came to at Donald Kinzel's apartment following the furnace explosion, he was spoken to by First Officer Aaron Weimer. Aaron appeared extremely tired and gave him a mundane explanation for the explosion, despite the obvious supernatural aspects, and recommended Auggie leave and get some rest.[3] Auggie shortly after met Lightkeeper O'Neill, who advised Auggie not to trust the OUP.[4]

Chapter Three: Tide & Bone[edit | edit source]

Silva Sarkis, a former OUP member who had "gone gray" (been exposed to too much bleed) escaped from Grayslate and notified a Candela Obscura agent regarding a case of missing patients and a strange nun.[5] The Circle of Tide & Bone was created to investigate.[6]

Known members[edit | edit source]

  • First Officer Aaron Weimer: Known to the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil.[3]
  • Baxter White: Head of the OUP
  • Marcos Vega: Head Secretary of the OUP
  • Dr. Ida Ashraf: Physician at the Grayslate Sanitorium
  • Farrah Naftali: Member who often collaborates with Candela Obscura.[1]
  • Silva Sarkis: Former member who had "gone gray"; sought out Candela Obscura after suspecting the OUP would not believe him.[5]

References[edit | edit source]