Official map of Nogvurot and surroundings, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 2]
Full nameNogvurot
Geographical information
PlaneMaterial Plane
RegionPearlbow Wilderness
Leader titleCrown appointed starosta
LeaderStarosta Brumae Luddie
AffiliationDwendalian Empire
Population15,270 (in 835 PD)[1]
Notable locations
  • Aegis Block
  • The Scatters
  • Peddler's Row

Nogvurot is a city on the northern end of the Dwendalian Empire,[2] east of Rexxentrum[3] and southwest of the Quannah Breach.

City description[edit | edit source]

The southwestern part of the city is the Peddler's Row, with craft guilds and a muddy but colorful marketplace for travelers on the Glory Run Road. The larger northwestern part of the city is the Scatters, where most of the population lives in ramshackle buildings and is served by modest temples and dive taverns. The eastern part of the city, the Aegis Block, houses most of the soldiers stationed in the city.[4]

Society[edit | edit source]

Nearly half the population is military reserve for the Righteous Brand, with over six thousand troops present at any time. Others are crafters, farmers, or connected to the small mine at the base of the Dunrock Mountains north of town. Petty crime is minimal, but smuggling from the Greying Wildlands has fed corruption among the troops stationed here.[4]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Being a major stop along the Glory Run Road and a military outpost has given Nogvurot a fair-sized population of 15,270 by the year 835 PD. Most of the town is human (70%), but there are minorities of dwarves (17%) and elves (8%) as well.[5]

Notable people[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description
Members of the Stubborn Stock NPC Stationed in Nogvurot. They participated in the Victory Pit in Zadash.[6]
Tyffial Wase NPC Member of the Tombtakers who ended up here as a bodyguard following Nonagon's death.[7]
Starosta Brumae Luddie NPC A respected retired general of the Righteous Brand, Brumae Luddie became the crown-appointed starosta, holding this position for 15 years as of 835 PD. He is faithful to the empire, never questioning the decrees of his king, and beloved by many for his fairness and just. However, some fear that due to his advanced age his prosperous government soon will come to an end.
Lady Quinn Denzala NPC Presumably a real person who belongs to the noble class that administers the city, impersonated by Ophelia Mardoon when traveling in the Empire.[8]

History[edit | edit source]

In 835 PD, the city was plagued by several abductions, with children going missing. This news spread through the Empire, enough that townsfolk in Zadash were told by town criers to seal their windows and doors while they slept. Xhorhasians were the presumed culprits in these instances.[9]

Subsequently, the Mighty Nein were told by Essek Thelyss that a great battle had been fought approximately 13–14 years before 836 PD near Nogvurot, where a Luxon beacon was present. The souls of consecuted slain soldiers were reborn into local children, who when they reached adolescence began to remember their past lives. The Dynasty was helping them to return to Kryn society.[10]

As the Stubborn Stock was stationed in Nogvurot, they were twice called upon to investigate the kidnappings. In his conversation with the Mighty Nein during the Harvest Close Festival, Darrow revealed that the group had discovered the individuals were stolen in a particular way. He stopped himself before revealing any other details.[6][11]

The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

At one point Mollymauk Tealeaf gave a tarot reading to a client who wanted to start a new life in Nogvurot, and shortly thereafter, Molly heard rumors that the lawmaster of Nogvurot who claimed to be well connected with a royal family from the distant lands, which was considered to be false and created to justify his abusive government. Molly persuaded his colleagues, members of the Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, to travel to Nogvurot and scam the lawmaster. Decorating himself with seemingly golden jewelry, a crown, and a fur-collared mantle, he introduced himself to the lawmaster as the duke of Ashtania traveling with his performance troop and who can support his (lawmaster's) royal narrative for for half of his profits that month. Molly and the troop stayed there for three weeks,[12] entertaining the people, and at the end of it Molly gave a toast before the townsfolk, betraying the lawmaster. He told them that the lawmaster had been scamming both the people of this town and the duke by keeping the money alledgly sent to strengthen his connection with the distant royalties. The scammer was banished from Nogvurot, the people recovered most of the money, and the carnival members took a small portion from the treasury for their troubles.[13]

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount[edit | edit source]

In 835 PD, as a part of Traitors in the Midst adventure hook, a neutral female human named Telva Cornwrath sought out ways to infiltrate the ranks of the Righteous Brand in Nogvurot and discover bought out by the Tribes of Shadycreek Run. She claimed to work for the Augen Trust, but can be a spy for the Myriad or one of the Tribes in Shadycreek Run.[14]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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