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Total membersAt least 4 (1 former member)
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AlliesMilo Krook

The Nobodies are a crew of small-time criminals in Marquet. Ashton Greymoore was formerly a member. The group was hired to break into Jiana Hexum's manor a few years before Campaign 3. The job went wrong, and Ashton was gravely injured after they were thrown through a window. Ashton was ultimately restored by Milo Krook using a Potion of Possibility taken from Jiana's home, but the rest of the Nobodies fled Jrusar and left Ashton behind.

History[edit | edit source]

The Nobodies grew up together in the Greymoore State Home in Bassuras, Marquet. They "took off" from the home when they were young and formed a gang. They made money doing various jobs for people, usually Milo Krook in Jrusar.[1]

Break-in at Hexum Manor[edit | edit source]

Years before 843 PD,[2] the Nobodies were hired to perform a burglary at the manor of Jiana Hexum, whom they did not know much about.[3] The job was led by Jeto.[4] Milo worked with the group as support,[4] and they were present during the planning stages and went with the Nobodies to the manor.[5][6] Ashton did not remember who hired the Nobodies, and Milo did not know or remember either.[4]

Milo, who admitted their memories of the events were fuzzy, claimed to have not been given details about the job and said that the group as a whole was not given specific instructions by their employer. Milo additionally claimed to believe that the job was simply a "vengeful smash and grab" where the Nobodies were to destroy the place and take anything of value.[4] Ashton Greymoore similarly remembered it as a job where they were to get in, grab things, and get out.[3] However, Milo also felt that the group was after something specific and that Jeto knew what that was.[4] When initially asked, Ashton could not remember what the group was trying to steal; with subsequent help from Detect Thoughts, they recalled that the Nobodies were aware that Jiana was suspiciously receiving timed shipments[fn 1] and sought to steal one.[5]

After initial planning at a tavern,[5] the Nobodies and Milo arrived at the manor and broke into the building at the first floor. They continued upstairs. Zeeland picked the first set of locks and opened the door, and Sally went ahead of the others.[6] The group ransacked a sitting room on the second floor, taking everything possibly of worth and apparently searching bookcases for secret compartments or doorways.[9] They then continued upward, eventually reaching Jiana's office near the top floor of the building.[1]

Ashton, who was supposed to be lookout but was not properly watching,[10] saw two crates marked with the symbol of the Cerberus Assembly underneath a blanket.[6] Despite being rushed by the others, who insisted there was not enough time, Ashton lingered to investigate,[11] and they used their hammer as a crowbar to open one of the crates.[5] Sally was behind them, urging them to be quick and asking, "Did you find it?"[5] Ashton took a Potion of Possibility out of the crate. As they held the potion, runic sigils around the crate were activated; the sigils glowed bright red-orange, made a high-pitched whine, then set off an explosion.[6] At some point during or shortly before this, Jiana discovered the Nobodies in her office.[1] Milo, years later, was uncertain if the group set off a trap or if something attacked. They said, describing the moment, "I felt like it became a dream briefly."[4]

Ashton, with the potion still in hand, was magically thrown out of the building through a window[1][6][fn 2] and fell past a balcony.[5][6] The others did not realize that Ashton had fallen until they fled and saw him on the ground outside.[4] Some of the Nobodies believed that Ashton was dead and urged to leave him.[12][5] Unwilling to let Ashton die, Milo and some of the others dragged Ashton back to the Krook House.[4][12] Ashton was probably still conscious or semi-conscious (though not responding) when the others found him and as they took him to the Krook House, given that Imogen and Fresh Cut Grass saw these events via Detect Thoughts.[5][12]

Aftermath of the break-in[edit | edit source]

Ashton was gravely injured by their fall and was left with a massive head injury and severe damage to the rest of their body. At the Krook House, Milo used their knowledge as a tinkerer to repair Ashton's body using melted glass, brass, and gold that Ashton was to receive as payment for the job. When this was not enough, they further poured the Potion of Possibility that Ashton still held into his head, successfully reviving him. This also gave Ashton dunamantic magical ability.[1][13] The rest of the Nobodies fled Jrusar, leaving Ashton behind. Ashton does not resent them for this.[3]

Jiana eventually was able to track down Ashton because of their distinctive head injury. Rather than turning them in to the authorities, she instead asked for their services as a means of paying off their debt to her. Ashton accepted.[14]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

By the events of Campaign 3, set years later, Ashton and Milo did not know where the rest of the Nobodies were.[4][15] Ashton, who by then joined Bells Hells, eventually realized that they did not often think about the event and was not sure why that was, and Milo admitted that their own memory was fuzzy and also did not seem to remember well.[4]

Ashton later discovered that Evon Hytroga and his spies were aware of the crates that Jiana received.[16] They subsequently allowed Imogen and Fresh Cut Grass to use Detect Thoughts to uncover more details about the break-in and the crates.[5][6] Even after two such investigations, he was unsettled by what he felt was a remaining gap between the runic sigils activating and falling off the balcony.[6]

While in Bassuras, Ashton told Imahara Joe that they were looking for members of the Nobodies and to let the Nobodies know.[15] After Bells Hells returned to the city during the apogee solstice, Ashton attempted to track down the Nobodies and found Shady Sally at All-Minds-Burn. They exchanged a few words and punches, and Ashton told her to get the group back together to help save the world.[17]

Known members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]


  1. These shipments were crates from Wildemount marked with the symbol of the Cerberus Assembly and full of Potions of Possibility. They were brought across the Ozmit Sea by Armand Treshi, held by Jiana for some time, then sent onward to Paragon's Call in Bassuras.[7][8].
  2. Ashton described themselves as being thrown through a window, but given that their memory includes seeing a balcony while falling, they were possibly actually thrown through a glass door.


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