Official art of Nicodranas, by adragonswinging.[art 1]
Official map of Nicodranas and surrounding areas, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 2]
Full nameNicodranas
Geographical information
PlaneMaterial Plane
RegionMenagerie Coast
Leader titleMarquis
LeaderZhafe Uludan[1]
AffiliationClovis Concord
Population31,900 (in 835 PD)[1]
Notable locations
  • Restless Wharf
  • Open Quay
  • Opal Archways
  • The Skew
Points of interest

Nicodranas is one of the major port cities on the Menagerie Coast, second only in size to Port Damali.[2] The city is under the control of the Clovis Concord, with the exception of the Open Quay district owned by Yussa Errenis.[3][4]

Description[edit | edit source]

Nicodranas is the easternmost port city in the Menagerie Coast. Along with Port Damali it bookends the Menagerie Coast, although Nicodranas is approximately half the size of Port Damali.[5] The city is colorful and eclectic in its design, reflecting its diverse population.[6]

The city exterior wall has many gates and archways with portcullises that can be lowered by chains. The gates are guarded by Zhelezo that run the city.[7] The wall extends out to the ocean, though it gradually decreases in height as it does. The walls were originally gray, but are constantly covered in seagull excrement.[8]

The Skew[edit | edit source]

The Skew is a primarily residential area of Nicodranas where, according to Marion Lavorre, the common and poorer people live.[9] Living quarters in this district are generally inexpensive.[10] It is poorly lit at night, which can make it dangerous after dark.[11]

Docks[edit | edit source]

The docks on the eastern and western sides of the city are the Restless Wharf and the Open Quay.[11] The harbor holds a number of very old sunken shipwrecks.[12] It is a busy harbor, with dozens of ships sailing in and out, and still more anchored at the docks.[13]

Restless Wharf[edit | edit source]

On the eastern side of the city's docks is the Restless Wharf, a busy dockyard full of both businesses and inexpensive entertainment. Alongside the docks are warehouses, small huts, buildings and cranes. The cranes are made of wood, cord and rope, and are used to load and unload the many trade ships in the wharf. There are several guild buildings which serve as information hubs for sailors and others working or looking for work on the wharf. The dockmasters are meticulous in ensuring all incoming and outgoing ships are recorded and loading and unloading is handled, and the wharf is also full of patrolling Zhelezo.[16]

  • The Wayfarer's Cove: is one of the three main shipping yards of Nicodranas.[17]
  • The Wharflode: is on a central part of the dock that juts out a hundred feet into the harbor. The busy central dockhouse is full of people writing ledgers and receipts and charting courses, and is where the Wharfmaster works.[18]
  • Meandering Treasures: A shop that pays quickly, if not the best price, for items sailors are hoping to sell. Deezma Simmin is the proprietor.[19]

Open Quay[edit | edit source]

The Open Quay is located on the western side of the docks. The Open Quay is the only part of Nicodranas not under the control of the Clovis Concord,[4] and is owned by the merchant wizard Yussa Errenis. It is smaller and less organized than the Restless Wharf, but is known for having a wide variety of work and for being comparably affordable for merchants looking for business space.[11]

Opal Archways District[edit | edit source]

The Opal Archways district of Nicodranas is the oldest district of the town, before the city expanded outwards as it grew. The residents are typically wealthy as housing is expensive. It is also the site of the city's government buildings and its more luxurious businesses.[22] There are eleven 15-foot tall stone archways each with a gem embedded in the tip of the arch, which mark the edges of the district. These arches originally marked the outer boundaries of Nicodranas. The streets are cobblestone and are lit by oil lanterns on poles at the edges of the Opal Archways, while at the heart of the district the streets are lit by magical hovering multicolored baubles. The people of the district dress in brightly colored silks and velvets.[23][11] There are various street performers along the roads.[24]

  • Lavish Chateau: An esteemed hotel where the Ruby of the Sea performs and sees clients. Jester Lavorre grew up in this hotel.[25]
  • Marquis Demesne: is where the Marquis of the city lives, along with a handful of diplomats. It is a massive estate made of dull brass and yellow-orange stones, draped in white silk. It has three five-story towers, one on each side of the building and one at the back, and overall looks like a hybrid of a mansion and a castle. It is heavily guarded by Zhelezo.[26]
  • Water tower: Located down the street from the Lavish Chateau, Jester often came here while sneaking out as a teenager.[27] By Misuthar 837 PD, its spacious storage shed had been purchased by Jester and Fjord, who renovated it into a small home. The exterior is colorfully painted with a turquoise door.[28] The interior, originally a large room divided for different uses,[29] later is magically expanded to be bigger on the inside.[30]
  • Dicks and Other Things: Art studio owned by Jester after 837 PD, located next to their house.[31]

Unspecified district[edit | edit source]

  • Brenatto's Better Self: An alchemy shop owned and operated by Brenatto family. It has opened in early 837 PD.[32]
  • Wildemount Wildlings: A summer camp established by Veth Brenatto. It teaches a variety of survival and adventuring skills to teenagers from across Exandria.

Society[edit | edit source]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

With a population of 31,900 by the year 835 PD, Nicodranas is the second-largest city on the Menagerie Coast. The racial breakdown of the city is 68% humans, 13% halflings, 8% dwarves, and 10% other races.[1]

Notable people[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description
Algar Dyomin NPC A powerful man in Nicodranas and a client of the Ruby of the Sea.[33]
Bluud NPC Bodyguard of Marion Lavorre.[34]
Lightkeeper Gladys NPC The elderly keeper of the Mother's Lighthouse.[35]
Deezma Simmin NPC Owner of Meandering Treasures.[19]
Ignus NPC Dwarven Wharfmaster of the Open Quay.[36]
Sheila Bobsnopper NPC Owner of the Seafloor's Bounty.[37]
Jester Lavorre PC Daughter of Marion Lavorre.[38]
Marion Lavorre NPC A famed courtesan and mother of Jester Lavorre.[38]
Wensforth NPC Yussa's goblin assistant.[39]
Yussa Errenis NPC A mage who owns the Open Quay and Tidepeak Tower.[40][41]
Marquis Zhafe Uludan NPC The ruling Marquis of Nicodranas.[42][1]
Lord Robert Sharpe NPC A powerful lord with connections to the Clovis Concord.[43]

History[edit | edit source]

King Theoderich Dwendal, third identified king of the Dwendalian Empire, arranged a treaty with the Clovis Concord to form an alliance and allow greater trade between the two nations.[44] Through this treaty, due to Nicodranas' proximity to the empire's southern border, imperial Crownsguard patrol the city in addition to Concordian Zhelezo, and laws of both nations are enforced.[45] Many in the empire come to Nicodranas for vacations, earning it the nickname "the Escape".

After the fall of Draconia during the Chroma Crisis in 811 PD and establishment of Xarzith Kitril afterward, business interests from Nicodranas, particularly from Marquis Zhafe Uludan, have shown keen interest in developing trade with the new nation.[46]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nicodranas means "gathering of colors" in Draconic.[1]
  • The bear claws found in Nicodranas differ from those found in Zadash in that Nicodranas bear claws contain a lot of cinnamon.[47]

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