Mission Improbable

"Mission Improbable"
Campaign 3 episode
"Mission Improbable" (3x90) thumbnail featuring Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Liam O'Brien, and Marisha Ray.
Episode no.Episode 90
AirdateApril 4, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:18:06
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"Mission Improbable" (3x90) is the 90th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells split the party in order to take on two different missions to prove themselves to the Volition, but as the stakes rise, so does the danger...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

The detonation team moves through the streets of Kreviris in their illusory guises: Ashton is a quanikka, Fearne a bormodo, and FCG a myceit. Ira Wendagoth appears as a Thought-eater Mystic reilora. They go through the Sprawlgrotto, noticing the tangled streets and complex, compound architecture. Ira tells them to follow him and report any threats they notice. FCG asks if he will leave them to die as they walk, and Ira tells them that he did not do this; he just left as the other Volition members died in the blast. The group notices wuukor serving as beasts of burden. A beggar approaches them asking for tools. Ira scowls at them but Fearne gives them a hairpin, which Ashton notes is an alien artifact.

For the most part they are left alone because of Ira's appearance; there is a clear class structure with those with psychic abilities at the top. After the encounter with the beggar Ira tells them to play their parts; FCG's role as a myceit is to be silent and cute. They ask Ira what they're going to be blowing up and Ira tells them that while he hasn't been to the new excavation, he hopes to blow something up that is crucial and load-bearing, or perhaps the equipment itself. He tells them they will distribute the bombs later. As they continue through the strange, flowing, dreamlike streets, FCG, Fearne, and Ashton psychically converse about the mission and Ashton and Fearne's Rau'shan and Ka'Mort shard abilities.

The party approaches the Arx Creonium and notice a number of structures in the Prime Pillar, including the Colloquium of Candescence, where they know the rest of the party will be headed. They also hear animal noises, and come upon metal netting penning in a group of slithers so they can be trained and not burrow. They notice some massive 15-foot long insect creatures that they recognize as vidulches from the skull near the Jagged Edge. They also notice Gloamglut, Zathuda's fey dragon, sleeping nearby. Ira brings them towards a tunnel at the rocky base of the pillar where they notice four structures, each with a number of miners and Kreviris Imperium soldiers. They notice a fresh tunnel, descending towards the base. Ira leads them to the tunnel, telling them this is the entrance to their target. He warns them not to talk much and to deal with unwanted attention swiftly.

The invisible infiltration team (invisiltration)[1] also make their way through the streets of Kreviris, Chetney holding onto Orym because he refused the See Invisibility Ivanas had cast on the others. As they make their way stealthily through the city, they notice a number of myceits harvesting a brightly-colored fungus. They observe, as the other team did, that the outer edge of the city is very poor, and that people appear to be packing in preparation for something, but also going about their daily business; there is a strange, on-edge energy. The tracker orb points to the center of the glass pillar as Otohan's location, and Laudna surmises she must be with the Weave Mind. Imogen looks for the music hall and cannot see it, but does notice a group of quanikka and reilora street musicians. The group continues towards the pillar, and the population becomes mostly reiloran and the military presence increases; they realize there is a fairly rigid class structure. Laudna wonders how the reilora will cope with being on Exandria, accustomed as they are to a privileged position in Kreviris, to which Imogen and Chetney point out that as pyschics, reilora are very powerful. Imogen is unable to tell if any of the psychic reilora can tell they are present.

The infiltration team eventually also reaches the Prime Pillar and Arx Creonium, and how extensively the pillar is built into. Orym sees reiloran mystics floating around the pillar, and the party sees the pipe organ-like towers of the Colloquium of Candescence, which has a castle-like core building with towers that eventually join up into the Prime Pillar. They also notice six soldiers at the entrance, two of whom are hulks and the other four of which are smaller and carry Ruidian glass weapons. They discuss their plans; Chetney notes that he wants to get to the column and touch it if he can. They decide to find balconies, and Imogen wonders if the glass is somehow the brain or nerve system of Predathos.

The detonation team walks through a tunnel of smooth, worked stone, Ira's status preventing them from being questioned or stopped. They encounter more miners as they descend and begin to notice soldier barracks in branching tunnels. They notice silver and iron ore and what appear to be break rooms. As the party telepathically discuss their escape plans inconclusively, Ira leads them further down. The reilora soldiers look at Ira, and they wave him over, and they all head to the barracks. Inside it smells like tobacco or incense and they notice one of the Ruby Vanguard soldiers smoking, as well as a number of other soldiers. They also notice Zathuda, who has his helmet off and appears slightly disheveled and frustrated; he remarks that he dislikes the telepathic speech to a massive, elaborately armored and heavily armed reilora hulk who is flanked by two avadons wearing gold collars. Zathuda speaks out loud, but the reilora, whom the group realizes is likely Ozo Cruth when Zathuda calls him the Sunder King, responds telepathically. After Ozo leaves, one of his avadons lingers. FCG tries to distract it with chocolate, but the avadon spits at it. The team realizes from the scared expressions of the soldiers that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Fearne casts Speak with Animals and tells the avadon to go with Ozo, but it responds and tells her she smells like new meat and will not leave. FCG casts both Speak with Animals and Command and successfully gets it to leave, at which Ozo pulls it forward, but one of the Imperium soldiers appears suspicious of FCG's strange behavior for a myceit. Ira speaks to the soldier and convinces them, likely through charm, that they saw nothing, and the soldier leaves to go on patrol. Zathuda puts his helmet back on and tells everyone to return to their work.

The infiltration team meanwhile looks for a balcony they can climb, and Orym finds an unoccupied one. Laudna casts Spider Climb and Imogen recasts Invisibility on herself and Laudna as Orym serves as lookout. Laudna struggles slightly with tying the rope to her Immovable rod and the rope is visible as it dangles down. They move quickly, Imogen, Orym, and finally Chetney climbing up with Chetney gathering the rope behind him as he climbs. When he reaches the balcony, Laudna disables and takes the rod, and some soldiers who noticed the rope from afar dismiss it once they get close and find nothing. The door on the balcony is locked but not trapped and Chetney is able to open it, revealing a study room. As he smells for anyone present, he notices a unique scent from the satchel the Volition had given him and opens it. A cytaa emerges, somewhat disgruntled from being enclosed for so long, and tells the group she is Evoroa's cytaa and can show them where to go, as Evoroa had been taken from the Engineering Bay. Laudna quickly checks the tracker ball and finds it stable, and Gona begins to guide them.

Back on the detonation team, the party finds a massive stone breach wall intended to be resistant to a potential blast. Ira is surprised by its presence. Ashton and Fearne investigate and find that it appears as though it can be lifted from the other side, but is impassible from the outside. Ira sends the soldiers who had accompanied him away and tells the group they have a few minutes to find a way in. After discussing some options, FCG casts Passwall with the Staff of Dark Odyssey, which is able to tunnel through the very thick stone. Ira casts an illusion to hide the portal made, which FCG leaves up, and Ashton locates the lever that controls the door for future notice. It is dark, so Ira produces some balls of light, and the party notices a number of glass crystals in the tunnels, as well as a lot of glass dust or broken glass on the floors from the excavation. The party notices grinding noises and a mechanical hum, as well as the glow of light, and they follow them to find a large machine emitting black smoke that smells of burning oil and ozone. It is being pushed by a reilora hulk,, with two smaller reilora watching over the operation and a Dominion of Cruth guard keeping watch. The party, hidden, discuss their plans with Ira, who suggests they get closer before planting the bombs, which he brings out. The bombs include arcane cores. Ira, FCG, and Fearne decide to go down towards the machine, with Ashton hanging back in the tunnel to keep watch. One of the reilora notices them approach and stops the machine.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Back with the infiltration team, Chetney transforms into his hybrid form, which cause Gona to scream. Chetney quickly uses the Monocle of True Essence to cast See Invisibility on himself and then casts Invisibility as Orym hears footsteps. A robed quanikka comes in, and the party hides until he leaves. They then start down the hall, noticing some reilora and an Imperium soldier. Gona, on Imogen's shoulder, directs them to the left and down a staircase after the soldier passes. The bottom of the staircase is blocked off entirely by two reilora hulks, whom Chetney is able to distract with his two masterpiece toys. The party continues past various open doorways that reveal sleeping quarters for Vanguard members and reilora alike. They also notice where the glass of the pillar joins up with the building, and Chetney approaches and uses Grim Psychometry. He only gets impressions of red in his mind, mixed with the crushing of stone and feelings of anger, hunger, and loneliness. The group follows the hall as it curves around the pillar and descends as another staircase, and Gona becomes less sure of her directions. Laudna's check of the scry ball confirms Otohan does not appear to have moved. Chetney notices a chemical smell in the air, and as they go down a long staircase, they reach a series of adjoining laboratories, the first of which has two reilora working with some sort of biological samples and strange instruments. There is a series of open archways leading each room to the next. Chetney looks for anything reminiscent of the tech at the Malleus Key, and two chambers beyond, notices a device similar to the Aeorian tech they retrieved from the locked box the previous day. He also notices glass jars of chemicals, containing what appear to be organs and fetuses. The labels are in an unknown language but with Eyes of the Runekeeper Laudna is able to read that they are labeled with what appears to be brief lab notes of interventions during development that failed. Some of the fetuses appear to be reilora, but some appear bormodo or from beasts like avadons.

They sneak through to the next room, which contains a huge alchemical contraption, and two massive metal-encased glass tubes, one full of a liquid and containing something shadowy inside. A bormodo researcher crosses the room but does not notice the party; Chetney uses Hunter's Bane which does not detect unfamiliar fey, fiends, or undead. They continue to a hird room full of equipment and more caged tubes. There is the body of a Judicator on the table, being dissected by a reilora researcher, as two other reilora, one a mystic and one a shrike with a series of glass blades stand by. There is a planetary diorama of the interior of Ruidus with a teal crystalline center and pillars of glass emerging through the crust, taking up about a third of the planetary mass. In a large glass vat, there is a female bormodo, whom Gona recognizes as Evoroa.

On the detonation team, FCG Sympathetically Bonds to Ashton and Fearne. The Dominion of Cruth Sentinel heads towards Ira, who gestures and speaks telepathically; everyone but the juggernaut who had been pushing the machine seem to be magically charmed by him and leave. Ira then tries to cast Dominate Person on the juggernaut, but it also fails. Fearne is able to Charm Person the juggernaut and steps between him and Ira, preventing him from landing a punch. the juggernaut leaves, though he is still suspicious of the group other than Fearne. When he notices Ashton further back, he becomes even more suspicious. Ira rapidly sets up the explosives and, after asking FCG how long before they set off, sets a timer for 1 minute. The juggernaut grabs Ashton by the throat and FCG casts Silence on the excavation device. He,Ira, and Fearne begin rushing out. Ira notices Ashton and Polymorphs the juggernaut into a snail. Ashton rages, getting Time as their rage effect, and grabs FCG and runs. Ira and Fearne run together, and as they leave, Ira tells the group he had charmed to check the machine. He opens the breach wall and they continue until the explosion goes off. As the massive white light of the eruption approaches, vaporizing people as it does, Ira grabs Fearne and Dimension Doors the two of them to the surface. They continue running as the ground buckles, and when Fearne slips, Ira casts Wall of Force so she can grab on to the wall before disappearing. Meanwhile, FCG gives Ashton a Bonded Blessing and Ashton activates his shard abilities. They continue to run, Ashton partly in the rock, as they see people in the barracks vaporized. Ashton tries to put FCG in the portable hole to improve their chances; FCG's Divine Intervention fails as they are both blown out of the caverns by the force of the explosion, taking a massive amount of damage and losing some items from the portable hole, but remaining conscious. Fearne remains on the Wall of Force and tries to communicate telepathically, but Ashton and FCG are stunned. She hears a noise from Gloamglut, who has awakened.

The infiltration team is tipped off by the other team about the forthcoming explosion, and they position themselves before the ground shakes and many of the glass objects in the room shatter. The vat holding Evoroa cracks, and Chetney, still invisible, goes partway up the stairs and calls out for an evacuation, which clears out all the people in the laboratories except for the mystic and the shrike. Laudna uses her Unsettling Presence, also still invisibly. Orym moves behind the mystic and draws Seedling and he and Imogen communicate telepathically about their plan to take down the mystic as Chetney says he can deal with the shrike. Laudna Spider Climbs onto the ceiling. Imogen casts Psychic Lance at the mystic, incapacitating it. Orym casts Hex then knocks it over with a trip attack and kills it in one round. Imogen looks at Orym, noticing his new abilities. He turns to the shrike and hits once. Laudna casts Bane, which it resists, and Chetney uses his Blood Curse of Binding and lands two hits. The shrike then uses its telekinetic blades and attacks the tube with the large creature, releasing a young, unfinished vidulch. Imogen casts Synaptic Static; the vidulch becomes affected. Chetney uses the Blood Curse of Bloated Agony and lands a hit on the vidulch, but his glass scythe shatters on the second hit. Orym then moves his Hex to the shrike and kills it with his attacks, and the psychic blades fall. Laudna Blights the unfinished vidulch and hits it with quickened Eldritch Blasts, and the group notices the creature's incomplete nature as it seems to disintegrate over time. It does land attacks on everyone but Imogen, biting Orym, and sprays acid at both Imogen and Laudna. Imogen hits it with a Lightning Bolt and a quickened Shocking Grasp, and Chetney uses his Crimson Rite to finish it off. Orym attacks the glass vat holding Evoroa, who falls out, alive but barely conscious. Laudna casts Wither and Bloom to give her some health, but Evoroa is still too weak to walk. Chetney grabs the smaller Aeorian object and puts it in the bag of holding, and Laudna puts a few jars in as well. Imogen takes the model of Ruidus, and Orym inspects the body of the Judicator quickly before Imogen recasts Invisibility on everyone, including Evoroa. Chetney picks her up as footsteps approach, and Laudna telepathically checks in with Fearne.

FCG casts Cure Wounds on himself and Ashton, and looks around, as does Fearne. They notice that the rubble hit the surrounding neighborhood and Gloamglut is screeching overhead. Fearne is able to figure out her orientation, but FCG and Ashton are still stunned and unsure where they are other than in relation to the main spire. They begin to run away from it, and Fearne notices a running quanikka, as Seeming is still up; she catches up with them and she and Ashton hug. She is interrupted by an angry, female, psychic scream, which Imogen also notices, and both Ruidusborn in their separate groups glow red. Fearne and Imogen communicate telepathically and confirm they both felt it. FCG locates the entry point to the city they took from the Volition hideout, though they do not notice Ira. As the detonation group runs towards the exit, they hear another blast and see a pink-tinged explosion from a shell-shaped building, and a woman with lavender hair flies directly out the top.

Evoroa guides the detonation team out back the way they initially entered, Orym holding her while they sneak past a growing number of guards up the stairs. They find the main entryway blocked off and full of soldiers, so the group heads in the other direction, past a number of Vanguard members who appear to be somewhat confused but called to action, along with some reiloran hulks. When they reach a T intersection, they notice a younger half-elf Vanguard member run towards a door and shut it, and they follow. Chetney kicks open the door, held closed but not locked, and find a young scared Ruby Vanguard member who appears terrified and confused. The group sees a balcony and make their escape using their rope as the Vanguard member hides under a chair. As they go down, they too see Liliana burst out from the top of the exploding music hall. A few soldiers notice the rope, but the group is able to get down and evade them and run towards their entry point into the city as well. As Liliana hovers in the air, Fearne and Imogen hear a massive telepathic shout of "Did she know?"[2]

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For this episode, the cast changed their seating so that the teams are split along table lines, with Taliesin and Ashley on the top table with Sam, and Marisha and Travis on the bottom table with Laura and Liam.

References[edit | edit source]

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