Midst (comic)

Cover art of the first issue, Address Unknown, by Will Kirkby
Publication information
PublisherDark Horse Comics
Publication dateAugust 14, 2024
FormatFull color

Midst is a three-part comic miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics. It is set in the cosmos of the Midst podcast by Third Person. Each issue will follows a new story with its own creative team.[1]

Issues[edit | edit source]

Address Unknown[edit | edit source]

Midst: Address Unknown is the first issue and follows the Shearwater siblings as their postal ship crashes on the new islet of Midst. It is written by Colin Lorimer and illustrated by Alejandro Aragón with colors by Chris O'Halloran, letters by Jim Campbell, and cover art by William Kirkby. It will be published on August 14, 2024.[1]

The Valorous Farmer[edit | edit source]

The second issue, Midst: The Valorous Farmer, is going to be following the story of the farmer Hildebrand who faced a series of disasters. It is written by Jasmine Walls and illustrated by Aviv Or with coloring by Quinton Winter. The comic will be released on September 11th, 2024[2].

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