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Logo by Third Person
Created byThird Person
Written byThird Person
StarringThird Person
Produced by
  • Third Person
  • Metapigeon (from 2023)
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes46
First aired
  • January 7, 2020 (original)
  • April 11, 2023 (re-release)

Midst is a science fiction audio narrative podcast created, written, and performed by the anonymous collective Third Person. Originally released in 2020, it is being re-released with remastered audio and animated video by Critical Role Productions through the Metapigeon production company.


The planet Midst is located at the border between the dazzling bright The Un and the dark otherworldly fog The Fold, the two halves of the universe. The simple lives of those living on Midst is disrupted when a powerful, shadowy society called The Trust becomes interested in the world. The three self-described "unreliable narrators" follow a trio of protagonists—"a crotchety outlaw, a freakishly-virtuous cultist, and a weird diabolical bastard"—through a narrative involving "unsolved murders, cult brainwashing, supernatural darkness, bright spots of hope, found families, and rich world-building".[1]


Midst originally debuted in January 2020 with a nineteen episode first season. Its second season followed in July 2021 with another nineteen episodes.[2] On March 29, 2023, it was announced that the series was acquired by Metapigeon, the production company of Critical Role Productions. The series was re-mastered, and new accompanying videos featuring lightly animated artwork were also created.[1][3]

Metapigeon re-released the first two seasons to podcast hosting services, the official Critical Role YouTube channel, and the new Midst website. On April 11, 2023, the first episode was re-released publicly and episodes two through five were additionally re-released to paid subscribers; public releases of episodes two and three followed over the next two days. The series is generally released weekly on Wednesdays, beginning on April 19 with the public release of episode four and paid subscriber release of episode six. Episodes are released first to paid subscribers two weeks before they are released publicly.[1]

The third and final season premiered on February 14, 2024.[4]

Season Episodes Originally aired Metapigeon release
First aired Last aired First aired Last aired
1 19 January 7, 2020[2] May 1, 2020[2] April 11, 2023 August 2, 2023
2 19 July 30, 2021[2] April 29, 2022[2] August 23, 2023 January 17, 2024
3 19 February 14, 2024[4] June 26, 2024

Related media

No. Title Original airdate Link Runtime
1 Midst Season 1 Marathon August 9, 2023 VOD 7:35:37
A marathon of all episodes of season 1 with interstitials featuring Marisha Ray and Sam Riegel.
2 "Sam & Marisha Meet the Creators of Midst! (Midst Roundtable)" (Mx22) August 16, 2023 VOD 1:06:59
Roundtable discussion with Marisha, Sam, and Third Person about season one.
3 "FEED SWAP: Midst x Midnight Burger" January 31, 2024 VOD 0:45:52
With Midst on hiatus ahead of its third season and Midnight Burger on hiatus ahead of its fourth season, the productions did a feed swap, where each posts an episode of the other podcast. The swap includes a nine-minute introductory chat between Third Person and Joe Fisher, the writer and director of Midnight Burger. Midnight Burger's corresponding post includes the first three episodes of Midst.[5]
4 "Midst Season 2 Roundtable Discussion w/ Sam & Marisha" (Mx31) February 7, 2024 VOD 1:02:36
Roundtable discussion with Marisha, Sam, and Third Person about season two.
5 "FEED SWAP: Midst x Mockery Manor" March 26, 2024 VOD 0:49:53
This feed swap features the first episode of Mockery Manor. The swap includes a twenty-four-minute introductory chat between Third Person and Laurence and Lindsay. Mockery Manor's corresponding post includes the first episodes of Midst.[6]
6 "Midst High" April 3, 2024 0:06:25
For subscribers only. Originally aired April 1, 2022 as an April Fools' joke. The original broadcast of Midst followed a Friday schedule, and this episode was presented as if it was the episode that was supposed to air, "Compensation" (Midst 2x17), including with a padded runtime.[7] "Compensation" (Midst 2x17) was released on April 3, 2022 instead.[2]

Midst Messages

Midst Messages are monthly bonus Q&A podcast episodes available to subscribers. They can be found under Extras on the Midst official website.

No. Title Original airdate Runtime
1 Breakin' Character August 2, 2023 25:31
2 Technobabble September 6, 2023 29:19
3 Meat Messages October 4, 2023 34:24
4 Midst Season 1 Blooper Reel October 4, 2023 2:49
5 Protagonidsts November 7, 2023 32:51
6 Real Talk December 6, 2023 38:08
7 Midstmas Special December 20, 2023 47:39
8 Season 2 Q&A January 17, 2024 32:31
9 Midst Season 2 Blooper Reel February 7, 2024 5:32
10 Kazootite March 6, 2024 28:42
11 Deep Dive April 1, 2024 34:02
12 Glorious Inferno of Vision May 1, 2024 30:21


The setting was originally created by the three members of Third Person, an anonymous performance collective and production studio, as a setting for a TTRPG. They ultimately chose to adapt their TTRPG narrative into a semi-improvised audio podcast.[1]

Each of the three narrators has a character that exclusively they voice, almost like a player character. While all other characters may be voiced by any narrator, Lark's dialogue is only spoken by Sara, Weepe's by Xen, and Phineas by Matt.[8] The narrators try out various casting combinations until they "hit the sweet spot" for the scene. Which narrator voices a non-protagonist character in a given scene widely depends on a number of factors, including what protagonists are in the scene, the emotion or situation being played, and who of them feels most ready at the moment to work with what is improvised. They generally avoid roles that result in talking to themselves, such as Sara as Lark talking to herself as Tzila. Sometimes, a particular narrator plays a certain character more often because they love that character, and the voice casting is also influenced by each narrator's comfort in acting out particular moods or actions. Examples given were Sara liking to play Imelda and playing a character at ease as opposed to being sad or angry.[9]

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