Message Bloom

Message Bloom
General information
TypeWondrous item
Notable propertiesRelays one message
Historical information
StatusReceived a message from Keyleth; Mended as a non-magical object

A Message Bloom is a magical seed that can relay one message when it is planted. After it blooms and the message is received, it is destroyed. Orym received one from Thrascuur at Niirdal-Poc, and it later conveyed to him a message from Keyleth.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Message Bloom has a massive, dark green seed similar to a peach pit.[1] The seed fits "very snugly" into a standard tankard. When planted and watered, it immediately blooms into a flower with bright blue and purple petals arranged in multiple layers.[2]

The seed vibrates upon receiving a message.[3] When it is planted and blooms, it conveys that message, which can be heard by anyone nearby, then the flower and its seed immediately crumble away and are destroyed. The message can be of notable length. The bloom does not allow a reply.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime before late 842 PD or early 843 PD, the Message Bloom was blown on the wind into Niirdal-Poc in Tal'Dorei, where it was found by Thrascuur. Thrascuur knew that it was meant for Orym and gave it to him, urging him as an Ashari to "make it grow".[1]

Orym kept the seed with him while adventuring in Marquet until he felt it vibrating as he and Bells Hells approached the Tishtan excavation site. As the group searched for materials to plant it, Fresh Cut Grass inspected it with Identify, learning its name and properties. It was planted in a crate provided by Ashton Greymoore using graveyard dirt provided by Fresh Cut Grass. The seed bloomed and relayed a message from Keyleth updating him on her efforts at Terrah against the Cult of the Dark Heart, which she learned was affiliated with the Ruby Vanguard, and telling him that she will help fight the Vanguard and destroy the Malleus Key.[2]

The seed crumbled afterwards. Orym gave its remnants to Deanna Leimert as a focus for her Scrying ritual on Keyleth. Following successful Scrying, Deanna Mended and returned the seed.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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