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Max Schapiro
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  • "Schapiro"
  • "Little Max"
Critical Role Productions work
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Brian: He's gonna kill it.
Marisha: He always does.

— referring to Max's mad edits rather than his monster slaying.[1]

Max Schapiro is an editor for Critical Role Productions since at least October 2019.[2] He is most known for his creative editing of the Talks Machina: $100 gift certificates presented by Brian Wayne Foster, as well as for the "SUBMIT" and "SLASH" gags. He has been called out on multiple occasions for his colorful contributions.[3][4][5]

Max did the animation for "Exandria: An Intimate History" (Mx12).[6] He edited Handbooker Helper, Crit Recap Animated, and merch promos shown during the episode break. Max also did visual effects for the Mini Primetime.

Max made a brief appearance in "4-Sided Dive: To Be Continued!" (4SDx10).[7]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Max was described by Brian Foster as wearing Hawaiian shorts, button up dad shirts, and a baseball cap, and putting his hair back in a "tiny ponytail" when he gets to work.[3]

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