Malcolm Trills

Malcolm Trills
Player character
Official art of Malcolm Trills, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorImari Williams
RoleMuscle (Soldier)
Biographical information
AgeEarly 30s (Candela Obscura: Chapter 4; late Autumn 1907)
PlacesNewfaire, Hale
  • Trills family
    • Unnamed father
    • Unnamed mother
      • Desmond (older brother)
      • Adonya (sister)
      • Unnamed younger brother
AffiliationsCircle of the Crimson Mirror
Cause of deathMortal injury inflicted by Leo Amicus
First seen"Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01)
Last seen"Into the Abyss" (CO4x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Malcolm Trills is a member of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror. He is played by Imari Williams.

Description[edit | edit source]

Malcolm is a strong man in his early 30s, and a veteran of the Last Great War.[1] He has a copper prosthetic hand.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Malcolm is calm in a crisis and is very willing to face danger in order to help others, as when he jumped into the Glass Sea in a storm to save two crew members of the SS Dandridge.[3] He is friendly and kind, and is well regarded within the Red Lamp neighborhood where he works and lives.[4]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Malcolm comes from a very old and wealthy Newfaire family and grew up in The Eaves. While in the war, Malcolm's squad was sent to recover a strange artifact. Most of his squad was destroyed;[2] he lost his hand, which his family helped replace with a very expensive copper prosthetic. He is no longer on good terms with his family,[5] but he feels that his mother and his sister Adonya still have a soft spot for him.[6] He additionally has two brothers, an older one named Desmond and a younger one who's name is not given.[7]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

During the storm, Malcolm first rescued Sunny, who had become pinned to the wall of the ship by a steel barrel.[8] After helping Sunny to the circle's cabin so Edgar could operate on him, Malcolm then went out onto the deck to try to rescue a man who had fallen overboard.[9] When another sailor fell overboard and the rope on the life preserver Malcolm had thrown to them snapped, he jumped in and was able to rescue them both.[3] The following morning, Leo advised Malcolm to be more cautious in helping strangers,[10] but the partner of one of the crew members thanked him, and Edgar inspected his hand.[11]

While on the Isle of Serenity, Malcolm attempted to strike up a conversation with Beatrice, a drunk older resident.[12] During the fight at the Murphy's, Gráinne blew a powder at Malcolm that temporarily made it hard for him to breathe, and Nora stabbed him.[13] He was still able to join the group in going up to the fairy houses behind the house after they had dealt with Pegeen and Nora, and after Gráinne hit him in the head with the handle of an axe, he shot her, killing her.[14]

Malcolm spent his week in the Fourth Pharos recovering and undergoing tests.[15] Upon returning to Newfaire, he left for the Glass Cat Casino, where he often worked, stopping to give a beggar he knew in the area some money for food.[16] At the Glass Cat, Cordelia Glask expressed worry about his absence and the two had a friendly and supportive conversation before he went to Shirley, one of her girls.[17]

After the circle confirmed they needed to attend the Hayden House masquerade, Malcolm decided to go as waitstaff, and was able to get a job from his friend Gail, a local bartender and fellow veteran.[18] He also brought backup formalwear in case he had to appear as a guest instead.[19] While at the party, he ran into Desmond, who disapproved of Malcolm working as a waiter, and the two had a tense conversation.[20] Malcolm was able to locate the stairs to the secret auction item, but was unable to gain entry on his own, though he later noticed Desmond meeting with Aroha Tama-Kai.[21]

Malcolm chased the Pyre members who stole Atia Griffia's bones to the Sacred Ascension Cemetery with the rest of the group, and when one of the third party agents attempted to disintegrate Grimoria, shot and killed them.[22] He then used his jacket to return Griffia's skull to its chest so Edgar could seal it,[23] and followed Leo to the room, carrying the chest, so he could activate the portal to the Fourth Pharos. After doing so, he carried in both the chest and Leo, who had fallen unconscious.[24]

While in the Fourth Pharos, he began to feel the possible effects of the powder blown into his face as burning behind his eyes, headache, and irritability.[25] Upon learning the glove that Edgar had retrieved had been created by his family's munitions factories,[26] he arranged a meeting with his mother in Regent Park, during which she asked him to come back to the family; when he declined, she told him to take some time to think it over.[27] On the circle's next assignment, Malcolm had little issue traversing Oldfaire, his strength an asset, but Leo noticed his bleed was faintly increasing.[28] Malcolm told him to kill him if it became an issue.[29] He was injured, along with the others, when the party was dropped into the abyss.[30] His instinct was to burn the fungal creatures, and he did so successfully, but he was shot by both Edgar and Leo while all were in an hallucinogenic state, and died of his injuries.[31]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Prosthetic hand (contains a bleed detector and a bleed containment vial)[32]
  • Gun[33]
  • Iron poker taken from the Murphy home[34]
  • Lantern[35]
  • Rifle[35]

Muscle abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Adrenaline Rush[36]: When Malcolm takes a mark, he may immediately refresh any drive point.
  • Sharpshooter (from Soldier)[37]: When making a ranged attack with a weapon, Malcolm may spend a Nerve drive to add two dice to that roll.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original (After first scar) After circle advancement After Body scar After Brain scar
Move (Gilded) 2 2 1 (-1) [38][39]
Strike (Gilded) 2 2 [40][41]
Control 1 1 [42]
Sway 1 1 [43]
Read 1 2 (+1) [44][45]
Hide 0 0 [44]
Survey 1 1 [46]
Focus 1 1 [47]
Sense 0 0 [44]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

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