Ménagerie a Trois

"Ménagerie a Trois"
One-shot episode
"Ménagerie a Trois" (OSx60) thumbnail.
Episode no.Episode 60
AirdateJune 13, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:09:43
Game systemDaggerheart Beta 1.4.2
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"Ménagerie a Trois" (OSx60) is the third Daggerheart one-shot following The Menagerie, following "The Menagerie Returns!" (OSx58).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Danté, Xarlo, Kexon and Oppy all regroup in the sewers having realized that Bunnie and Sweetpea are missing. Xarlo puts on the amulet he had stolen and discovers its powers, and they all discuss what to do before deciding ultimately to leave the sewers and try to get into the casino basement via the ground level. Meanwhile, Sweetpea and Bunnie awaken tied to chairs being interrogated by Mortimer Crowatona. Sweetpea tries to convince him they had just been casually walking through the sewers, and notices that in addition to Mortimer, his sister Gemma and three others are in the room with them. Mortimer quickly loses patience and asks her where the amulet is and who sent them. Sweetpea tells him that they were just investigating the Seep, and Bunnie elaborates further on what they were looking into.

Mortimer, growing even more impatient, threatens them with "Truth or Die" and demands to know where the amulet is. They tell him they don't know, even as he continues to threaten them, and Bunnie secretly is able to slip out of some of her bindings while Sweetpea distracts him by telling him that Xarlo might be at the Lily Locket Lounge later. By giving him this information she is able to get more information out of Mortimer, who tells them that he made a deal with a baron to drop the package containing the Seep in exchange for the amulet. The Seep gem shut down the Gulch Bottom mine, which was in competition with his own interests. The baron told him he was not welcome in natural spaces. When Bunnie and Sweetpea point out the damage the gem did, Mortimer tells them he doesn't care and he and Gemma move to kill them. Sweetpea's attempt to cast Dark Cloud fails, but Bunnie is able to escape and disarm Mortimer, using her rope as a whip. She then injures him with her fans. Sweetpea, still tied up, Shadowbinds him and tries to break free. Mortimer hits both of them with his cane, but Bunnie casts Recant to make him forget the last minute and then casts Teleport, bringing Sweetpea with her as they reappear near the entrance to the sewers. There, they catch up with the rest of The Menagerie and bring up that the Crowatonas will likely follow them, possibly to the Lily Locket. They find a quiet alley, and Sweetpea has everyone lick her head and casts a disguise spell, making them all appear as Lily Locket Lounge dancers.

They all head over to the Lily Locket Lounge where they are welcomed in as Bunnie's ensemble, though Boa Adra is worried Mafauna won't like that another performer has backup dancers. She tells them that they have 40 minutes, so they wait in the green room and discuss how to keep the disguises up. They all take a short rest during which many of them heal or repair armor and Sweetpea sets up a Phantom Retreat. They decide that Kexon and Oppy will try to get information from the crowd while the others will go up with Bunnie as her dancers. Following the performance of Eden, who uses metal undergarments and tools to generate sparks, Bunnie introduces her group as the Ménage a Trois. As they go up, they pass Mafauna, who is eating a cheese sandwich and acts coldly towards them.

As they start their act, featuring Bunnie in a pink costume with pink fans, Xarlo, who had climbed up the central silk, notices it is almost entirely cut. He still starts a routine with the intention of doing a death drop, but when the silk breaks, manages to catch himself on one of the side silks that is undamaged. Sweetpea notices a colorless oil spilled upon the stage, which she and Danté use to spin her gracefully over the front row. Danté joins Xarlo on the silks. As they prepare for the finale, ball bearings suddenly pour on from backstage. Sweetpea quickly teleports through the shadows offstage and Xarlo, still hanging from the silks, pulls up Bunnie and twirls her. Danté tries to use the balls to spin on his shell but instead rolls offstage and crashes into something audibly. The others go into their finale pose and Bunnie drops the disguise, causing her costume to turn from pink to its signature black.

Meanwhile, Oppy pretends to be a waiter and is able to hear gossip about the Gulch Bottom mine still not being cleared. Kexon, in his disguise, walks through a number of the rows deliberately tripping over people and excusing himself and mentioning some words related to their interests in the hopes of eliciting conversation. The two of them hear something about Foreman Clive and a professor, and after briefly discussing, Oppy goes over with drinks as Kexon attempts to seduce them with a combination of strange accented words and slapping.

Mafauna and her troupe then go onstage and seem unaffected by any of the sabotage as Mafauna begins a flamed fan dance and song performance on a metal staircase while her backup dancers use the undamaged silks. Sweetpea teleports via shadows into the staircase after realizing it is hollow, and as Mafauna reaches her final crescendo, shakes the stairs. Mafauna loses her footing and falls down the stairs and is dazed as her backup dancers attempt to cover and Sweetpea activates the Phantom Retreat back to the green room. Kexon, still in the crowd, casts Time Lock on Mafauna's wig as she takes her bow so that she cannot lift her head.

The two groups unite for the curtain call for all of them. Kexon steps on Mafauna's foot as they do, and she tells her backup dancers to attack The Menagerie. The Lily Locket Lounge's audience, which had been leaving, returns to their seats to watch.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Mafauna's backup dancers all attack and pummel Bunnie. Sweetpea teleports into shadows behind Mafauna and puts in her a chokehold, making her vulnerable. Danté attacks Mafauna but misses her. The dancers attack Bunnie again, but Xarlo blocks it with his prayer dice and attacks back with his spirit weapon, knocking two dancers unconscious. Oppy Unleashes Chaos on Mafauna, badly injuring her. Mafauna breaks free and uses her abilities to revive her unconscious dancers. Danté makes an attack of opportunity. The dancers attack Bunnie yet again, but miss, at which Bunnie casts Runic Circle, leveling all the dancers.

Kexon teleports and makes a trap door beneath Mafauna, which she falls through. Sweetpea heals her stress as Mafauna re-activates a number of her dancers; three make attacks on Kexon and 1 attacks Xarlo. Xarlo tries to hit back and misses, and Mafauna attacks him. Danté attacks but Mafauna confuses him and makes him attack Xarlo instead. Bunnie casts Hypnotic Shimmer, stunning all the dancers at which point Boa Adra interrupts and tells the audience it was a staged fight and privately tells The Menagerie to flee. Backstage, they run into Eden the Grinder and then Lamont, who invites them to the after party, and tells them how to find Clive and the Professor at the mine. The party then heads to the mine, hiding from the Crowatona, and Kexon magically locks the doors behind them as they exit the Lily Locket Lounge. Sweetpea reveals that she stole some ball bearings as well just in case.

They are able to quickly find the Gulch Bottom Mines, which are indeed at the base of a gulch. In addition to a smattering of mining tools and equipment, the party can see earth and the famous Luhlvale red crystals. There is a patrol, but no miners present in the area. The party is still disguised as lounge dancers, and when a guard approaches them, Xarlo shares some alcohol with him, putting the party in the guard's good graces. Sweetpea asks if they can get into the mine and out of the elements, and as the guard lets him in, Kexon Time Locks his gloves so The Menagerie can slip past. However, the guard is able to wrench his hand free. They continue in and Sweetpea promises the guard a show; they then sneak in without him. She also casts Phantom Escape. Kexon casts Prestidigitation to provide them all with light as they go deeper into the mine, and not long after, the disguise spell from Sweetpea fades. As they move through the mine they notices that the crystals within are no longer red and seem affected by the Seep.

They reach a fork of four paths; one single and one that branches into three more. Kexon casts Reveal, but does not see any invisible beings. The group picks a path and continues on until they find what appears to have been a rest area for miners. The table in this area is shattered, and the body of what may have been a firbolg, carrying a vial and wearing nice armor, is crushed under stone. Sweetpea uses her fungral Death Connection ability to find out what happened. She sees the firbolg man going through the mine, appearing as though he was hired to investigate the goings on, before being bitten at by a creature with multiple heads. When a companion cuts off a head, the head regrows. The man turns to run, but the wall in front of him collapses on him.

The party takes his armor and the vial and gives the armor to Danté, who puts it on. In preparation for what they are about to face, Xarlo clears stress from Sweetpea, and Bunnie does some group healing. Xarlo uses the amulet he had taken from Mortimer to grow in size and strength, and The Menagerie continues further. They find that the crystals are now dark and feel strange and sad, and the mine is growing colder and smells acrid. Soon, they come upon a pulsing object much like the Seep abscess they had previously seen. Sweetpea, looking around, sees something above that suddenly wakes up and lands, separating the group. It is a hydra-like dust skink with four heads. Bunnie Rallies everyone as they prepare to face it.

Immediately, the hydra makes them all lose two of their hope. Xarlo attacks it but fails to hit, and the hydra attacks Danté, Bunnie, and Oppy, missing Bunnie but hitting the other two. Danté and Bunnie tag team it and are able, together, to hit and cut off a second head. Sweetpea sneak attacks and damages a second head. Xarlo casts Zone of Protection near the base of where the hydra currently stands. Kexon attacks using Wild Flame, which dazes the hydra; it becomes immune to magic, but unable to regenerate on its own. At this point the Crystalseep abscess regenerates the two heads for it. The hydra attacks Kexon and badly injures him. Oppy attacks the abscess and deals significant damage, causing it to burrow and hide within the other corrupted crystals. Xarlo heals Kexon and Bunnie hits a crystal, and manages to find the abscess, dealing more damage to it before it hides again. The hydra attacks Kexon again, and Sweetpea follows Bunnie's lead and attacks another crystal, finding the abscess and damaging it further as she shatters the crystal, though it still remains hidden.

Kexon casts a wall of magical flame around the hydra and runs away. Xarlo wields Danté with a team-up and badly damages the hydra. They hydra then goes to make an attack. Danté tries to opportunity attack, but misses, though the wall of flame burns off one of the heads. However, the hydra is still able to attack Kexon, who falls unconscious. He sees a vision of his family, pushing him back towards his mission, and heals back up. Danté attacks the crystals and is able to finally destroy the abscess, destroying the hydra's ability to regenerate and making it vulnerable to damage. Xarlo and Bunnie work together and Bunnie is able to slice apart the hydra with her fans, killing it. As it dies, a number of small dusk skinks flee from its body.

The guard they had slipped past appears, completely naked and very confused to see only Bunnie of the people he believed originally came into the mine, though Bunnie points out they fixed the mine's problem with the Seep. With that completed, they consider where the mysterious baron who had made a deal with the Crowatonas might be and land on Champion's Crown, a town known for prizing combat.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Returning[edit | edit source]

These characters previously appeared in a Daggerheart one-shot following The Menagerie

  • Mortimer Crowatona
  • Gemma Crowatona
  • Lamont
  • Boa Adra

New[edit | edit source]

These characters appeared in a Daggerheart one-shot, though they may have been previously mentioned.

  • Mafauna
  • Eden

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