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Live shows are episodes played in front of an in-person audience. Though Talks Machina was sometimes conducted before an in-person audience, Critical Role Productions generally uses live show to refer to episodes of their actual play series.[1] They are either streamed simultaneously as they are performed, as with Campaign 1: Vox Machina and Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein shows, or performed and streamed on different dates, as with one-shots and all shows since 2023.

The first live show was "Heredity and Hats" (1x60). "The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97) was the last live show performed before the COVID-19 hiatus, which began about two weeks later after "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99).[2] The first live show since the hiatus, "The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54), was performed over three and a half years later and was additionally the first international live show.[3]

Live shows[edit | edit source]

As of May 2024, twelve actual play episodes are or will be live shows: three episodes of Campaign 1 and a one-shot featuring Vox Machina, four episodes of Campaign 2 and a one-shot featuring the Mighty Nein, one episode of Campaign 3: Bells Hells, a one-shot featuring the Darrington Brigade, and one Candela Obscura episode.

Four episodes have been or will be performed in Los Angeles and Indianapolis, more than any other city. All shows in Indianapolis were performed for GenCon.

Episode Performance date Stream date Location
"Heredity and Hats" (1x60) July 14, 2016 Landmark Theatre, Los Angeles
"Uninviting Waters" (1x62) August 6, 2016 Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis at GenCon
"The Ominous March" (1x109) August 18, 2017 Old National Centre, Indianapolis at GenCon
"The Stalking Nightmare" (2x29) August 3, 2018 Old National Centre, Indianapolis at GenCon
"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) October 4, 2018 United Palace Theater, New York
"The Search For Grog" (OSx28) January 19, 2019 February 22, 2019 Ace Hotel Theatre, Los Angeles
"Uthodurn" (2x73) August 2, 2019 Old National Centre, Indianapolis at GenCon
"The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (OSx35) November 23, 2019 November 29, 2019 Bass Concert Hall, Austin
"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97) February 27, 2020 Auditorium Theater, Chicago at C2E2
"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54) October 25, 2023 October 26, 2023 OVO Arena Wembley, London[3]
"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59) May 25, 2024 May 30, 2024 United Theater on Broadway, Los Angeles[4]
"The Nox Engine" (3x98) June 15, 2024 June 20, 2024 The Greek, Los Angeles[5]

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