Little Mister

Little Mister
Companion (Fearne Calloway)
Official art of Little Mister in Campaign 3, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]
Basic information
RaceWildfire Spirit
Biographical information
Full nameLittle Mister
Also known asMister
Age7 (assigned by Fearne)[1]
LanguagesUnderstands Common, Druidic, Infernal, and Sylvan but can't speak[2][3]
AffiliationsFearne Calloway
Mechanical information
Creature typeElemental
Level10 (Fearne's druid level)
walk 30 ft., fly 30 ft.
Stats reference[3]
First seen"The Nameless Ones" (E1x01)
Last seen"Ancient Sins" (3x97)

Little Mister (also called simply Mister) is a wildfire spirit and the companion of Fearne Calloway. He takes the form of a De Brazza's monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus).[4]

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Official art of Little Mister, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

Little Mister takes the shape of a monkey whose mouth is a gaping furnace, burning anything that he decides to eat.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Little Mister has a personality similar to Fearne's and loves to eat a lot. His nature is somewhat childish and likes to pull pranks, especially on Dariax.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before EXU Prime[edit | edit source]

Fearne remembered standing at the edge of Thordak's Crater in one of her earliest adventures (one week before the events of the series[6]), staring into the ground and seeing the seething, roiling energy and potential. She jammed her hand into the earth and felt flame licking around it, and as she pulled her hand free unharmed, the fire spirit that she held and brought into being looked at her, smiled, and resolved into Little Mister.[7]

Exandria Unlimited Prime[edit | edit source]

"The Oh No Plateau" (E1x02)
Once Little Mister got to the plateau, he began to actively consume the ash in the air, causing the yellow-orange glow in his mouth to turn red-purple.[8] As the group reached the center, Mister stepped on the sigil mark, transforming into a fire elemental. Dorian using Dissonant Whispers pushed him away from the sigil that seemingly was a source of power. Little Mister dissolved into a small fire elemental approximating Little Mister's monkey form.[9]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Little Mister was summoned in "On the Trail of a Killer" (3x04). He ate Dorian's breakfast sandwich, and became jealous of Pâté de Rolo.[10]

At Finders Takers in Bassuras, Fearne attempted to buy a small Pepperbox for Little Mister. However, the proprietor, Esmer refused to give a firearm to a flaming monkey.[11] Fearne later obtained a small throwing dart for him at the armory of the Seat of Disdain.[12]

When Fearne summoned Mister while the party was Astral Projecting to separate the entangled souls of Laudna and Delilah Briarwood, Mister's astral form appeared simply as a ball of fire, though he still acted and sounded like a monkey.[13]

While staying in Whitestone, Fearne eventually managed to acquire a gun, specifically a pop-gun, for Mister. Originally, Percival de Rolo designed and created this toy for his children to play with.[14] He first used the gun against a chimera that attacked the Silver Sun.[15]

Fearne often called her monkey companion as her child.[16][17][18]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Dariax Zaveon[edit | edit source]

Dariax had a childhood incident with a monkey. Since it bit his finger, he began to be wary of any monkey, including Little Mister.[19][20] Once Dariax attempted to harm him. During the investigation of the plateau, Mister turned into a fire elemental, then back in his monkey form. Dariax saw this as an opportunity and charged him, breaking his spear.[21]

However, when Little Mister was in a weak spot, Dariax had the opportunity to harm him, but didn't. Furthermore, he helped him by casting a Cure Wounds spell.[22]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Spud gun-style firearm, initially designed by Percival for his children.[14]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Damage Immunity: Fire
  • Condition Immunities: charmed, frightened, grappled, prone, and restrained
  • Darkvision
  • Flame Seed[23]
  • Fiery Teleportation[3]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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