Liliana Temult

Liliana Temult
Non-player character
Screenshot of Liliana Temult, by Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita from Campaign 3 animated opening.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorMatthew Mercer
ClassSorcerer (Aberrant Mind)
Biographical information
PartnerRelvin Temult
ChildrenImogen Temult (daughter)
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level14 or higher[2]
First seen"The Trail and the Toll" (3x03)
Last seen"Ruidus" (3x83)
StreamCampaign 3 (15 episodes)

Liliana Temult is the mother of Imogen Temult and the General of the Ruby Vanguard. Ruidusborn, she is gifted with psychic abilities, including telepathy. She left her family in Gelvaan when Imogen was too young to remember her, but Imogen recognizes Liliana's voice in her recurring dreams instructing her to run from a red storm.

As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Liliana is a human[3] woman with lavender hair. When Imogen was small, she wore her hair in a long braid.[4] She is Ruidusborn, granting her abilities that include telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability "to see beyond her eyes".[5]

Liliana prefers violin music and enjoys a particular type of a lavender vanilla scent.[6] According to Relvin, she was, when he knew her, sweet, willful, and intelligent, but seemed to belong somewhere else.[7]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Liliana Temult is the mother of Imogen Temult. She lived with Imogen and Imogen's father, Relvin Temult, in Gelvaan in the Taloned Highlands of Marquet.[8] Relvin stated that Liliana did not reveal her powers to him initially, and that her own dreams of the red storm began "about a year or two" after Imogen was born[9] in 814 PD or 815 PD.[10] Liliana was afraid that Imogen were going to follow in her footsteps and left Gelvaan when her daughter was very young, and Imogen did not have memories of Liliana. Relvin spoke little of Liliana, especially after Imogen began developing her magical abilities. Imogen felt that Relvin knew that he would "give something away" and, before learning of Liliana's participation in studies on Ruidus, she believed he was simply uncomfortable speaking about Liliana. As a result, Imogen knew little of her mother and was uncertain if she was even still alive by the events of Campaign 3.[11]

Liliana met Grim Verity working on the Omen Archive project for the Aydinlan Seminary in Yios[12] and was the first Exaltant Ruidusborn to participate in their study led by Professor Kadija Sumal who researches recurring dreams of a red storm in psychic individuals.[13] Due to her preferance of the violin music and a satisfaction with a particular type of a lavender vanilla, the researchers had a staff violinist for their sessions with the lavender vanilla scent fluttering in the air to help her get into a right set of mind.[6] During the study, she met Hondir, another member of the Grim Verity; they have not seen one another since 831 PD, twelve years before Campaign 3.[5] However, research was not fruitful for answers that Liliana sought, she grew frustrated. This was when Otohan Thull and the Cerberus Assembly found her, and she apparently began to work with them.[12]

Imogen began having the dream of the red storm in around 833 PD, about a decade before Campaign 3.[14] She heard what she knew to be her mother's voice seemingly speaking to her from another realm, telling her to run from the storm.[15]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Liliana's voice was heard in all of Imogen's nightmares of an approaching red storm, urging her to run.[16] In "Make It Fashion" (3x12), Imogen learned that Liliana was a participant in the study on Ruidus and a recurring dream of red storms, like the one Imogen suffered, conducted by Kadija.[13] Imogen sought to find more information about her mother and eventually learned from Hondir about Liliana's abilities.[5] Liliana later appeared in a memory from Imogen's early childhood that was surfaced by a burst of Imogen's power; in the memory, Liliana caught Imogen after Imogen fell, soothed her by speaking to her telepathically, then suddenly looked intensely off into the distance.[4]

During a Ruidus flare, Imogen saw a figure in her dream and, upon catching up to that figure, found that it was her mother, who urged her again to run.[17] Upon waking, Imogen cast Sending to Liliana, who responded.[1] They had a brief conversation over several Sending castings, where Liliana told her daughter that she was safe and well, but refused to give her location. She claimed that it was too dangerous for them to meet and urged Imogen to run. Imogen said that she was tired of running, but there were no further messages.[18] A few days later, in Yios, Imogen cast Sending again and told Liliana where she was and that she could really use more guidance, and that she feared being swept away by the storm, but Liliana again told Imogen to stay away for her own safety.[19]

Imogen focused on Liliana in a dream she had while Bells Hells was in the Feywild, in which Laudna and FCG had joined her via Shared Dream. In her dream, she saw her mother at the Tishtan excavation site. She reached out, but Liliana told her to go.[20] Liliana cast something to dismiss her, and both Imogen and FCG woke up. Laudna was able to wake up as well after some effort.[21]

A few days later, while on their way to the Tishtan excavation site, Imogen once more attempted to reach out to Liliana in a dream, this time accompanied by Orym and Fearne. The trio encountered the form of Liliana, who was initially confused but grew more tangible and present as the dream progressed. She told Imogen she shouldn't be there.[22] When Imogen told her the Ruby Vanguard's plan was going to destroy the world, Liliana protested that she was going to save it and free them, and that she had done this for Imogen's benefit; it would remove her powers. As she said this, she showed Imogen a vision of the future she promised, and Imogen felt a sense of freedom. Lilian then noticed the motes of Orym and Fearne, and pushed all three out of the dream.[23]

Liliana appeared at the site as Bells Hells planned their final sabotage, initially reinforcing the Malleus Key and commanding the workers.[24] She oversaw the mage hunter golem that had captured Caleb, and used her powers to calm the assembled crowd.[25] At Ludinus's command, she compressed the Champion of Ravens into a sphere and telekinetically placed the lens into the key.[26] Imogen repeatedly tried to convince Liliana to stop, but Liliana, while concerned about Imogen's presence, continued to work towards freeing Predathos.[27]

After Bells Hells reunited back in Jrusar, FCG Scryed on Liliana and found that she was with Ludinus, in a storm on the now-tethered moon.[28] Upon going to Zephrah, Orym told Keyleth that Imogen was related to Liliana.[29]

Imogen had another dream of Ruidus while in the Grey Valley, and after hearing her mother's voice tell her to run and seeing the society and life on the moon's surface, she sensed Liliana in her dream. Liliana told her she wanted to protect her, but when Imogen asked her if she had teleported everyone away from the Tishtan site she said she did not think so, and she indicated that while she was aware of the harm Ludinus had done, she was still working with him and still intended to free Predathos for Imogen's good. When Imogen asked her "at what cost," the dream ended.[30]

The night before Bells Hells set off to the red moon, Imogen dreamed of entering the Bloody Bridge; diving deeper and deeper toward the core of Ruidus, when she heard the voice of Liliana saying: "Wait. Imogen, no!".[31]

Many people on Ruidus noticed Imogen's resemblance to Liliana, and Imogen imitated her mother while in Kreviris in order to gain access to the Overspoke tower.[32] After finding the Volition, Imogen learned that they were planning to assassinate Liliana the following day. Rashinna offered her the chance to lead the mission.[33] After discussing with the rest of the party, Imogen decided to reach out to Liliana in a dream to try to speak with her. She did so, and the two spoke at length. Liliana told her that Ludinus listened to her and that she was able to prevent him from some of his worse actions, but she also refused to leave the Vanguard when Imogen asked, telling Imogen there were children there. She expressed nostalgia for Gelvaan and her life with Imogen and Relvin, and told Imogen perhaps when everything was done, she could return. However, she indicated that she believed Predathos's release was inevitable. Imogen told her that it was her time to run before ending the dream.[34]

As both halves of Bells Hells left their Volition assignments, they saw a lavender figure shoot out through the roof of the Woven Music Grand Hall, where the assassination was supposed to take place, and Fearne and Imogen both heard a voice shout "Did she know?"[35] Imogen recognized this voice as her mother,[36] and as she, Chetney, Orym, and Laudna tried to escape Vaterra Kreviris with Evoroa, Liliana penned them in magically with stone walls and confronted Imogen.[37] Imogen was able to deceive her mother into believing she was unaware of the attempted assassination, and used the locket Relvin had given her to convince Liliana to let them go and later join them; Liliana dropped the stone walls and told Imogen she would find her later.[38] During the fight with Otohan not long after, Imogen cast Sending asking Liliana to come help them. Liliana responded that she would try,[39] but she arrived after the fight had already ended.[40]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Liliana is Ruidusborn, granting her abilities that include telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability "to see beyond her eyes".[5]

Sorcerer abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcerous Origin: Aberrant Mind
    • Psionic Spells
    • Telepathic Speech
    • Psionic Sorcery
    • Psychic Defenses
    • Revelation in Flesh[2]
  • Font of Magic
    • Sorcery Points: 14 or more
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Spells[edit | edit source]

The following presumes she has the same re-flavored Psionic Spells as Imogen.

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Mind Sliver Cantrip Psionic spell [41]
Dissonant Whispers 1st Psionic spell [41]
Shock Flare 1st Psionic spell [41]
Calm Emotions 2nd Psionic spell [42]
Detect Thoughts 2nd Psionic spell [41]
Seething Storm 3rd Psionic spell [41]
Sending 3rd Psionic spell [43]
Banishment 4th [2]
Hungry Torrent 4th Psionic spell [41]
Summon Crimson Shade 4th Psionic spell [41]
Scrying 5th [44]
Telekinesis 5th Psionic spell [45]
Telepathic Bond 5th Psionic spell [41]
Wall of Stone 5th [46]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "Imogen, run! Run far!"[48]

References[edit | edit source]

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