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Liam O'Brien
Photograph of Liam O'Brien for Variety, by Robyn Von Swank.[art 1]
Full nameLiam Christopher O'Brien
Critical Role Productions work
Biographical information
BornMay 28, 1976 (age 48)
Weehawken, New Jersey
  • Voice actor
  • ADR writer
  • Voice director
Internet presence

What's sexier than wizards NOTHING

— Liam O'Brien on Twitter[1]

Liam O'Brien is a voice actor, voice director, and a member of the main cast of Critical Role. He plays Orym in Campaign 3.

In previous campaigns, he played Vax'ildan and Caleb Widogast. He has also been the Dungeon Master for several one-shot episodes.

Critical Role Productions[edit | edit source]

Pre-Stream[edit | edit source]

Before Critical Role began, Liam and his close friend Sam created a podcast called All Work No Play, with the intention to get more fun into their busy schedules. For Liam's birthday they planned to play Dungeons & Dragons with some friends and shared their experience on the podcast. Towards the end of All Work No Play's, second episode the two of them talked about getting ready for the upcoming "one-time" D&D game. Liam asked Matthew Mercer to run the game, because Matthew kept telling him about the D&D game he was running and often invited Liam to join. Liam deeply enjoyed playing the game and soon after messaged the other players inviting them to start a continuous game.

Liam and Laura Bailey decided to play twins starting from the first session of Campaign 1, because they share their birthday, May 28th.[2] Before their second game and, again, preparing for the first streamed session, they fleshed out their twin dynamic and went over "every little detail of their past". After the second meeting, Liam organized all of their notes into one document and sent to Matt.[3]

Before they started streaming, Liam recorded snippets of their gameplay. One can be heard in the second episode of All Work No Play and another one is available on his yotube channel.

Liam O'Brien on the set of CelebriD&D, cropped from a larger image.[art 2]

Critical Role[edit | edit source]

While playing as Vax'ildan in Campaign 1, Liam came up with a backup character, a "halfling druid/monk from the Air Ashari, sent by Keyleth's father, to be of aid to her in her grief".[4] This initial character idea eventually morphed into Orym, his player character in Exandria Unlimited and Campaign 3.

Liam took part in the D&D Beyond Presidential Campaign, a recurring sponsorship segment created by Sam Riegel.

At least until the last episode of the second campaign, Liam was involved in choosing fan art for the slideshows and official art books, which has earned him the title of "Art Dad" from the community.

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Main campaigns[edit | edit source]

One-shots and miniseries[edit | edit source]

Games played as Game Master[edit | edit source]

Liam said of his GM style: "I like horror and creeping my players out if I can, and most of his stories focus on family ties—whether blood family or found family".[5]

Other works[edit | edit source]

Liam began his career in theater before moving on to voice acting in the early 2000s. He also branched out to voice directing, and has worked on several productions, like The Last of Us and Resident Evil 6. A lot of his work revolves around japanese anime dubbing, be it as a voice actor, voice director, or automated dialog replacement writer. One of his most well-known speaking roles is the character Gaara from Naruto.

Liam O'Brien has a remarkable robot voice.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Liam is married to fellow voice actress Amy Kincaid. They have two children together, and own a dog, Sprigg, who was named after the guest character of the same name. Their son, Owen O'Brien, was born around 2006 and daughter, Zoe O'Brien, was born around 2009.[6][7] Zoe played an episodic role of an unnamed girl in The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 2.

Liam was first introduced to tabletop roleplaying games in the 7th grade while attending the Catholic school. His classmate showed them Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1983 revision), packed into a distinctive red box, and briefly lend it to Liam. Liam read it thoroughly over one weekend, inspired to start a collection assembling more D&D books. However, he wasn't comfortable enough to invite his fellow students to play the game. When he switched to a larger high school, Liam met people with similar interests and held a D&D session with three friends, where Liam served as the Dungeon Master while also playing a player character, a fighter.[8][9] Following his graduation, he stopped playing D&D for a while. At some point before 2012, when Liam was voice directing Matthew Mercer for a video game project, Matt approached Liam to play in the D&D game he was running at the time, but Liam had a new baby and didn't join the game.[3]

In addition to playing D&D, Liam read sourcebooks and created characters for Rifts, played a one session of Shadowrun, and was part of Cyberpunk party for one summer, the game ran by his cousin from upstate New York.[10] In 2016 Liam started running several D&D games for his children.[11][7] Liam has stated that D&D has helped him get through a rough patch in his life after he developed hyperacusis.[12]

As of September 2023, Liam had two tattoos. In 2017, each Critical Role cast member, including Liam, got a tattoo of two overlapping letters "V" and "M", representing Vox Machina.[13] Liam also has a tattoo of a little raven on his right forearm.[14]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Photograph of Liam O'Brien, by Heirlume Photography.[art 3]
  • He shares his middle name, Christopher, with Matt Mercer.
  • Liam has close German ancestors.[15]
  • Liam has the second most player characters at 20, behind Travis. He additionally played a non-DM non-player character Cinna Brightbow.
    • His most played class is Fighter, with four characters.
  • More of Liam O'Brien's player characters have died than any other cast member on Critical Role.
    • Seven of the characters Liam has played across one-shots and the main campaigns have died. Six of them were beyond resurrection or within a game without resurrection rules at their final death.
  • When asked who he'd pick if he could switch to any player character in Campaign 1, Liam chose Scanlan.[16]
  • Liam's chosen drink on his Between the Sheets interview was mulled wine.
  • As of early 2023, Liam, out of the main cast members, shared his record for attendance with Marisha Ray for the main campaigns with 312 episodes. However, if one-shots are included, he takes first place.
  • On Talks Machina, the host Brian Wayne Foster liked to "#ThankMyGuests" with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounded close to their names. Here are the names for Liam O'Brien:
  • Liam O'Braun
  • Prince Liam Oberon
  • Liehelm O'Brain
  • Liam Oberon
  • Leave Him O'Dryen
  • Bleed Him and Fry Him
  • Feed Him Old Lion
  • Mausoleum Robe Tie-In
  • Clean Him, No Pryin'
  • DM O'Dyin'
  • Plead Him No Tryin'
  • Lead Man Old Byron
  • Zipper Low Flyin'
  • Ream Him Fo' Dyin'
  • Fleein' All Dyin'
  • Healin' by Fryin'
  • Fryin' Up Simon
  • Please Bathe I'm Dying
  • Frumpkin Be Flyin'
  • Library Tie In
  • Save Nott She Dyin'
  • Smut Quest Thrivin'
  • Lead Means No Scryin'
  • Cube Ate Yo' Kitten
  • That Story I'm Cryin'
  • Need the Bowl for Fryin'

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