Player character
Basic information
ActorMarisha Ray
RaceHuman (Variant,[1] Hollow One)
Biographical information
Full nameLaudna[2]
Also known asMatilda Bradbury (birth name)
Age53 (Campaign 3; 843 PD)
LanguagesCommon, Undercommon, Shadowcant[3]
PlacesWhitestone, Tal'Dorei (hometown)
PartnerImogen Temult (girlfriend)[4]
StatusAlive (Hollow, resurrected; as of 843 PD)
Causes of death
  1. Killed by the Briarwoods during the Occupation of Whitestone[6]
  2. Bled out[7] after being stabbed by Otohan Thull[8]
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid (detects and is turned as Undead)
Level13 (Warlock 3 / Sorcerer 10)
117 / 91[a]
19 / 15[a]
walk 30 ft.
Stats reference[9] See also her level page.
First seen"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)
Last seen"Downfall: Part One" (3x99)
StreamCampaign 3 (90 episodes)

It can be intoxicating, borrowing from a power beyond you. Just be careful of the moments that you can no longer separate yourself from it.

— Laudna, to Imogen[10]

Laudna (/ˈlɔːdnə/) is a human Hollow One sorcerer/warlock and a member of Bells Hells. She is played by Marisha Ray.

Originally named Matilda Bradbury, she was born in Whitestone and lived through its occupation by the Briarwoods, where she was killed and hanged on the Sun Tree as part of their message to Vox Machina. During the rebellion, she returned to a half-living state and escaped from the city. Wandering the lands for decades, she took the name Laudna and began hearing the voice of Delilah Briarwood in her head, who granted her additional powers. Eventually she traveled to Marquet, where she met Imogen Temult and later joined with the rest of Bells Hells in Jrusar.

Description[edit | edit source]

Laudna is a human[11] Hollow One.[12] She appears fairly young, pale, and gaunt. Her big eyes have dilated pupils, and her lips are dark. Marisha further describes Laudna's features as "almost doll-like."[13] She has long, thin, dark hair with a shock of white through her bangs, pulled up in a half-up bun with a rock chisel (depicted as a rock pick in official art). Laudna wears tattered clothes, including a dark red blouse and a black skirt. She wears pointy gold cuffs on her ears to hide their edges, which were once shorn to points like an elf's.[14] Her belts (put on her by Delilah Briarwood to bring her image closer to appearance of Vex'ahlia)[15] hold various tools, a dead rat with a raven skull named Pâté de Rolo, and other odds and ends.[16][17]

Team Wildemount bought a black or dark purple corset for Laudna in Catlyn's Clothier,[18] which was inspired by the attire of the Lady and the Lord of Whitestone. It's embroidered with flowers, marked by a high collar line, and attached with a flared skirt that got a slit in the middle of it and a palette of colors underneath it.[19] After Laudna reunited with the rest of Bells Hells in Jrusar, she created a backpack house for Pâté, combining her belt and her wooden dollhouse.[20]

Her Form of Dread initially elongated her limbs and a black mourning veil came across her face and hid a stream of black tears pouring from her eyes,[21] symbolizing her patron Delilah Briarwood after the death of her husband.[22] After Laudna's resurrection in "A Dark Balance" (3x38), when it was believed that Delilah was separated from her soul, her Form of Dread had tree branches growing out of her arms, shoulders, and veins in imitation of the surrounding trees.[23][24][fn 1] Sometimes, this tree form also had ink pouring from her eyes.[23] Following a betrayal from an ally, the form again took on a purple hue[29] and had a veil following her use of Hunger of the Shadow.[30] After, it was a combination of the tree form and the widow form.[31] Following a renewal of Delilah's power, her Form of Dread was increasingly reflective of Delilah, filling out the shape of Delilah's dress and choker necklace with a shadow of Delilah drifting slightly above her.[32]

Her eyes glow green at times, notably when she uses Eyes of the Runekeeper[33] or Cling to Life.[34]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, Laudna got a tattoo of a flaming bell.[35]

Before heading to Aeor, Imogen (along with the rest of BH) ordered new clothes at the Emerald Curtain in Zadash. She mostly repurposed her old clothes partially inspired by Delilah Briarwood's outfit: tight gloves, a billowy blouse with a high collar and a green choker chain, black corset, a thin breast plate with dangling chains that went around her chest resembling a rib cage, and a long skirt, which had a purple to blue ombre. Over the top of her skirt, Laudna had a golden cage-like skirt. Her hair was tied up in a bun.[36]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

In stark contrast to her ghoulish appearance, Laudna is rather bubbly, personable, and easy-going. Laudna seems largely unaware of how frightening she appears (especially when she uses her Form of Dread) and becomes offended when someone judges her based on appearances alone.[37] She also shows insecurity when she feels as if she is lacking in purpose and thus tends to self-realization to feel happy.[38]

When asked by Orym how is Laudna the "happiest person" in Bells Hells, she comments that "the worst thing that's ever happened to [her] has already happened," alluding to her death. She prefers not to dwell on the past, beseeching others to do so in kind, that there is "no point in being sad over what can't be changed".[39] However, as the aftermath of her past, Laudna has arrested development and is mentally or emotionally ill-equipped, not mature enough to know how to deal with trauma (like Ashton's near-death attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan). Laudna stopped maturing in her youth and was alone for 30 years, before meeting Imogen.[40]

Following her second death and resurrection, Laudna became more openly self-conscious and nervous. She grappled with the extreme lengths that Bells Hells had gone to in order to save her on top of her own self-worth and feared that her patron Delilah Briarwood was still lingering within her.[41][42] She began to come to terms with her traumatic past upon seeing her hometown restored, slowly overwriting her painful memories by remembering the positive ones from her youth.[citation needed]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Originally named Matilda Bradbury,[43] she grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Whitestone in Tal'Dorei, and always had innate magical capabilities.[44][45] Even as a young girl, she was thought of as the freak of the town. She once had a crush on a young boy named Andy, but he threw dirt in her face.[46] Matilda wanted to study the arcane, embrace her natural abilities, and become a powerful mage.[47]

The Briarwoods took over the city when Matilda was a young woman. Shortly before the Whitestone Rebellion in 810 PD, she and her parents were invited to dine with the Briarwoods and told they were going to serve a greater purpose. However, the main reason of her visit, in addition to the promise of festivities, she hoped that the magical Briarwoods would take interest in developing her natural sorceress magic and get her into a school.[48][47] After the dinner, she was killed. Her ears were docked into points like those of a half-elf and she was strung up on the Sun Tree in effigy of Vex'ahlia.[49] She was 20 years old at the time of her death.[50]

Matilda woke up hanging from the tree when a burst of necromantic magic hit her and mingled with her natural magic.[51][52] She left the city and never returned, and believed she was a cross between dead and alive.[6] Although the Briarwoods were dead, Matilda began to hear the voice of Delilah Briarwood in her head around a year after the death of Delilah.[53] She heard Delilah "every now and then."[54][55]

Having been killed before Vox Machina's arrival in the city and left during the rebellion, Matilda was unaware that Percival and Cassandra de Rolo had returned to power in Whitestone, saying that she became "a bit of a recluse" after her time in Whitestone. She rarely socialized with other people who also did not welcome her company. [56] She spent the next thirty years going from town to town, living in fixed-up abandoned shacks in the woods until being chased out by townsfolk denouncing her as an undead witch.[57] During this time, she began to go by the name Laudna,[58] and created a puppet out of a dead rat and a raven skull that she named Pâté de Rolo to keep herself company.

About two or three years[59][60] before the start of the campaign, Laudna met Imogen Temult while passing through her hometown of Gelvaan. As a result of an unspecified incident, Imogen cast dangerous magic that injured several people.[61] She and Laudna did not know whether the people involved survived until they returned and Relvin Temult confirmed those injured had recovered.[62] They decided to leave the village and have been traveling together since. Upon arriving in Jrusar, Laudna and Imogen found a place to stay at Zhudanna's home in the Windowed Wall. They helped her with a shade creeper problem in her late husband's bedroom.[63]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Laudna and Imogen met the rest of Bells Hells after a morning attempting to get into the Starpoint Conservatory to research Imogen's dreams.[64] During a game of "What the Fuck is Up with That", Laudna revealed that she had died and come back to life during a coup in Whitestone, and that one of the Briarwoods speaks to her in her head sometimes.[65] She later elaborated on her story to Orym as they traveled to the Heartmoor and revealed she had been hung from the Sun Tree.[66]

Aboard the Silver Sun on the way to Bassuras, Laudna and Imogen discussed the latter's attachment to the gnarlrock shard. Laudna felt deep rumbles pulse through her, along with the urge to inspect it closer. She promised she wouldn't do anything to the shard, so Imogen agreed to let her hold it, whereupon Delilah seized control of her body and shattered the rock.[67]

Laudna sought advice from Fresh Cut Grass and Ashton regarding her predicament. Soon after, Laudna and Imogen made up⁠, though not before being asked out to dinner by Dusk.[68]

During the Deathwish Run, Laudna served as the second to Chetney.[69] She was knocked out in the middle of the race,[70] but was brought back to consciousness through Dusk's Lay on Hands.[71]

While at the Calloway's hideout, Fearne put a gnarlrock shard in the dollhouse that Chetney had made for Laudna's dolls.[72] Laudna reached for it upon waking up, only to be warned against doing so by Imogen, at which point Delilah spoke in her head again.[73] Laudna had a conversation with her, in which Delilah told her that all of her friends would eventually betray her, but she never would as her continued existence depends on Laudna staying alive. She also, upon being asked, provided some information about the celestial solstice.[74]

Shortly afterwards, FCG attacked the party, and Laudna used Hunger of the Shadow, dealing a massive amount of damage and seemingly revitalizing herself. Delilah reiterated that the party would indeed betray her.[75] After FCG was brought to unconsciousness, she withdrew into a corner, but later Mended their head.[76] Imogen then took her aside and promised to help her get rid of Delilah, and assured her that what Delilah said was untrue.[77]

Laudna was killed by Otohan Thull in combat outside of the Seat of Disdain, and the party was unable to revive her at that time.[78] When they traveled to her home of Whitestone in order to see assistance from Keyleth's allies, Pike discovered that both Laudna's own soul and Delilah's soul were bound to her body.[79] Bells Hells then Astral Projected, with Pike's assistance, to try to disentangle the souls.[80] While there, Bells Hells saw various scenes from Laudna's life, including her hut being burned down,[81] Andy throwing dirt in her face,[82] her playing with dolls she had made as a young girl,[83] and her getting ready to go to the dinner with the Briarwoods,[84] before they finally reached a corrupted version of the Sun Tree in which her soul was imprisoned.[85] After a successful plea from Chetney, Delilah permitted Laudna to briefly speak.[86] She begged Imogen to set her free from Delilah.[87]

Following the combat the rest of Bells Hells had with Delilah and the Sun Tree, Laudna's soul was broken free from the corrupted tree.[88] She was successfully resurrected shortly after,[89] and, after seeing the renewed Whitestone and spending some time with the Sun Tree, her Form of Dread became tree-like.[90] She encouraged others, including Percy, to also touch the Sun Tree,[91] and chose to sleep by the Sun Tree that night, where she was joined by the rest of the party.[92] She also received her pact boon, and brought Pâté to life via Find Familiar.[93]

Laudna was instrumental in investigating and destroying the Malleus Key in the Feywild[94] and the one on the Material Plane at the Tishtan excavation site, given her knowledge of Arcana and her ability to deal damage at a distance.[95] After Ludinus activated the damaged key, Laudna, along with Ashton and Orym, was teleported away to a location she did not recognize.[96] There, they met up with Bor'Dor Dog'Son, Deni$e Bembachula, and Prism Grimpoppy and determined they were in the Demithore Valley in Issylra.[97]

The party traveled to Hearthdell, where Elder Abaddina said she would help Scry on the other half of Bells Hells, among others, if they helped rid the town of Dawnfather missionaries.[98] Following the fight in the Sunrise Sanctuary, Laudna expressed to Orym, and later Ashton, that she was extremely angry at having to fight this battle when there were far more important things at stake.[99]

Laudna got the killing blow on Evithorir after the party reached Irriam Canyon in the hopes of being transported by Hevestro.[100] After Bor'Dor revealed himself to be a member of the Ruby Vanguard, and attacked the party with a Vitriolic Sphere, Laudna assumed her Form of Dread and appeared to regain some of the signs she had had while Delilah was her patron,[29] which heightened when she used Hunger of the Shadow to kill him.[30] She then expressed her worries that she'd reawoken Delilah to Ashton and Prism.[101]

Upon returning to Jrusar, Laudna was initially extremely upset with the rest of of Bells Hells for having had a less grueling time in Wildemount than Team Issylra had had,[102] but was quickly assuaged when Imogen asked to kiss her, which she accepted.[4] She revealed to Imogen that Delilah had returned. A few days later, she called upon Delilah while in Zephrah, initially receiving no response, but after a second attempt to call for the Moonweaver, Delilah told her that no matter what, she would always be hers.[103]

On board the Crimson Abyss in the Shattered Teeth, Laudna told the whole party that Delilah had returned. While pondering if she should embrace Delilah's influence, one of the undead pirates overheard the conversation and likened her situation to his own struggle with addiction, encouraging her to rely on the people who support her and avoid letting the temptations rule her.[104]

During the party's second visit to Whitestone, Gwendolyn de Rolo sensed the presence of Delilah after touching Laudna and ran away frightened.[105] Shortly afterward, Laudna invited Fearne and Imogen to explore the castle later.[106] That night, they helped her recall the path to the hidden room she would take refuge in after her first resurrection[107] - Delilah's laboratory, which was haunted by the ghosts of former castle servants on whom she experimented.[108] As they finished destroying what was left and exited, Delilah expressed to Laudna that she does care for her because Laudna's well-being was tied to her own, and Laudna agreed to cooperate and work with her.[109] After Ashton's failed attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, Laudna felt deeply betrayed, and Delilah urged her to absorb the rejected shard.[110] Laudna instead ran off through the Whitestone tunnels and spent the night in the ruins of the hut in which she'd once lived in the woods outside the city. She asked Delilah about the nature of love, and Delilah again urged her to seek power.[111] Laudna then decided to make a doll of Ashton, with the intent of either taking out her anger on it and crushing its skull, or giving it to Ashton.[112] She later gave it to Ashton.[113]

While in the Fey Realm, Laudna again felt Delilah's pull on her to take the shard of Rau'shan when Fearne absorbed it, but was able to resist thanks to Calm Emotions cast upon her by Imogen.[114] Bells Hells then went to the Tishtan site for their scouting mission. While there, Laudna asked Keyleth about the Champion of Ravens, and Keyleth told her that they needed to keep him in place to use the Bloody Bridge, but that she hoped to free him as soon as possible. She also apologized to Laudna but was not specific about it.[115]

In Razora, following their defeat of Willmaster Edmuda, Laudna was insistent they try to use the Quintessence Array on her not just to drain her for a day, as Orym had, but permanently. When it became clear they would have to escape before that was possible, Laudna used Hunger of the Shadow, telling Edmuda her power should have gone to her rather than "the halfling". Delilah responded approvingly.[116] That night, while taking watch after Bells Hells had found the portal to Ria'Doin from Ruidus, Laudna spoke to Delilah about the nature of power, expressing some doubts about its end goals and her relationship. Delilah told her power is important to protect the ones you love or to avenge them should that fail. The following morning, Laudna used the siphon to gain power from the Ring of Life Awareness taken from Edmuda.[117]

In Kreviris, Laudna was able to hide Bells Hells from Imperium troops with Darkness, and telepathically inform them when the soldiers sent in slithers, preventing them from being captured.[118] She was also able to identify an object they had taken in an earlier fight with Imperium forces as Aeorian in nature.[119] Imogen, using her resemblance to Liliana, gained access for herself and Laudna to the Overspoke Tower where Laudna was able to identify the location of the Volition pass house and lead Bells Hells to it.[120]

After Imogen learned the Volition was planning to assassinate her mother, and was unable to convince Liliana to leave the Vanguard, Laudna pulled Imogen aside and told her she seemed distant, and expressed sympathy over Liliana. Imogen accused Laudna of returning to Delilah while she was in Issylra and lying about it. Laudna described her relationship with Delilah as symbiotic and expressed the belief that she could not separate herself, and when she said she thought she was holding Imogen back, Imogen kissed her.[121]

After the party's return to Exandria from Ruidus after defeating Otohan, Laudna became unsettled when Orym took Ishta.[122] Delilah spoke to her, convincing her to take it so that she could confirm whether it was sentient and had perhaps even controlled Otohan.[123] Laudna did so, casting Darkness to conceal herself and Wither and Bloom on the vines on Orym's back, waking him up when she attempted to remove the sword.[124] He fought back against his unknown attacker, during which Laudna used Mage Hand to take the sword. Delilah told her it was indeed cursed. After Laudna lost concentration on Darkness, she Counterspelled and resisted Orym's attempts to trip her before he managed to disarm her.[125] The rest of the party woke up during the commotion. Initially, Fearne and Imogen believed Laudna when she said the sword was cursed, but realized Laudna was being influenced by Delilah,[126] and Fearne's Identify and Chetney's Grim Psychometry did not reveal any magical curses.[127] After a tense discussion,[128] Bells Hells decided to let Orym keep the sword, but gave Laudna Scream Needle in exchange.[129] Laudna ran out the window using Spider Climb, and Imogen followed her. Laudna's Form of Dread took on the appearance of Delilah, and she stabbed herself with the dagger to absorb its power. When she spoke to Imogen, Delilah briefly echoed her words before fading away again.[130]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ashton Greymoore[edit | edit source]

Unlike many people she's encountered, including other party members, who seem off-put by Laudna's creepiness, Ashton seems to love her aesthetic.[131] Laudna and Ashton have bonded over how they have been visually changed by their pasts, and by how they feel protective towards Imogen and FCG, respectively.[132]

Delilah Briarwood[edit | edit source]

Laudna occasionally hears the voice of her patron, Delilah, in her head.[133] Delilah appears to be her warlock patron, although it is unclear when after Laudna and Delilah's respective deaths the pact was made. After Laudna told the rest of Bells Hells about her pact, Delilah told Laudna to keep things secret.[5] Laudna has also expressed to Imogen that she is not sure how she feels about Delilah and has floated the possibility of breaking her pact.[134]

While Laudna was inspecting the shard that Imogen got from the Shade Mother's den, Delilah used her power to shatter the shard and transfer the magical essence into Laudna. This upset Imogen, who had asked Laudna not to do anything to the shard. Laudna in turn was quite angry at Delilah and screamed "What did you do?"[135] Delilah later told Laudna that her party members would all betray her.[136]

After Laudna was killed in the fight against Otohan, it was revealed that Delilah had chosen Laudna because of Laudna's natural sorcery abilities,[137] and that their souls were entangled.[79] Delilah did not contact Laudna for a while after her resurrection, and was theorized to be gone entirely.[138] However, signs of her influence resurfaced when Laudna killed Bor'dor and continued to persist.[30]

After returning to the hidden experiment chamber within Castle Whitestone, Laudna agreed to work together with Delilah to do "terrible and beautiful things."[139]

Fearne Calloway[edit | edit source]

Laudna, Fearne, and Imogen all have bonded over being spellcasters, and call one another 'Witchy/Witch Bitches'.[140][141][142] Fearne has engaged in some mischief with Laudna's puppets, notably moving them around so that Laudna thought they were animated on their own.[143]

When Laudna and Orym both died, Fearne flipped a coin of the Changebringer to decide who to bring back, and ultimately resurrected Orym, though she was upset about having to make the choice.[144] Not long after Laudna's eventual resurrection, Laudna approached Fearne to ask for some guidance in fire-related magic. Fearne was excited to assist. She also expressed her regret about not being able to save Laudna, and asked Laudna how she was feeling. Laudna told her that she was feeling somewhat uneasy about herself, but that she understood Fearne's actions and would happily blame the Changebringer instead.[145]

Fresh Cut Grass[edit | edit source]

Imogen Temult[edit | edit source]

Laudna is Imogen's romantic partner. She and Imogen met while Laudna was in Gelvaan a couple of years before the campaign.[146] They "hit it off real well" and decided to start traveling together.[147] They came to Jrusar together with the goal of entering one of the conservatories there so Imogen can research her strange dreams and powers.[148] They were separated into opposite groups (Imogen in Team Wildemount and Laudna in Team Issylra) after events during the Apogee Solstice, and upon being reunited in Jrusar, Imogen kissed Laudna.[4]

Laudna will often wake when Imogen has a nightmare and sometimes observes Imogen without waking her up as it happens. After Imogen awakens, she comforts her and talks about what Imogen saw in the dream.[149][150]

Orym[edit | edit source]

Orym is one of the few members of Bells Hells that knows Laudna's cause of death. Laudna seems to trust Orym enough to tell him. Orym in return shows his empathy towards her in his repeated apologies about her death. Additionally Orym, due to his relationship with Keyleth, knew about the Whitestone atrocities.[151]

Yu Suffiad[edit | edit source]

Yu, as Dusk, showed interest in Laudna early into their time with the group, saying that Laudna may have cold hands but she also had a warm heart.[152] Some time later, Yu told Laudna about their feelings for her. Laudna panicked and fled quickly.[153]

During the Deathwish Run, Yu used Lay on Hands to bring Laudna back from unconsciousness.[71] After the race, Laudna clarified that her awkwardness during the confession was from being caught off-guard, and that she didn't feel she was ready for that kind of relationship. Yu hoped for Laudna that when she was ready, she would "find somebody that will make [her] feel less awkward."[154]

After Yu revealed their true self and attempted again to seduce Orym, Laudna remarked that she thought she was special. Yu said they did think Laudna was special.[155] It is still left unclear as to whether Yu's interest in Laudna was real or an act.

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Hollow One abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Ageless[174]
  • Cling to Life[175]
  • Revenance[176]
  • Unsettling Presence[177]
  • Affected by Turn Undead, an optional rule chosen by Matt and Marisha during the character creation.[178]

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Spell Sniper[179]
  • Hunger of the Shadow: Laudna can make a melee attack to magically drain the life essence from a target, empowering Delilah in the process.[75]
  • Void Puppet: Laudna has advantage on Intimidation checks. 3/Day as a bonus action, she can conjure a screaming spirit, which lasts for 1 minute. She can move the spirit 30 feet on her turn. If a creature is within 5 feet of the screaming spirit when Laudna targets it with a spell, the target has disadvantage on the saving throw. The spirit then vanishes.[180]

Warlock abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Otherworldly Patron (The Undead)
  • Pact Magic (Charisma-based spellcasting)
  • Eldritch Invocations (2)
  • Pact Boon: Pact of the Chain[188]

Sorcerer abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Spellcasting (Charisma-based spellcasting)
  • Sorcerous Origin (Shadow Magic)
    • Eyes of the Dark: Darkvision 120 ft.[189]
    • Strength of the Grave[190]
    • Hound of Ill Omen[191]
  • Font of Magic
    • Sorcery Points: 10
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Laudna's first class is in warlock,[195] granting her the base proficiencies for that class.

Proficiency Source Ref.
Arcana Warlock, Background, or Human (Variant) [196]
Intimidation Warlock, Background, or Human (Variant) [197]
Perception Background or Human (Variant) [198]
Stealth Background or Human (Variant) [199][200]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Some spells Laudna knows are available to her through both of her classes and are listed as "unknown" until their source is confirmed.

Spell Level Class Notes Ref.
Chill Touch Cantrip Unknown [fn 2][fn 3] [201]
Eldritch Blast Cantrip Warlock [fn 3] [202]
Infestation Cantrip Unknown [fn 2] [203]
Mage Hand Cantrip Sorcerer [204]
Mending Cantrip Sorcerer [205]
Message Cantrip Sorcerer [206]
Minor Illusion Cantrip Unknown [fn 2] [207]
Prestidigitation Cantrip Unknown [fn 2] [208]
Ray of Frost Cantrip Sorcerer [fn 3] [209]
Shocking Grasp Cantrip Sorcerer [fn 3] [210]
Thaumaturgy Cantrip Unknown [fn 4] [201][211][212]
Bane 1st Warlock Undead spell [213]
False Life 1st Sorcerer [214]
Find Familiar 1st Warlock Pact of the Chain [188]
Hellish Rebuke 1st Warlock [215]
Hex 1st Warlock [216]
Shield 1st Sorcerer [217]
Silent Image 1st Sorcerer [218]
Silvery Barbs 1st Sorcerer [219]
Feather Fall 1st Sorcerer [220]
Darkness 2nd Sorcerer Eyes of the Dark [221]
Blur 2nd Sorcerer [222]
Mirror Image 2nd Warlock [fn 5] [223]
Phantasmal Force 2nd Sorcerer [224]
Spider Climb 2nd Warlock [fn 5] [225]
Wither and Bloom 2nd Sorcerer [226]
Counterspell 3rd Sorcerer [227]
Fireball 3rd Sorcerer [228]
Blight 4th Sorcerer [229]
Spirit of Death 4th Sorcerer [230]
Animate Objects 5th Sorcerer [231]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Laudna's creation indirectly stems from a nightmare Marisha had where she encountered the jaw-less flower girl (which Laudna later conjured with Silent Image in "Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates" (3x10)). This made her want to play a creepy character for Campaign 3, and she initially wanted to play a little girl who had died, was hung on the Sun Tree as Pike's dummy, and been resurrected, but ultimately believed it could get weird and decided to play an adult instead.[232][233] Marisha knew from the outset that her character would have died during the Briarwoods' insurrection of Whitestone and been resurrected, and through discussion with Matt, the idea that she was the effigy of Vex'ahlia hung from the Sun Tree came to be. From there, she decided to multiclass as a sorcerer/warlock, and would thus need a patron, for which she suggested Delilah Briarwood.[233]

Before naming Laudna, Marisha considered several other names: Vermilia, Morella, and Noxi.[234] Laudna's name derives from laudanum,[235] an opium tincture historically widely used as pain medication or to induce sleep. Its use is often featured in especially 19th century Gothic and horror literature. Laudna's birth name, Matilda, originated from Marisha's research rabbit hole over silk flowers and the girls who painted them (due to her flower girl nightmare). One of the factory workers who had died from the arsenic-laced green paint was a 19-year-old girl named Matilda Scheurer. Her death received press coverage, alerting people of the dangers of that pigment. Thus, Matilda Bradbury was named after her.[236]

Marisha wanted Laudna's Form of Dread to be based on Delilah Briarwood who was grieving over the death of Sylas Briarwood, wearing a creepy, Victorian, mourning dress.[22]

After Laudna received her new dress in "Reunited" (3x64) and Marisha described it in "A Path of Vengeance" (3x65), Hannah Friederichs began sketching Laudna's second portrait "almost as soon as" the latter episode was filmed and Producer Kyle Shire sent her a clip of this moment. Hannah started with broad concepts of Laudna's new look, working for "a few days" before Marisha sent her a reference doc. This doc, in particular, included a lace that featured a repeating pattern of branches, which turned out in the final art as a dark stocky tree. In her second art Hannah wanted Laudna's facial expression to represent a change of her character, giving her a "slightly manic look".[237] When drawing the floral pattern on Laudna's dress, Hannah took inspiration from the Dutch painters, specifically taking aspects of Willem Van Aelst's "Flower still life with a watch" and Egon Schiele's sunflower painting. Some of these still paintings suggested an idea of the floral life cycle, where — from left to right — there are flowers that grow, bloom, and then wither away. Hannah repeated this concept on Laudna's bodice, which tie in with Laudna's love for flowers and her Wither and Bloom spell.[238]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Laudna: I'm fun-scary!
    Imogen: Laudna, you're scary-scary.[239]
  • Laudna: Is it rude to ask about dead people?
    Dorian: When you're using their body parts, I think so.
    Laudna: Wow. Don't tell Pâté.[240]
  • Orym: So why are you puppeteering a dead rat?
    Laudna: (in Pâté's voice) "Well, you see, Laudna here was quite alone for quite some time, and she kind of needed somebody to keep her company or else she would go insane. Especially because it was just me and that voice in her head." (in her own voice) He's so silly.[241]
  • Laudna: You know, I don't think I've ever been in love either. I mean, that's not true. I deeply love Imogen.
    Ashton: It's a very broad word, isn't it?[242]
  • Fresh Cut Grass: Are you dead? What the fuck is up with that?
    Laudna: I'm not entirely sure. I think so. [...] I think I'm some cross in between life and death. Not totally alive, but not totally dead. I definitely died! I died, and then I woke up. I woke up, and I was surrounded by a lot of other corpses, and all of Whitestone was in a complete panic, run amok, just death and disease and nightmare everywhere, and I didn't know what happened so I ran. I haven't really aged.
    Fresh Cut Grass: How long ago was that?
    Laudna: Thirty years.[243]
  • Laudna: (giving the "book jacket version" of her life to Chetney) I was alive, but then I was dead, and now I'm alive again. I'm originally from Whitestone and this is Pâté, my pet rat. (as Pâté) "Hello, Chetney!"[244]
  • Laudna: Nightmares are just fun dreams. They're inspiration, right? I've pulled many of my tactics from nightmares that I've had. They keep you on your toes.[245]
  • Orym: You know what's interesting about you?
    Laudna: Hm? I would hope a great deal of many things.
    Orym: Well, there's the obvious, but you're the happiest person in this bunch.
    Laudna: Of course! The worst thing that's ever happened to me has already happened.[246]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of "Laudna" from "Fate's Journey" (LVM1x05).[art 7]
  • The animation on her stat card features black smoke and black ooze dripping from the top of the frame.[247]
  • When using the Message spell, Laudna's voice is accompanied by eerie whispers and otherworldly sound effects created by the rest of the cast. This began as a joke when Laudna tried to spook Orym with a Message and has become a running gag. Prior to this event, her Messages had no echoes.
  • During the masquerade ball in Jrusar, Laudna used the alias "Lorelei de Rolo",[248] combining the name of the werewolf family in "Liam's One-Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (OSx23) with the last name of the rulers of Whitestone, her former home. Her stuffed rat Pâté de Rolo also bears the de Rolo name.[249]
    • The word "lorelei" was also mentioned by Laudna as an abusive name hurled at her by mobs when she was driven out of various towns.[250] In this context, it refers to a siren or mermaid who lures men to their doom, particularly one associated with stories surrounding the Lorelei rock in the River Rhine.
  • Until Chetney Pock O'Pea's introduction in "Behind the Curtain" (3x07), Laudna was the only member of Bells Hells to have darkvision.
  • In "Fate's Journey" (LVM1x05), in The Legend of Vox Machina, the Briarwoods receive in Whitestone Castle the group they will disguise as the members of Vox Machina, including a dark-haired woman that would represent Vex'ahlia who loosely resembles Laudna. While this minor character has the same role and position than Laudna, the Amazon show has its own continuity and it was in production well before Campaign 3 started, so it is unknown how much of Marisha's eventual character was being represented in the animation.
  • Sprigg, Liam O'Brien's dog, was dressed as Laudna for Halloween in 2022. The costume was made by @Cat_Cosplay.[251]

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Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Variations include the Sun Tree constantly cycling through the seasons,[25] the pale ash trees of the Gloomed Jungles,[26] branches and vines taking over buildings in a rapid urban decay at the Shiver Keep,[27] and gnarled petrified trees of the Hellcatch Valley.[28]
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Chill Touch, Infestation, Minor Illusion, and Prestidigitation are on both the sorcerer and warlock spell lists.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Spell Sniper allows Laudna to learn one cantrip with an attack roll, so Laudna might know Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Ray of Frost, or Shocking Grasp from that feat.
  4. Thaumaturgy is neither a sorcerer nor warlock spell nor can it be learned from Spell Sniper.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Spider Climb and Mirror Image are on both the warlock and sorcerer lists. However, because they were first cast after taking warlock 3, they are most likely learned from the warlock list.


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