Lake Umamu

Lake Umamu
Location information
PlaneMaterial Plane
RegionCaramarin Reach
Ecological information

Lake Umamu is a lake in the Caramarin Reach in Issylra bordered by the town of Ria'Doin, and the location of a portal to Ruidus.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lake Umamu is kidney-shaped,[1] with Ria'Doin situated on one of its edges. Somewhat away from the town is a portal at the bottom of the lake that leads to a subterranean cavern on Ruidus, and which is the source of a river.[2] The bottom of the lake nearer to the town is extremely cold, and contains a shadowy, undead creature that lures people beneath to its grasp,[3] which caused the town to become abandoned as all the residents either were lured into the lake or fled.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Some time before the events of Campaign 3, the creature in the lake began compelling the people of Ria'Doin to walk into the lake. Eventually, everyone in town had either walked into the lake and drowned, or left the area.[4]

Fearne first entered the lake via a crack in a subterranean cavern on Ruidus through which water was flowing.[5] She returned, and the party went through and began investigating the town to find where they might be.[6] Eventually, they determined they were in Ria'Doin.[7] Laudna found town records describing the disappearances, which ended abruptly.[4] Bells Hells initially planned to spend the night, but midway through second watch, after informing both Caleb and Keyleth of the portal's location,[8] Orym, followed by Ashton, FCG, and Chetney were all lured into the lake. Imogen, Laudna, and Fearne followed after them and attempted to damage the creature below, allowing the others to fight their way out and free themselves.[9] Bells Hells decided not to stay in town, and left messages for their allies before returning through the portal to Ruidus.[10]

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