Kozma Laszlo

Kozma Laszlo
Official art of Kozma Laszlo, by Third Person.[art 1]
Biographical information
TitlesBaron of the Fold Shallows[fn 1]
AgeUpper middle age
PlacesFold Shallows, The Fold
AffiliationsUnited Baronies
Cause of deathDissolved by Moc Weepe's Fold-infused blood — "Baron" (Midst 3x09)
First seen"Boss" (Midst 2x18)
Last seen"Baron" (Midst 3x09)
StreamMidst (5 episodes)

Kozma Laszlo is Baron of the Fold Shallows and a character in Midst. As Baron, she owns all islets in the Fold Shallows, including the titular Midst.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kozma is an upper middle age woman who is notably short, shorter than preteen Tzila Guthrie. She is expensively dressed and typically wears velvet smoking jackets or waistcoats. She keeps her nails painted, wears a great number of rings, and keeps a pair of reading glasses around her neck on a gold chain.[3][4][5]

She is described as a "confident, capable, shadowy, and dynamic figure" and as energetic. Her description of the said she probably knows more about you than you do about her," and she is willing to manipulate, subtly intimidate, or pressure others to achieve her goals. She is capable of focusing on a great many tasks at once.[3][4][5]

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Midst[edit | edit source]

Kozma was among those who deposed the Baron of the Fold Shallows, locked him in a mica cabinet, and dropped him into the Fold abyss. Believing that the resulting tearrors killed him, Kozma became Baron of the Fold Shallows, which became part of the United Baronies.[6] She is further a member of the organization's Department of the Exterior.[7]

She and Hieronymous Loxlee became the primary organizers of The Breach, a route that smuggles individuals who wish to leave The Trust into the Fold.[8]

Midst[edit | edit source]

She meets the Upper Trust in the Highest Light to sell Midst to the Trust.[9][10] Though the sale would make the Breach vulnerable, according to Hieronymous, she could not refuse the sale for it would risk revealing herself as part of the Breach. Hieronymous had a mica-operated camera created by Agatha Ledge moved to Midst, and Kozma and Hieronymous hoped to use it the night after the sale announcement to create a medium-sized tearror and force an evacuation. They would then rebuild the route elsewhere. However, Moc Weepe identified the cabaret as the Breach front before the sale and while the camera was still on the moon. Hieronymous instructed Kozma to have the camera set off immediately, resulting in the moonfall.[8]

The Upper Trust summoned her back to the city to discuss what she may know about the incident. She stops at Sequester in the middle of the functional-night while on her way to the Highest Light. She speaks to the Grandmother of the Mothers Merciful to confirm that the Mothers are mobilizing aid for Midst. Having heard of Phineas Thatch's presence on the islet, she also summons him for a meeting, as it is unusual for a member of the Company to be in the Fold. She interviews him about how he came to Sequester and about his plans going forward now that he has quit the Trust. He intends to return to the Highest Light but does not have a means to get there, so she insists that he travel with her because she is already going.[11] Her entourage stops briefly at Midst to transfer to an Un-worthy ship, during which she asks Saskia Del Norma for a status update on Stationary Hill and for theories on the moonfall.[12]

On the way to the Highest Light, she interviews Phineas again, hoping to unobtrusively determine what she wants to do with him should she convince him to join her service. She is delighted that he is used to being told what to do and that he suggests changing Valor itself might improve the Trust. Upon learning that the Trust launched a search for Lark, she observes that the Trust is trying to fix its economy by "hunting and probably ritually sacrificing some old lady" and finds it "pathetic". She dismisses Phineas with the remains of her lunch (which he takes to Lark, hiding in her cargo hold). As she disembarks into the city, she gives Phineas a business card with an address where she arranged private meeting to take place after her several days of meetings. Should Phineas take her job offer, she will introduce him to her contacts in the city, with whom he will work closely. She instructs him to stay hidden and advises him to hide in the hold before sneaking out.[13]

She attends a dinner with Imogen Loxlee, Hieronymous Loxlee, Milton Fleit, and Imelda Goldfinch. She is annoyed that it has been delayed at least twice so that the Trust can reorganize its government. When Fleit and Imogen talk delicately around the moonfall, she takes control of the conversation and states that she is coordinating the Breach and is responsible for the moonfall. She demands that the Trust meet her requests at the end of one day or face destruction. She further warns that if she is arrested, killed, or harmed, her operatives in the city will carry out a contingency plan. When told that nobody present has authority to respond to her demands, she is angrily dismissive of the new Tripotentiary Weepe, whom she recognizes as the owner of the Black Candle Cabaret on Midst. Weepe promptly arrives and asks her to repeat herself. Though astonished, Kozma refuses and leaves to find someplace that serves "real food".[14]

The next day, she arrives at the Tripotentiary mansion with her armed escort. After a search finds nothing on Weepe but equipment for his siphon machine, she agrees to speak with Weepe alone. He rejects her demands but is willing to accept her surrender. She declares that she is going to destroy the Trust. After she says that she knows he betrayed the Breach on Midst and that she knows who he is, he identifies himself as the former Baron of the Fold Shallows. She is too terrified to call for her guards, but she draws the sword out of her cane to attempt to kill him again. He attacks her and kills her with his Fold-infused blood, dissolving her.[6] With her dead, various agents of the Breach in the city enact a plan to destroy the Central Vault.[15]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Kozma, like all other characters in Midst who are not one of the three protagonists, is voiced by any of the three narrators.[16]

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  1. She is once referred to as "Baroness".[1] However, she has never been referred to using this title again, and she pointedly instructs Phineas to refer to her as "Baron".[2] It is therefore presumed that "Baroness" is not a proper title for her.


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