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"4-Sided Dive: Kiss and Tell"
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Episode no.Episode 16
AirdateSeptember 5, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time2:14:02
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"4-Sided Dive: Kiss and Tell" (4SDx16) is the 16th episode of 4-Sided Dive, discussing up to "Embattled in Bassuras" (3x70) with Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel. Sam was the Tavern Keeper, and the guests played Gang Beasts.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cold open[edit | edit source]

We hear testimonials on Moppo's Canned Bits from host Sam and the rest of the cast present.

What the fuck is up with that?[edit | edit source]

On Imogen and Laudna's relationship, Imodna! Dani is extremely excited to talk about Imodna and draws a number of comparisons between it and her own relationship. Everyone discusses the various ship names in addition to Imodna, and pitch various others throughout the show.

Marisha and Laura did not discuss the relationship ahead of time, and in fact had originally intended Imogen and Laudna's friendship to be strictly platonic. They later revised this to be open to a romance should it develop organically. Laura then found that over the course of gameplay, she felt jealous about Laudna. However, she didn't discuss it with anyone, and the request to kiss Laudna was entirely unplanned. She expected that Laudna would refuse as she had not received any romantic interest from Laudna in-game. (Matt briefly interrupts to remind people that this was possible in their game due to the level of player trust and familiarity, but in general, ask before romancing!) Marisha mentions that Laudna similarly felt some jealousy towards Imogen's friendships with Orym and FRIDA. Both Laura and Marisha mention that Dani had given them a number of "pep talks," notably after the conversation they had at the end of "The Aurora Grows" (3x49) regarding tethers.

Laura talks more about Imogen's mindset, and about how her Circlet of the Hidden Eye has drastically changed it now that she is no longer inundated with nor needs to keep up walls to keep out other people's thoughts. She and Marisha as Imogen and Laudna are currently going with the flow and have not yet discussed it much out of game, but Laudna did refer to Imogen as her girlfriend to Chetney.

Dani asks Marisha when Laudna realized it, and Marisha notes it's all a blur but the tether conversation and mentioning that they could leave and live in a cottage were part of it. Laudna's focus has always been protecting Imogen and supporting her.

Dani also asks Laura if mentioning that rings are worn by married people to FCG before he ate a ring was about Imogen's feelings for Laudna, and Laura says it was just about wanting FCG not to eat someone's ring.

On Chetney: Dani points out Chetney was the first other than Fearne to learn of Orym's marriage to Will as well. Matt notes that Chetney is sneaky and irreverent, so it feels lower pressure to speak to him because, as Laura says, he's a "train wreck". Matt talks more about Chetney: he was initially hesitant when Travis brought the idea to him, but Chetney has developed into a unique, weird, and deep character and perhaps an aspiration for when Matt grows old. Laura notes that Chetney is weirdly the core of the group, and Matt agrees that he and Orym

On Relvin Temult: When conversation turns to whether Imogen will introduce Laudna to her father, at first Dani says it's not necessary because Relvin and Imogen have a complicated relationship. Laura and Matt note that Relvin isn't a bad father, just limited. Marisha points out that Relvin has a very different daughter than he was prepared for, and Laura and Dani both discuss how Liliana leaving makes his grief and difficulty sympathetic.

On Delilah being back: Marisha thinks Laudna's protectiveness of Imogen will only increase, and she might push herself farther. They haven't really spoken at length about Delilah yet, and Marisha doesn't want to spoil what she may do.

Spells in the bedroom: Laura suggests Telekinesis; Dani suggests Thaumaturgy and Fly; Matt mentions Shocking Grasp.

We saw Keyleth and went to Zephrah. Matt is numb to the mockery of his mispronunciation of blue perennem. (We are briefly interrupted by a call to Laura from Travis and Ronin). Sam really likes the check-ins with the past player characters, and Marisha loved Matt having Keyleth say she's been angry for 30 years. Sam and Marisha talk about how Keyleth still hasn't moved on from Vax, and Laura says she needs to, and the conversation turns to whether Keyleth has Wildshaped into a raven and hooked up with the raven that visits. They wonder aloud what might help Keyleth move on, because the ravens coming daily is not helping. Matt notes that this is representative of some of Vax's more unhealthy behaviors.

On Vax'ildan: Technically, in fact, whenever Vax visits Keyleth (and it's not confirmed whether she was aware during the attack on Zephrah in which Will was killed, only that Otohan recognized that something happened), he is breaking the terms of his oath to the Matron of Ravens. Sam mentions that perhaps it's good that Keyleth has some time on her own.

On Fearne and Teven Klask: It was a short but very intense interaction. Like his master Asmodeus, Teven is extremely charismatic! Everyone hopes Fearne will call on him in the "red button" campaign. Sam asks if he knows Zerxus to which Matt says they're at different levels, with Teven more a field agent and Zerxus in a higher but more administrative position.

On going to see Dancer (and potentially D): FCG's Augury shenanigans were some of the funniest parts of the campaign so far. Sam feels slightly bad because everyone else wanted to see D (which Laura and Marisha affirm), but FCG really wanted to see Dancer! Sam indicates D might be Devexian, but Matt will not answer that. (And then refers to it as the Devexian path a minute or so later). Either option would bring them to someone who could give them information about Ludinus Da'leth's harness and into other aspects of the campaign - there's a lot going on in Wildemount too! Meanwhile, FCG is disappointed that Dancer cannot absolve them, but as the cast points out, that's not how that works.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 1[edit | edit source]

J.R. TeKippe: What do you think your character would do if they were suddenly dropped into The Age of Arcanum? — pulled by Laura, 45:59

  • Sam: FCG is already from there so they will actually be upset that they're no longer special for being the only aeormaton. Sam points out that Chetney encouraging FCG to start a cult makes a lot of sense because everyone treats FCG like he's unique and special. FRIDA would have to join the cult.
  • Marisha: Laudna wanted to study her magic originally and the Briarwoods exploited that, so she'd enjoy being able to access that education. Matt points out that there was pretty profound inequality - Aeor and Avalir were not representative of all of Exandria but rather the mageocracies.

applebees-soulcycle on Tumblr: For all, including Dani!: There are so many quotable moments in your show. What's your favorite one-liner from any campaign? — pulled by Matt, 51:29

  • Laura: Life needs things to live (from Percy) or "You pooping?" from Jester.
  • Sam: Your secret is safe with my indifference (also Percy) and many of Caduceus's lines, especially his speech to Trent Ikithon in "Dinner with the Devil" (2x110)
  • Some others mentioned were "We're basically gods" (from Keyleth), "I have an intelligence of six, I know what I'm doing" (from Grog)

JD: What item in your inventory currently means so much to you and why? It can be a magical item you are currently attuned to or something a fellow player or NPC gave to you. If you have already talked about this, talk about the second most meaningful item. — pulled by Marisha, assisted by Omar, 55:02

  • Marisha: Pâté de Rolo. She and Matt talk about Pâté's voice now that he's a familiar.
  • Laura: Imogen's circlet.
  • Sam: Initially, the cigarettes, but he is reminded of the Coin of the Changebringer. Sam then talks about the "Coin boys" trend on TikTok.

The Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Sam: How is FCG doing having reunited with Dancer and meeting her new automatons? What does he think of them?1:00:14

FCG is kind of jealous of Cookie and Pussy II! However, it was good and necessary for them to hear from Dancer that they need to get over it themselves rather than relying on her. Sam wonders if he should have talked to Keyleth instead about closure; Marisha points out she's not over everything herself, so she might not be the best option. They also just left Keyleth! Sam says Kimothy, which is the secret word, so we go back to the Tower of Inquiry!

The Tower of Inquiry: Secret Word[edit | edit source]

Lux: From the start of the campaign, the party has seemed very sectioned off into close groups of 2 or 3. How do you think the party's recent split and reunion have strengthened, weakened or rearranged the relationships or travelling groups which were created pre-stream? How do you think the newer relationships were affected? — pulled by Sam, who said the secret word "Kimothy", 1:03:22

  • Sam: Fearne and Orym's relationship is interesting in that they do still check in regularly, but have built relationships with others (Orym and either Imogen or Laudna - unclear; and Fearne with Chetney and Ashton).
  • Marisha notes that the seating arrangement can influence the possible relationships as it's easier to interact with the people next to you or across from you. They never seat guests on the ends, and they have Travis and Taliesin in those positions because they are confident players who can jump in.

Emily S: If your character taught a class, what would it be and why? — pulled by Sam, for fun, 1:08:16

  • Marisha: Composting
  • Sam: Breathwork/meditation, or possibly baking
  • Laura: FFA
  • Matt: Marwa Endalia would teach scavenging. Everyone mentions that they miss Marwa and should have checked in when they were in Jrusar.

The Deep Dive, Part II[edit | edit source]

Marisha: Laudna mentioned her interest in the Eidolons and primordials. How does she feel about these nature spirits? Why do they speak to her, rather than the gods?1:10:48

Laudna suspects the gods do not like her as an undead creature, especially given FCG's recent use of Turn Undead, so she's interested in other entities. She also found the experience in Hearthdell formative and would like to explore other options.

Laura: What was it like for Imogen to confront her mother above Ruidus? How is she feeling towards Liliana now?1:12:23

Imogen is tired of Liliana. She wanted very much to believe that she was acting with good intentions, but she's gotten no indication that's the case. Laura really would like to see that redemption, but she thinks that Imogen's low roll trying to convince Liliana in "The Apogee Solstice" (3x51) means she's too tied up with Ludinus to extract herself. (Matt keeps a close poker face which he jokes he's honed trying to fool Travis; everyone talks about how to fool a polygraph.)

Matt: This will be the first time that the Shattered Teeth has properly been visited (not counting when it was Domunas in Calamity). Is there anything you're particularly excited about or anything you can tease about the continent?1:15:30

Matt is very excited! It's not really a continent so much as an archipelago, but because it was historically one it's treated as such. It's weird and chaotic and remote, and the people are unique and strange. Everyone talks about other places unexplored in Exandria - maps only show the known world; there's also underwater, and plenty of other places!

Sam: Where did Shithead come from? Was the bird your idea or Matt's?1:19:22

Originally Sam thought about having a familiar and designed the bird, and then decided he didn't want it and it didn't fit with FCG's build, plus Laudna and Fearne had familiars as well, so he decided against it and told Matt to do what he wanted with Shithead.

Marisha: What was it like for you to see Keyleth so wounded and to go through a quest specifically to save her?1:22:00

Sad to see her so beat up! Matt talks about bringing her in, and Marisha mentions that Keyleth is often seen as nearly immortal and hard to kill, so it's particularly affecting to see her vulnerable and injured.

Laura: How does Imogen feel about agreeing to plant the Brood Pit from the All-Minds-Burn? What was that interaction like for her?1:23:14

Their time in the Grey Valley really showed Imogen the dangers of a world without the gods, and was a turning point for her regarding the apogee solstice and its implications, so she's now dedicated to stopping the Ruby Vanguard's plans no matter what the cost. There's a bit of nihilism in it as a result - she expects damage no matter what, so she's not worried about that specific action. She's also not scared of mental things or gross things - she was more entranced by it.

Matt: How do you feel about losing Ratanish in that battle? Did you have more plans for Otohan's second-in-command?1:25:40

it's always a little sad to lose an antagonist, and the battle would have been much harder with him present - to the point that Keyleth had to encourage Bells Hells not to split the party. Matt's plan was for him to either turn the tide of the battle, or flee if things got bad enough, and act as an informant back to Otohan, so this did buy Bells Hells a little time.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 2[edit | edit source]

DiceDragon73: What has been the most heartbreaking thing that has happened to your character this season? And what was the most heartwarming thing that happened to your character this season? — pulled by Matt, 1:30:26

  • Marisha: "You lied" was heartbreaking, getting a ring as a make up gift was heartwarming.
  • Laura: Laudna dying was heartbreaking, making out was heartwarming.
  • Sam: Finding out he killed the Division of Public Benefit was heartbreaking, entering a relationship with FRIDA was heartwarming.

Gang Beasts Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Matt: What was the inspiration behind the All-Minds-Burn and its alien mind?1:45:10

It was developed in collaboration with Basheer Ghouse, who helped develop the Hellcatch Valley. The concept, including the hive mind's connection to smoking, was in the original lore document that Basheer created. Matt built upon those concepts. He hopes that Basheer is watching and likes it!

Marisha: Delilah is confirmed to be back! How is Laudna feeling now that she has that voice back in her head? To know that she didn't get rid of her?1:46:40

She's just going to roll with the punches and "see what happens". She was about to say that she knew that Delilah was still around, but she is interrupted by a shark in-game. She ultimately urges people to watch the show. Sam wants to see more Delilah. Matt says that Delilah never left and was simply "diminished heavily".

Sam: How did it feel for FCG to kill Shithead - the symbol of his guilt about Dancer and the Division?1:48:27

It's what everyone has been waiting for. Sam feels good about it. FGC considers it symbolic and is really happy. Sam indicates it "may lead to new choices".

Laura: Imogen's encounter with her Reilora was much more intense this time, due to it being far more corporeal. How does she feel about her connection with these beings? Is she worried she is turning into one?1:49:35

Imogen is not worried she's turning into a Reilora and neither is Laura. She is worried about her powers, though.

Sam: Though you all eventually chose to go see Dancer instead of D, do you hope to run into D in the future? Does FCG have any interest in speaking to him?1:50:54

He does want to see D in the future because he believes that he'll learn more about his origins, which he's worried will come back. Sam thinks that D will be fascinating and believes they can visit whenever, so long as they can find D.

Matt: Why did you decide to put Graz'tchar in the game? Which came first, the desire to explore the Grey Valley or to give Travis another cursed sword?1:52:13

It was Grey Valley first. Because Graz'tchar is in the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, he put it in and was curious to see what someone else, particularly Ashton or Orym, would do with a sentient weapon. Despite that, it went directly to Travis. Dani remarks it is destiny.

Laura: Imogen mentioned the possibility that she could give into the feeling of being connected to Ruidus, rather than resist it. Does she want to give in and see what happens, or is that a last resort?1:54:34

It is tempting to give in and see what full power looks like and would do to her. Mostly, Imogen wants to gain the insight and knowledge that she's lacked, and she might give in if given another opportunity.

Marisha: This is some of the longest time we've spent in Zephrah on stream. How does it feel to experience the city more in-depth as Laudna in your head, but with Keyleth in your heart?1:55:52

It lives up to what is in her head! Marisha was largely too distracted by a lengthy one-on-one with Sam in Gang Beasts to elaborate.

Sam: How did FCG feel accompanying Orym to Will and Derrig's gravesites?1:57:24

The visit offered insight into Orym's family life and history. FCG wanted to say something in that moment but did not know what because none of them know anything about Will or Derrig beyond their importance to Orym. He wishes that there was a way to get to know them better outside of that. Marisha mentions that the Chetney and Laudna dogfight is happening simultaneously and a Bells Hells animated series would have to intercut them.

Marisha: How did you enjoy your skysail dogfight?1:58:53

"It was so good!" Sam remarks that the callsigns were awful. Marisha agrees but points out Matt invented them on the spot.

Matt: What was the deal with Shithead/Gargo? Who did he belong to and why did FCG upset him so? Was he a revenant?1:59:42

Deep lore, can't discuss. He was a revenant and previously belonged to a necromancer "of some repute". After his master died, he was trapped in an undying state and, after wandering Exandria, found "a shiny person and really hated him".

Marisha and Laura: How excited are you to tell Zhudanna about your relationship upgrade?2:01:05

They think Zhudanna thinks they were in a relationship already.

Laura: Imogen's opinion of the gods seems to have adjusted since her visit to the Grey Valley, where she saw the demons running rampant. What can you tell us about her feelings towards the Predathos issue now?2:01:45

Sam picks up this discarded question off the table. Laura says she already talked about it, and Dani shoos Sam away from the questions.

Matt: What's up with the Dawnfather? He's been at the core of all kinds of stuff. What's the deal?2:02:13

He's not bad! The gods suddenly are having their existence threatened and are in "a rock and a hard place scenario". He started a statement ("Some people listen to—") but got distracted by the game. Even gods act out of the ordinary in unusual circumstances. Sam realizes that he doesn't know a lot about the Changebringer. Dani points out that the Changebringer and Asmodeus are mortal enemies. Sam wonders if FCG should hate Fearne now and considers asking the Changebringer about Asmodeus.

Marisha: Laudna has not commented on the fact that the lightning marks are spreading up Imogen's body. Does she have thoughts about the marks?2:04:40

Laudna is afraid that Imogen turning into a Reilora. Laura reiterates that she does not think Imogen is turning into one.

Halloween costumes[edit | edit source]

Because the next episode of 4-Sided Dive, "4-Sided Dive: Night of the Living Bits" (4SDx17), will be in October and Halloween-themed, the current guests determined costumes for the next guests to wear by pulling a creature and a flavor word from cauldrons. As the winner of the game, Marisha was allowed to pick three of each and create a costume. Dani also pulled a costume.

  • Matt: Party alien (or alien party)
  • Sam: Witch professor or professor witch ("Am I a professor who teaches witchcraft, or am I a witch who teaches women's studies?")
  • Laura: New Jersey swamp monster
  • Dani: Luxury puppy
  • Marisha: Thirst trap Waluigi

Outro[edit | edit source]

A lyric-less version of the outro song plays as Sam attempts to sing it live on set. He does not know any of the lyrics.

Moppo tells the creepy plastic Santa that they will both get what they want.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The drink special on the chalkboard during the Twitch countdown was "Tequila Sunset Sally" in reference to Shady Sally
  • Today's secret word is "Kimothy".

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