Kingsley Tealeaf

Kingsley Tealeaf
Player character
Official 2022 portrait of Kingsley, by Ari.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorTaliesin Jaffe
RaceTiefling (Devil's Tongue)[1]
  • Blood hunter (Order of the Ghostslayer)
  • Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Biographical information
TitlesPlank King
Also known asKing[2]
LanguagesCommon, Infernal
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level17 (Blood Hunter 13[4] / Rogue 4)[5]
15 / 17[a]
35 ft.
Stats reference[6]
First seen"Long May He Reign" (2x140)
Last seen"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51)

Ah, Tealeaf's nice. I don't know. It's the last feeling I had was— The very last feeling I felt was a... royal kingliness. Kingsley.

— Kingsley, choosing his name, "Fond Farewells" (2x141)[7]

Kingsley Tealeaf is a tiefling inhabiting the same body that was previously inhabited by Mollymauk Tealeaf and originally by Lucien Tavelle. In 836 PD, he was resurrected into the body after Lucien's death in "Long May He Reign" (2x140) when the Mighty Nein attempted to resurrect Mollymauk. He chose the name "Kingsley" for himself and kept Mollymauk's surname, and he joined the crew of the Nein Heroez under Fjord's captaincy. After he helped the effort of resealing Uk'otoa in 837 PD, Kingsley became a part of Stone's Throw Shipping, rose in ranks to become captain of one of the company's ships, and stole it. A "year or so" later, he became the Plank King of Darktow.

He is played by Taliesin Jaffe.

Description[edit | edit source]

Official art of Kingsley Tealeaf in The Mighty Nein Reunited, by Ari.[art 2]

Kingsley has the same body as Molly and Lucien, and thus presumably the same overall appearance. He is a lavender tiefling with red eyes and curled horns. Multiple tattoos adorn his body, starting with a serpent tattoo that curls all along the length of his right hand and up his arm, then winds into a floral piece on his shoulder, and then into a peacock with tail feathers that run up the side of his face. Between his shoulder blades rising towards the hairline, he has tattoos of an eye within a pyramid, illuminated by another eye above it. Flanking and connecting through it like a mantle, he has a moon and sun tattoo on the back as well.[8][9]

However, Kingsley does not have the red eye tattoos that Mollymauk and Lucien had.[10]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kingsley was eager to find out more about the world and about himself. He seemed to think highly of himself, choosing the name Kingsley because he felt like a king.[11]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lucien and Mollymauk[edit | edit source]

The body that Kingsley inhabits was originally inhabited by Lucien, who was born in Shadycreek Run in the Greying Wildlands of Wildemount in 810 PD.[3][12] Lucien was killed in 833 PD, two years before Campaign 2, when Vess DeRogna shattered his soul during a magic ritual.[13][14] A fragment of Lucien's soul then took over the body, becoming the distinct person Mollymauk Tealeaf.[15][16] Mollymauk began traveling with the Mighty Nein in 835 PD until he was killed in "Divergent Paths" (2x25).[17] Cree Deeproots, a long-time friend of Lucien's, then successfully resurrected Lucien back into the body in 836 PD, about fifty days before "The Chase Begins" (2x112).[18][19] Lucien was ultimately killed again by the Mighty Nein in the Cognouza Ward of Aeor in the Astral Sea.[20]

Caleb Widogast cast Raise Dead on Lucien's body in an attempt to resurrect Mollymauk. The ritual initially failed, but a second attempt (represented by a re-roll of the resurrection check) granted by a successful Divine Intervention from Caduceus Clay succeeded. Caduceus implored Melora, "Whoever it was, just put it back."[21]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

Upon coming to life, the then-unnamed tiefling seemed confused and child-like. He repeated the word "Empty", similar to how Mollymauk told the Nein he did upon waking up in the body.[16] After a few minutes, he seemed to recognize the Mighty Nein, naming them by the tarot cards on which Mollymauk depicted them. He was willing to return with them to Exandria in the Material Plane, and they all went to the Blooming Grove.[22]

The tiefling spent the rest of the day wandering around the Grove. After Jester Lavorre cast Greater Restoration on him the next day, he regained full control of his body and mind. He, however, did not have any memories, similar to how Mollymauk described himself upon waking up in the body.[16] The tiefling mentioned remembering a woman wearing a red coat and felt that Yasha Nydoorin was familiar to him. After the Nein described Mollymauk to him, he declared that it wasn't him and that Mollymauk seemed weird. He did not enjoy the name "Mollymauk" nor Mollymauk's flashy embroidered coat. With the Nein's help, he chose the name "Kingsley". He further decided to consider himself a brother to Mollymauk and took the same surname. The Nein encouraged him to find his own path, and they invited him to stay with them for at least a week before deciding what he wanted to do.[23] He was absent when Trent Ikithon, Eadwulf Grieve, and Astrid Becke attacked the Grove,[24] though he was aware and upset that an attack had happened.[25]

Kingsley went with the Nein to Nicodranas about a week later. There, he expressed great interest in traveling and discovering more about himself and the world. He learned that Fjord had a ship, and he requested permission to join the crew. After a short and joking interview, Fjord accepted Kingsley as a member of the Nein Heroez's crew and sent him to meet with Orly Skiffback while Fjord completed other errands.[26] Before he left, Beauregard Lionett gave him the journal in which she recorded the Nein's time with Mollymauk.[27]

After Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Kingsley Tealeaf in Crit Recap Animated, by Offworld Studios.[art 3]

Kingsley continued sailing on the Nein Heroez and spent years learning a great deal from Fjord.[28] He was haunted by dreams recalling his confinement and escape from Lucien included memories of strange black chains invisibly woven through Cognouza breaking, the sound of them shattering between worlds, and "the angry, unknowable, primal, ancient cry that [he] could never forget."[29] This represented a now-broken connection between Cognouza and Tharizdun.[30]

While sailing on the Nein Heroez, he read Beauregard's journal, then went to visit the others in the Nein to learn about Mollymauk.[28] As of six months following his rebirth, he had spoken with Fjord and Jester about Lucien and Molly, respectively, and frequently met with Caduceus, as he appreciated that Caduceus did not look at him and see Molly.[31]

While the Mighty Nein were pursuing Uk'otoa, Kingsley was the first to offer himself up for a pact with Zehir.[32] Fjord refused to let him take it, but did give him the boon associated with it, the Fang of the Spire King.[33]

At some point, Kingsley earned the command of a ship in his work for Stone's Throw Shipping. Kingsley then renamed it the Mollymauk.[28]

One month later, Kingsley and the Mollymauk vanished in the middle of the night to sail to Darktow Isle and become a pirate of the Revelry. He left Fjord a letter expressing his gratitude but refusing to ever return the ship. Kingsley hoped that piracy would quiet the chains in his dreams. He aimed to be "a pirate, but not the worst".[28] Not long after absconding for Darktow, Kingsley defeated Wyatt Maranoss to become the new Plank King and lifted the ban on the Mighty Nein from Darktow.[34]

Jester kept in frequent contact with Kingsley over Sending in the following years. Shortly before the Apogee Solstice in Fessuran 843 PD, Kingsley visited Veth Brenatto in Nicodranas. He helped her find Luc Brenatto, who had run away from home. He tracked Luc to Alfield in the southern Dwendalian Empire.[35]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Lucien and Mollymauk Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

Kingsley inhabits the body formerly inhabited by Lucien and Mollymauk Tealeaf. He considers himself a distinct person from each of them. He has described Mollymauk as like a brother,[36] and he approaches his relationship to Mollymauk and Lucien as similar to that of a child to parents.[37] He wishes to do at least slightly better than they both did, and he was curious to understand "where the other two went wrong".[37]

Fjord[edit | edit source]

Kingsley sailed under Fjord's captaincy aboard the Nein Heroez and worked for him at Stone's Throw Shipping. Taliesin said that Kingsley loves Fjord and that Kingsley believes he can do Fjord's job as captain better than Fjord can and is specifically attempting to undermine Fjord at all times.[38] Kingsley told Beau and Yasha that, even when it appeared otherwise, he will always have a respect for Fjord, who with Jester taught him almost everything he knows.[39] He refers to Fjord only as "Captain",[40][41][42][43] even outside of Fjord's hearing.[37]

Fjord took on the pact with Zehir himself, preventing Kingsley from volunteering to do so, but Fjord gave Kingsley the boon, the Fang of the Spire King, after warning Kingsley that his choices matter and that this has a "dark connotation".[44] After he stole a ship from Fjord and absconded to Darktow, he left a note expressing his gratitude for all that Fjord had done for and taught him and promising to "gladly and always be [Fjord's] humble servant", though he threatened to kill Fjord if Fjord attempted to take the ship back.[28][34]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tiefling abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision
  • Devil's Tongue[presumed][1]
    • Vicious Mockery cantrip
    • Charm Person (as a 2nd-level spell)
    • Enthrall
  • Hellish Resistance

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Piercer[presumed][54]
  • Tough[presumed][55]
  • Lightning resistance,[56] it is not clear precisely where this resistance comes from and it may be granted by an item

Blood hunter abilities[edit | edit source]

As a 13th-level Blood Hunter or greater, Kingsley knows at least three curses and two crimson rites with d8 Hemocraft Die. Each time Kingsley learns a new blood curse, he can also choose one of the blood curses he knows and replace it with another blood curse.

  • Hunter's Bane
  • Blood Maledict (3 uses/rest)
    • Blood Curse of the Eyeless[57]
  • Fighting Style (Dueling)[58]
  • Crimson Rite (1d8)
    • Primal Rite: Rite of the Flame[45]
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Ghostslayer
    • Rite of the Dawn[59]
    • Curse Specialist (1 additional use of Blood Maledict per rest)
    • Aether Walk
    • Brand of Sundering[60]
  • Extra Attack
  • Brand of Castigation[61]
  • Grim Psychometry[62]
  • Dark Augmentation
  • Brand of Tethering[63]

Rogue abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Expertise: Acrobatics, Perception
  • Sneak Attack (2d6)
  • Thieves' Cant
  • Cunning action
  • Roguish Archetype: Swashbuckler[64]
    • Fancy Footwork
    • Rakish Audacity

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Acrobatics (expertise) Blood hunter or rogue [65]
Perception (expertise) Rogue [66]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

While talking about developing Molly in "Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap-Up" (Mx10), Taliesin discussed the concept of mermaids (in many tales, creatures without souls) and of the blank slate (tabula rasa).[67] He said that the foundation of Molly's personality was "gather the rosebuds" and to make the most of life while one had it. He always intended for the character to come back as a fresh start and "very specifically kind of just take the very base notes of where he had been before". That being the basis of the character meant that it "would have been wrong" to bring him back. Bringing the character back as Kingsley was about that core idea and not related to helping others accept Molly's death and move on in their grief.[68]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "Clearly, whoever came first made some very bad decisions. Best to leave them in the past."[69]
  • (about his relationship to Mollymauk) "I'm like a brother, I'll call that a brother. Everyone should have a brother."[36]
  • Kingsley: "So, quick confession. For most of my life, I've wanted to be a pirate."
    Fjord: "Most of your life—?"
    Kingsley: "Since I heard you had a ship."[70]
  • "I'm looking forward to the future, and I hope I deserve to woken up surrounded by such people."[71]

References[edit | edit source]

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Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Kingsley as an identity is distinct from Lucien and Mollymauk. This identity began inhabiting the body in Sydenstar 836 PD, in "Fond Farewells" (2x141). Therefore, Kingsley as a distinct identity is only about a week old by the time he joins the crew of the Nein Heroez.


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