Biographical information
PlacesShadycreek Run, Greying Wildlands
StatusDeceased (in 833 or 834 PD)
Cause of deathExecuted by the law
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid

Jurrell[1] was a member of the Tombtakers. They were executed by the law before the events of Campaign 2.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jurrell was a member of the Claret Orders and left the organization for Shadycreek Run with Lucien and Cree Deeproots, who both felt that the Orders were "clouded" in their path. There, in about 829 or 830 PD,[2] they formed the Tombtakers and worked out of the city as mercenaries, performing work ranging from theft to bodyguarding.[3][4][5]

The group was also hired for a number of expeditions into the ruins of Molaesmyr and other locations; on at least one expedition, they encountered hags and made it to the tower of Caes Mosor.[6][4] Vess DeRogna hired them to accompany her on expeditions,[7] and the Tombtakers accompanied her to the ruins of Aeor in Eiselcross[6] and to the exterior of Molaesmyr.[7]

In 833 PD, two years before Campaign 2, Lucien sought to go Aeor's Cognouza Ward, now in the Astral Sea.[8][3] He contacted Vess to perform a ritual, but she instead sabotaged it to kill him.[3][9] Having been told by Vess that it would be difficult to tell if the ritual succeeded, the Tombtakers waited until dawn. With no change in Lucien's condition, they followed Lucien's instructions to get rid of any trace of the ritual should it go wrong and buried him near their hideout. The group then disbanded; the others scattered to locations across the Dwendalian Empire, but it is not known where Jurrell went.[8]

Jurrell was executed by the law shortly afterward, before the events of Campaign 2.[10]

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References[edit | edit source]

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