Jinnah Basar

Jinnah Basar
Player character
Official art of Jinnah Basar, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorZehra Fazal
RoleScholar (Doctor)
Biographical information
Also known as
Age27 (Candela Obscura: Chapter 2; Summer 1907)
PlacesNewfaire, Hale
FamilyUnnamed father
StatusAlive (as of "Broken Path" (CO2x03))
First seen"Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)
Last seen"Broken Path" (CO2x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Jinnah "Jean" Basar is a surgeon in Newfaire and a member of the Circle of Needle & Thread. She is played by Zehra Fazal.

Description[edit | edit source]

Jean is a 27-year-old[1] woman with almost gleaming, jet black hair and dark eyes that have an ever-present steely focus. All of her clothing is perfectly clean, and she typically wears a long, pale green peacoat over a pastel pink dress and long white silk gloves.[2] While working with Exoteric Order of New Sciences, she wears their standard-issue medical coat.[3]

Following a Bleed scar in "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02), the tips of the fingers on her left hand became blue flames, which were capable of emitting heat strong enough to cauterize wounds.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jean is described as seeming always cold, cool, and steady but with a warmth in her focused care. To those who know her, she is visibly trying to balance on "a very firm center line".[2] She is talented in her work as a surgeon and strives to protect the vulnerable. She is sharp, cerebral, and disciplined.[5] She believes taking advantage of the suffering of the most vulnerable is monstrous; she has witnessed this happen within her own family and has sometimes facilitated it, causing her to sometimes feel that she herself is the most dangerous monster.[6]

She is skeptical of the use of magick, having seen it cause harm in the wrong hands. She dislikes getting dirty, outside of her medical work, and Zehra Fazal described this as a fear she had to overcome to join Candela Obscura.[6]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Jean had a close relationship with her father,[7] who was known to others as capable of performing ritual exorcisms. He was contacted by the father of Marion Collodi, then 8, to tend to a Bleed-based scar on Marion's chest.[8] In her early teenage years, her mother fell ill, and her father believed it was a spiritual illness. Jean helped him in attempts to treat it with magickal rituals, equivalent to homeopathic treatments, and because her mother trusted in his methods, she was never taken to a doctor. Jean later learned that her mother died of a cancer, and she became estranged from her father afterward.[9][10] She began learning medicine at sixteen, and she immediately enlisted as a field doctor when the Last Great War began. The war lasted for six years. During her time there, she discovered an intuitive sense for how to surgically treat people.[6][10]

Following the war, Jean had a private practice based in Silverslip,[11] and she joined both Exoteric Order of New Sciences (EONS) and Candela Obscura.[3] She, Beatrix Monroe, Nathaniel Trapp, Sean Finnerty, and Marion Collodi formed the Circle of Needle & Thread with Draven Kingsley as their Lightkeeper.[12] Jean became especially close friends and confidantes with Avery Choi, who similarly served as a liaison between EONS and Candela.[13] Jean's father had also became ill due to over-exposure to Bleed and was being kept alive by fellow EONS member Violet Boucher through the use of an experimental antidote called adjuvant.[14][15]

At an unspecified point, Jean performed a surgery, assisted by Beatrix, on a still-living but anesthetized young woman with an eye in her heart.[16]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

On Summer 13, 1907,[17] the Circle of Needle & Thread was sent to prevent EONS from having a magickal device, later identified by Jean as a vial containing an immature androphage. Though they were eventually successful, Violet asked Jean to prove her loyalty to EONS over Candela by shooting Beatrix; this was brought on by Violet's discovery that Avery was leaking information to Candela. Refusing to do so, Jean told Violet that she was resigning from EONS. However, she needed to allow Avery to fall to their apparent death to successfully escape. During the assignment, Jean found that EONS experimented on chickens for unknown ends and took a crate with her.[18]

The circle was immediately sent on a second assignment to investigate the murder of Allison Suarez's husband the previous night. As the group expressed doubts in Candela, Jean wondered if some in the organization were interested in potential money to be made from magickal creatures. While examining a photo of his body, Jean was shaken by the sudden memory of Avery's face as they fell. As they approached the house, Jean was able to sense the Bleed within and notice that flies refused to settle on the corpse. She and Nathaniel found a number of abnormalities inside the body, and she skillfully extracted an eyeball from the heart to contain in a vial. The circle tracked the creature into the subway tunnels built by Nathaniel's family, and Jean was the first to see that a Candela lighthouse had fallen into a now-sealed tunnel during excavation and stopped functioning. As a creature tried to exit through a tear in the Flare, Jean successfully sewed the tear shut and restored function the lighthouse. She was helped by an apparition of her father, whom she remembered then was being kept alive by Violet. As the circle departed the lighthouse, Jean tearfully and quietly bid to him, "Goodbye, Daddy." She then began planning a funeral.[18]

Shortly before the second mission, Jean sterilized her medical equipment at home while Marion rested on her couch, and recalled her father's weakened state at EONS. They were then summoned to the chapter house to investigate the death of Joshua Fisher, a member of Allison's circle, in a similar manner to Antonio Suarez. During the briefing, Draven Kingsley attacked Nathaniel, revealing itself to be the creature hunting Allison's Circle. Jean, noticing a sound from the cabinet, found the real Draven Kingsley, badly overtaken by bleed, and took enough bleed herself to fall unconscious. When she came to, the monster having fled, she found her fingertips were permanently aflame. She patched up Nathaniel before giving Draven enough adjuvant to keep him alive for another hour. He told her he wanted to help, and gave her the names of the other members of Allison's circle, and wrote out the address of their chapter house after his tongue fell out from the bleed damage. As he began to lose control of himself, Bee told her that she could not save everyone; Jean had a vision of Avery Choi as she said that. However, after realizing the only possible way to perhaps save him was a very risky and untested surgery with the androphage, she agreed with Bee and left so that Bee and Nathaniel could kill Draven as he had requested.[19]

She went with the others to the chapter house of the Circle of Silver Flame, but continued on with Lucas Suarez to the Trapp estate, with a note from Nathaniel to his father. After dropping Lucas off, she returned to the chapter house, where Marion had sealed the rift but fallen unconscious, his bleed scar expanded further. She held him until he returned to consciousness, and tended to his scar. As she did so, he told her he was sorry about her father, and showed her the memory of his soul going through one of the thinnings, as well as his memory of her father coming to possibly exorcise his scar. Jean remembered that she had been there as well, but had originally closed her eyes; this time she watched the ritual. After the memory, she told Marion that "time isn't running out for you,"[20] and continued to tend to his scar.[19]

Jean and Marion went to Duncan Walters' home in The Steel after Marion had a vision of Sean in danger. She initially scouted out the house before retrieving Marion. They found Duncan, his wife, and his adult children transformed into blood-drinking creatures and killed them before looking at Duncan's possessions and finding a map of Westwreck as well as an unsent letter to Farrah Morales, the other, at the time, surviving member of the Circle of Silver Flame. Bee and Nathaniel arrived soon after, followed by Sean. The party located a garage of hoverbikes, which Jean recognized from her time at EONS, but as they prepared to ride them to the entrance to the Fourth Pharos in Westwreck, they were interrupted by Violet Boucher and a number of EONS personnel, coming to collect payment. She tried to hold off Violet but instead recommended the circle take her friend, Dr. Stephen Kabach, with them instead. Sean grabbed him, and the Circle of Needle and Thread took off towards Westwreck. When Violet pursued them through the minefield Jean attempted to get her to stop, but Violet ignored her and taunted her, until she set off a landmine, killing her and Farrah and badly injuring Jean.[21]

Jean came to being tended to by Marion in the cave system that led to the Fourth Pharos entrance, and after he reassured her she was not at fault for Violet's death, she looked through Dr. Kabach's belongings and found a vial of adjuvant, which she prepared for use. The circle went through the underground river, during which Marion was injured. After she patched him up, he kissed her. They then entered the Fourth Pharos. Jean, trying to tap into magick more than she had previously, attempted to sense dangers within the vault, but took another bleed scar upon doing so. She did, however, realize that Sean was acting strangely and attempted to shoot him upon realizing he had betrayed the party, though both missed. After the creatures ripped a rift in the Fourth Pharos, Jean was able to sew it up. She nearly died in the process, but Marion sent his soul into her instead so that he would die and she would live.[21]

A few days later, Jean took a clipping of a starry sky petunia to plant in her garden.[22]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Handgun: Given to her by Violet Boucher.[23]
  • Medical bag: Contains medical equipment as an option for gear she may choose during an assignment.
    • Tweezers[24]
    • A bottle of alcohol: Burned when used to make a Molotov cocktail in "Broken Path" (CO2x03)
    • Syringe with a 4-inch needle
  • Bleed containment vials: Option for gear she may choose during an assignment. In "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01) she uses one that is pale pink and with ornate carvings to store the eye found in Antonio Suarez's heart.[25] It is presumably given to Candela Obscura. In "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02), one is given to her by Beatrix from their additional Circle gear.[26]
  • Relevant textbook: Option for gear she may choose during an assignment. The textbook was from EONS, and details how Candela Obscura's lighthouses and astrolabes function.[27]
  • Adjuvant vials: In "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02), one was pulled into a syringe and used on Draven Kingsley to temporarily keep him from being overtaken by bleed.[28] In "Broken Path" (CO2x03), another was taken from Dr. Stephen Kabach[29], and later put into a syringe and given to Nathaniel Trapp.[30]
  • Golden artifact: A necklace with two golden rings on a golden thread, reminiscent of an astrolabe. She found it hidden in the Circle of Silver Flame's chapter house. Allows the user to take a bleed mark to add an extra gilded die to a roll.[31]
  • Pistol: Hand Weapon option for gear she may choose during an assignment. Taken from the Circle of Silver Flame's chapter house's armory.[32]
  • Her father's pendulum[33]

Scholar abilities[edit | edit source]

Jean is known to have taken the following abilities. She has taken the following from the Scholar role:

  • Well-Read: When she spends Intuition drives while making a roll, she earns back the spent drives if she fails.[34]

She additionally has taken the following from her Doctor specialty:

  • Patch Up: She can make a Focus roll during a calm moment to attempt to heal a Body mark on an ally. On a 6, she spends 1 Intuition drive to complete the action. On a 4 or 5, she spends 2. On a 3 or lower, she can take a Brain mark to proceed as if she rolled a 4 or 5.[35]

Because the circle has the Interdisciplinary ability, each member may choose one ability outside of their role or specialty in character advancement. Jean has an ability from the Medium specialty:

  • Cold Read: When she makes a successful Sense role, she knows of an ailment, stress, or loss affecting someone, even if they are attempting to hide it.[36]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Bleed scar After Body scar
Move 1 1 0 (-1) [37][38]
Control 1 2 (+1) 2 [39][40]
Sway 0 0 0 [41]
Hide At least one Possibly 0 (-1) Possibly 0 [40]
Focus (Gilded) 2 2 2 [42]
Sense 1 1 2 (+1) [43][38]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jean's name "Jinnah" comes from "jinn" in Islamic folklore, following inspiration from a story in Zehra's family in which her great-grandfather was an exorcist who captured a jinn and released it after extracting a promise that it would not harm his family for seven generations. Zehra believes she is the sixth generation since.[44]

Zehra said that she is always drawn to cerebral characters with a firm code and finds it interesting when that is challenged and what consequences arise from breaking their own rules. She described it as exciting and thrilling to "come undone and get lost" and to find that unknown thing that a character will reach out for and rely on instead. She said: "I started the game with a very clear idea of who I thought Jean was—and that shifted and changed and certain things were revealed to me about her as the story unfolded."[5]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Critical Role Productions posted themed drinks for the Circle of Needle & Thread. Jean's is a hot tea blend of chamomile, rose, white peony, grated orange rind, and grated fresh lemon rind and garnished with a lemon slice and a cinnamon stick to "ease a frightened pulse". It is the only drink in the list that does not have version with alcohol.[45]

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