Jester Lavorre

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Jester Lavorre
Player character

Official 2018 portrait of Jester, by Ari.[art 1]

Official 2019 portrait of Jester, by Ari.[art 2]

Official 2020 portrait of Jester, by Ari.[art 3]

Official 2022 portrait of Jester, by Ari.[art 4]
Basic information
ActorLaura Bailey
RaceMixed ancestry: half-tiefling, half-water genasi
ClassCleric (Trickery Domain)
Biographical information
Full nameJester Lavorre
Also known as
LanguagesCommon, Infernal[6]
PlacesNicodranas, Menagerie Coast (hometown)[7][8]
PartnerFjord (fiancé)
StatusAlive (resurrected)
Cause of deathImpaled by Lucien's clawed wings
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
AlignmentChaotic Neutral[11]
185 / 165[a]
19 / 15[b]
18 / 16[a]
30 ft.
Stats reference[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20]
First seen
Last seenStream:
"Doorways to Darker Depths" (3x86)
ComicsThe Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre

I still want adventure. I want to see everything.

— Jester, to the Traveler.[21]

Jester Lavorre is a tiefling cleric of the Traveler and a member of the Mighty Nein. She is played by Laura Bailey.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jester Lavorre is a 5 feet, 3 inches tall[22] blue tiefling with blue hair. She wears a pretty dress and has freckles.[23] She wears a belt with a symbol to the Traveler on her waist.[24] She has an Eastern European accent.[25]

She sometimes wore a ribbon tied around her left horn. This ribbon was originally wrapped around Jester's map of Wildemount, but Jester kept it because it looked "pretty".[26] She later attached it to a glaive to increase the weapon's value during a trade in Zadash.[27]

As of "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), Jester has a diamond dust tattoo covering her upper chest and shoulders, resembling clasped hands.[28]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jester is excitable and eager. According to Molly (and herself), everyone tells her that she is pure of virtue, worthwhile, and a creature of some repute. She delights in small acts of mischief and trickery and can be plied with offerings of pastries.[29][30]

Jester's favorite color is pink.[31] She keeps a sketchbook that she appears to use as a kind of pictorial journal, in part as her way of devotion to the Traveler.[32][33] She also enjoys leaving mysterious notes and drawings - especially of penises - in random places to be found later.[34][35][36][37][38] Jester asks many people she meets if they know the Traveler, as it appears that she is unaware of how widespread his following is.[39][40][41] She openly discusses him everywhere she goes and does not seem concerned with the potential consequences of worshiping an unapproved deity in the Dwendalian Empire.[42][43][44]

It is unclear to what extent her apparent personality traits are genuine. It is possible that her seemingly random mischief is all an act of devotion to the Traveler. Jester is extremely devoted to the Traveler, offering to leave the Mighty Nein early on if he doesn't like her being with a group.[45] She follows the Traveler's directives to create chaos but always gives something back and knock proud people down a peg. The only times Jester seems visibly unhappy are when she is left alone. Jester often uses plural pronouns,[46][47] seemingly referring to the Traveler always being with her.[48]

Jester grew up with wealth, on account of her mother being a highly sought-after courtesan. This is apparent when she inadvertently dismisses Caleb after he tries to offer her money, and in how much she gives as tips. When Jester's mother responded to her request for additional funds, it was considerably less than Jester had asked for, and she began to hyperventilate.

Although initially it seemed as though Jester was trying to break free of the protection that had surrounded her for her entire life, and become an independent woman, she later recognized that protection was a sign of love.[49]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Named Genevieve Lavorre at birth, Jester comes from Nicodranas,[7] and her mother still lives there.[50] As is common among tieflings, Jester took a virtue name after a trait she wanted to embody or strive for; she chose "Jester" because she wants to be happy and wants to make others happy.[51] Jester claims to have been an artist for quite some time, a talent for which she credits her mother.[52] Jester was wealthy, stating she had owned a horse (that she dressed up) and a carriage.[53] Her mother is a famous singer and courtesan known as the Ruby of the Sea, so Jester had to stay in hiding because having a child would hurt her profile as a courtesan. Nevertheless, Jester said her mother still loved her and took care of her even though she was very busy.[54] In "The Threads Converge" (2x85) it was revealed that the Gentleman was her biological father.

The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre[edit | edit source]

Official art of Jester leaving Nicodranas, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre.[art 12]

For her entire childhood, Jester was forbidden to leave the Lavish Chateau by her mother, who wished to protect her from the outside world. As a very young child, Jester was spotted by one of her mother's regular clients, Lord Robert Sharpe. She began to draw and paint after her mother encouraged her to bring the outside world to her, and Jester often sat at her balcony, painting what she could see of Nicodranas.

When she was around thirteen, a young boy called out to her from the street and asked if she would let him in to watch Marion's performance. Desperate for a friend, Jester happily helped him. However, inside, Sharpe recognized the boy, his son Barnabas. Sharpe accused Jester of forcing Barnabas to come inside, and Barnabas pretended she did. Angry, Jester stormed off to her room, where she found a boy about her age who introduced himself as The Traveler. After a short moment of hesitation, Jester agreed to be his friend.

When Jester was in her late teens, the Traveler encouraged her to explore the world outside and play tricks on people. Though Marion was happy her daughter was outside in the world, she feared that Jester's antics with the Traveler would bring her harmful trouble. Jester, however, felt that Marion did not trust her and ran off into the streets. There, she was pushed over by a man, and she and the Traveler decided to trail and prank him. He turned out to be a member of the Revelry, and Jester had to fight off a group of them. However, she was helped out by the Traveler, who granted her magical gifts. After stealing a ruby from one of the Revelry's shipments, Jester was nearly caught but saved at the last minute by Bluud.

Shortly after, Jester was in her mother's room when Sharpe appeared and demanded to see Marion. Recognizing his crest from the Revelry shipments, Jester disguised herself as her mother and convinced Lord Sharpe to meet her on the balcony in his underwear. She locked him outside, but Marion, who arrived at this moment, realized that Jester made a terrible enemy. Marion revealed that she had been helping the guilds uncover Sharpe's involvement with the Revelry for years and urged Jester to leave immediately for her safety. After quickly packing and saying goodbye to her mother, Jester took off with the Traveler.

Pre-Stream[edit | edit source]

When Jester left home, she had five thousand gold pieces, though she spent most of it on clothes for a horse and carriage she bought. The horse and carriage were later lost, left on the side of the road somewhere.[55] Jester traveled up and down the Menagerie Coast looking for clues to find her father, asking mostly sailors she met along the way. In Port Damali, she met Fjord briefly while leaving town in a hurry after "playing some tricks" on people, and he remembered seeing her use magic. When he himself left Port Damali and began seeking information about his own new-found magical abilities, he tracked Jester down in a nearby town and asked if she wanted to head north with him.[56][57] While traveling together toward the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum so Fjord could study magic, the two of them met Beauregard along the Amber Road about a day before encountering the rest of the people who became the Mighty Nein.[58] The trio saved the daughter of Rinaldo (a fisherman in Trostenwald) from a giant constrictor snake,[59] that dropped Jester unconscious in one attack.[60] They also did a job involving moving boxes for the Baumbach family. Something happened during the job that caused Jester to agree with Beau that Demedan Baumbauch is a "douche".[61]

Arc 1: Come Together[edit | edit source]

"Curious Beginnings" (2x01)
Beau, Fjord, and Jester were eating breakfast in The Nestled Nook Inn when Rinaldo came in to give them more gold as thanks for saving his daughter. Jester noticed that Nott and Caleb Widogast at the next table were looking at their gold and started a conversation with them. As the two groups were talking, Yasha Nydoorin and Mollymauk Tealeaf entered the bar handing out flyers for a carnival performance later that evening. Beau and Jester excitedly remember that they had seen the tent going up and had already wanted to go. When Molly told the group he reads fortunes, Jester was excited and asked him to read hers. Molly got out a deck of tarot cards and told Jester to tell him her question. Jester asked, "Will I find him?" Molly flipped the cards and told her she already had the clue she needed.[62]

To show off her magical talent, Jester cast Thaumaturgy to open then close all the windows. Nott borrowed two silver from Caleb to play a card game with Jester called "Crick Queen's Call". Both of them cheated, but neither noticed the other cheating. Jester won, upsetting Nott. Beau and Fjord tried to get Jester to give back the money because it was only a training game. Jester gave in only after Caleb bought the group another round of drinks. The whole group went on a brewery tour of Trostenwald, avoiding the Baumbachs, for the rest of the day before heading to the carnival.

During the performance, an old man in the audience turned into a zombie and began to attack the rest of the crowd. The group attacked and defeated the old man zombie and a woman he attacked who also transformed into a zombie. At the end of the battle, several members of the Crownsguard arrived and put several of the carnival performers under arrest. The rest of the group, including Jester was warned not to leave town until the investigation was complete.

"A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02)
After Beau got in a scuffle with the local Crownsguard, Lawmaster Norda put Beau, Fjord, Jester, and Molly on house arrest at The Nestled Nook Inn and warned them guards would be checking on them daily until the investigation was complete. They went to the inn and found Caleb and Nott, who had managed to avoid the guards' attention, in the common room. The group got a round of drinks and got to know each other.

After some questioning by Fjord, Nott admitted that she has "sticky fingers" that got her and Caleb in trouble. Jester excitedly asked Nott to show off her skills by pickpocketing her and closed her eyes. Nott did a very bad job, but Jester still encouraged her. Beau was still injured and asked Jester to look at it. Jester began poking at her wound with a fork. For a moment she saw pus coming out of the wound, but then realized it was an illusion created by the Traveler.[63]

"The Midnight Chase" (2x03)
When Molly fell unconscious while fighting more zombies, Jester stabilized him with Spare the Dying, but did not have a medical kit or healing magic to immediately bring him to consciousness. Beau was confused by her lack of healing items, and gave her a healing kit indicating that as a cleric, she was the party's healer. Jester objected to being thought of as "the Cleric" in the group. Later that evening, Jester aided the rest of the party in killing Kylre, the devil toad.

"Disparate Pieces" (2x04)
Jester tried to purchase a map of the area but had to settle for a map of the Dwendalian Empire as a whole. Jester took the ribbon the map had been wrapped in and tied it around her left horn because it looked "pretty".[64]

Before leaving Trostenwald, Jester wrote a letter to her mother explaining that all her money was gone and to please send more to Zadash.[65]

"Hush" (2x07)
After the party saved a child from being killed by gnolls, Jester reluctantly stabilized him with her healer's kit. During the fight with the manticore, Jester was knocked unconscious by the Priest of Yeenoghu. Fjord then revived her with a healing potion, and she quickly healed Nott, who had also fallen unconscious.

"The Gates of Zadash" (2x08)
Jester wrote in her journal to The Traveler, noting that she missed him and wondered if he could still be with her this far from Nicodranas. The Traveler comforted her psychically, and Beau comforted her with hugs and tissues.

Before leaving Alfield, Jester asked to see Starosta Kosh and blackmailed him into writing a letter of recommendation for Fjord to attend the Soltryce Academy. Jester told the party about her mother, the Ruby of the Sea ("the best lay ever"), then she spoke of her exile from Nicodranas and her quest to find her father.

In Zadash, the Mighty Nein stopped by the invulnerable vagrant, and Jester bought a Fantastic Haversack from Pumat Sol, which he made pink at her request.

"Steam and Conversation" (2x09)
Jester cheated at and consequently lost a game of cards to two other tavern-goers in the Leaky Tap. While the Nein ran errands, she traded all of their used weapons and 25 gold to a blacksmith for one hand axe. She accompanied the rest of the party to the Steam's Respite, where she washed Nott's hair. Jester gave Yasha a hug before she left with Caleb to find the Pillow Trove.

Caleb was denied entry to the Tri-Spires, but Jester convinced the guards to let her in. She entered the Pillow Trove and asked if there's been a package delivered for her; however, there was none. She booked a room and went upstairs to talk to the Traveler. He reassured her that the Ruby would find her if she just kept doing deeds, causing trouble, and being herself. She showed him the pamphlets she made for him and the Traveler thought they were adorable.

Jester found Caleb waiting outside the gates and told him that she didn't get any money. Caleb offered her fifty gold but Jester refused it, saying that that's not a lot of money. He told her that's more than his parents made their whole lives, and Jester whined that that's what she used to get for her allowance. Caleb angrily slapped mud on his face in defiance and stormed away. The rest of the group consoled Jester about the absence of her package.

"Waste and Webs" (2x10)
Jester and Caleb reconciled after their fight the previous episode, and she apologized to him for her ignorance.

"Zemnian Nights" (2x11)
Jester, Beau, and Caleb went to a bakery in the Tri-Spires and then stopped by Chastity's Nook, a shop specializing in smutty literature. After harassing a customer, Jester bought Tusk Love and surreptitiously bought the Courting of the Crick as a gift for Caleb.

"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)
In preparation for the heist that evening, Jester and Beau scouted out Lord Sutan's house. Jester forged a note suggesting the High Richter wanted the Lawmaster killed at the Festival the next night, to be left in Sutan's house. She then wrote two additional incriminating notes.

Jester was a key participant in the heists of both Lord Sutan and High Richter Prucine's houses. To gain entry to the High Richter's home, she and Fjord impersonated Prucine and a Crownsguard, respectively, successfully deceiving the guards. In the chaos of the Zauberspire exploding, Jester escaped to the sewers along with the rest of the party.

"Lost & Found" (2x13)
The Mighty Nein stole the dodecahedron and decided to keep it in Jester's possession, in a lead box in her haversack.

"Where The River Goes" (2x15)
Jester was knocked unconscious in the battle with the gelatinous cube. Fjord gave Jester a health potion, and she called him "Oskar," (the name of the love interest in Tusk Love,) when she awakened. When she compared the group's situation to a scene from Tusk Love, Jester mistakenly used her birth name Genevieve in place of Oskar's love interest Guinevere.[66]

"Harvest Close" (2x17)
In disguise as an old lady, Jester painted pink hearts and "The Traveler was Here" on the central anvil in the Hearth of the Allhammer and left some Traveler pamphlets. After she got away successfully, she noticed the Traveler, invisible, take a bite out of her caramel apple.

"Whispers of War" (2x18)
Jester received a response[67] from her mother in the form of a small package. The package contained:

  • 1 vial of Marion's lavender perfume (smelling this brought back memories of Jester's childhood)
  • 5 small ink vials of different colors (red, blue, green and 2x black)
  • 200 gold pieces
  • A letter from Marion, reading as follows:

My darling Jester,
I do so hope your journeys have been safe, fruitful and wondrous. My sweet girl, how I miss you, your laughter, your energy. I've been sick in your absence but it is the trial any mother must endure, I suppose. You're on your own now, and while I will always miss that little girl, I'm equally eager to see the woman you will become. Until then, I've included a small trifle, some things to keep you comfortable, creating and free.
I love you.
Your Ruby,
Marion Lavorre

— The letter from Jester's mother[68]

This letter was intercepted and transcribed by a Cobalt Soul asset at the Pillow Trove.[69] Jester was upset that the amount was much less than she was expecting, but accepted Nott's reassurance that it's probably simply due to worries over the security of the postal system. She offered to split the money, which the group refused, then decided to keep it as a group emergency fund.

"The Gentleman's Path" (2x19)
Jester challenged Beau to a bar fight in the Evening Nip, which Beau eagerly accepted. Aided by a Haste spell from Caleb, Beau eventually knocked Jester out, but she was revived by a bar patron throwing water on her face.

On the road to Berleben, the Mighty Nein were ambushed by a party of goblins and ogres. Nott and Caleb ran "modern literature," but Jester, not in on the loop, thought Nott really had killed Caleb. Jester was very distressed when her healing apparently had no effect on Caleb, who continued to play dead.

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)
The Mighty Nein rescued Kiri from two giant alligators in the Labenda Swamp. Jester pulled Kiri free from the bog she was trapped in, and they immediately bonded. After learning that she had been separated from her parents, the party decided to bring Kiri along with them for the time being.

"Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21)
Jester became friends with Calianna Mordsson during their short time together. When Cali departed, she and Jester hugged and agreed to be pen pals.

"Lost Treasures" (2x22)
When Jester investigated the collection of holy symbols in the caverns below the Labenda Swamp safe house, she found and retrieved two symbols to the Traveler. She was excited by this find, having never met any other worshipers of the Traveler.[70]

"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)
Jester used Sending for the first time, to tell the Gentleman that they've cleared out the safe house, although the spell's twenty-five word limit proved to be an issue for her. Later that evening, Jester Sent to her mother, but the word limit again caused her problems.

"The Hour of Honor" (2x24)
After the hour of honor competition, Jester asked Caleb to waltz with her. After a few minutes of waltzing, Caleb drunkenly said to Jester, "You were always a better dancer than me, Astrid. You were always so good." He realized his mistake, apologized, and started to stumble away, but Jester reminded him that she promised to not let him sleep in the gutter. She then walked him upstairs and tucked him into bed.

The next day, Jester bought Kiri a music box from Tinkertop Inventions.

"Divergent Paths" (2x25)
The party decided to leave Kiri with the Schuster family, where she would be safer. Jester exchanged a tearful goodbye with Kiri, and hugged her.

In the middle of their first night on the road north of Hupperdook, Jester, Fjord, and Yasha were kidnapped by group of humanoids led by a bald human. The three were manacled and caged on carts that took off into the night.

Arc 2: The Bad Guys[edit | edit source]

"The Journey Home" (2x30)
After being rescued by the Mighty Nein, Nott took Jester into her arms and whispered to her, "case closed."[71] Seemingly fine, Jester acted like her normal self - though when she normally would have drawn in her sketchbook to the Traveler, she found that couldn't draw as she normally could, and instead wrote, "Why didn't you come?"[72]

While escorting Ophelia Mardoon back to Zadash, the group passed by Molly's grave. The coat was still there, lightly covered in snow. Beau handed Jester Molly's deck of cards. Jester pulled a card: The Moon, the same one she pulled when she first met Molly. Jester left the card by the grave, saying "Well, this is his card."[73] Jester said she is going to get some diamonds so she can prevent another death from happening.

Caleb:  "She's an amazing woman, but talent is different than... than happiness, I guess."
Beau:  "I don't know. She looks fucking stoked to me right now."

— Caleb and Beau watching Jester dancing alone in the Evening Nip[74]

When Fjord told everyone how Jester had sung and tried to talk and seemed fine the whole time while being held prisoner, Caleb said that he thought it was an act.[75] When Nott questioned her about why she doesn't drink, Jester told her that milk is "just so good". Jester suggested they take Caduceus to the bathhouse because it was what Molly would have wanted them to do.

"Commerce & Chaos" (2x31)
Beau, Caduceus, Caleb, and Jester went to The Invulnerable Vagrant to shop. Jester paid to get her handaxe enchanted to be a +1 handaxe. Caduceus and Jester split the cost of a Cloak of Elvenkind as a present for Nott. Jester also bought Dust of Deliciousness and convinced Pumat Sol to give her a discount because he likes her.[76] At a shop called Suvo's Secrets, Jester bought enough diamonds to cast Revivify once and an iron mask of an orc face.[77]

The Mighty Nein took two weeks of downtime in Zadash. Nott asked Jester for help in forging a letter and asked her not to tell Caleb about it. Jester agreed. They wrote to the Soltryce Academy pretending to be the law firm of Nott & Brave, saying that they were looking for a woman named Astrid because she had inherited money from her uncle. Jester signed the letter "Mrs. Lavorre, Esquire". Nott asked her again not to tell Caleb. Jester remembered that Caleb accidentally called her by the name Astrid while drunk in Hupperdook and asked Nott if she had been Caleb's girlfriend. Nott said she didn't know.[78]

Jester believed that because the Traveler did not come to save her from the Iron Shepherds he did not like her anymore.[79] Later, after Caduceus and Jester had given her the Cloak of Elvenkind, Jester asked for Nott's help breaking into the Platinum House (the temple of The Platinum Dragon) so that she could sneak in to vandalize it. After scouting for a few days they came back after dark. Jester and Nott both cast Disguise Self, Jester looking like Kumas, the elderly silver dragonborn Herald of the House and Nott like an elderly gnome woman. They told everyone in the temple that "Kumas" needed some time alone to meditate. Once the room was clear, Jester used her Invoke Duplicity ability to create an image of Kumas kneeling and praying while she climbed 15 feet up the wall to the hanging statue of the Platinum Dragon.[80]

As Jester was placing the final touches on the statue, two priests and five Crownsguard came back into the room. Jester dropped down from the statue and ran, as all hell began breaking loose in the temple. Jester charmed two Crownsguard, but they discovered the real Kumas. Seeing Nott trapped in the magical sphere, she cast Charm Person again at the two guards flanking the sphere. Still looking like Kumas, she convinced them that she was the real Kumas and the impersonator was down the hall. At this point, the priest who had previously grappled Jester and the real Kumas (in pajamas) entered the main temple and saw Jester and Nott. Jester cast Dispel Magic on the sphere surrounding Nott, setting her free. Both of them began to run out the of the temple, and frantically attempted to evade their persuers.

Later that night in The Leaky Tap, the Traveler visited Jester in her room. She asked if he liked her again. He told her that he was never disappointed in her and that just because she didn't see him didn't mean he wasn't there. Jester let him look at the dodecahedron at his request. He told her he had never seen magic like it before and advised her to keep it hidden.[81] The Traveler told Jester that there were others like her out there, but she was his favorite. He would love it if they could all meet and decided on the Zenith of Undillar next year. Jester promised she would attend the gathering.[82]

"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32)
On the road to Nicodranas, the Mighty Nein passed a traveling pet store. Jester and Beau were entranced. The dealer showed them many animals, and they ended up buying an owl for Beau, a crimson weasel for Jester, and a blink dog for both of them, which they named Nugget.

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)

The party stopped by the beach before heading into Nicodranas proper. Jester reminded everybody that in the city, she would need to stay disguised because Lord Robert Sharpe was out for revenge against her. She began teaching Nugget to blink on command.

The Nein entered the city, after some difficulty with the Zhelezo, and finally reached the beautiful three-story Lavish Chateau. This was Jester's home, an upper-end inn and brothel. Jester ran upstairs to her mother's room, where they had a warm reunion. Jester droped her disguise and excitedly told her mother about her adventures and her friends, but it's soon time for Marion's performance, so Jester disguised herself again and rejoined the party. After the performance, the Nein went upstairs and Jester introduced them to Marion, who greeted them all warmly.

While conversing with Marion, Beau made an offhand comment about The Gentleman, and surprisingly, Marion thought she knew him. He matched the description of a former client of hers. He was very nice, very dashing, and she'd told Jester about him before. She doesn't know the name "The Gentleman"; she knew a "Babenon Dosal"- Jester's father. Jester Sent to The Gentleman, excitedly asking if he knew the Ruby. He did not respond, so she tried again, slightly more calmly, and after a palpable pause, he replied, "No, that's preposterous."

"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)
Jester forged a letter in Algar's hand, framing him for freeing Xundi, and making vague threats. Jester told Nott that she didn't want her mother finding out about Algar in case she got in trouble, but also because she was worried her mom would be disappointed in her.

Later that night, the Mighty Nein went to the Restless Wharf, in hopes of spying on and perhaps interrogating Marius LePual. They instead commandeered a ship, kidnapped Marius, and killed most of the crew. During their escape, Jester struck a crewmember in the back of the head with her axe.

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36)
Jester realized the sailor she hit with an axe was still alive and feels guilty. She got Caduceus to heal him and then questioned him along with Nott and Caleb. Jester came up with the idea to rename the ship The Mistake.

Jester noticed Caduceus was disturbed by the group's stealing the ship and almost drowning. Caduceus wondered if he made a mistake by leaving his home with the Mighty Nein. It had been a long time since he has received a sign from The Wildmother. Jester reassured him that temporary silence doesn't mean his god has abandoned him. She reminded him the world is much bigger than his cemetery; to complete his quest he would have to step out of his comfort zone. Caduceus calmed down after their talk and headed below decks to further clear his head by cooking.[83]

"Sometimes, things that are the most beautiful are the things that can hurt you the worst."

While on watch together one night, Fjord and Jester witnessed a beautiful jellyfish bloom. Jester asked Fjord if he ever gets sad. Surprised by the question, Fjord admitted there were some things he wished were different. He asked Jester if she was sad. She said that she missed her mother already. Jester confessed that ideally, she would want her mother to be happy, for The Gentleman to love her, and for Marion to be able to stop working. Fjord tried to cheer Jester up by telling her they might find some buried treasure during their adventures. He told her that he could tell that Marion was very proud of her.

"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37)
When the Mighty Nein joined the crew of the Squalleater, Jester took on the pirate alias "the little Sapphire."[85] Jester displayed her distaste for Captain Avantika by drawing a picture of her in her sketchbook "with daggers sticking into her like a voodoo doll."[86]

"Welcome to the Jungle" (2x38)
Avantika, Jamedi, and the Mighty Nein headed into the jungles of Urukayxl. On their first night camping, Fjord convinced Jester to invite Avantika and Jamedi into Caleb's Leomund's Tiny Hut. She did so in a way that indicated she doesn't want them to come, but Avantika called her bluff and took her up on the offer.

Caduceus wanted to explore, and Jester went with him. They were immediately attacked by snake-headed cougars. Avantika, Jamedi, and the rest of the Mighty Nein came to help the clerics. Fjord and Nott got the killing blows on the two creatures.

While planning how to get through the yuan-ti city, Jester painted Yasha, Beau and Caleb using her disguise kit.

"Temple of the False Serpent" (2x39)
Jester and Nott suggested that they use their new move "Fluffernutter" against the Guardian in order to defeat it.

"Dubious Pursuits" (2x40)
While escaping the Temple of The Cloaked Serpent on Urukayxl, Jester ran out of air and began to drown. Fjord kissed her and gave her his own air supply, putting himself in danger of drowning to save her.[87]

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)
Jester asked Nott if she had ever kissed a boy. Nott said she had and asked Jester the same question. Jester said she wasn't sure if her kiss with Fjord counted and admitted it was her first kiss.[88]

Jester became the apprentice carpenter during the trip to Darktow Isle.[89] She also learned to tattoo from Orly Skiffback. Along with the rest of the Mighty Nein, upon arriving at Darktow, she was automatically initiated into the ranks of the Revelry.[90]

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42)
Jester got into a friendly bar fight with Sorris Cade on the Mighty Nein's first night on Darktow Isle.[91] Caleb and Jester agreed they were uncomfortable being at sea and sailing with Avantika. Caleb asked Jester if she was interested in Fjord. Jester replied that she didn't know. She asked Caleb if he has ever liked someone who turned out to be a different person than he thought they were. She continued asking had he ever thought someone was flirting and now it seems like they weren't, and then you feel a little stupid. Caleb told Jester he could not really help with that. Jester then reminded Caleb he accidentally called her Astrid while drunk. Caleb confirmed Astrid had been his girlfriend but did not tell Jester anything else about her.[92]

Jester and Nott broke into Avantika's quarters on the Squalleater, making use of Jester's new spell, Dimension Door.[93] They took Avantika's journal and some jewels that were inside of her desk but set off several traps in the process. They escaped without seeing seen but left a large hole in the floor, tipping off Avantika that her quarters had been broken into.[94]

"In Hot Water" (2x43)
In the struggle against Avantika, Jester aided Beau in getting word of Avantika's treachery to the Plank King. Later, Jester asked Fjord how he felt about leaving Darktow Isle without learning anything new about Vandran. [95] He turned down her offer to Send to the Plank King and ask about Vandran's whereabouts. Jester and Caduceus coordinated casting Control Water to reduce the damaged Squalleater's travel time to the Diver's Grave. Between the two of them, they took three days off the journey.[96] Upon reaching the area in which Fjord believed the Tide's Breath wrecked, Jester and Caduceus alternated castings of Locate Object to find a likely area to start diving.[97] Before diving underwater, Jester left Sprinkle in the care of Marius LePual.

"The Stowaway" (2x45)
Beau, Jester, and Nott found Twiggy stowing away in the cargo hold of the Squalleater. Jester immediately took a liking to Twiggy. Her pet crimson weasel Sprinkle and Twiggy's pet squirrel Trixie immediately got along as well.[98] Jester became jealous and insecure first when Twiggy called Nott her new best friend and again when Twiggy revealed she was skilled at painting.[99] She still was excited about Twiggy staying with the Mighty Nein and made her a pirate hat with magical paint.[100] When Nott pointed out to her that Twiggy had many similar abilities to both herself and Jester, Jester became worried that she being replaced by Twiggy.[101]

Inside the Happy Fun Ball, Jester was repeatedly targeted by the blue dragon residing there. One round, her health dwindling, the dragon again rounded on Jester. She closed her eyes waiting for the attack to come. She heard the voice of The Traveler in her head say "Don't worry. I'm watching." She felt a hand push her arm up. Jester's shield deflected the dragon's attack, causing two teeth to break out of its mouth. She was subsequently able to escape.

"A Storm of Memories" (2x46)
Jester attempted to aid Yasha in her fight with the lightning creature, however, when it became clear she was doing more harm than good by interfering, she stopped. Jester and Caduceus shared tea with Yasha while she recovered, and listened to her confession of her past.

Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[edit | edit source]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)
Before docking in Nicodranas, Jester forged new documents for the Balleater which fooled Wharfmaster Ignus. Jester went with Caleb and Nott to a bookstore called Front to Back. While the shopkeeper was distracted, Jester painted the sign: a penis by the word "Front" and a butt by the word "Back".[38] The Mighty Nein visited Marion Lavorre and Nugget. Jester agreed to take Nugget with her when she left.

Jester went with rest the Mighty Nein to Tidepeak to meet Yussa Errenis. She did not want to show Yussa the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks or the dodecahedron. Yussa told the party that he is not on the side of good; he is on the side of balance. Mention of maintaining balance reminded Jester of the Traveler. She excitedly asked Yussa if he has heard of the Traveler. He had not. Yussa was very confused when Jester gave him one of her hand-made figures of the Traveler and a pamphlet.[102]

Before the Mighty Nein left for Felderwin, Marion fought through her agoraphobia to come outside and say goodbye to the group. She gave Jester a necklace with a small ruby she had made for her as a present. Jester gave Marion a jar of honey from Bisaft Isle.[103] Before re-entering the Dwendalian Empire, Jester forged papers saying they were in Nicodranas to retrieve a new pet for Starosta Kosh of Alfield. During the journey north, Jester tried to train Nugget to Blink directly to her, but he was too excited to be outside to take much notice. Beau asked Jester to cast a Sending spell to Dairon. Dairon responded to Jester that she was safe and recovering in Bladegarden.[104] Jester assured Beau that even though Dairon sounded hurt, they still sounded way into Beau. Jester gave Caduceus some cookbooks she had bought for him during the journey as well.

In the ruins of the Brenatto Apothecary, Jester read one page of the Cerberus Assembly's notes out loud to the group but left out a sentence insulting Yeza in an effort to avoid hurting Nott's feelings.[105]

"The Endless Burrows" (2x50)
Jester created a small shrine to the Traveler while exploring the caverns created by the purple worms.

"Xhorhas" (2x51)
Before resting for the night, Jester cast Sending to check in with Yeza. Caleb and Jester took a watch together and Jester told Caleb that she didn't really think he smelled bad anymore. Caleb told Jester it was okay if she wanted to keep the running joke going.

The party later ran into a bugbear, Gluzzo, who they convinced to lead them to the nearby city of Asarius. Jester offered him an additional two gold if Gluzzo would let her tattoo him. Gluzzo agreed. Jester gave Gluzzo the Captain Tusktooth tattoo (face with googly eyes and tusks) that she gave some sailors. Before finishing, Jester checked Fjord's tusks and saw they were starting to grow back. She adjusted Gluzzo's tattoo so that one of the tusks was normal and the other one was a little bit blunt.[106]

"Cornered" (2x53)
Jester bonded with her moorbounder, Yarnball. When the party went shopping, Jester delightedly discovered that Madam Musk was secretly five kobolds in a cloak. Later in the day, she was one of the four participants in the pit fight at the Four Corners.

"Duplicity" (2x55)
Jester successfully sealed the Abyssal rift with Dispel Magic. After Caduceus was killed, Jester used Revivify for the first time to bring him back to life. When she cast the spell, she felt the presence of both the Traveler and the Wildmother aiding her.

"The Favor" (2x56)
Jester met Covak, an elderly gnoll who worshiped the Traveler. Jester seemed anxious to establish that the Traveler liked her more, but was thrilled to meet a fellow worshiper. When she rejoined the party, Jester told them about Covak and about Traveler Con.

The Nein went to see Lady Olios and seek the favor from the Bright Queen they were promised in return for their closing the rift. Jester, Nott, and Fjord told her about the battle and that the rift was closed. Lady Olios agreed to grant them the favor by taking them to Rosohna and introducing them to the Bright Queen. The party were brought before the Bright Queen, and things quickly took an unfortunate turn when they rolled poorly on persuasion. Things went from bad to worse when Lythir VaSunn told the Queen that the party attacked him and his companion on the border of Xhorhas a few days ago. The Queen called in her guards, who surrounded the party and began shackling them, heedless of their protests. The party was saved from imprisonment when Caleb pulled the dodecahedron from Jester's haversack and presented it to the Queen.

"Perspective" (2x59)
Jester tried giant spider, one of Yasha's favorite foods. It did not agree with her.

"A Turtle By Any Other Name" (2x60)
When Yasha decided to go outside in a thunder storm to commune with the Stormlord, Jester and Nott went with her.

"Agreements" (2x61)
Beau asked Jester to Scry on the owner of the piece of cloth that Beau found caught in the Abyssal anchor. Jester did so, and saw a blond man with a Zemnian accent speaking into a stone. He discussed a plot at the Overcrow, and ended the conversation with "Angel's eye, friend." When the party returned to the mining camp, Jester took part in the Mighty Nein's humiliation of Foreman Bodo by enthusiastically playing the part of his lover.

The party discovered that the 'Overcrow' from Jester's Scry was the Overcrow Apothecary in Rosohna. Jester bought some hair oil from its owner, Maruo. When Essek informed the party that Den Thelyss had gifted them a house, Jester gave him a hug.

"Domestic Respite" (2x62)
Jester decorated the Mighty Nein's new house in Rosohna by painting a field of flowers in Yasha's room, installing fairy lights in the large tree and rooftop garden, and making a hot tub inside the tower.

Deciding they needed more info on the Overcrow, Jester and Fjord distracted Maruo while Nott investigated her Apothecary. Jester later Scried on the blonde man again, and discovered that he was in a meeting with King Bertrand Dwendal and his courtiers.

"Intervention" (2x63)
Jester turned into an invisible moth to try to scout the interior of the Overcrow, but was defeated by her resulting low intelligence and began munching on curtains instead of investigating.

"A Dangerous Chase" (2x64)
When Jester saved Fjord from a Sorrowsworn, he gave her a kiss on the cheek in thanks. That night, Jester Sent a message to her mother to warn her to watch out for Assembly agents, since she used the name 'Lavorre' in her and Nott's letter to Astrid.

"Chases and Trees" (2x65)
While on watch together, Jester suggested to Yasha that she might have been a famous rock-harpist with the stage name 'Orphan-maker' and couldn't remember it. The next day, the party approached a giant tree in the middle of the Barbed Fields. Jester Sent to Essek and he told her that it was called the 'Arbor Exemplar'. She Scried on Obann, and witnessed him searching for an entrance to the King's Cage. She Sent a message to Kiri to tell her she missed her. When the party attempted to climb the Arbor Exemplar, Jester fell, but was Thunder-Stepped to safety by Fjord.

"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66)
During the flight from the roc, Jester used Disguise Self to look like she was wearing a leaf costume. She then Polymorphed the roc into a bat. While the party was distracted, she managed to steal Nott's flask without her noticing. When the Nein arrived in Bazzoxan, Jester sent a message to Obann which began as menacing, but then featured an impromptu song.

"Reflections" (2x68)
When Nott failed a wisdom save and jumped into the chasm of gibbering mouthers, Jester used Dimension Door to rescue her.

"The King's Cage" (2x69)
Nott asked Jester if she'd seen her flask. Jester tried to evade the question, but then admitted that she took it. She explained that she was worried about Nott and hoped she would realize that she didn't need alcohol. She gave it back, and encouraged Nott to cut back on her drinking.

When Yasha was charmed by Obann, she nearly killed Jester. However, her attack destroyed Jester's last remaining Mirror Image instead. The party was forced to abandon Yasha, and Jester heartbrokenly screamed her name.

After escaping the King's Cage, Jester explained that she felt that the group left Yasha without trying their hardest to save her from Obann's control. While the others believed that Yasha might have been evil the whole time, she and Caduceus believed that Yasha was being mind-controlled and not able to make decisions by herself.

Arc 4: Swords and Angels[edit | edit source]

"Causatum" (2x70)
Jester was devastated by Yasha's unwilling departure from the Mighty Nein. She Scried on Yasha and saw her resummoning Obann with a ritual. She Sent a message to the Bright Queen to warn her that the Laughing Hand had been released, and one to Shakäste to confirm that Luc and Edith had arrived safely in Nicodranas.

Later that evening, Jester talked to the Traveler. They discussed Traveler Con, and he comforted her about the loss of Yasha. After the party arrived back in Rosohna, Jester Sent a message to Dairon at Beau's request. She met Dairon as they arrived at the Xhorhaus that night.

"Family Gathering" (2x71)
The Mighty Nein teleported to Nicodranas and stopped by the Lavish Chateau. Jester gave custody of her blink dog, Nugget, to a delighted Luc. Jester asked if Beau would like to wear one of her old dresses. Beau accepted to please Jester, despite her obvious distaste towards wearing a dress.

Jester talked to her mother about how hard it is being in the world, and whether she should come home, but Marion didn't believe it was safe for her yet. Jester asked about the package they asked to have forwarded from the Pillow Trove in Zadash. The package had arrived, and turned out to be from Calianna, with a gift for each of the Nein, and a letter each for Jester and Caleb.

"Clay and Dust" (2x72)
Jester used Sending to contact Vandran on Fjord's behalf. Fjord asked Jester if she could potentially help him break free from Uk'otoa's grasp and find a new deity to become his patron. He suggested he might ask the Wildmother to see if she would take an interest in him. Jester promptly agreed, telling Fjord about her experience reviving Caduceus and seeing Melora's visage hovering over him throughout the ritual. Jester made a promise to Fjord, stating that she would do anything to help out and that this would be their new mission.[107]

"Uthodurn" (2x73)
During the fight with the remorhazes, Caleb polymorphed Jester into a mammoth, and she enjoyed wreaking havoc. Upon arriving in Uthodurn, Jester bought cupcakes, and learned that the black moss flavor was a local specialty. They quickly became a favorite of hers.

"Manifold Morals" (2x74) Jester gave Essek a cupcake as a thank you for Teleporting the party.

"Rime and Reason" (2x75)
To set up an ambush for the yetis, Jester used an echo stone to imitate the cry of a baby yeti. Jester was instrumental in carrying out the iceflex heist. To lure out Gelidon, Jester used Thaumaturgy to again imitate yeti sounds. Reani turned into a giant owl and ferried Beau, Nott, and Jester to Gelidon's lair. While Beau and Reani created a diversion, Nott and Jester Dimension Doored to the iceflex and Jester picked it up. She left a Traveler figurine while Nott looted. Jester Dimension Doored the duo both into the dome with the rest of the party.

I like bread!

— Jester as a bat[108]

"Refjorged" (2x76)
Jester, Reani, and Caleb turned into bats to scout the Tumblecarve residence in Uthodurn. During the break-in, Jester Dimension Doored herself and Nott right behind a guard on the balcony and Nott immediately killed him. They frantically tried to hide the body and the blood, and Dimension Doored again to join the others. Using Locate Object, Jester determined that the ring they were searching for was on the second or third floor. She used her paints throughout the heist to create relatively silent passage throughout the house.

Before they parted ways with Reani, Jester gave her a note saying that life isn't black and white, but grey, and to trust herself. The next morning, after Fjord had been accepted as a paladin of the Wildmother, Jester told him that she was really proud of him.

"A Tangled Web" (2x77)
Jester and Caduceus joined Caleb in the captured scourger's cell as he interrogated her. Later on, Jester watched and attempted to participate in Essek and Caleb's dunamancy lesson. After Essek departed, Jester reassured Caleb that she was there for him if he ever needed to talk.

Jester Sent to the Gentleman to ask about the Luxon beacons, opening the message with, "Hi, dad!" He again insisted that he was not her father. Jester then Scried on Yasha, and witnessed her crying as she participated in the massacre of the Zadash Cobal Soul archive.

"Between the Lines" (2x78)
Jester Scried on Yasha again, and saw her, along with Obann and the Laughing Hand, approaching Kamordah. Jester used Sending to contact Beau's father to ensure that everything was okay there.

"The Folding Halls" (2x80) Allura Vysoren entrusted Jester with a Mirror of Infinite Transpondence, which would allow the party to communicate with her while they were attempting to rescue Yussa inside the Happy Fun Ball.

"The Beat of the Permaheart" (2x82)
Jester got the How do you want to do this? on the failed Halas clone once, then again after it reanimated, and then a third time after it reanimated again.

"Dark Bargains" (2x83)
When Nott died to a Power Word Kill trap, Jester successfully Revivified her. The Mighty Nein then freed Yussa and returned to the Material Plane.

"Titles and Tattoos" (2x84)
Jester got a diamond dust tattoo from Orly across her chest and shoulders. The tattoo emulated the shape of the capelet Jester used to wear, along with a clasped pair of hands representing the Traveler.[28]

"The Threads Converge" (2x85)
The Mighty Nein visited the Evening Nip in Zadash, where they were greeted by the Gentleman. Jester asked him if he had ever smuggled people. He admitted that he had, though he had stopped doing so since re-establishing his business with Ophelia Mardoon. Jester used Disguise Self to turn herself into Marion but the Gentleman did not react and again denied ever knowing her.

That evening, however, the Gentleman sought out Jester for a private conversation. He poured them both wine and asked how Marion was. Jester asked if he loved her, and he said he did. He told her about his past as a poor sailor from Feolinn. When he and Marion fell in love, he wanted to live up to her standards by finding a fortune and then returning to marry her, having proved his worth. Instead, he was captured by pirates and taken to Darktow, where he earned his freedom and a fortune but became a criminal. Caring too much for Marion to drag her into the underworld with him, the Gentleman went alone to Zadash and built up his smuggling empire. He knew nothing of Jester's existence until they met.

He told Jester that he wanted to protect her from the darker parts of the world, but said that only a man who was there to help raise his child could truly call himself a father. Jester admits that part of her still wants the fairy-tale ending of him sweeping Marion off her feet and running away together to somewhere safe. He agreed that that was a nice dream, finished his drink, and said goodnight.

The next day, Jester Scried on Vence Nuthaleus again, and witnessed him meeting Cardinal Respa within the Chantry of the Dawn in Rexxentrum. They discussed a ritual which was about to take place. The Mighty Nein (and Pumat Sol) raced to the Cathedral immediately to head off the cultists and stop the ritual.

"The Cathedral" (2x86)
Jester used her Marvelous Pigments to create a secret entrance into the Chantry. During combat on the ground floor, Beau was knocked unconscious by the still charmed Yasha. Jester used her duplicate to heal Beau back to consciousness. In the basement chamber containing a seal of Tharizdun, Jester successfully saved against being charmed by Obann.

"Punishment and Politics" (2x87)
Jester was knocked unconscious in the battle against Obann the Punished, but was revived by Caduceus after its defeat. When the Mighty Nein met with King Dwendal, Jester shared what she had seen in her Scryings on Vence. When Trent Ikithon approached the Nein after the meetings conclusion, Jester and others of the party stood protectively between him and Caleb.

"It's entirely off-putting how disarmingly charming you are. I genuinely do not know how to react. Take that as a compliment."

"Unwanted Reunions" (2x88)
The Mighty Nein began their preparations for arranging peace talks between the Dwendalian Empire and Kryn Dynasty. The party first met with Martinet Ludinus Da'leth, before they were taken to see Trent Ikithon, who was commanding research over the Empire's Luxon Beacon. The Martinet admitted that Jester's unique brand of exuberant charm caught him off guard.

"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)
During the party's downtime in Rexxentrum, Jester Scried on Kiri and Sent messages to Beau's Father, the Inevitable End, and the Plank King. Later, Jester sought out Beau, worrying that her friend was avoiding her. Beau reassured her, saying that she was simply busy. Jester then shared the messages she sent to Beau's father, which startled Beau, although she found it endearing that Jester wanted to make her father suffer because he was bad to Beau. Jester promised not to do it again unless Beau was present. When Beau disparaged tarot card readers like the ones her father believed in, Jester leapt to Molly's defense and insisted that he knew things and could see the future. They decided to agree to disagree on the subject. Beau then gave Jester the deck of tarot cards that she took as a remembrance when Molly died, and Jester immediately began learning how to use them.

"Bathhouses and Bastions" (2x90)
Nott gifted Jester a stack of card stock that she bought so that Jester could make her own tarot cards. After returning to Rosohna, reconnecting with Essek, and meeting with the Bright Queen, Jester Sent to Ludinus Da'leth to update him on the peace negotiations. When Essek departed, Jester invited him to dinner. He politely declined and left, though Jester almost immediately used Sending to ask him about himself.

"Stone to Clay" (2x91)
To Jester and the rest of the Nein's pleasant surprise, Essek decided to come join them for dinner after all. He asked the party about their goals, and Jester brought up Traveler Con. When Nott pushed her, Jester admitted that she ultimately wanted to find her place in the world. Jester teased Essek throughout the night, asking if he had ever Scried on the party while they were naked and if he had ever been doing something embarrassing while she was Sending to him. She also persuaded Essek to join the party in their hot tub. When she expressed insecurity, Fjord helped Jester workshop her recruitment pitch for the Traveler.

Caleb also reassured Jester, telling her that while he was the transmutation wizard, she was the one who really changed people. To cheer her up, he showed her the amber-colored unicorns he could now produce with Major Image, and she hugged him. As she prepared for bed, the Traveler appeared to Jester and told her that Caleb was right about her. She was the Traveler's first and she'd always be his favorite.

Arc 5: Family Ties[edit | edit source]

"Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92)
Jester cast Scrying on the woman who had cursed Nott, Isharnai the Prism Sage. She saw a cluttered house and the woman casting runes there, moving in an odd, inhuman way, with exceptionally long arms and fingers. Isharnai looked up, straight at Jester's scry focus, and said, "Hello, who's this I see?" She peered into it closely, saying she hoped this meant she would be having visitors before crushing it. Jester was terrified.

The Nein Teleported to Zadash and stopped in at the Evening Nip. Jester talked to the Gentleman, telling him about the party's adventures. He agreed to give them free drinks and a room for the night. She also convinced him to write a note that guaranteed the party seven free horses. Jester took this to mean that her father really loved her. When Beau confronted her own parents, Jester reassured and comforted her. "Misery Loves Company" (2x93) When the Mighty Nein were trying to convince Isharnai to break the curse set upon Nott, Jester suggested that she could give up her hands in trade. Before having her hands cut off by Isharnai, Jester gave her half of a cupcake, revealing after the hag ate it that it was sprinkled with the Dust of Deliciousness. She then cast Modify Memory in order to make Isharnai think that Jester's company was enjoyable enough for her to break the curse placed on Nott. The hag, in a confused state, agreed to do so. Jester ran out of the cottage and told the others to run away quickly before the spell wore off.[110]

"With Great Power..." (2x94)
While Jester was taking a watch alone, the Traveler appeared and invited her to join him in a private corner of the jungle. He then revealed himself as Lord Artagan of the Morncrown, an archfey rather than a god. He admitted he had no idea what he was doing and he needed Jester's help.[111]

"Blessing in Disguise" (2x95)
The Traveler revealed himself to the rest of the Mighty Nein and explained that he needed help planning Traveler Con in an effort to allow his followers to meet one another and learn to rely on each other instead of him. Their demands have become too much, but he assured Jester that she is special and he would take her with him if he leaves. Jester's main concern seemed to be that even if the Traveler withdrew from his other followers, he would always be there for her and that she would always be the most powerful of them.[112]

"Family Shatters" (2x96)
Jester used Greater Restoration on several members of the Clay and Stone families at The Menagerie and set up multiple pranks for the other petrified villagers. She also sent a dozen black moss cupcakes to Isharnai via quickling.

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97)
Jester revealed the tattoo that she got from Orly Skiffback to her mother, told her that the Traveler isn't truly a god, and invited her to join them at the Marquis's party that evening. After some hesitation, Marion agreed. Jester and Caduceus picked out excellent formal outfits for everyone to wear. At the party, Jester encountered the slimy Lord Robert Sharpe who had threatened her life, and while initially fearful, confronted him and was able to prank him by locking him out on a balcony. She aided in the kidnapping of the disguised Essek Thelyss from the party for their questioning of him on the Balleater, and held his hand while he confessed his crimes. She was distressed by the knowledge that Essek had been lying to the party, but was willing to give him a second chance.

"Dark Waters" (2x98)
Jester and Fjord escorted Marion back to the Chateau after her performance had concluded. While waiting for the other members of the Mighty Nein to return, Fjord suggested that they eat together downstairs. Jester agreed and they had a nice dinner together.[113]

Before the Nein set sail for the peace talks, Jester bought party decorations and some clay for making 200 figurines of the Traveler. She also drew a few more tarot cards for her deck: the Jewel and Thief, the Spark and Blaze, and Death and Dawn. Jester spent the first part of the voyage carving Traveler figurines to give as party favors at Traveler Con. She was joined by Beau and Yasha, and they discussed their relationships with higher powers. Jester admitted that at first, she felt betrayed by the Traveler's concealing of his true nature, but now she accepted that he was one of her best friends. She acknowledged that regardless of the fact that he wasn't a true god, he'd given or activated in her some truly cool powers.

"High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99)
Jester Revivified Orly, while Caduceus did the same for Fjord. When Fjord regained consciousness, Jester kissed him on the forehead, and held his hand while Caduceus purged the Cloven Crystal from his body with Greater Restoration.

As resident carpenter, Jester set about repairing the ship, and eventually went to the crow's nest to try unsuccessfully to contact the quickling she had tasked with delivering cupcakes to Isharnai. When that failed, she Sent to Isharnai directly, asking if she got them, and the ominous-sounding response was, "I did. They were... tasty." Jester then attempted to Scry on the Traveler, but realized too late that he was actually the one who granted her the power to do this. He was amused by her attempt to do so.

After the first day of peace talks, Jester cast Sending to the Bright Queen and Ludinus Da'leth, who were both optimistic about the progress of the negotiations. She unsuccessfully attempted to convince Essek, who had joined the Nein to observe the talks, to bring her pastries the following morning.

"Hunted at Sea" (2x100)
Jester successfully polymorphed the pursuing dragon turtle into a sea turtle, and maintained concentration while Caleb polymorphed it into a slower sea slug. Later, Jester used Sending to contact the turtle, apologizing for attacking it and asking if it's looking for its mate, the Darktow dragon turtle. The turtle responded that it needed no mate; it took what it wanted, and ships carried treasure.

When the Mighty Nein landed on Rumblecusp, Jester used a Commune ritual to contact the Traveler. She learned that there were dangers on the island and that she was still Artagan's favorite, but he seemed very distracted and hurried off with an apology.

"Mysteries, Memories, and Music" (2x101)
Caduceus gave Jester his Charm of Plant Command. Jester Communed with the Traveler again and learned that the party's sense of being watched was from Vokodo, who was not really a god.

"Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff" (2x102)
During their short rest in the jungle on Rumblecusp, Fjord used Lay on Hands on Jester to cure her insect-caused disease. Jester was worried that Viridian seemed to have many of the same powers that the Traveler does. Fjord gently suggested to her that possibly the Traveler was using her to help himself in becoming a god, and she promised to keep her eyes open while insisting that the Traveler was really a good guy.

During the parlay with Vokodo, Jester explained that they wanted to have a party on his island (although they weren't sure how many people would come) in honor of another god. Vokodo had never heard of the Traveler, but welcomed them to bring him and anyone else they liked. Vokodo accepted Jester's elven chain mail as an offering.

"Maritime Mysteries" (2x103)
Jester contacted the Traveler through Commune and asked him if he had known about Vokodo and the memory loss on the island. Artagan admitted that he had been aware of it, and that it factored into his back-up plan if Traveler Con didn't work out, but that he would never have abandoned her or her friends on Rumblecusp. Jester was upset by this. To comfort her, the Traveler created a googly-eyed Tusktooth face on Catha, the full moon.

"Rumble at Rumblecusp" (2x105)
While enjoying their Heroes' Feast of hot pancakes and sweets, Beau asked Jester how she felt now about Traveler Con. Jester admitted to the group that she was feeling overwhelmed by the impossibility of pleasing the Traveler without taking advantage of his followers and at the same time, rescuing the villagers. Jester began crying, saying that the situation was making her really stressed. She said again how wonderful he had been when she was a child, and how much he had done for her, but she now saw his essential selfishness. She admitted he had known that the island caused people to forget their past. The group encouraged her to talk to him about it at Traveler Con, and told her that they would do whatever she wanted.[114]

"A Fog Lifted" (2x106)
Jester suggested to Fjord that the island of Rumblecusp could become the center of worship for the Traveler, turning the place into a fun resort. She also discussed with Fjord whether he thought it was bad to allow people to continue to believe in an entity that could not actually help them in the afterlife, and whether he or Caduceus were angry that the Wildmother wasn't around all the time. Fjord had no answers for her, but told her he cared about her and that they would all back her up as long as she was getting what she needed from her relationship with the Traveler.[115]

"Devoutness and Dicks" (2x107)
Jester and the rest of the Mighty Nein started preparing Traveler Con. The Traveler participated as well, and Jester hugged him when he arrived. She liked the idea of moving people from worshiping the Traveler to the Moonweaver so that people would still have a god in their lives. Caduceus suggested that Jester could become the avatar of the Traveler, and she wasn't opposed to the idea until Fjord pointed out that everyone would then come to Jester, and many of them also know Sending. She told Artagan he should take the spell away from the others, and he immediately did so, which made her feel good.

On each subsequent day during the preparations, Caleb used Programmed Illusion to create a Traveler-themed image in a different location that would last indefinitely, thrilling Jester. On the eve of the celebrations, with over a hundred attendees present, Artagan sauntered up in disguise, telling Jester that it will soon be just her and him... and a couple of other people, but she's his favorite. Jester took him aside and they walked into the village to talk. He told her how much she had changed him for the better, and how much she'd grown. The conversation seemed to quiet all Jester's recent fears and uncertainties about him, and she told him he was her best friend and always will be, just before leaning in like she was going to kiss him and biting his nose instead. He cautioned her that he didn't expect things to last forever, and they should appreciate the time they have, then wandered off to enjoy the party.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)
During Traveler Con, Jester acted as the keynote speaker, high priestess, and mistress of ceremonies. When evening fell, the followers of the Traveler made their way up the volcano to throw their dick statuettes into the volcano. The Traveler then "revealed" himself as an avatar of the goddess Sehanine. In the middle of his speech, however, silver chains rained down from the sky and wrapped around him. An angelic figure carrying a sword and whip flew down and addressed the crowd, saying that this entity was speaking falsehoods about the Moonweaver. Therefore, he should be punished and be brought back to the Feywild where he belonged. As the Traveler was being pulled up into the heavens by the Moonweaver, Jester grabbed onto him and begged for him to be released, and was pulled up with him. Fjord used his Hex abilities to teleport to her, telling her she needed to let go. As she hesitated, Artagan kicked them both free. The celestial entity asked Artagan if he'd learned his lesson, and released him.

Later that evening, Artagan and Jester talked privately. He apologized, telling her that the last thing he had wanted to do was put Jester or her friends in harm's way and he couldn't let her make that sacrifice. She hugged him and told him they could figure out what this meant. She seemed unworried about his realization that he is manipulative, and he enhanced her duplicate's abilities by increasing its movement and allowing Jester to speak through it.

"Dinner with the Devil" (2x110)
When Caleb revealed his backstory to the entire group, Jester hugged him. She Sent to Trent Ikithon, informing him that the Mighty Nein would come to dine with him. The party then Teleported to Nicodranas, and Jester conversed with her mother.

During the dinner with Trent and his proteges, Jester was initially rude to Astrid, but later apologized and tried to befriend her.

"The Chase Begins" (2x112)
Jester used her Charm of Plant Command to ask a patch of crabgrass about past happenings at Mollymauk Tealeaf's grave. She befriended the grass, and when it asked her to give it a name, she decided on Henry.

Arc 6: Weird Magic[edit | edit source]

"Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends" (2x115)
At her request, Caleb read Der Katsenprinz aloud to Jester, translating it from Zemnian.

"The Tortoise and The Dare" (2x117)
The Nein were attacked by a Frost Worm as they traversed Eiselcross. Jester was the only member of the party to resist the Worm's stunning trill, and successfully Polymorphed it into a snow hare, and then a turtle, eliminating the threat.

"Solace Between the Secrets" (2x118)
As they were travelling, the Mighty Nein discovered a group of seven statues encircling a low pedestal. An intense aura of divination magic emanated from each faintly warm statue. Eventually, Jester stepped into the center of the circle and stood on the platform. She felt the statues' eyes look into hers and voices fill her mind, saying: "Do you give to receive? Ask, and we take." Jester was unable to move and realized she must ask a question, which was: "What are the Tombtakers trying to bring back?" The statues eyes glowed, and she saw once again the living city in the Astral Plane the party first saw in their shared vision at Vokodo's death. She also saw the Tombtakers trudging through the snow with satchels half-full of gathered components. As the vision ended, she felt a cold sensation in her chest of something being pulled from her, and the party noticed that Jester appeared to have aged five years. The circle disappeared when they turned away.

After the party retired to bed in the Tower, Fjord visited Jester in her room. He told her he was really worried about her when she was inside the circle of statues, and he wanted her to be careful. She agreed that she'll try to be safe and so should he. Fjord asked if he could kiss her, and Jester nodded happily. He pulled her in for a kiss, and Jester noted that kissing was more fun when you're not dying, referencing the time she nearly drowned in the Temple of the False Serpent.

"Malice and Mystery Below" (2x119)
During the battle with the nightmare baby creature, Jester critically hit with Inflict Wounds, and a wild-magic surge caused spectral pink butterflies to appear around her.

"Contentious Company" (2x120)
Jester cast Fire Storm on the forest of corrupted trees in the A-2 excavation site, killing the malevolent life there. She and Fjord took a watch together that night, in which time she created a new tarot card: "Growth and Rot".

"Ice and Fire" (2x121)
Jester offered to do a tarot reading for Lucien, and he agreed. The card representing his past showed a massive creature shattering a city during the Calamity. The card representing his present was The Tyrant, which showed two dragons fighting. The one facing Lucien was red. His final card, representing his future, was Death. Jester reassured him this could mean a rebirth, where something ends to make way for something new. Lucien's right hand twitched, twice, but he said only that that was "interesting" before walking away and sitting facing away from everyone.

"Fair-weather Faith" (2x123)
During the battle with Gelidon, Jester used her sixth-level spell slot to cast Heal on Fjord. He later thanks her with a kiss. Veth witnessed this and excitedly questioned Jester, who lied and said it was their first kiss.

Jester strategically remained polymorphed into a Giant Owl for the entire fight against the Tombtakers, enabling the Nein to flee the losing battle with no casualties.

"A Walk to Warmer Welcomes" (2x124)
When the Nein reunited with Essek, Jester immediately ran over to give him a hug. She unsubtly told Caleb that he should get naked in front of Essek, and repeatedly suggested that the party should tell Essek everything, including about the eyes on Beau and Caleb.

Later, Jester tried for Divine Intervention, and failed. However, Artagan showed up anyway, and they conversed for a while before he left.

"Sarsaparilla, Licorice, and Red Hot" (2x127)
For the infiltration of the Vergessen Sanatorium, Jester, along with Veth and Caleb, were chosen to sneak inside the building and steal the Amulets. The three auspiciously dubbed themselves 'Team Firestorm'. During the heist, Jester used her magic paint to create a doorway into the tower. After proceeding through the ground floor of the Sanatorium without issue, Team Firestorm encountered a lone guard named Cymie whom Jester cast Fast Friends on, making an ally of him. Jester continued to converse with Cymie, steadfastly ignoring the increasing sounds of carnage from the hallway behind as Caleb and Veth dispatched the rest of the guards on the floor.

After descending to the lowest floor, Team Firestorm came to a door, beyond which they believed the Amulets to be kept. Jester Dimension Doored herself and Veth into the chamber behind the door. Jester found the Amulets via Locate Object and picked up the box containing them, while Veth began looting the rest of the room. Jester once again Dimension Doored herself and Veth, and they rejoined Caleb just as Trent Ikithon himself discovered the the three of them. Jester attempted Word of Recall, but was Counterspelled by Ikithon.

"Cat and Mouse" (2x128)
Trent continued to approach Team Firestorm, unshaken by their attempts to stop him. Jester desperately tried again for Word of Recall, which Trent attempted to Counterspell; however, Caleb's Counterspell negated it, and Jester transported the team to Veth's home in Nicodranas. Jester suddenly realized she told Cymie, the guard, about her mother by name and that Marion may be in danger. She also realized they could send her to The Gentleman for safety. The Nein went into the market and told Yeza and Luc (via Message) to go to the Lavish Chateau.

Jester reunited with her mother, at first falling back on her habit of minimizing her emotions, before she admitted that everything was not okay, and gave her an Amulet. She told Marion to leave immediately, for her own safety, and after much hesitation, Marion agreed. Jester tearfully apologized for endangering her.

The Nein learned that Ikithon had followed them to Nicodranas and immediately left the Chateau along with Marion, Luc, and Yeza, stealthily making for Tidepeak Tower. When it became clear that Yussa, who was Astral Projecting, could not aid them, the party barricaded themselves inside the tower and rifled through his possessions in hope of finding something useful. With Ikithon and the volstrucker hot on their tails, half of the party entered the Happy Fun Ball, while the rest, including Jester and the family members, Plane Shifted to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

"Between a Ball and a Hot Place" (2x129)
While Jester and Veth were investigating their surroundings in the Fire Plane, they began talking. Jester suggested that if they saved the world and don't die, she and Veth should seriously open a detective agency. Their voices unintentionally alerted a Fire Elemental tasked with guarding Planerider Ryn's Sanctum, which rushed inside the cavern where the rest of their group was taking shelter. In the ensuing battle, Marion was injured and Luc was killed briefly before being Revivified by Caduceus.

After the battle, Jester assisted Caleb in restoring the Collar of Silence, which they hoped to use against Trent Ikithon next time they meet. The following morning, Jester cast Plane Shift, bringing the party close to the Evening Nip in Zadash.

"The Calm Before the Storm" (2x130)
The party entered the Evening Nip, and were greeted by the Gentleman, who was noticeably flustered and nervous. Marion thanked him for sheltering them. The Gentleman asked for a private word with Jester, and in his room, she explained the precarity of the situation and told him that Marion needed him to protect her. Her father agreed to shelter their families temporarily.

Jester then spoke with Marion, who was concerned that Jester was planning on heading into danger. Jester admitted that it was dangerous and that she didn't know if they'll come back. Marion expressed her pride in Jester, and made her promise to come home safely. At the end of their conversation, Marion went upstairs to join the Gentleman in his room. Jester later admitted to Fjord that she had lied to her mother in her promise to return to her alive.

"Into the Eye" (2x131)
Jester decided to go against Fjord's wishes and Scry on Vandran. She found him inside a small driftwood cabin, peacefully reading Tusk Love. She Sent to him, asking if there's anything he wanted her to tell Fjord, and he answered for Fjord to take care of himself. He also asked that she not spoiler Tusk Love for him. Jester confessed to Fjord that she contacted Vandran, and he was not upset with her.

When the party discussed their last requests if they should die in the attempt to defeat Cognouza, Jester made Veth promise to keep her parents together if she died, and made Caleb promise to draw a dick in every temple.

"Hunter and Hunted" (2x133)
Jester contributed greatly to the Mighty Nein's well-laid trap for the Tombtakers. She set a Symbol spell in a hidden, strategic place, which would trigger pain on anyone coming within twenty feet of it. She also cast a Heroes' Feast for the party.

"Hell or High Water" (2x136) Caleb revealed that with his newfound Truesight, he had seen Sprinkle whispering in Jester's ear when she was talking to Artagan. To Jester's (and the party's) shock, Sprinkle crept out of Jester's hood, and began speaking in Artagan's voice, admitting that he was Sprinkle from the beginning. This made perfect sense to Jester.

"Where There Is a Will..." (2x138)
While the rest of the party battled Cree, Jester Dimension Doored herself and Caleb into the room with the Threshold Crest, and the duo quickly removed it.

"Rebirth" (2x139)
Jester once again cast Heroes' Feast, which gave the party immunity to fear and advantage on wisdom saves in the fight to come. When they confronted Lucien, Jester and the rest of the party members who knew Molly attempted to connect with him, referencing events and phrases that were reminiscent of Molly's time with the Mighty Nein. Lucien became enraged and attacked the party. Jester continued to call out to Molly during the battle, apologizing for not being there when he died.

"Long May He Reign" (2x140)
In the second phase of the battle, Jester was killed by Lucien, and whispered, "Artie..." with her final breath. Caleb used his imagination to move Jester closer to a nearly dead Caduceus, who then successfully Revivified her. In the cover of Fjord's Marine Layer, Jester cast Mass Cure Wounds, bringing Caduceus and herself back from the brink, and reviving Caleb, who had gone unconscious. Jester then cast Guiding Bolt on Lucien, getting the How do you want to do this? with an assist from Caduceus' Path to the Grave.

With Lucien dead, Jester quickly Revivified Caleb, who had also died in the fray. When Fjord couldn't find the Bag of Holding that the Tombtakers had stolen, Jester used her imagination to manifest its appearance.

Jester was one of the three party members to assist in the resurrection ritual for Molly. She took out the tarot cards and asked Molly's soul to return to teach her about them. When "Molly" woke up, Jester used her paints to create a replica of Molly's old outfit for him, before painting part of the city to look like a dick with the symbol of Captain Tusktooth at the top.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)
After the Mighty Nein returned to the Blooming Grove, Jester snuggled up to a sleepy Fjord and told him, "I love you," but then panicked and told him to go back to sleep and not say anything back. She attempted to cast Modify Memory but was out of spells. The following morning, Jester Sent to her mother and Yeza, confirming that they were alive and well. She then cast Greater Restoration on the sleeping "Molly" and he jolted awake, language restored but memories still mostly missing. Jester asked what he preferred to be called, and he decided on Kingsley Tealeaf. She painted a new sleeveless, black coat for him.

Jester, Veth and Caleb Teleported to the Evening Nip. Jester ran to her father's room and when he opened the door, she saw Marion, naked, in the bed behind him. Her parents both declined to come to the Blooming Grove, and Marion explained to Jester that she and Babenon had a lot to discuss and many differences, and she did not yet know what their eventual relationship might end up being.

When Trent Ikithon and his proteges attacked the Blooming Grove, Jester aided the rest of the party in finally bringing him down. Once he was neutralized, Jester used Sovereign Glue to paint his hands together, preventing him from casting somatically. Fjord cast Create Water to help put out the fire on the temple and called Jester over. He told her, "I love you, too," and kissed her.

When the Nein returned to Nicodranas, Jester took Fjord to a water tower she had frequently climbed as a child, where he told her he wanted to visit Vandran and asked her to join him on the sea. She agreed, and they decided to make Nicodranas their home port, and get their own place together. Kingsley later asked to join their crew.

One day in Nicodranas some time later, Artagan visited Jester as she walked toward the docks. He apologized for not being the god she wanted, but she thanked him for being the friend she actually wanted. He admitted he was feeling wanderlust again, and needed a change, but he has enjoyed their relationship. He told Jester she doesn't need him and he might not be around as much, but he promised that he would take her to see the Feywild with him some day. As they parted, she once again bit him on the nose.

Post-Campaign[edit | edit source]

In the six months after the Mighty Nein parted ways, Jester and Fjord bought a small home in Nicodranas together,[116] but spent most of their time at sea on the Nein Heroez.[117] Eventually, Uk'otoa caught up with him,[118] and a storm giant working on his behalf attacked the ship, knocking Jester unconscious, at which point Fjord turned over the Cloven Crystal to a deep scion mage in order to spare her life and the lives of the crew.[119] The giant capsized the boat, but all but one crew member survived.[120] Jester contacted the rest of the Mighty Nein,[121] and they pursued the servants of Uk'otoa to the Cyrios End Forest, the site of the last seal.[122] To block their passage, Jester cast Earthquake further collapsing the temple,[123] but not enough to seal all the paths inside and to stop one of the deep scion from inserting the last Cloven Crystal and freeing Uk'otoa.[124]

Preparing for their incoming battle with Uk'otoa, Jester used Sending to contact the Plank King Wyatt Maranoss, as she frequently did previously, to ask for a ship. In return, he told her that if she contacts him again, he will slit her throat.[125] Jester also messaged her mother telling her to stay with "Papa" due to the potential danger to Nicodranas and on Veth's behalf messaged Yeza telling him to take the campers hiking somewhere on higher ground for a short while.[126]

During the party's encounter with Uk'otoa, Fjord, under the influence of Uk'otoa, flew over and swiped twice at Jester, snaping out of his control immediately after.[127] Jester cast Mass Heal, restoring nearly everyone back to full health. She told Fjord not stab her again, hugging him, and he apologized.[128] At last, Jester danced over to the edge of the boat and cast Inflict Wounds on the leviathan's tail, which contributed to his defeat.[129]

Shortly after this adventure, Jester became the Arts and Crafts counselor of the Wildemount Wildlings and fortunately was at one one of the sessions when one of the children died briefly then shortly resurrected by Jester. She also created more space within her and Fjord's small house, using Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments and opened an art studio next to their home, and named it "Dicks and Other Things". She began to gain renown, particularly as a graffiti artist.[130]

During the apogee solstice in 843 PD, Jester joined the rest of the Mighty Nein in going to the Rexxentrum Archive after Caleb and Beau suspected Trent had escaped. After going through the vault Trent had infiltrated, they followed him to Blumenthal, where they defeated him. After the battle, Fjord proposed to Jester, who accepted. She also brought Artagan through a Gate to join the party in both combat and in rebuilding the town.[131]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

About a month after the solstice, after Caleb learned Sending was working again once Orym contacted him with a Sending stone, Jester cast Sending to Imogen on his request.[132]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Beauregard Lionett[edit | edit source]

Jester and Beauregard are close friends. They agree on most things and have similar spontaneous trouble maker personalities. They also both grew up in a rich but lonely household and can relate to each other on multiple aspects. Even when they had just met, Beau and Jester had a lot of chemistry, bouncing jokes off of each other and backing the other's sometimes questionable decisions. When the Mighty Nein have booked rooms in inns and taverns throughout their journey, Beau and Jester made a habit of rooming together, and even share a room in the Xhorxhaus. Beau is highly protective of Jester, but has stressed to anyone who doubts Jester's physical capabilities that she can protect herself. The two of them always support and look out for each other.

Although Beauregard initially had a sisterly relationship with Jester, she eventually developed a crush on the tiefling. Their friendship remained unchanged, however, and as Beauregard's relationship with Yasha evolved, she shifted her romantic interests towards the barbarian. Jester has never indicated that she was aware of the crush, and has always been very enthusiastic about Beauregard and Yasha's relationship.

Caduceus Clay[edit | edit source]

The first time Caduceus and Jester met, Jester was slightly put off by a second cleric in the Mighty Nein, and even more so that one of her teammates, Beau, specifically sought him out over her. Consistently having felt the conflict of having to heal a comrade versus wanting to finish off whichever foe they were fighting against, Jester was introduced to someone who was quite the opposite: a firbolg cleric who almost always chose to heal and provide buffs and support over attacking. But the internal conflict didn't last long, as Caduceus presented as a perpetually sincere, earnest-to-a-fault character.

Eventually, Caduceus and Jester have found their rhythm as co-clerics of the group, more often than not syncing strategies in and out of battles. They also have a mutual appreciation for each other's deities, allowing space for both of their patrons in their house in Xhorhas.

Caleb Widogast[edit | edit source]

Jester and Caleb are very good friends. Their relationship has evolved significantly since the beginning of the campaign. It had a rocky start, as Jester came from a sheltered, lavish upbringing and Caleb has a very troubled past and came from a poor household, which means their world views are very different. Initially, their interactions mostly involved teasing from Jester. However, it has since evolved into a deep mutual respect. Caleb developed a crush on Jester, which has heavily influenced his goals and view of the world, and at his prompting, Jester has often confided in him.[133][134][135]

Caleb has been "a little in love" with Jester since their waltz in "The Hour of Honor" (2x24), although he regards his feelings as "useless" and "a problem" and feels that either Beau or Fjord would be better for her.[136]. Caleb appreciates Jester's positive attitude and playfulness that remind him of the life he could have had, if things had gone differently for him, and during the time before he revealed his past to her enjoyed the fact that she saw him as he could or should have been.[137]

Essek Thelyss[edit | edit source]

Jester and Essek are friends. Soon after meeting Essek for the first time, Jester told him he seemed like "a really cool guy" and that she hoped they could be friends.[138] When Essek presented the party with the Xhorhaus, Jester thanked him with an awkwardly long hug.[139]

Jester regularly casts Sending to Essek during the party's travels, asking for information and assistance. Essek accepted the Uthodurnian cupcake Jester gave him on one visit to Rosohna.[140] He was, however, uninterested in her offer to teach him her own magic.[141]

Jester was "really happy" to have Essek visit for dinner. He was interested in her goals and called her desire to find where she fit in "very noble".[142] Essek was touched and grateful when Jester created a parasol with her magic paint to shield him from the sun after he teleported the party to the Whitedawn Lagoon.[143]

While disguised as Dezran Thain, Essek flustered when Jester spoke to him and made awkward attempts to lie to her.[144] She later held his hand while he confessed to his crimes.[145]

After learning of Essek's presence in Eiselcross, Jester continued to Send him updates on the Mighty Nein's progress, sometimes adding friendly compliments to her messages.[146] She ran to hug Essek immediately on reuniting with him at Vurmas Outpost. Essek was startled, but told her it was very good to see her again.[147] Jester suggested that the party take Essek with them after defeating the Tombtakers and alter his appearance with Transmogrification to protect him from assassins.[148] She was open about still trusting Essek.[149] When Essek joined the party to travel through Aeor, Jester tried to make him feel welcome and included.[150]

When Essek parted ways with his friends after the defeats of Lucien and Trent, Jester promised to cast Sending to him every day. Essek said he would welcome her messages.[151]

Fjord[edit | edit source]

Jester and Fjord began the campaign as very close friends and are now romantically involved. They met in Port Damali a few weeks before encountering the rest of the Mighty Nein.[152] They often reach out to the other to ask how they're each doing, and have confided in each other through their personal journeys.[153][154][155]

Jester had feelings for Fjord early on, but Fjord acted oblivious to or uncomfortable with her flirting for quite some time.[156] Jester became unsure about whether Fjord was interested in her while the Mighty Nein were pursuing Uk'otoa.[157] Following the breaking of Fjord's pact with Uk'otoa, the two began to become closer again, and Fjord eventually admitted to Beau that he had feelings for Jester.[158]

One night while residing within Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, Fjord visited Jester at her room. After discussing their mutual fears about the dangers of Aeor, Fjord asked if he could kiss her, and when she nodded, he did.[159] She then went to sleep holding the unicorn figurine he had gifted her prior. The two remained together throughout the remainder of their journeys, and Jester told Fjord she loved him the night after their defeat of Lucien,[160] which he returned the next day.[161] They discussed getting a place together in Nicodranas,[162] and when the Mighty Nein parted ways, left together on the Nein Heroez.[163]

The Gentleman[edit | edit source]

The Gentleman, originally named Babenon Dosal, was revealed to be Jester's father, although he initially denied this fact.[164][165] He knew nothing of Jester's existence until they met. He told Jester that only a man who was there to help raise his child could truly call himself a father. While he still cared for Marion and Jester, he believed that due to his criminal activities, he couldn't be close to them. Despite this, Jester stills wanted her parents to get married and retire together.[166]

When the Nein drew the ire of Trent Ikithon, Jester's mother was endangered. Jester brought her to the Evening Nip for her own safety, and also in the hopes of rekindling her parents' relationship. The Gentleman was extremely nervous about seeing his former love again, and Jester apologized for springing it on him so suddenly, though she emphasized the importance of keeping Marion safe. She told the Gentleman she was proud to call him her dad, and reassured him that Marion was just as nervous as he was. She helped him choose an outfit before he went to see her.[167] After he left her alone, Jester searched his room and was disappointed to find Suude, but let it go for the moment.[168]

When Jester returned to check on her parents after the defeat of Cognouza, she found Marion, naked, in her father's bed.[169] Marion explained to Jester that she and Babenon had a lot to discuss and many differences, and she cautioned Jester not to get her hopes up.[170] Jester asked the Gentleman for relationship advice, and he answered genuinely and reassured her.[171]

After the campaign ended, Babenon waited a few years and faked his own demise, handed over his Zadash operation to Ophelia Mardoon, and went to join Marion in Nicodranas under an assumed identity.[172] Jester was presumably delighted that her parents fell in love again and retired together like she always wanted.

Marion Lavorre[edit | edit source]

Jester is very loving and protective towards her mother. She is equally confident that Marion loves her back. It is very important to Jester that Marion think well of her and be proud of her.[173] She holds no resentment towards Marion for keeping her isolated during her childhood. Marion used her wealth to make sure Jester had plenty of books and paints to keep her occupied. Marion also gave Jester five thousand gold[174] to help her escape from Nicodranas. Jester told Fjord she would like to someday earn enough money for Marion to stop working and get back together with her father, The Gentleman.[175]

Marion did not seem sure if the Traveler was real or not. Jester talked about him, but Marion thought he might have been an imaginary friend.[176] After the party visited her in Nicodranas, Marion gifted Jester a necklace with a ruby, and Jester gave her a jar of honey that she and Caduceus Clay had bought. She promised to keep her mother updated with their travels, and Marion made the Mighty Nein promise they would keep Jester safe.[103]

Marion has welcomed the Nein (and, at their request, sheltered Luc and Yeza Brenatto as well) each time they appear, frequently without notice, offering love to Jester and rooms to the party.

Mollymauk Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

Molly read Jester's fortune for two copper pieces, using a small set of cards. He predicted that there is something bright and adventurous in her future.[177] At the Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, he gave her the moon and shadow cards together, seemingly with some sort of meaning intended.[178] Jester seemed enamored by Molly's fortunes, instead of seeing him as a conman. Much later, after his death, Jester even called him "basically a god."[179]

After learning that Molly had died, Jester mourned him deeply, getting on her knees next to his grave. When Beau offered her Molly's cards, she again drew The Moon. Saying that that was his card, she placed it leaning against the marker with Molly's coat.[180]

Later, Jester tried to learn to do tarot card readings herself and brought along Molly's deck to do research at the Cobalt Soul Archive. It was revealed that the deck that Molly had was handmade, and that some cards were unfinished. Jester decided to finish the deck with some of her sketches as well.[181]

After visiting Molly's grave in "New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111), Jester cast Scrying and saw that his body was active - though now belonging to Lucien, walking in a snowstorm with an intense smile.

Veth Brenatto[edit | edit source]

Jester and Veth are very close friends. They share a similar knack for getting into trouble and get along very well, often helping each other out or teaming up to go on crazy misadventures. Veth's small size and aptitude for trickery proved to be a great complement to Jester's love of pranks and whimsical behavior. The two have also shared more serious emotional moments, sharing advice and looking out for each other. They form a self-proclaimed detective duo.

The Traveler[edit | edit source]

Jester has referred to the Traveler as her "best friend" and "Number One Love"[182]. She told the Mighty Nein he was her friend while she grew up in the Lavish Chateau. The Traveler has appeared to Jester as a hooded male humanoid while she is alone. Jester becomes extremely nervous when she doesn't feel the presence of the Traveler for a long time[183] and sometimes goes to extremes to get his attention.[184][185] Jester believes she is the Traveler's favorite[186] and was very excited at the possibility of meeting other followers of his. The Traveler told her she was his first follower, and will always be his favorite.[187]

Artagan's "Traveler" persona began after sensing a kinship and discovering a spark uniquely similar to his own within a little blue girl named Jester Lavorre. Young Jester believed with such unconditional childlike faith and wonder in Artagan's "divinity" as The Traveler that Artagan pretended to be the god she believed him to be, only to discover he actually started to become newly empowered from the unconditional faith she bestowed in him.[188]

As Traveler Con approached, Artagan approached Jester for advice, confiding in her that he had no idea what he was doing, and needed her help.[189] When the Mighty Nein discovered that being on Rumblecusp caused its resident's to lose their memories, Jester became concerned that the Traveler had known about this, and intended to take advantage of this fact to get rid of his followers. When she confronted him about this, he told her that yes, he knew what happened to those who stayed on the island. This upset Jester greatly. Artagan reassured her that he was never going to leave her and her friends on the island. To cheer Jester up, he manipulated the shadows around Catha to create an image of the mark of Tusktooth.[190] Jester became more stressed as her faith in the Traveler was shaken. She reiterated to the party how great of a friend he had been to her as a child, and how much he had done for her, but she now saw his essential selfishness. Most of all, she wanted the Traveler to still be her friend.[191]

On Traveler Con Eve, Artagan spoke with Jester, telling her that she was still his favorite. He told her how much she had changed him for the better, and how much she'd grown. The conversation seemed to quiet all Jester's recent fears and uncertainties about him, and she told him he was her best friend and always would be, just before leaning in like she was going to kiss him and biting his nose instead. He cautioned her that he didn't expect things to last forever, and they should appreciate the time they had together.[192]

During the Traveler Con proceedings, Artagan was interrupted by an avatar of Sehanine. He was restrained by silver chains, and the entity said he was being punished and brought back to the Feywild where he belonged. As the Traveler, panicking, was being dragged away, Jester grabbed onto him and begged for him to be released, saying that she loved him. To prevent her from being captured along with him, Artagan kicked her (and Fjord) free. Seeing that Artagan had grown to truly care for another creature, the celestial entity asked him if he'd learned his lesson, and released him.[193] Later that evening, Artagan and Jester talked privately, and he apologized to her for endangering her and her friends.[194]

After the Traveler Con, in 837 PD, Jester more conscious of the fact that the Traveler not solely consumed by Jester's life and understands what "he was going through".[195]

Yasha Nydoorin[edit | edit source]

Yasha and Jester had a growing camaraderie. When the two first met, Yasha took Jester's weapons with the promise she would return them. Jester responded by making Yasha "pinky swear," declaring that this made them "best friends."[196] Yasha later commented to Mollymauk that "Jester's adorable" and that she liked her.[197]

While rowing in "A Favor in Kind" (2x16), Caleb referred to Yasha and Jester as the "Strength Sisters".

Jester was keen on getting Yasha out of her shell, going to great lengths to get to know her. During the night before Yasha disappeared from the Mighty Nein for the third time, Jester sat beside her, showed her drawings, and drew Yasha "lit up by the lightning" before going to sleep.[198]

When Yasha woke up from her captivity, she broke down and Jester was the first person to offer her comfort. Jester, Caduceus Clay, and probably Mollymauk Tealeaf were the first people that Yasha told about her presumably deceased wife Zuala. They kept the secret for her until Yasha was ready to tell the rest of the Mighty Nein later on their travels.[199]

Jester was shocked and heartbroken when Yasha turned on the rest of the Nein in "The King's Cage" (2x69). Jester was in complete denial, refusing to even consider the idea that Yasha's real personality and memories had surfaced, insisting that the anger and cruelty Yasha had demonstrated was nothing more than the mind control of Obann's charm effect.[200]

Through Scrying, Jester witnessed some of the horrible acts Yasha committed under Obann's control. Watching those acts weighed on her, but she also saw Yasha trying to fight against Obann's control and Obann inflicting pain on Yasha when she showed defiance. Jester, worried for Yasha, prayed to the Traveler to watch over her. She struggled with the perception that the Mighty Nein had abandoned Yasha.[citation needed] After Yasha broke free from Obann's control, Jester welcomed her unreservedly back into the group.[201]

Later in the campaign, Jester and Yasha often confided in each other about their respective romantic feelings towards Fjord and Beau. Jester encouraged Yasha to tell Beau how she felt and the two collaborated on a poem (though Yasha ultimately chose to write a letter instead).[202] Yasha, in turn, gave Jester advice on romantic relationships.[203]

Covak[edit | edit source]

After the Mighty Nein's escapades beneath the well, Beau and Jester met Covak after recognizing the Traveler's symbol outside his ramshackle hut and inquired within. The pair shared their experience with the Traveler, although his sense of humour was somewhat earthier than Jester's. For instance, he thought defecating in four of the public wells in the city was a funny joke.

The budding friendship soured somewhat when Jester appeared to have a closer relationship with their god. Regardless, Jester created a small figurine of the Traveler for him to pray to before leaving, and Covak seemed excited about the upcoming gathering of Traveler believers. He did, however, light Jester's cloak on fire as she left. In return, she drew a giant dick and a flaming poo on the back wall of his house.[204]

Covak came to the island of Rumblecusp for Traveler Con, where he was recognized by Jester. Jester said it was good to see him and told him who to see to get a place to stay in the village.[205]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Jester began the campaign looking for her father[206], who was later revealed to be The Gentleman.[207]

Jester really wanted to visit Hupperdook, simply because of the name. In "Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23), she achieved this goal.[208]

Jester hoped to bring as many people as she could to Traveler Con.[209] She completed this goal in "Traveler Con" (2x108).

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Lv. 1 Starting gear

  • Worn from "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) until the Mighty Nein acquired new Xhorhasian clothing, in episode "Wood and Steel" (2x58). [265]
  • She also occasionally wore a red ribbon around her horns, from episode "Disparate Pieces" (2x04) [266] until it was finally traded away with a glaive (to increase its sell value) in Zadash. [267]

Lv. 10 Xhorhasian gear

Fancy dress

Traveler cloak

  • Created alongside many others in preparation for Traveler Con. [271]
  • Worn during the preparations for Traveler Con. [272]

High Priestess of the Traveler dress

  • Created when Jester painted it onto the side of a building on Rumblecusp using her magic paints. [273]
  • Worn on the night of Traveler Con in episode. "Traveler Con" (2x108)

Cold weather gear Light blue tunic with long sleeves; light gray thermal tights; pale blue, white, and light gray fair isle knitted thigh highs (with stripes, and bee and flower designs knitted into them); mittens that match the socks; white overcoat, lined with pale gray fur that shows the trim, with bell sleeves, is fitted to the waist/bust area, flares out, has a little hood, and intricate embroidery (pink and blue flowers, pale yellow bees, and emerald green vines wrapping around everything); ear muffs; fur lined boots.[274]

  • Commissioned in episode "Dinner with the Devil" (2x110). She mentioned it could be a lighter wear since Jester has resistance to cold and therefore does not need as much protection as the rest of the party. Total cost was over 100gp (but Jester paid 500gp).
  • Worn from "The Chase Begins" (2x112) onwards (as of "Solace Between the Secrets" (2x118))

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Feats[edit | edit source]

Tiefling abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision
  • Hellish Resistance - Cold Resistance[277][278]
  • Infernal Legacy
    • Thaumaturgy cantrip[279]
    • Hellish Rebuke spell (as a 2nd-level spell that deals cold damage)[280][281]
    • Darkness spell[282]

Cleric abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Channel Divinity (3 uses per short rest)
  • Divine Domain: Trickery Domain
    • Domain Spells
    • Blessing of the Trickster (advantage on stealth checks)[285]
    • Channel Divinity: Invoke Duplicity[286]
      • After Traveler Con, the Traveler enhanced Jester's duplicate to travel twice the distance, and she can speak through it.[287]
    • Channel Divinity: Cloak of Shadows[288]
    • Divine Strike (+2d8 poison damage on weapon attacks)[289]
    • Improved Duplicity
  • Divine Intervention
  • Ritual Casting
  • Spellcasting (Wisdom-based ability)

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Deception Background (Charlatan) [290]
Medicine Cleric [291][292]
Persuasion Cleric [293]
Sleight of Hand Background (Charlatan) [294]
Disguise kit Background (Charlatan) [295]
Forgery kit Background (Charlatan) [296]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Jester with her Spiritual Weapon in the Mighty Nein Animated Intro.

In addition to her domain spells which she always has prepared, Jester has access to five cleric cantrips and 1st- through 9th-level cleric spells. As a 17th-level cleric, she can prepare up to 21 of these spells per day.

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Guidance Cantrip [297]
Mending Cantrip [298]
Thaumaturgy Cantrip Infernal Legacy [299]
Sacred Flame Cantrip [300]
Spare the Dying Cantrip [301]
Toll the Dead Cantrip [302]
Word of Radiance Cantrip No longer known[303] [304]
Bless 1st [305]
Charm Person 1st Domain spell [306]
Command 1st [307]
Create or Destroy Water 1st [308]
Detect Evil and Good 1st [309]
Detect Magic 1st [310]
Disguise Self 1st Domain spell [311]
Guiding Bolt 1st [312]
Healing Word 1st [313]
Hellish Rebuke 1st Infernal Legacy, deals cold damage, always cast at 2nd-level [314]
Inflict Wounds 1st [315]
Sanctuary 1st [316]
Blindness/Deafness 2nd [317]
Darkness 2nd Infernal Legacy [282]
Enhance Ability 2nd [318]
Hold Person 2nd [319]
Lesser Restoration 2nd [320]
Locate Object 2nd [321]
Mirror Image 2nd Domain spell [322]
Pass without Trace 2nd Domain spell [323]
Prayer of Healing 2nd [324]
Spiritual Weapon 2nd Takes the form of a giant lollipop, and at higher level as a lollipop with a serrated edge [325]
Zone of Truth 2nd [326]
Beacon of Hope 3rd [327]
Blink 3rd Domain spell [328]
Create Food and Water 3rd [329]
Daylight 3rd [330]
Dispel Magic 3rd Domain spell [331]
Fast Friends 3rd [332]
Glyph of Warding 3rd [333]
Incite Greed 3rd [334]
Mass Healing Word 3rd [335]
Revivify 3rd [249]
Sending 3rd [336]
Speak with Dead 3rd [337]
Spirit Guardians 3rd Deals radiant damage; manifests as either a number of unicorns, "hamster unicorns" or seahorses with unicorn-like horns [338]
Water Walk 3rd [339]
Banishment 4th [340]
Control Water 4th [341]
Dimension Door 4th Domain spell [342]
Polymorph 4th Domain spell [343]
Stone Shape 4th [344]
Commune 5th [345]
Dawn 5th [346]
Dominate Person 5th Domain spell [347]
Insect Plague 5th [348]
Modify Memory 5th Domain spell [349]
Scrying 5th [350]
Blade Barrier 6th [351]
Find the Path 6th [352]
Heal 6th [353]
Planar Ally 6th [354]
Heroes' Feast 6th [355]
Word of Recall 6th [356]
Fire Storm 7th [357]
Antimagic Field 8th [358]
Control Weather 8th [359]
Earthquake 8th [360]
Gate 9th [361]
Mass Heal 9th [362]

From the Eyes of Nine[edit | edit source]

During the Nein's fight with a reborn Lucien, Jester was exposed to the "Pattern" of the Somnovem.[363] Over time, she ended up with unnatural boons bestowed by the red eyes. These abilities disappeared with the eyes vanishing after Lucien's final defeat.

  • First eye: Mild telepathy with others bearing eyes (120 feet) - unused

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Jester was also played by Laura in two previous Dungeons & Dragons games in 2016. The first was a one-shot livestreamed by GameSpot, and the second was a collaboration with Kinda Funny.[364]
  • Before choosing Jester as her Campaign 2 character, Laura drafted various other characters and builds, but each time she came back to Jester, the character she played previously and saw as the most fun character to play as.[365]
  • Laura originally intended for Jester to be a Warlock with her Archfey patron being Artagan, but Travis was also interested in the class, so Jester ended up becoming a Cleric; Matthew Mercer told her she could worship Artagan, but when the campaign started, his in-game treatment of the Traveler led her to believe he had gone a different direction.[366]
  • Jester's resistance to cold damage (and use of it in her Hellish Rebuke) are related to her father being a water genasi.[367] Hellish Rebuke is usually fire damage.
  • Jester's fondness for baked goods and pastries is similar to Laura's well-known, real-life love for doughnuts.[368]
  • Part of Laura's motivation for having Jester want a relationship with Fjord was Travis' aversion to role-playing romance in D&D.[369]
  • When Jester wrapped a ribbon around her left horn in the story (that she continued to wear for some time), Laura wrapped a ribbon around her left arm.[370]
  • Jester and Fjord's kidnapping in "Divergent Paths" (2x25) was due to Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham's son (Ronin) being born, causing them to not be able to play for a number of weeks.
  • When Hannah Friederichs was working on the official portrait of Jester for "The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54), Laura sent her notes and a picture of a tropical, colorful beach washed by frothy waves to inspire Jester's imagery. Hannah aged her face, which captivated most of Hannah's attention, making sure that it "still had Jester's joy and playfulness". Jester's portrait was the most intense for Hannah to draw. As she explained, Hannah was required to capture the Jester's character, which "isn't fragile, but her archetype is; not too seductive or too innocent; complex". When the first sketch was done, Laura liked Jester's top, and asked Hannah to add a dress, ruffles, jewelry, a hat, and the Traveler symbol, attached to Jester's right boot (this was the last thing added to the character portrait)[371]. Also, before Hannah pained Sprinkle, she asked show's Producer Kyle Shire if Sprinkle was still alive. They both agreed that Sprinkle is not dead until Laura Bailey, one and only, says otherwise.[372]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "Why though? But I won it." (when asked by Fjord to give two silvers that she won back to Caleb)[374]
  • "I use Thaumaturgy to open all the windows."[375][376][377]
  • "We're a group, you guys!" (when questioned by the Lawmaster of Trostenwald)[378]
  • "I have seen a lot of dicks. This is what most of them look like." (when Molly asked Jester how she knew what a dick looked like)[379]
  • "You're doing great!" (trying to be encouraging of Nott, despite the Goblin's thievery being too obvious)[380]
  • "I'm THE Cleric?!? I've never traveled with a bunch of people I thought would die in front of me!" (when asked by Beau why Jester doesn't have a healer's kit)[228]
  • "I'm not afraid of dicks." (when Caleb shoves his book into his pants to keep it away from Jester)[381]
  • "Life does need things to live." (To Mollymauk)[382]
  • "Fjord, do you think you're slowly turning into water? [...] If you feel like it's happening, let us know and we'll try to catch you in a jar."[383]
  • "Be well, child. The Traveler is with you."[384]
  • [singing] "The Ruby of the Sea is the best lay ever!"[385]
  • "Eat shit, rock face."[386]
  • "Hey there mister Gentleman. We found your safehouse. We cleared it out of a bunch of fish people. Don't worry, everything's fine now. Okay. We also found a troll in the swamp, we killed that too. And we also found some crocodiles. Please respond to this if you need anything let us know. And your agent out here the guy with the no teeth is dead." (Jester's first Sending to The Gentleman, including the words that didn't get through to him)[336].
  • "Hello Gentleman. This is Jester. Please respond... just yes... if you've seen... the Ruby. ... Please. Was that twenty? OH, AAH! SHIT! BALLS!" (Jester casts Sending to ask The Gentleman if he is her father.) [387]
  • "Sometimes things that are the most beautiful are the things that can hurt you the worst."[388]
  • "Well, you know when you really like somebody, but then you start to know them, and you go 'do I like them, or do I like who I thought they were?' And then you don't know?...And then you think they were flirting with you but then you find out they probably weren't, you know? And so you feel like kind of sad about it. And maybe a little stupid?" (Jester's feelings about Fjord, as expressed to Caleb) [389]
  • (to Twiggy, about the Traveler) "I feel like he would like you a lot, you know, because number one: he likes people that can be sneaky because it's fun, right? And you can be sneaky."[390]
  • "I'm all alone." (when facing a dragon by herself)[391]
  • "I'm a really good liar." (when Beau inquires about her sadness)[392]
  • "Hey, Traveler. I know that he's doing something for this other god guy, but we both know that this other god is pretty stupid, so if you do me a favor and watch after Fjord, that would be really great, beacuse he's done a lot of things that has really helped out with stuff for you and he's going to be pretty helpful in helping me get to you later this year. Anyway, I really like you and I really like him and I would like if you would help out, please. Thank you."[393]
  • "Are you secretly in love with me?" (to Caleb, during his partial backstory reveal)[394]
  • "There was a dude, and he also worshiped the Traveler you guys. I've never met somebody else that did. But the better news is that I am way more powerful than he is! That means the Traveler likes me so much more!!" (Jester telling the rest of the Mighty Nein about her first encounter with a fellow worshiper of the Traveler)[395]
  • "Don't you 'hyah' my Yarnball!" (to Fjord)[396]
  • "Hello Bees!"[348]
  • "You pooping?" (during several uses of Sending)[397][398][399]
  • "Sometimes the people that love you just want to keep you around so that they know you're safe, and it's only because, you know, they care about you so much."[400]
  • "How are things going there? Did you heed my warnings before? We are keeping eyes on you. (hums menacingly) Hm hm hm." (sending a message to Beau's dad) [401]
  • "I was hoping maybe we will fight Vokodo and then everything will just become clear." (talking to the group about Traveler Con)[402]
  • "I know you're in there, Molly. We love you so much and we want you back. Lucien doesn't deserve you. (Jester's words to Lucien before killing him)[403]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Laura Bailey as Jester Lavorre from "Heart-to-Heartmoor" (3x17).[art 13]
Mark Hulmes as Jester
  • Lavorre appears to be a modification of the Italian word lavoro, meaning "work" or "labor", or lavorare ("to work", "to operate", "to carve", "to kead", or "to cultivate").[citation needed]
  • Both of Taliesin Jaffe's characters in the second campaign share aspects of their build with Jester; Mollymauk and Jester are both tieflings, while Caduceus and Jester are both clerics.
  • Unbeknownst to her at the time, Jester's first two uses of the Sending spell were to her parents.[404][405]
  • Jester is currently the main campaign character with the most crossover appearances. Arkhan (played by Joe Manganiello), a guest player character, has one more appearance.[citation needed]
  • Jester holds the record of highest damage in a single attack against a single creature in Campaign 2 set in "Malice and Mystery Below" (2x119). This is also the second highest damage inflicted by a single attack against one creature overall and the highest damage in a turn targeting one creature at a time using only spells.[406]
  • Laura Bailey and Ginny Di appeared together both cosplaying Jester for a video commemorating Critical Role's seventh anniversary.[407]
  • Calianna's player Mark Hulmes cosplayed Jester for Halloween 2020.[408]

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