Jasper William Cartwright

Jasper William Cartwright
Full nameJasper William Cartwright
Critical Role Productions work
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BornJanuary 11th
  • Actor
  • Host
  • Producer
  • Creative consultant
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Jasper William Cartwright is an actor, producer and a host. He is a part of the main cast of an actual play podcast The Re-Slayer's Take, playing the uniya wizard Idrin Shadowstep.

Other works[edit | edit source]

Jasper is one of the hosts and a producer of the TTRPG podcast Three Black Halflings. He was a cast member in the actual play shows Burrow's End for Dimension 20, and has guested on Not Another D&D Podcast (NADDPOD) as well as many other actual play projects. He has served as DM for events such as D&D In A Castle[1] and provided creative consultancy for Hasbro, Dropout and other entertainment companies.[2]

He also played the character Sven in the video game Dragon's Dogma II.[3]

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