Jarett Howarth

Jarett Howarth
Non-player character
Basic information
ClassFighter / Rogue[2]
Biographical information
LanguagesCommon, Marquesian[presumed]
AffiliationsVox Machina
StatusAlive (as of 842 PD)
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level6 to 8[3]
51 to 99[4]
18 or 19[5]
First seen
Last seen
StreamCampaign 1 (17 episodes)
TelevisionThe Legend of Vox Machina (3 episodes)
Other worksPre-stream

Just so you know, I'm expecting a raise 'cause, uh, I kinda almost died like twice. It's ridiculous.

— "What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81), after the battle with Thordak[6]

Jarett Howarth[2][7] is a human guardsman who was captain of the guard at Greyskull Keep in Emon and, after the fall of Emon, an officer of position in the Pale Guard in Whitestone. He fled his hometown of Ank'Harel in Marquet after falling in love with a noble girl who had been arranged to marry someone else. Many years later, Vox Machina arranged for his name to be cleared so that he could visit home.

Confident, competent, and charming, Jarett excels with a crossbow and participated in the battle with Thordak. After the defeat of the Chroma Conclave, Jarett was offered the opportunity to return to Emon and Greyskull Keep, but he had grown to prefer Whitestone and intended to remain there instead.

As an NPC in Critical Role, he is played by Matthew Mercer. In The Legend of Vox Machina, where he is instead a captain of the Arms of Emon, he is voiced by Eugene Byrd.

Description[edit | edit source]

Jarett is a human man in his early twenties with dark skin and short, jet black hair. He is described as very handsome and svelte.[8][2] After the fight with Thordak, he has noticeable scarring on the side of his neck.[9] Matthew Mercer's notes described Jarett's accent as "young, smooth, Eastern European".[10]

As captain of the guard at Greyskull Keep, he wore studded leather and was well-dressed over his armor.[2][8] As a member of the guard at Whitestone Castle, he wore an outfit of simple dark blues and grays.[11] At both castles, he visibly carried a crossbow.[8][11]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jarett is described as very respectful, charismatic, and always wearing a half-grin.[2] He is earnest and initially answered teasing questions from Scanlan Shorthalt in full sincerity.[8] In time, he accepts Vox Machina's strange behavior and shenanigans with quick wit and mild humor, such as testing wind direction when they asked a strange question about time after returning from the Feywild and remarking that he and Grog braiding one another's hair would be a waste of time as "I think that I have far more than you do, and it's too short anyway".[11][12]

He spoke well of his home in Ank'Harel and took pride in the city,[13] and he was eager enough for a chance to visit home safely that he was willing to find Scanlan suude, a highly illegal task he was unhappy to perform.[14] In the end, however, he felt it was no longer a priority as he had grown used to living in Tal'Dorei, but he was elated nonetheless when Vox Machina arranged to have his name cleared.[9]

In combat, Jarett prefers fighting from a distance with a crossbow and from a post on a guard wall, but he is capable in short duels with a rapier or shortsword.[2][15] He is confident in his abilities, even when faced with strange circumstances such as having to potentially guard against an employer. He takes great pride in his work,[2][16] and Cassandra de Rolo described him as having stepped up and proved useful during the rebuilding of Whitestone,[17] but he also often stated he was happy to do as asked so long as he was paid and requested multiple pay raises when circumstances escalated beyond simple guard work.[18][19][20][6]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Jarett grew up in Ank'Harel among the lower class, though not as a street urchin.[21] He and Oshad Breshio knew one another when they were young and sought fortune together as "ragtag sellswords".[22] Jarett and a girl of very high nobility fell in love. Because she had many other suitors and because her parents wished to maintain a noble bloodline and arranged a marriage, they carried on their relationship in secret. Many months later, they were discovered and Jarett was set to be executed though he had not broken the law.[21] He left Ank'Harel in about 801 or 802 PD, believing that he would be at minimum imprisoned should he return to Ank'Harel. Afterward, he did as needed to survive.[23]

He traveled to Tal'Dorei, at some point passing through the K'Tawl Swamp,[24] and ultimately came to Emon. Shortly before the stream started, he was hired by Vox Machina as a guard at Greyskull Keep after an "audition" where they attacked the candidates to test their mettle. During the fight, Jarett dodged an arrow fired by Vex'ahlia, made eye contact, and nodded at her, immediately earning her respect and the job.[25] Like most of the guard, he was paid 100 gold a month, but he was often given a bonus as captain and because he was hot.[26] He preferred to keep watch at the top of a small tower in the back wall of the keep. He took a shift spanning from the afternoon until about midnight so that he could be present during the daytime and nighttime guard watches.[8]

Campaign 1: Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Arc 2: The Briarwoods[edit | edit source]

Wishing to both keep Desmond Otham safe and ensure he did not escape, Scanlan Shorthalt asked Jarett to guard him in the prison. Scanlan noted that Percy de Rolo may attempt to harm Desmond, and though Jarett said it was odd to guard against one of his employers, he was confident in his capability to do so, feeling that Percy was "sheepish" around him and that at minimum he could talk Percy down. After teasing Jarett a little, Scanlan offered to pay him five, then ten extra gold for the task. Jarett made for the Desmond's cell in the prison downstairs, asking Shayne Tranter to take over his watch in the tower.[8] Vex'ahlia later left her companion bear Trinket to help Jarett guard Desmond.[27]

While leaving his workshop, Percy discovered Jarett being held off the ground by his throat and choked by an invisible stalker.[28] Percy shot the creature, causing it to release Jarett.[29] When creature moved on to attack Desmond inside his cell, Jarett dragged it back out,[30] though it eventually broke free and knocked Desmond unconscious.[31] When the prison was again secure, Jarett asked Vox Machina to, in the future, inform him if their enemies would be invisible and apologized for being unprepared. Upon hearing that they were possibly facing vampires or liches, he suggested the keep's guards receive a pay raise as the job was no longer simple guard duty. Receiving promise that it would be considered, he assured the group that he was willing to do any job for good pay and left to confirm the other guards were still alive.[18] Before leaving the keep for Whitestone, Vex'ahlia paid Jarett 200 gold and urged him to protect Desmond with his life; she instructed him to add a second guard to watch Desmond and gave an additional 200 gold to distribute among the guard.[32]

Upon their return to Greyskull Keep, Jarett was found keeping guard over Desmond in the dungeon. He was happy that they were well and reported that no further attacks were made on the keep. He also reported his discomfort with the elemental Keyleth left to help protect the keep as such "haphazardly tethered creatures" went poorly in the past, but he was glad that this instance fared well. Vox Machina informed Jarett that Desmond no longer needed to be held in the prison, and Jarett released him.[33]

Later, finding that the guard allowed Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe into the keep and knowing of the group's "shady practices", Vex'ahlia instructed Jarett to keep a close eye on the troupe's rooms for the night. He said that he was happy to do so and positioned himself with his crossbow with line of sight to every door in the corridor.[34] When the troupe was allowed to stay longer while Vox Machina was away, Vax'ildan remarked that they should pay Jarett overtime, which Vex'ahlia confirmed she intended to do.[35]

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[edit | edit source]

Attack of the Conclave[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to the keep, Vox Machina found Jarett happily drinking with Zedd. Jarett said that the rest of the troupe went into town to get Kaylie released from the stockade. He further reported no issues, having prevented the troupe from leaving individually the guest room until they exited into town as a group. He found them to be good conversationalists.[36] However, later, Vox Machina discovered that Kaylie stole all the silverware from the kitchen under Jarett's watch, since keeping track of multiple people as one person was difficult.[37] When Vox Machina again left the keep, they instructed him to keep watch and make note of anything strange. He and Vex'ahlia agreed he needed a raise, and Percy immediately paid him 10 gold.[20]

Jarett was on his last watch guarding Percy's workshop during the Chroma Conclave attack on Emon and during Vorugal's assault on the keep. He inquired about the noises upstairs, then asked if he may be excused from his watch to help Erwen Dastell. His request was granted.[38] In the morning, Vex'ahlia approached Jarett on his watch in the courtyard. Telling him that the circumstances were well beyond what they hired him for and that they appreciate his work here, she gave him 300 gold with which to care for the keep and the refugees sheltering in it. He assured her that he took pride in his work and would sooner die than allow the keep to fall. He refused an additional 100 gold in personal payment, citing this as part of his job, but noted Vex'ahlia's generosity. For this, she resisted the urge to kiss him before leaving.[16] Shayne later said that Jarett was closely watching for anyone suspicious among the refugees out of worry that someone influenced by the Chroma Conclave might be among them.[39] Jarett relocated with Vox Machina to Whitestone, happy to go where needed (particularly away from dragons) so long as he continued to be paid.[19]

Venturing for Vestiges[edit | edit source]

By the time Vox Machina returned from the Feywild Jarett became a member of the Pale Guard.[40] They met him on the pathway into Whitestone Castle, where he met their strange questions about time with humor and updated them on various events in Whitestone. In their absence, he had been organizing forces to defend the city against the Chroma Conclave if need be.[11]

Vox Machina later found Jarett on watch on the pathway to the castle, where sightlines into the valley were long, to ask him about Ank'Harel, his home city, and about Marquet. He alluded that he left Marquet due to the harsh punishment for law-breaking,[23] and he refused to accompany them out of fear that he would be imprisoned there for the rest of his life. Vax'ildan asked Jarett if he truly did not wish to accompany them, suggesting that Percy might give him a title in Whitestone in return, but Jarett again refused as he had more interest in living than in titles and warned that he would be a paranoid companion. When asked if he wanted them to bring anything back, he requested some fusaka, a spice for food. As it tended to be expensive, he offered to give them money to buy it, but they refused. Vox Machina requested that he keep an close eye on Shaun Gilmore, whom they and Jarett noticed was overworking himself.[41] Upon arrival in Ank'Harel, the group speculated that fusaka was actually an illegal drug and Jarett was almost arrested over it.[42]

After resurrecting Percy at Whitestone Castle, Vox Machina found Jarett nervously speaking with Gilmore about Percy's death.[43] Scanlan delivered a bag of fusaka, and Jarett remarked that at 50 gold for two bags, Scanlan was swindled. Scanlan kept one bag for himself, and Jarett promised to give him preparation tips and to cook a classic Marquesian feast as thanks.[44] Vax'ildan put Kynan Leore into Jarett's care, telling him that Kynan wished to work. When Kynan hesitantly confirmed, Jarett attempted to coach him on being more assertive but gave up due to the late hour. He then delivered Keyleth a letter and package from Kerrek, though he was not aware that Kerrek sent it.[45] He accepted Vox Machina's invitation to drinks and brought them and Kynan to a tavern. Jarett purchased a round of finer Whitestone ale for the group. After the round, he drank a glass of Sandkheg's Hide with Grog Strongjaw, who tricked him into believing it was a different alcohol. It numbed their jaws, forcing them to speak slurred. He took this good-naturedly and spoke at length with Grog through the night.[12] Later, he expressed his hope that he might one day return to Ank'Harel himself, perhaps with a writ of approval from Whitestone.[46]

Scanlan pulled Jarett aside to tell him that Vox Machina was now an ally of J'mon, which Jarett initially disbelieved, and offered to secure Jarett a pardon. In exchange, Scanlan ask Jarett to get him drugs. Uncomfortable, Jarett protested. He said he did not deal in drugs nor know anyone in Whitestone who might. Regardless, he suggested Scanlan look for suude in the Turst Fields or in Kymal and offered to send a courier. He warned it was highly illegal but noted that perhaps now was a good time to buy because Thordak's occupation of Emon made the city's prison unavailable. Jarett continued to protest, citing his new responsibilities with Kynan, its unsuitability to the situation in Whitestone, and the length of time needed. Eventually, with the promise of a cleared name in Ank'Harel, he unhappily promised to get Scanlan the suude and went to bed.[14]

Fall of the Chroma Conclave[edit | edit source]

Later, Jarett found still instructing Kynan in swordsmanship despite it being the late afternoon, after when most training ended. He updated Vax'ildan on Kynan's progress, and when Vax'ildan asked to borrow Kynan, he deferred permission to Kynan. Jarett then trailed behind them back to the castle.[47] Later, he spoke with Percy and Kynan to coordinate establishing a gun corps.[48]

Jarett was later approached by Scanlan in the training barracks. Scanlan struck up small talk about food in Whitestone, which Jarett generally found unsatisfactory but improved by fusaka, and Jarett happily accepted an invitation to dinner. Scanlan was actually checking in sourcing the suude and was surprised that Jarett sent a request through someone else; Scanlan himself did not trust others. Jarett was concerned about Scanlan's drug habit and pointed out that Scanlan historically coped with stress by having sex, not with drugs. When Scanlan said that this was a new kind of stress, coming out of second-guessing himself because of a promise to return alive, Jarett suggested having a keepsake to assure himself when he is uncertain. However, Scanlan insisted on the suude. Though he agreed to continue trying, he warned that he had seen the drug ruin lives. He then sucker punched Scanlan so that Scanlan might count returning the punch as another reason to continue living.[49]

Intending to again check on acquiring suude, Scanlan found Jarett quietly drinking alone in a tavern during the day, reflective and nervous about confronting Thordak with Vox Machina tomorrow. Scanlan assured him that he would be paid another bonus, perhaps two. Jarett gave Scanlan a small amount of brown suude, which was difficult to acquire. Though he refused additional payment, he firmly told Scanlan never to ask for this again because the experience was "harrowing". When Scanlan asked how one even used suude, Jarett was embarrassed that he performed the favor at all.[15]

Jarett participated in the battle against Thordak in Emon.[50] Because he was not included in the Heroes' Feast and thus not immune to fear, he was affected by Thordak's Frightful Presence and became frightened of Thordak for the remainder of the fight.[51] He was nearly burned to death by Thordak's fire breath before being revived by Pike.[52] After Thordak retreated, he concentrated his attacks on the remaining wyverns.[53] Jarett refused to pursue Raishan into the caverns.[54]

Jarett, alongside Kerrek, fell a fire giant pursuing Kashaw and Zahra.[55] After returning to Whitestone, Scanlan pulled Jarett aside, but Jarett preemptively refused to acquire more suude. Using Modify Memory, Scanlan altered Jarett's memory of delivering the suude: instead, Scanlan emotionally confessed his mother's death haunted him and he needed the drugs to get through the night, Jarett promised to acquire significant amounts of suude for him, and Scanlan paid him 50 platinum at the time. Scanlan slipped 50 platinum into Jarett's pockets right then to match the altered memory. Once the spell took hold, Jarett promised he would do what he could for Scanlan.[56] He additionally expected a pay raise on account of having nearly died twice in Emon.[6] He remained to recover in Whitestone, in need of a vacation and unhappy about having to source suude.[57]

Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[edit | edit source]

While Jarett was running the guards through ranged combat drills, Vex'ahlia spoke with him about his recovery and his future plans. He said that he was glad to be no longer in Emon, and though he did not expect to develop a taste for slower countryside life, he had grown to like Whitestone. He intended to stay in Whitestone rather than return to Greyskull Keep, but he suggested that the ultimate decision was Vox Machina's as his employers. She reported that they spoke to the Grand Maven in Marquet, who was now working on clearing his name. Elated, he said that he lived long enough in Tal'Dorei that it was no longer a big concern but would be happy to be able to visit home. When Vex'ahlia informed him of Scanlan's departure from the party, Jarett gave Vex'ahlia the suude he procured for Scanlan, telling her that he was uncomfortable holding it and that Scanlan had requested it.[9] He later drank with Vox Machina to celebrate Taryon Darrington joining Vox Machina.[58]

Percy wrote Jarett a letter instructing him to quietly hire someone to monitor Scanlan, to report if anything unusual occurred, and to simply watch him without interfering. He included 400 gold with the letter.[59]

After Campaign 1[edit | edit source]

Jarett attended Vex and Percy's wedding in Shammel. He was present at the rehearsal dinner and sat at a table near Vox Machina.[60] Like nearly every guest at the dinner, he was drugged through the wine by Sylas Briarwood and fell unconscious but was otherwise unharmed.[61]

In 842 PD, he visited Oshad Breshio in Jrusar after Oshad was severely injured in an attack on House Lumas. Jarett described the attack to Percival and Vex'ahlia, who in turn relayed it to Keyleth. The details matched an attack that had occurred in Zephrah years before, prompting Keyleth to send Orym to Jrusar to investigate at the beginning of Campaign 3. At some point before Orym left for Marquet, he met with and spoke to Jarett about his conversation with Oshad.[62]

The Legend of Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Jarett is a captain of the Arms of Emon.[1] Following Vox Machina's fight with Delilah and Sylas Briarwood at the feast, he was charged with overseeing Vox Machina's house arrest at their keep. He split the group into separate rooms after catching them sneaking out and shortly after led the guard into the courtyard to investigate noises, caused by wraiths sent by Delilah. He survived the initial attacks and was the only guard left to fight alongside Vox Machina. As the wraiths overpowered them, Jarett lit a torch, revealing that light weakens the wraiths. With this realization, the group was quickly able to defeat the wraiths and secure the keep. Jarett initially seemed as if he would prevent Vox Machina from leaving the keep. However, once they promised to go after the people responsible for the deaths of those he commanded, he freed them from their house arrest.[63]

Upon Vox Machina's return to Emon, Jarett fetched the group at Sovereign Uriel's summons to attend his speech abdicating the throne of Tal'Dorei and converting it into a republic led by the Tal'Dorei Council.[64] He was at the castle when the Chroma Conclave attacked. He sought guidance from Uriel (whom he still referred to as "Sovereign") and was instructed to protect Uriel's wife Salda Tal'Dorei and their children. Jarett, Salda, and the children were among those protected from Raishan's poison breath by Allura Vysoren.[65] He was last seen with this group as Umbrasyl buried them in falling debris.[66]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In his notes posted after "Into the Frostweald" (1x48), Matthew Mercer listed Jarett as multiclassed in fighter and rogue.[2] In combat in "Thordak" (1x79), Jarett could attack twice a turn with a heavy crossbow, suggesting that he has Extra Attack; two attacks would not be granted with the feat Crossbow Expert because it is not a hand crossbow, but he likely has the feat regardless as he is able to shoot twice, which the loading property normally does not allow but the feat would allow him to ignore the restriction. Assuming that Matt did not change his mechanical make-up,[67] Jarett at minimum had the following class abilities:

  • Fighter
    • Fighting Style
    • Second Wind
    • Action Surge (one use)
    • Martial Archetype
    • Extra Attack
  • Rogue
    • Expertise
    • Sneak Attack (at least 1d6)
    • Thieves' Cant
    • Thieves' tools proficiency

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy crossbow[68]
  • Shortsword[31]
  • Studded leather armor[8]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "I would like also to consider possibly some changes made to our income, as this suddenly turned from a general guarding job to going up against the denizens of the afterlife. It's already been a very dangerous proposition."[18]
  • "As long as I'm still getting paid, we're more than happy to go where you need us to be. If it's further away from dragons, I am okay with that."[19]
  • (on becoming wise) "Drink a lot, listen to people talk. There are none wiser than barkeeps, my friend, and I have been friends with many a barkeep."[69]
  • "I never thought I had the sense for the slower parts of the countryside, but I don't know, I've come to like it here in Whitestone."[9]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the cast was asked which NPC they would like to play, Sam Riegel chose Jarett "because he's so dreamy and hunky".[70] Laura Bailey said she felt Jarett was "one of the coolest characters in the campaign", and Travis Willingham noted he was a fan favorite.[1]
  • In "Echoes of the Past" (1x38), Vox Machina visited a bar in Emon called Howarth's. Though the surname is the same, Matt stated there was no relation.[71]

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