Jacqueline Renoux

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Jacqueline Renoux
Player character
Basic information
ActorMarisha Ray
RoleFace (Journalist)
Biographical information
ProfessionFilm Director
AffiliationsCircle of the Silver Screen
First seen"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)

Jacqueline "Jackie" Renoux is a film director in Newfaire and a member of the Circle of the Silver Screen. She is played by Marisha Ray

Description[edit | edit source]

Jackie was described by Marisha out of character as "narcisstic".[1] She is demanding and at times pretentious.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before "Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

Jackie was a war documentarian during the Last Great War.[3] Following the war, she and Chey Tanii met, and worked together on a camera that could capture an element of a person's soul in the interest of cinematic realism. This device was confiscated by the OUP, but the two were referred to Candela Obscura and became investigators.[4]

"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

Following a screening of their film, Mr. Terrible, the Circle of the Silver Screen was called upon to investigate a phenomenon on Barker Hill, where a film by their rival studio, Meridian, showed what appeared to be the murder of the lead actress, Idella Montaigne, by the lead actor; and the death of the lead actor by some unseen creature. Upon arriving onsite, Jackie began filming and was able to see something through the camera lens she could not see otherwise. After the circle encountered the bodies and confirmed the blood on the floor was not just real, but was present prior to the final filmed scene, Jackie looked at the dailies and noticed that there were multiple takes of Idella being killed, usually with a gag over her mouth, which in the final film had slipped. Evelyn White found additional bodies of Idella in the basement, and Jackie, upon inspecting the camera the production had been using, realized it was similar to the one she and Chey had worked on.

When the group freed one of the clones of Idella in a crate and she attacked them, Lester Shaw shot Idella. Jackie removed Idella's gag, and an entity passed through her, knocking her unconscious. Upon coming to, she revealed to Lester and Evelyn the nature of the camera she and Chey had created, and became heated over Meridian's theft of their work. The group followed the trail to Briarbank College, where, after learning that Professor Douglas Schultz had created the device that was duplicating Idella, Jackie answered his phone only to hear a scared Idella on a staticky line asking for help. The circle took the professor to Idella's mansion, and after he was killed by the phenomenon, began using her camera and preparing to use a large amount of electricity, as they had determined the creature seemed to be hurt by it. After Chey allowed his body to become a vessel for the entity and Lester killed it, Jackie confirmed by looking at her photo negatives that the creature was indeed gone.

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Face abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Insider Access:[6] Once per assignment, Jackie can automatically gain access to an important person or place using her press credentials.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Body scar
Move 1 1 [7]
Strike 0 0 [7]
Control 1 1 [8]
Sway 1 1 [7]
Read 2 1 (-1) [9][7]
Hide 1 1 [7]
Survey 2 2 [7]
Focus 1 1 [10]
Sense 1 2 (+1) [9][7]

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