Isle of Serenity

Isle of Serenity
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TerrainRocky hills

The Isle of Serenity is a remote island in the Glass Sea, about half a day's travel by steamship from Newfaire.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Isle of Serenity is small and quiet.[1] Many of the people keep sheep or other livestock.[2] There is only one main road, and the center of town is near the docks, but there are homes a few miles away as well.[3] The terrain is hilly and rocky in many places,[4] and there are some ancient stone huts the locals refer to as "fairy houses".[5]

Society[edit | edit source]

The island is small and mostly unused to outsiders.[6] The people on Serenity typically speak with Irish accents. They appear to follow The Ascendancy.[7]

Notable people[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description
Beatrice NPC Elderly drunken woman at the pub
Decklan Murphy NPC Candela Obscura member
Dermot Gallagher NPC Bartender
Gráinne Murphy NPC Eldest Murphy daughter, known for being unpleasant
Margaret Murphy NPC Decklan's mother
Ned NPC Older blind man
Nora Murphy NPC Middle Murphy daughter
Pegeen Murphy NPC Youngest Murphy daughter
Rosheen NPC Older woman

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

In ancient times, prior to the fall of Oldfaire, a different culture lived on the island and built rounded stone huts. These survived into the 1900s and are referred to as "fairy houses".[5] The Isle of Serenity has several times attempted to become a tourist destination, but has never become popular.[3]

Candela Obscura Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

While on a ship returning to Newfaire after an assignment, the Circle of the Crimson Mirror was asked by their Lightkeeper, Zora Manning, if they could stop on the Isle of Serenity on their way in order to check up on Decklan Murphy, a former member of their circle and current Candela member who had gone home for a visit and had not been in contact since. They agreed, and landed on the island. The locals directed them to the Murphy home, though several people acted strangely. Decklan's sister Nora invited the group in for tea when they arrived at the cottage, and she and his sister Pegeen offered them tea while they waited for him to return. Decklan's sister Gráinne Murphy was less welcoming, and went out to feed the pigs, and his mother, Margaret, kept repeating that something was wrong and seemed worried about Decklan, mentioning he had gone out to the fairy houses. Pegeen suddenly attacked Margaret, splitting her head open, and then went for Nora; Gráinne ran out the back after blowing an allergenic powder at Malcolm Trills, and Nora attacked Edgar Lycoris. The circle fought pack, killing both Pegeen and Nora, though Malcolm and Edgar were both injured in the fight. They then headed up to the fairy house, where Gráinne, lying in wait, attacked them. Malcolm shot her, killing her, and the group found Decklan cowering within, a strange growth over his eye. While Grimoria was able to sense him reaching out, he did not respond to questions from the circle, and they realized he was now a phenomenon. They drugged him with ether from Edgar's kit and brought him to the ship to take him back to Newfaire for help.[8]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Liam, as GM of this chapter, developed a story inspired in part by Irish folklore.[9]

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