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Also known as
  • Iomene the Everlasting
  • Iomene the Vengeful
ProfessionEmpress of Oldfaire
First seen"Candles in the Dark" (CO3x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (1 episode)
Other worksCandela Obscura: Core Rulebook

Iomene is the name held by what many believe to be a matrilineal line of Oldfairen empresses, but others, including her contemporaries at Candela Obscura, believe to be a single Unabridged woman.

Description[edit | edit source]

Iomene has elaborate and heavily adorned braids, symmetrical facial features, and when she appeared to the Circle of Tide & Bone, wore robes.[3] Her demeanor is very different depending on the person to whom she is speaking,[4][5] and her powers include the ability to grant boons.[6]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before the fall of Oldfaire[edit | edit source]

Iomene, who was descended from commoners, ascended to the throne of Oldfaire in -268 CE as Iomene the Everlasting. Her reign was a time of prosperity in the region. In -44 CE, Empress Iomene began construction on the Ziggurat in the center of Oldfaire, with consultation from her alchemists. In -2 CE, Iomene the Vengeful was deposed by Calinus, and the city of Oldfaire fell when the Vastchasm was torn into the sea, two years later.[1] She was seen as a god-like figure to many in the Fairelands, and the Ascendancy used this much later in their conversion efforts, comparing her to their mother goddess.[7] In her time, she was thought to have psychic powers.[8]

Her home, which was kept separate from the palace, is one of the surviving structures in the ruins of Oldfaire. It includes alchemical implements, a small bedchamber that modern archaeologists believe may connect via a tunnel to the palace, a nursery, and a laboratory.[9]

Those who believe her to still be living believe her to have likely taken on considerable Bleed.[10][11] The theory she still lives is bolstered by texts that indicate her body went missing prior to her funeral. Those who believe she is dead believe she may be interred in the Anatithenai, a dangerous structure on the outskirts of Oldfaire that contains a sealed black sarcophagus.[12]

Both modern[1][10] and ancient Candela Obscura members believe her to have been one Unabridged rather than five separate women of the same line.[9] In truth, she is immortal due to magickal rituals, but cannot die, unlike the Unabridged.[2]

Candela Obscura Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Toren Gevni, himself an Unabridged, told the Circle of Tide & Bone that he believed Iomene had protected Oldfaire from corruption by taking Bleed into herself, and that she still lived. He also hoped to establish a new empire modeled after hers, using electricity rather than magick when possible.[11]

While watching Mina's sentry take down several Candela Obscura agents, Cordelia Glask heard a voice speak in her mind telling her that "the only way through is down." The circle escaped to Groundswell and went down the well in Calinus Market, and traveled through Oldfaire, directed by Rajan Savarimuthu's sense, until they reached the Anatithenai. They continued in despite the heavy Bleed. Cosmo Grimm then reached out and asked how they might continue safely, and Iomene responded and directed him to change the sigil in the antechamber. He did so, and the circle walked through the building until they reached a set of golden doors showing both the life of Iomene, including the coup that deposed her. Upon entering the room, they found themselves in darkness. Each met with Iomene alone. Rajan exchanged his life so that his sister Aadtika could live. Oscar agreed to join her, as they were both unable to die, and Iomene restored the memories she had taken. Cordelia gave her life to ensure Mina's safety and happiness, and Iomene revealed she had been the deity on which Cordelia had called. Elsie told Iomene she did not want to die of cullet, and Iomene gave her the book with the rituals to become Unabridged, though Elsie chose not to use it, on the condition Elsie dedicated herself to righting her wrongs. Cosmo chose to pass on, knowing that Oscar would have someone with him.[13]

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