Intense Interrogations

"Intense Interrogations"
Campaign 3 episode
"Intense Interrogations" (3x85) thumbnail featuring Sam Riegel and Ashley Johnson.
Episode no.Episode 85
AirdateFebruary 15, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time3:31:28
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"Intense Interrogations" (3x85) is the 85th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells question their captured enemies, but their search for information is interrupted by the pursuing hunt from another foe...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells, having put Willmaster Edmuda and the two Ruby Vanguard members in the portable hole, discuss what to do at Elder Barthie's home, Dono having left after the stampede. They discuss potential stories they can provide the Imperium or anyone else who investigates. FCG suggests pretending he is a piece of farming equipment that backfired, causing the explosions which in turn caused the wuukor stampede. As they discuss this, two members of the Ruby Vanguard approach. One is a very thin elven man, and the other is Evon Hytroga, who quickly recognizes Bells Hells. Imogen takes lead on the conversation, and learns that Evon has joined the Vanguard and is working on the supply caravan, but when she speaks to him telepathically learns he hates it and desperately wants the comforts of Exandria. The elven man, meanwhile, is less forthcoming and refuses to give his name, but he and Evon agree that Bells Hells can join the caravan as it returns to Kreviris in the morning.

The party plans to stay somewhere around Razora for the night and rest, but first, Ashton opens the portable hole so that they can interrogate the Willmaster. However, as he does, she causes him to attack the nearest person, who is Imogen. A brief combat ensues. Initially, Imogen and Fearne try closing the portable hole, but Ashton's condition does not fade, so they re-open it and knock out Edmuda and the two Ruby Vanguard members who are coming to. Ashton is able to shake off the effect caused by Edmuda. Bells Hells discusses their next steps and decide to use the Quintessence Array on Edmuda, though only for a minute to temporarily drain her, rather than the full hour that would destroy her. After the party advises Barthie to turn away (with Chu continuing to protest and express concerns about the dangers Bells Hells pose), Chetney puts the array on Orym, and after a minute of use, Orym gains one casting of the spell Dominate Person, to be used before his next long rest. Bells Hells then interrogate Edmuda, with Laudna taking the lead. Edmuda has difficulty speaking non-telepathically, though she is able to do it, and is initially uncooperative until Orym casts Dominate Person to compel her to speak to him. She reveals that the goal of waking Predathos is so that the Reilora and others from Ruidus can go to Exandria. When Imogen asks why they can't just travel now via the Bloody Bridge, Edmuda tells her that because the gods and the powers they grant are part of Exandria's might and protection, Predathos must first eat the gods for them to be able to settle on the "Blue Promise". Once the spell wears off, Edmuda refuses to answer any further questions. The party decides to keep her alive for now and perhaps drain her powers more extensively later.

Imogen then speaks to the teenage Ruidusborn Exaltant who gives his name as Petrov Godo. He tells her that he is a recent recruit, having been spoken to in his dreams and called to Marquet; when he arrived, they took him to the Bloody Bridge and sent him to Ruidus. Edmuda has been their guide on the moon. Imogen tells him that she is Liliana Temult's daughter, and that her mother has told her that Edmuda is secretly working against the Vanguard, which is why Bells Hells took action against her. Petrov believes it, having been spoken to by Liliana in the dreams he had mentioned. As Laudna interrogates Verdo, the half-orc Vanguard member whom Imogen realizes is not Ruidusborn, Chetney uses Grim Psychometry on the Quintessence Array Orym had just used. He has a vision of Ludinus siphoning a chained fey creature in a tower (possibly Gildhollow) as his servants look on.

Having successfully convinced Verdo and Petrov that they are themselves Ruby Vanguard members on a secret mission to deal with Edmuda's betrayal, Bells Hells lets them go. Fearne and FCG offer to walk them to the caravan on the edge of town, and they accept. However, as they approach the caravan, they recognize Otohan Thull, who is asking about Bells Hells.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Fearne abruptly tells Petrov and Verdo she left her purse and turns around and begins walking away, and FCG casts Misty Step to hide behind some bushes. Otohan calls after them. Fearne initially keeps walking, but Otohan leaps in front of them both, apprehending them and holding her blades to their throats. Fearne and FCG try to play it cool, but Otohan summons her echoes. FCG tells Otohan that they are here to set up a meeting between her and Imogen, and tell her Imogen is back at the Bloody Bridge. Otohan coldly tells them that she can sense Imogen here. Fearne tries to play it off as Otohan sensing her instead, since she too is Ruidusborn. Otohan realizes she is Zathuda's daughter, and proceeds to attack FCG repeatedly. Fearne tells her to stop and that Imogen is actually in Kreviris, but Otohan asks what Imogen is doing. Fearne tells her she can't tell Otohan that, and at that, they continue to attack FCG. FCG, using the previously cast Telepathic Bond, tells the rest of Bells Hells that Otohan has him and Fearne and the rest of them should run. They then use their final spell slot to cast Banishment on Otohan, themself, and Fearne; Otohan uses a Legendary Resistance and FCG and Fearne find themselves in a demiplane. They immediately begin to transform into the Wind Walk cloud form.

Back at Barthie's home, everyone else in the party begins concentrating to become a cloud as well, except Laudna and Ashton. Laudna grabs Edmuda and casts Hunger of the Shadow on her, and Ashton apologizes before gently attacking Barthie so that he has plausible deniability for being overtaken by Bells Hells. Barthie encourages this. Laudna, meanwhile, tells Edmuda, as she consumes her power, that it should have gone to her and not to Orym. Delilah, within Laudna, approves.

Fearne and FCG reappear as clouds and are attacked repeatedly by the echoes but fly away. Otohan attempts to follow them with a leap, but cannot keep up with the range of Wind Walk. They reunite with the rest of the party and Bells Hells all travel, in their wind forms, towards Kreviris in the hopes of perhaps connecting with the Volition. However, about an hour into the travel, a storm approaches. Orym notices a cliff edge in the plains that seems to cut the wind, and the party decides to turn left. Soon after they find a mostly underground river in a crack in the ground, with many strange trees with intricate roots around it, and nearby, a small cave entrance into the rock. Bells Hells goes in, with Chetney and Laudna leading. They notice a number of jagged rocks and wonder if it is perhaps a bane worm, but upon looking around Laudna determines it is crystal. Chetney notices that there seems to be water coming from the ceiling, flowing into a small water-filled cavern. The party discuss changing out into their regular form to take a better look, and Fearne casts Water Breathing on the group. Imogen casts Dancing Lights, FCG casts Light, and Orym takes the lead. Chetney finds the smell in this area more familiar; more earthen and plant-like. They swim through the tunnel and reach a chamber with a low ceiling, and notice a faint current to the right. Orym notices the sounds of a waterfall, and Bells Hells decides to swim in that direction, and reach the waterfall, though they cannot find the source. However, they realize the cavern has unnatural structures that look elven in make, but extremely old. Laudna casts Spiderclimb and uses her Immovable rod to hang a rope so the others can climb up, and notices a ledge at the top of the waterfall, with a magical garden with still-living plants despite the darkness and limited air. She also sees dim magical lights and fossilized bones as well. Bells Hells climb up the rope to join her and to investigate the ruins; Chetney uses Grim Psychometry, and gets very faint images of the sky growing red, and feelings of fear and then acceptance. Laudna checks the tracker orb, which is dark, and the party continues walking into the building of which the ledge was an entrance.

They find a small garden with a bush of still-living red berries, as well as a simple porcelain doll with elven features. Laudna takes the doll, and Fearne tries one of the berries, which heals her by one hit point. They pick a number of the berries, and as they do, notice slag glass in the surrounding walls, likely from the impact. Continuing on, they find the path ends with a large crack in the wall from which the water is flowing, as well as a possibly climbable route up the stone. They realize that Ruidus does not appear to have rainfall, and begin to wonder where the water is coming from. Fearne Wildshapes into a leaf sheep sea slug so that she can swim upcurrent, and manages to travel through. After about eighty feet, the current subsides and she finds herself in a lake. Upon surfacing, she finds the sky is gray, and she is surrounded by forests with snowmelt. Bells Hells are no longer able to hear Fearne telepathically.

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Acquired 1 Porcelain doll Ruidus Laudna
Acquired 35 Goodberry Ruidus Bells Hells

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