Imogen Temult

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Imogen Temult
Player character
Basic information
ActorLaura Bailey
RaceHuman (variant)
ClassSorcerer (Aberrant Mind)
Biographical information
Full nameImogen Temult
Age28 (Campaign 3; 843 PD)
LanguagesCelestial,[1] Common, Dwarvish,[2] Marquesian[3]
PlacesGelvaan, Marquet (home village)[4]
PartnerLaudna (girlfriend)[5]
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
13 / 17[a][6]
18 / 19[b]
walk 30 ft.
Stats reference[8] See also her level page.
First seen"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)
Last seen"The Nox Engine" (3x98)
StreamCampaign 3 (93 episodes)

"I'm tired of running, Mother."

— Imogen, to Liliana[9]

Imogen Temult is a human sorcerer and a member of Bells Hells. She is Ruidusborn, an individual born during a Ruidus flare. Her particularly strong connection to Ruidus manifests as telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is played by Laura Bailey.

She has been long plagued by nightmares of a red storm and the voice of her mother Liliana, who left their home Gelvaan when Imogen was a child. In 841 PD, she first met and befriended Laudna, and they together left Gelvaan to search for answers regarding Imogen's psychic abilities. After two years of travel, they joined the newly formed Bells Hells.

The party's adventures brought Imogen to discover her mother's and her own connection to Ruidus. She established a greater connection with Ruidus and became an Exaltant Ruidusborn.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

When she first appeared, Imogen was introduced as a young, human woman with light skin and freckles on her face, with long light-purple hair. She wore a light blue dress and a yellow scarf tied around her neck.[10] Following one Wild Magic surge from her Feywild shard, her skin turned navy blue for a brief time until Fresh Cut Grass cast Remove Curse on her.[11][12] A later Wild Magic surge caused her to lose her hair, but it grew back within 24 hours.[13]

When Imogen began to have dreams of the red storm,[14] marks appeared on her arms resembling purple lightning bolts streaking up from her wrists. They have grown slightly over the decade since they first appeared[15] in concordance with the expanding storm.[14] On occasion, when she employs her magic, her eyes briefly flash with white energy, and magical electricity appears to course through her arms.[16] Following the activation of the Malleus Key on the Apogee Solstice, the lightning marks have expanded entirely up her arms and onto her torso and neck, and the base of them at her hands have turned red.[17] When Imogen casts spells near in the close proximity to the key, a red mist drifts off her, and the marks begin to glow.[18]

During her visit in Uthodurn, Imogen bought herself a new outfit in the Catlyn's Clothier. A sheer gown dress with long fitted sleeves pointed into the finger, a fitted leather overcoat cropped at the waist and equipped with removable sleeves, and an insulated hood.[19]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, Imogen got a tattoo of a flaming bell.[20]

Before heading to Aeor, Imogen (along with the rest of BH) ordered new clothes at the Emerald Curtain in Zadash. Her dress was altered to make open down the front. Imogen bought navy blue pants, long black boots, and a black harness.[21]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Imogen is generally kind and rather soft-spoken, but will advocate for herself when she believes that she is being treated unfairly.[22] She has also proven herself to be a quick thinker, a smooth talker, and a competent strategist.[23]

Imogen is a reserved and reclusive person, shying away from crowds and preferring not to draw attention to herself; Laura Bailey described Imogen as "an attentive, small-town girl" who is "reserved and thoughtful".[24] This is due, in some part, to her ability to hear the thoughts of others: when surrounded by larger numbers of people, opening her mind runs the risk of inviting increasingly dissonant whispers that cloud, and often inundate, her consciousness,[25] or introducing all of the perverted and hateful thoughts that people normally self-censor from actually expressing.[26] She has never been on a date because she would be aware of all her partner's thoughts and it would be too uncomfortable.[27]

Imogen is curious about the origins of her magic and wants to learn more about her powers, which she finds overwhelming and occasionally struggles to control.[28][24] She likes to be in control. For this reason, she is hesitant to clash with Predathos and afraid to lose the powers granted by Predathos, but doesn't see an alternative.[29]

Imogen is terrified of Jrusar's cable cars connecting the spires,[30] and of other unstable and high-up structures such as rope bridges.[31]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Imogen was born as a dormant Exaltant Ruidusborn[32] in around 814 PD or 815 PD[33] in Gelvaan, a grassy village in a plateau in the Taloned Highlands.[34] Her family owned horses, and her favorite mare was named Flora.[35] At some point in Imogen's early childhood, her mother (Liliana Temult) left Gelvaan.[36] When speaking about her home and her father (Relvin Temult), she said that she thought he was probably happier now that she had gone since her growing telepathic gifts had made life difficult for both of them, creating distance both between each other and the townspeople.[37] Prior to leaving Gelvaan, Imogen worked for Master Faramore, who owned several stores.[38] She also worked in stables with a boy named Samuel.[39]

About two years[40] before the start of the campaign, Imogen met Laudna while Laudna was passing through Gelvaan. As a result of an unspecified incident, Imogen cast dangerous magic that injured several people.[41] She and Laudna did not know whether the people involved survived until they returned and Relvin Temult confirmed those injured had recovered.[42] They decided to leave the village and have been traveling together since. Upon arriving in Jrusar, Laudna and Imogen found a place to stay at Zhudanna's home in the Windowed Wall. They helped her with a shade creeper problem in her late husband's bedroom.[43]

Imogen had only been in Jrusar for about a month before meeting the rest of Bells Hells.[44] She has had recurring nightmares about a terrifying red storm, seemingly connected to the moon Ruidus, since she turned 18[45] in around 833 PD.[46][47]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

After running into roadblocks in their attempt to gain access to the Starpoint Conservatory, Imogen and her companion Laudna responded to a dangerous magical disturbance in the streets of Jrusar, joining two other small groups. The combined group's effectiveness earned them introductions to Lord Eshteross, who offered to make connections for Imogen and Laudna if the group of adventurers proved capable of helping him clean up problems in the city. For their trial task, they investigated potential thefts at one of Eshteross's warehouses.

After dining at Lord Eshteross's estate and indulging in a round of drinks at the Spire by Fire Inn, Imogen and Laudna returned to their home in the Windowed Wall. As she slept, Imogen dreamed that she was standing in a grassy field in her hometown of Gelvaan, alongside her horse. The idyllic scene abruptly transitioned to a familiar storm of swirling, hungry red clouds, and a voice urged her to flee. Sprinting in the direction of her home, she saw a refined older gentleman who - as Bertrand Bell lay bleeding out in an alleyway - proudly walked towards the tempest and disappeared into the storm.[48]

A few days later, Lord Eshteross was able to provide Imogen with a letter granting her access to the grounds and libraries of the Starpoint Conservatory. She began her research, and learned that dreams of a red storm much like hers had been documented across Exandria, and that reports seemed to increase closer to the celestial solstice. When reading one study, she noticed one of the subjects had been her mother, Liliana Temult.[49] Shortly after this, Imogen had another nightmare of a red storm in which she sees her mother, Liliana, telling her to "Run. Run Far." She assumed that the two figures she saw standing next to each other were the Lumas twins.[50]

When Bells Hells met the Green Seekers following the Chandei Quorum ball and went into the Underrush Mines, Imogen found the gnarlrock in the Shade Mother's cavern, which she took.[51] She found it comforting during her nightmares about the storm.[52] Not long after, she also acquired a Feywild shard in the Oderan Wilds as the party traveled towards Heartmoor Hamlet.[53]

In Heartmoor Hamlet, the party asked Roe Estani about his research into Ruidus, and, with Orym's help, Imogen saw that the surface of Ruidus looked much like the landscape in her dreams.[54]

After returning to Jrusar, Imogen traveled with the rest of Bells Hells towards Bassuras on Eshteross's skyship, the Silver Sun. One night, she and Laudna spoke about their powers, and Imogen told Laudna about how the gnarlrock seemed to be helping her, but might also be changing her. Laudna asked to see the rock, and, unbeknownst to Imogen, was overtaken by Delilah Briarwood, who broke it despite Laudna's promises that she would not.[55] Imogen, upset, accused Laudna of lying.[56]

While in Bassuras, Imogen had another nightmare, in which the storm had already overtaken her and in which she saw a number of armored figures with a central gray-haired figure who spoke to her. When she awoke from this dream, she saw that Ruidus was flaring.[57] She spoke to Fresh Cut Grass about it,[58] and later telepathically told Laudna, with whom she had not yet made up.[59] Later that same day, Imogen went with Ashton and Chetney to All-Minds-Burn and made brief contact with their underground hivemind, but did not learn more.[60] That evening, she and Laudna apologized to each other.[61]

During the Deathwish Run, Imogen recognized Otohan Thull, head of the Paragon's Call, as the figures in her most recent dream.[62] She shortly afterward learned from Hondir and Birdie that Otohan was working with both the Unseelie Court and the Gray Assassins;[63] and that Hondir had met her mother, Liliana, and could confirm that she had similar powers.[64]

At the Calloway's hideout, Imogen, with help from Orym, saw that Ruidus was not only encircled in a lattice-like cage, but that there appeared to be a city on its surface.[65]

During an encounter in Bassuras outside the Seat of Disdain, Otohan Thull recognized Imogen from dreams on Ruidus, repeatedly goading her and attacking her friends in order to provoke a reaction. Otohan urged Imogen to "let go, and give in to her nature", and Imogen did so, realizing her potential as a Exaltant Ruidusborn.[66][32] Imogen eventually lost control over her powers, unleashing a wave of memories among her still-living friends, and when she and they came to they were unchanged, but the city block around them had been leveled.[67] She was devastated by Laudna's death, and offered to do anything for Delilah Briarwood in order to bring her back, but while Delilah responded, she was unable to help.[68]

Imogen saw Estheross in one of her dreams the night that he died,[69] and during a Ruidus flare a few days later, saw her mother in another dream. She then cast Sending to her mother, to which Liliana responded.[70] She repeatedly asked Liliana where she was and if they could meet, but Liliana told her that while she loved her, she needed to stay away from Imogen for her own safety.[71] Once the party arrived in Yios, Imogen privately slipped out of their hotel room and cast Sending to Liliana again, reiterating that she could use her help and telling her she was in Yios. Liliana repeated that Imogen should stay away from her.[72]

While in Yios, after learning about the Ruby Vanguard, Imogen went with Fearne to see Kadija Sumal. Professor Sumal provided her with considerable insight into her mother and the Omen Archive, but they were all interrupted by Ludinus Da'leth, who stole the Archive.[73] The party then left for the Feywild to destroy the Malleus Key there.[74] Upon returning, they found themselves in the Taloned Highlands a few days from Gelvaan, and lacking other landmarks or means of travel, agreed to meet the Silver Sun there.[75] In Gelvaan, Imogen was briefly reunited with her father. She asked him for something to help her bring Liliana back from the Vanguard, and Relvin gave her a locket that had once been Liliana's. He also advised her to leave quickly, as the townspeople were mistrustful of her following the incident in which she and Laudna met and his efforts to assuage their fears hadn't been well-received.[76]

As the party traveled to the Tishtan excavation site, Imogen openly wondered whether the Ruby Vanguard were truly bad, particularly after contacting Liliana in a dream and being told that the Vanguard's plans would help. However, Orym and Ashton both strongly opposed this line of thought.[77] During this time, Imogen also obtained the Circlet of the Hidden Eye, which helped block out other people's thoughts.[78]

Imogen was able, along with FCG disguised as a Warder, infiltrate the Tishtan site.[79] During the Battle of the Red Center, she was able to break the mage hunter golem's hold on Caleb Widogast, but failed to convince Liliana to change sides.[80] She was then transported to the Crystalsands Tundra along with Chetney, FCG, and Fearne.[81] She quickly learned that Sending was not working, despite multiple attempts to contact Laudna.[82] When FCG cast Shared Dream on her, while she tried to reach the other half of the party, she was instead pulled along the leylines to the base of the Malleus Key and nearly pulled up towards Ruidus, before Fearne slapped her awake.[83]

In Uthodurn, Imogen provided information about the ritual to Ressia Uvesic, who in exchange promised to research Ludinus.[84] Ressia later provided a dossier to Imogen, which led the party to decide to go to Molaesmyr to learn more.[85]

After leaving Molaesmyr, Imogen and FCG used Detect Thoughts to try to probe into FRIDA's memory, with their permission. FRIDA remembered a fight in the halls of Aeor between citizens from different factions, in which they were told to "Defend the Factorum."[86] Upon returning to Jrusar, Imogen admitted to FRIDA that the circlet made life much different and better for her.[87] After the party reunited, Imogen and Laudna went to check on Zhudanna, and kissed.[5]

While in the Grey Valley, Imogen had another dream of Ruidus, in which she saw both the life on the planet and her mother, who still intended to unleash Predathos despite seemingly being aware of Ludinus's wrongdoing. She asked her "at what cost?"[88] She also summoned a Reilora to show Keyleth, and learned from it that the Reilora considered Predathos their progenitor and were seemingly jealous of Exandrians for their planet.[89]

In Bassuras, Imogen went with Ashton to All-Minds-Burn again, where Justi Pross brought them both down to the hivemind she had sensed when she was there prior. Imogen connected with the hivemind, which offered her help against the Ruby Vanguard if she were to plant its Brood Pit on Ruidus. Imogen agreed.[90]

After Delilah appeared to her, Fearne, and Laudna while the three explored Whitestone Castle at night, and revealed she was the only thing keeping Laudna alive,[91] Imogen went to The Zenith temple and spoke to Mother Brazilda about the nature of faith before asking the Dawnfather for potential aid in helping Laudna.[92] During Bells Hells' break in the Fey Realm, following Ashton's failed absorption of the spark of Rau'shan, Imogen took off her circlet. Imogen explained to Laudna that, while it was invasive to look into someone's thoughts, she preferred it. Imogen argued that if she hadn't been wearing it, she might have known about Ashton's intent and could have stopped him. Imogen could also feel Laudna's emotional reaction to the aftermath of Ashton's near-lethal decision.[93]

When Bells Hells arrived at the Tishtan site for their scouting mission, several members of the council expressed doubt about Imogen and Fearne, since other Ruidusborn who had been sent to the moon had abandoned their missions. Allura vouched for them.[94] Imogen then used her resemblance to Liliana and Exaltant status to attempt to get to the Bloody Bridge, with mixed results, but eventually Bells Hells reached the surface or the moon.[95] Once on Ruidus, she and Fearne discovered that their shared Ruidusborn status allowed them to exchange magical resources.[96] She also attempted to commune with Predathos, and was able to sense a vast network of minds asking to be awakened. She was able to pull out of the connection with some effort, but Orym told her it may be important for her to keep gathering intel in this manner.[97]

Following the encounter with Willmaster Edmuda in Razora, Imogen took the lead on interrogating Edmuda and the Vanguard members with her, again using her relationship with Liliana to convince them she was a member and that Edmuda had been a traitor.[98] The party then escaped Razora when Otohan arrived, and discovered a subterranean cavern with a portal back to Exandria, located in Issylra. While in the village of Ria'Doin, Imogen, on watch with Orym, learned that Sending was working again, and contacted both Caleb and Keyleth with information about the portal.[99] The party returned to Ruidus to continue scouting, and while on their way to Kreviris, Imogen experienced a Ruidus flare, which caused her to feel euphoric, to levitate, and to gain temporary health.[100] She then messaged Zhesh, who told her to find the Jagged Edge in the city and provide a coded message to Jidoh.[101] She also re-attuned to her circlet.[102] After some encounters with the Kreviris Imperium, the party successfully located the glass shop and were told how to identify the Volition safe house.[103] While resting, Zhesh messaged Imogen and told the party to keep quiet, as Imperium soldiers were searching the shop. Laudna's Darkness spell hid the party, but the soldiers sent in slithers to locate anyone within the Darkness, and one of them attacked Imogen. Orym killed the slither and Fearne, Wildshaped, posed as the slither and led the soldiers away.[104]

When the party went to the Overspoke Tower to scout out the pass house, Imogen was mistaken for her mother, and used this to gain access for herself and Laudna.[105] Imogen's resemblance to Liliana led Watcher Amido of the Volition to panic until Imogen convinced him she was not her mother, at which the party was granted access to the tunnels leading to the Volition hideout.[106] There, Orym put her forth as the leader, and after Rashinna also noticed Imogen's resemblance to Liliana, Imogen told her that she was not loyal to her mother and wished to kill the generals of the Ruby Vanguard, Liliana included.[107] At this, Rashinna provided the party with more information about the Volition's missions the following day, as well as some information about the history of Ruidus. Gaz Tomo let slip that among the missions was a plot to assassinate Liliana, and after Rashinna offered Imogen the chance to helm the mission, Imogen asked to sleep on it.[108] After discussing her feelings about it with the party, she contacted Liliana in a dream. The two spoke at length, but while Liliana expressed wistfulness over her life in Gelvaan, she also told Imogen that she believed Predathos's release was inevitable and that she was a mitigating factor on Ludinus, and refused to leave the Vanguard, at which Imogen told her to start running and woke up.[109]

The following morning, Laudna pulled Imogen aside and expressed sympathy over Liliana's refusal to leave the Vanguard. Imogen accused Laudna of returning to Delilah while the two were separated, and kissed Laudna when Laudna expressed the belief that she could not be separated from Delilah.[110] She asked Rashinna in the morning to take Liliana prisoner rather than kill her, but Rashinna told her she did not believe that was feasible. Imogen then joined the group planning to infiltrate the Arx Creonium.[111]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Chetney Pock O'Pea[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass[edit | edit source]

Laudna[edit | edit source]

Imogen is Laudna's romantic partner. She and Laudna met while Laudna was in Gelvaan a couple of years before the campaign.[112] They "hit it off real well" and decided to start traveling together.[113] They came to Jrusar together with the goal of entering one of the conservatories there so Imogen can research her strange dreams and powers.[114] They were separated into opposite groups (Imogen in Team Wildemount and Laudna in Team Issylra) after events during the Apogee Solstice, and upon being reunited in Jrusar, Imogen kissed Laudna.[5]

Orym[edit | edit source]

Relvin Temult[edit | edit source]

Relvin Temult and his daughter were apparently close once, but he withdrew from her and from others in Gelvaan after she developed her psychic abilities, as she was more comfortable that way.[115] She speculates that part of the reason he started avoiding her was so he wouldn't accidentally reveal something about her mother,[116] a subject he had always avoided.[117] Imogen felt that her desire to be around as little people as possible and the gossip from others about her made it difficult for Relvin, and she believes that his life is easier and happier without her and that her leaving was inevitable.[115] She also thinks that he wouldn't welcome her return, as he doesn't like having his thoughts read.[118] Despite this rift between them, she has no ill-will towards him, showing concern for his well-being after offering him up as collateral to the Hubatt Corsairs,[119] and telling her friends that he's "great" and that he tried when she began developing her powers.[120]

Liliana Temult[edit | edit source]

Earlty in her childhood, Imogen was left by her mother, Liliana Temult.[36] Imogen was keen to reunite with Liliana, believing she will help her resolve the problem with Predathos even despite Liliana telling Imogen to run away. Until Imogen found out her mother's clear attitude toward Predathos. Imogen felt abandoned.[121]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Telekinetic
    • Telekinetic Shove[141]
    • Cantrip: Mage Hand[142] (the hand is invisible)[143]
  • Fey Touched[144]
    • Misty Step (1/Day for free)[145]
    • Command (1/Day for free)[146]
  • Shadow Touched[147]
    • Inflict Wounds (1/Day for free)[148]
    • Invisibility (1/Day for free)[149]
  • Skill Expert: (+1 Dexterity, Proficiency: Persuasion, Expertise: Persuasion)[150][151]
  • Open Mind
    • Imogen attempts to read another's thoughts, similar to casting Detect Thoughts.[152] At level 3, she was able to use this feature at least twice a day.[153]
    • She makes a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to 8 plus the number of people are within 30 feet of her.[154] If she fails, she makes Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration at disadvantage until she completes a long rest but is still able to use other aspects of the ability.[155]
    • This is a homebrewed ability to represent that she has constant, passive access to other people's thoughts. She normally suppresses this ability, but using this feature mechanically represents her lowering her guard against these thoughts and allowing herself to hear them.[24]
    • The Circlet of the Hidden Eye negates her need to actively suppress this ability and guard against the thoughts of other people, so she apparently no longer needs to make the Wisdom saving throw while wearing the circlet.[156]
  • Ruidian Feedback[157]
    • Imogen calls on the power of Ruidus, her eyes flaring red. When she deals damage to a creature, she can choose to roll a number of d8s of her choice to add additional psychic damage.[158] Both she and the target take this damage, rolling separately for each of them.[159]
    • This feature was apparently gained in "What Dreams May Come" (3x34),[160] after she was overtaken by the power of the red storm in "Blood and Dust" (3x33).[161]
  • Unidentified Ruidusborn feat: While on Ruidus, Imogen can spend Sorcery Points to cause another nearby Ruidusborn to regain spell slots. Other Ruidusborn can similarly expend spell slots to allow Imogen to regain Sorcery Points.[162][163]

Sorcerer abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcerous Origin: Aberrant Mind
    • Psionic Spells
    • Telepathic Speech[164]
    • Psionic Sorcery
    • Psychic Defenses[165]
  • Font of Magic
    • Sorcery Points: 13
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Deception Sorcerer [169]
Insight Sorcerer [170]
Investigation Haunted One[171] [172]
Survival Haunted One[171] [173][174]
Persuasion (Expertise) Skill Expert [175][176]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Imogen can replace her psionic spells with any divination or enchantment spell of the same level when she gains a level. She can also replace any other sorcerer spell she knows with another spell when she gains a level. Therefore, she may no longer know all of these spells.

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Blade Ward Cantrip [177]
Control Flames Cantrip [178]
Dancing Lights Cantrip [179]
Mage Hand Cantrip Telekinetic feat [179]
Mind Sliver Cantrip Psionic spell [180]
Prestidigitation Cantrip [181]
Shocking Grasp Cantrip [182]
Sword Burst Cantrip [183]
Command 1st Fey Touched feat [184]
Catapult 1st [185]
Dissonant Whispers 1st Psionic spell [186]
Inflict Wounds 1st Shadow Touched feat [148]
Mage Armor 1st [187]
Shock Flare 1st Psionic spell, reflavored Arms of Hadar [188]
Witch Bolt 1st [189]
Blindness/Deafness 2nd [190]
Calm Emotions 2nd Psionic spell [186]
Detect Thoughts 2nd Psionic spell [186]
Invisibility 2nd Shadow Touched feat [149]
Misty Step 2nd Fey Touched feat [145]
Mind Whip 2nd [191]
Fly 3rd [192]
Lightning Bolt 3rd [193]
Minute Meteors 3rd [194]
Seething Storm 3rd Psionic spell, reflavored Hunger of Hadar [195]
Sending 3rd Psionic spell [196]
Hungry Torrent 4th Psionic spell, reflavored Evard's Black Tentacles [197]
Psychic Lance 4th [198]
Summon Crimson Shade 4th Psionic spell, reflavored Summon Aberration [199][200]
Watery Sphere 4th [201]
Synaptic Static 5th [202]
Telekinesis 5th Psionic spell [203]
Telepathic Bond 5th Psionic spell [204]
Investiture of Lightning 6th Reflavored Investiture of Flame [205]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • After playing the outgoing Jester Lavorre in Campaign 2, Laura Bailey said that playing a "reserved and thoughtful" character like Imogen was difficult. Inspired by Laura's difficulty to process multiple audio stimulations, which often becomes overwhelming,[206] Laura give Imogen a psychic trait to constantly be bombarded by other people's thoughts, thus she and Matt developed her Open Mind ability to mechanically represent Imogen trying to wall herself off from hearing them at all times.[24] Laura decided to give Imogen nightmares with a sentient and hostile storm, because Laura herself had such nightmares.[207] Matt added that the storms have red tint and are connected to Ruidus.
  • When the official artist for Campaign 3, Hannah Friederichs, was in the process of choosing color palette for Imogen (at that time not named) and sharing suggestions with Laura, Laura quickly helped her figure it out and finalize it.[208]
  • Laura suggested on Twitter that Imogen has purple hair because Laura owns a purple wig.[210]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • (to Bertrand, after his death) "I'm glad the noise has stopped for you. I'm glad you're at peace."[211]
  • "Everyone, everything, is just so much. But -- and it's the same sort of feeling that I had with Laudna the first time I met her. It was there, she was there, but she was almost like a different... a different pitch than everybody else. It was musical, it wasn't painful like everybody else."[212]
  • (To FCG, in her dream) "We're on the moon, bitch."[213]
  • (To Laudna, about the Gnarlrock) "You lied."[56]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some fans have compared Imogen, who is canonically a human, to kalashtar. The Kalashtar are a psychic people in the Eberron setting created from the merging of humans and quori spirits. They are telepathic and their eyes often glow while concentrating or experiencing strong emotion.
  • Imogen's Southern American accent is similar to the one Laura Bailey previously used as Xoti in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • The animation on her stat card features lightning flashing through thick clouds.[214]

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