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Episode no.Season 3, Episode 18
  • June 12, 2024
  • May 29, 2024 (subscribers)
Running time0:28:42
Illustration byWill Kirkby
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A hill to die on.

— Official logline[1]

"Home" (Midst 3x18) is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Midst. Lark returns home, and she, Phineas Thatch, and Jonas Spahr prepare for a last stand against Moc Weepe.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The desert of Vermillion County has been transformed by the tearror; it is now far more colorful, with stranger rock formations. It is thick with tumbleweeds and a wide variety of flora. There is a small cabin, now on an elevated rock formation over a ravine as opposed to the flat land it had once sat on, surrounded by thorny plants. The limpet-like Breach ship, which barely made it, lands, and its passengers disembark. Gretel looks towards Stationary Hill in the distance and wonders aloud about the Company having seen them; Hieronymous notes that without a consector, they would only act on Moc Weepe's orders. Spahr agrees that without a Trust, it is only their loyalty to the office of Tripotentiary that would drive them. Phineas agrees, but notes that many will still act as though the Trust is still in place given how hard it is to leave that mindset.

Gretel, commenting on the impending Unset, remarks that if they want to use the ship to get to Stationary Hill they need to go now. Hieronymous offers to join her, noting that the people in town have probably gone into the caves, and Saskia may be with them. Backpack agrees, and says she can use her teletherics to try to contact them. Lark stays where she is and Phineas soon offers to stay with her, as does Spahr. Lark, whose Fold scar has grown since they left the crashed cruiser, asks them if they understand what they are doing, and that it is possible they will die here. Phineas tells her he does, and Jonas squeezes his hand and agrees. Gretel tells them she's leaving, and Phineas asks her to thank Saskia for him if she sees her. Hieronymous wishes them goodbye, hoping it's not their last, and thanks them, as do Backpack and Gretel, before leaving.

Lark, Spahr, and Phineas climb up to her cabin. Lark privately loves the transformation from the tearror and notes that some of her booby traps appear to have been triggered, possibly by Company members. She admits internally that this is her home, and she is ready to die here if she must. Phineas comments on the nature of the house, and Lark notices that the tearror seems to have made the house even more guarded and fortified. The outside walls are now spiked, and the windows are very narrow. Lark does not correct Phineas and Spahr's belief that this is how the house was prior to the tearror, and they enter. The inside appears to be have been ransacked, but is homey and comfortable otherwise. Spahr approves of how defensible it is, though Phineas asks about weapons. Lark looks around, seeing none of her knives or guns, and notices a small knot in the wood of a wall that fits her pinky. It opens, revealing a full arsenal. Spahr notes the guns are of Loxlee make, and that they should not fire them in the Fold as they will spark tearrors. Lark tells him that despite this being Company policy, the Company under Weepe won't follow that advice. Spahr reluctantly takes a gun as last resort, advising they don't fire in the house, but Lark points out it's her house, and if they aren't prepared for the way this fight may go, they can leave.

She looks at Phineas and points out that they haven't discussed him nearly turning her over to the Trust in the Arca, and asks what will happen if he is given a similar deal. He tells her that he was tempted, but there is no Trust or Valor now, so even an offer would be empty. As Spahr listens, Phineas also tells Lark that he owes her for her saving his life on the way to Sequester. Lark accepts his explanation and prepares one of the vials of Weepe's blood as Fold sweeps through the cabin. Once it has, Lark tries something new with her Fold powers and reaches out to Weepe, telling him to come and get her. He does not respond, but she knows he can sense what she says.

A Foldmersible approaches - Kozma's old ship, now with Trust insignia. The narrators describe Weepe shaming Lark, Phineas, and Spahr for destroying the lives of everyone in the Trust before saying that this is not what he said, as he lacks that sense of humor now, and that he simply tells Lark he is going to kill her now for the Rebalancing. Lark takes aim with her rifle, despite Spahr's protestations, and as she does, her Fold scar grows again, this time through one of her eyes and into her pupil. She pulls the trigger.

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