Hieronymous Loxlee

Hieronymous Loxlee
Official art of Hieronymous Loxlee, by Third Person.[art 1]
Biographical information
Also known asHarry (disguised)
PlacesThe Highest Light, The Un
FamilyTzila Guthrie (daughter)
First seen"Gala" (Midst 1x08)
Last seen"Breach" (Midst 3x15)
StreamMidst (9 episodes)

Hieronymous Loxlee is the second husband of Imogen Loxlee and a member of the Upper Trust. As a result of his marriage, which occurred less than a year before Midst, he is the second most Valorous member of the Trust.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hieronymous is noticeably younger than Imogen Loxlee and is described as "one of those tall, dark, handsome types" and as "quite fetching".[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Midst[edit | edit source]

Hieronymous had a daughter Tzila with his partner Sherman Guthrie.[2] His relationship with Sherman apparently ended at some point before 618, when Tzila was six and about six years before the events of Midst. Sherman subsequently raised Tzila by himself.[3]

He and Imogen married less than a year prior to "Gala" (Midst 1x08); he took her surname to reflect her higher status.[4]

Season One and Two[edit | edit source]

He enters the Loxlee Gala alongside Imogen; he has attended the gala in the past, but it is his first since their marriage. He makes a point later to speak to Phineas Thatch, who recognizes him from Hieronymous's humanitarian work in the Delta. He is the first to commend Phineas for having led the rescue of Milton Fleit Jr. rather than crediting Jonas Spahr, whom Hieronymous notes "didn't really do anything". He observes that Phineas did not break even after his work and opines that Phineas was due more. He offers a donation of Valor so that Phineas may break even, but Phineas refuses and insists on breaking even himself. As Phineas storms off, Hieronymous watches him speechless and bemused.[5]

Hieronymous later visits Sherman Guthrie, who is taken into Company custody in The Highest Light. He insists on seeing Sherman alone and pressures Spahr into allowing it against protocol.[6] He speaks to Sherman privately because he is Sherman's former partner, and he reveals himself to Sherman as a central organizer of The Breach. Though he is unable to extricate Sherman from custody, Hieronymous refuses to do nothing. Sherman asks him to find their daughter Tzila, who has been missing since the moonfall disaster. Under the guise of going to the Delta for humanitarian work, Hieronymous leaves for Midst with supplies. He speaks with his Breach co-conspirator Saskia Del Norma, who disagrees with his risky decision to speak to Sherman. He expresses frustration at his powerlessness and at the complexity of unspecified things, which Saskia struggles to understand because he should be able to do anything he likes as Imogen's husband; they choose not to argue about it now.[2] He remains on Midst for several more days, posing as a ship captain named Harry. Tzila eventually returns with Lark and the Mothers Merciful. He briefly meets her, though he and Saskia do not reveal his true identity, but Tzila is uninterested in him.[7]

Season Three[edit | edit source]

He is preparing to leave Midst three days later as Company ships arrive for Lark, who has left Midst. He informs Saskia and the other residents of a teletheric broadcast announcing that Lark is wanted for the murder of Maximilian Loxlee. He decides to leave immediately, as the news is important for the Highest Light and for Imogen, and Saskia has one of her two bodies accompany him while the other stays to look after Tzila. In an attempt to prevent Tzila from coming too, he assures her that Sherman is safe, but this unwittingly emboldens her. He and Saskia depart after Tzila storms off.[8] They arrive in the Highest Light about three days later, and he and Saskia learn after disembarking that Tzila snuck onto his ship. They inform Sherman at his apartment that Tzila is somewhere in the city, and he is still there when she arrives on her own.[9] That evening, he attends a dinner at the Loxlee estate with Kozma Laszlo and other Trust officials to discuss the moonfall. He is especially tense as Kozma states she is coordinating the Breach and suggests that there are Breach collaborators in the room, though the others seemingly do not notice.[10]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Hieronymous, like all characters in Midst who are not one of the three protagonists, is voiced by any of the three narrators.[11]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The spelling of his name with a second O is unusual. It is more commonly spelled as Hieronymus. The transcript for "Gala" (Midst 1x08) uses the more common spelling, but the official character listing and all other transcripts use a second O.

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