The following are the requirements for voting eligibility. Voting may take place in the case of discussions requiring consensus or for the election of new rollbackers or administrators.


Consensus track/deletions

  • Users must be logged in, confirmed users. Anonymous editors may edit the wiki, but they may not vote.
    • Confirmed users are users who have had an account for at least 4 days and who have made a minimum number of edits.
  • Users must have made at least 30 Main namespace edits to articles (ie, edits to user pages, user blogs, or talk pages do not count) within the past 6 months.
  • Blocked users are ineligible, as are users who become blocked for valid reasons over the course of the open vote.
  • Users returning from a block of 1 month long or longer are ineligible to vote for 2 weeks following their return. Provided they abide by wiki policy for those two weeks, they then regain eligibility if they would otherwise have it.

User promotion or demotion

  • In addition to the requirement above, users must have created their account at least 30 days prior to the nomination or demotion. However, in the case of demotion, users ineligible for voting are permitted to participate in the discussion, particularly if the administrator in question has behaved inappropriately towards new users.