Vandalism on the Critical Role wiki is defined as deliberate attempts to lower the quality of articles or user experience. This may include blanking out the content of pages, adding spam or nonsense information to articles, or creating irrelevant articles.

Vandalism is not good faith edits by inexperienced or uninformed users, nor is it accidents (it's very easy to accidentally delete a section, for example).

If you see something that appears to be vandalism, please contact an administrator. You may also revert the edits from the history page.

Vandals will be blocked per the blocking policy. Block periods are at the discretion of the administrators, but first-offense vandalism without spam or hate speech will likely result in a block of 24 hours to 1 week at most. Hate speech, spam, or repeated vandalism may result in a longer or even indefinite block.

If you believe you were wrongfully blocked, please contact the administrator who blocked you via the Discord to discuss.