Help:Rollback Policy

Some users (rollbackers, admins, and bureaucrats) have access to a tool called "rollback". This tool permits them to undo a number of edits on a page from a specific user very quickly.

This can be useful in removing vandalism or edit wars, or reverting to a version if an update breaks a page. However, this is a powerful tool to be used wisely. Additionally, unlike the "undo" option which is available to all users, rollbacks do not have a field for explanations.

For those with rollback access

Because of this, if you have access to the rollback tool, you are expected to use it judiciously. Please limit it to undoing vandalism or incivility, reverting edit wars, or undoing your own edits. Additionally, if you roll back someone else's edits, please message them on their talk page explaining your reasoning. Otherwise, please try to use the "undo" option.

If your edits were rolled back

You should receive an explanation for rolling back your edits; even if you disagree, please respond respectfully. If you do not receive an explanation within a few hours of the rollback, please feel free to - again, respectfully - reach out to the person who rolled back your edits. If they still do not respond, feel free to contact the admin noticeboard, or the Discord if you were also blocked.